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TWIST OF FATE 2 (Ada My Love) Episode 31-32

With the excitement of heart and overflowing joy, Nneoma went home with her letter. Chisom and Ada were washing clothes when she came back..
''Aarrh!! Nne, this one you are back this early, hope there is no problem?'' Chisom asked but Nneoma said nothing
''Mama, are you fine at all?'' Ada asked further but Nneoma smiled and starred at Ada. She silently gave the letter to them. Chiosm cleaned her soapy hands quickly and took it. After they read it they were all happy. They celebrated and Nneoma thanked Ada
''You have been a blessing to this house'' Nneoma said
''Mama, you are not suppose to thank me, afterall you saved my life'' Ada said
''Ehee.. Let's forget this memory moments now and celebrate jhoor'' Chisom interrupted and they were all happy. Odunze came back late in the day and they shared the good news with him....
''Why haven't this Barrister called me since the day we met eeh?,'' Emetamma asked himself in thoughts as he sat under the mango tree in his compound.
''I have been trying his number but it's not going through'' He though further
''Is he a thief?? No.. No it can't be'' Emetamma said
''I will surely bounce back at him. He wants to play with my wealth eeh''
''I know what to do.. I will go to that city and track him down.. Gbam!! That's what I will do'' He concluded his thoughts but was still lost in memories.. Nwanneka who has been calling him walked out to see him silently sitting under the tree. She walked to him and tapped his back. Emetamma immediately regained his activeness and shivered
''Nna anyi, what are you thinking about?'' Nwanneka asked
''Nothing'' Emetamma said adjusting his sitting posture
''You said nothing when you were here sitted nodding your head like that of a Lizard that jumped from a 4 storey builing'' Nwanneka queried him
''I said nothing'' Emetamma repeated his first statement
''Your food is ready. If you like you come and eat'' Nwanneka said and Emetamma looked at her as she walked inside
''Mtcheew!!'' She hissed
''Am I the one you are hissing at eeh Mama Obinna?'' Emetamma asked standing up a bit angrily
''I don't blame you anyways'' He added and walked in to eat..
Igwe Ebubedike is now very strong enough, so he summoned the elders to inform them about Prince Onochie and Princess Olaedo. They all agreed happily to make it the talk of the world. The biggest wedding ever.. In happiness, everybody went home to begin spreading the news immediately..
''Akatikpo my friend'' Onowu Akabuogu called the town crier as he came to his house
''The honourable Onowu'' Akatikpo reciprocated bowing down a bit
''It has already happened.. You know what I'm talking about'' Onowu Akabuogu said to Akatikpo
''Haarrhh!! Why won't I know. The whole village and the neighbouring villages will surely hear about it'' Akatikpo said and Onowu smiled. Without wasting much time, Onowu Akabuogu left so that he can inform other Prime Ministers from neighbouring villages about it...
''My Son, you have really began to behave like the Onochie I gave birth to'' Igwe Ebubedike said
''Thank you Dad'' Onochie replied
''It's remaining you'' Lolo said pointing at Charles
''Me??'' Charles asked
''Yes, you are of age to bear children'' Lolo said and they laughed
''Mom, please ooh, I'm still searching'' Charles said
''You don't have to search, we can get one for you'' Igwe said and they all laughed
''So that you can give us headache like Onochie did'' Lolo added
''Mom, you have started ooh'' Onochie said jokingly..
''At least, I will be hoping to have my grand children'' Lolo said
''That's all??'' Onochie asked
''Onwere ife ozo?? (Is there anything else??) That's all I want'' Lolo said and the laughing atmosphere continued.. Just then Olaedo walked in, on seeing her, Onochie stood up and kissed her.
She greeted Igwe Ebubedike and Lolo who welcomed her highly. Without allowing Igwe and Lolo to say anything further, Onochie stood up and picked up his car keys
''Mom, we are going shopping'' He said and they smiled as a go ahead response..
''What are you still doing sitting down'' Onochie asked Charles
''Come and accompany Us so that when you time comes you won't be confused'' Onochie said and they all laughed in shame into Charles.
''So, you want to teach me eeh? This isn't Teaching Practice stuff Bro..'' Charles said still sitting down
''Alright, no vex, come escort us'' Onochie said in street english. Charles smiled and accepted
''Hmmm.. Don't be jealous ooh'' Lolo said looking at Charles and Olaedo laughed specially
''If he is jealous, he will hurry and get his own'' Onochie said and they laughed
In happiness they left for shopping. Olaedo has reduced her irresponsible actions of maltreating Guards and maidens a bit and Onochie began to like her the more. Charles never liked Olaedo at all..

Akatikpo the town crier did a very good job as
the whole neighbouring villages around heard
the heat of the wedding between Onochie and
Olaedo. Different Dancers from different
villages were invited to perform of which the
dancers of Omaku willage were also invited…
Ada on hearing the news was heartbroken and
depressed. She sat on the staircase, tears
flowing down her eyes in deep thought.
Nneoma came out and saw her in that mood.
She walked up to her and sat besides her
”Ada my daughter” Nneoma called and
immediately Ada heard her voice, she dried
her tears and looked at her
”I know how you feel, but I think God wants it
to be this way” Nneoma began
”God has a better plan for you my daughter”
She added
”But Mama, it pains me alot” Ada said
”He is hurting me” Ada added
”But remember he doesn’t know that you are
still alive. Everyone thinks that you are dead”
Nneoma said and Ada looked at her
”What??! What do you mean by that?” Ada
”I overheard tham say so in the hospital”
Nneoma said to Ada and she was shocked
”You are the one who frustrated him and
pushed him into marrying someone he never
loved” Nneoma added and Ada beacame very
sad.. Just then Chisom ran in
”Mama!!! Mama!!” She shouted
”Mama, we have been chosen for the dance at
the Prince’s wedding” Chisom said not noticing
Ada’s mood. As nobody replied her, she
comprehended the mood and starred at Ada
”Why are you crying?” Chisom asked
”Ada see, you decided not to see him again,
now you have to pull up and start afresh my
dear” Chisom said
”A better man will come someday sometime”
Nneoma added supporting Chisom
”Ook Mama” Ada accepted
”So, hope you will go for the dance because you
are taking the lead” Chisom asked
”No” Ada replied
”I’m not going” She added
”Why kwanu??” Chisom asked
”Ada my daughter, you never resisted dancing
and you can’t resist this one. Life is a teacher,
we all have to learn from it. After all you are
still alive” Nneoma said.. Nneoma and Chisom
successfully convinced Ada to go for the
”I’m so so happy” Olaedo exclaimed as she
barged into Ken’s room pulling off her shoes
”What happened?” Ken asked
”We are getting married in a week time”
Olaedo said looking at Ken
”Wow!! Seriously?” Ken asked
”More seriously” Olaedo replied and Ken’s
mood changed
”Why are you sad?” Olaedo asked
”You will forget about me” Ken said
”Of course, I won’t.. You know I can never resist
you. My body is yours Ken” Olaedo said and
Ken pulled up a smile
”So, is there anything you want me to do
concerning the wedding??” Ken asked
”Well, just one thing” Olaedo said
”What is that?” Ken asked and Olaedo smiled
”You know now I am happy, I need something
more fun” Olaedo replied and laind down
romantically on the bed showing off her
sensitive parts.. Ken, without hesitating was
sexually aroused and her pounced on her..
”What has been your findings DPO??” Onochie
asked DPO Dominic
”My Prince, this case is a very critical one. We
are still working on it” Domnic said
”Then make it fast.. The person that did this
must pay for it” Onochie said with a serious
”Yes my Prince” Domnic bowed
”I will take my leave now” Domnic requested
for permission to leave which was granted by
”Nwanneka leave me alone!! I must go to that
city and trace that Lawyer. My brother’s
properties can’t just go like that!!” Emetamma
said struggling his travelling bag with Nwanneka
who refused him to go to the city. Obinna,
Olamma and Ugomma tried separating them
”Tell your mother to leave my bag alone”
Emetamma said and drew out the bag fro
”Are you not reasonable??!” Emetamma asked
”This Barrister wants to take advantage of our
Illiteracy” Emetamma added
”Nna anyi, but I have a bad feeling about this”
Nwanneka said
”Nothing will happen to me my dear, I
Promise.. Or have you forgotten who I am.
Emetamma the unkillable!!” Emetamma
bragged for himself
”Hmmm.. If you say so.. Take care” Nwanneka
succumbed to his words
”I will be back very soon” Emetamma said and
hugged his family. They wished him journey
mercies and he left…
The Dance group of Umudike being the sole
dancers of the wedding were greatly preparing
to show off their dancing prowess to other
villages that were invited. They doubled their
rehearsals. They made Olamma and Ugomma
the head dancers as they were more better
than others.
Ada accepting to go for the dance and trying to
forget about Onochie followed Chisom to the
dance rehearsals and being chosen as the head
dancer, she taught them everything that she
knew. Possibly, they were not practicing just
for thr dance but the prize that follows it.
The ‘Good Samaritan Girl’ who saved the Igwe
after not been seen for sometime, Prince
Onochie and others forgot about her…

To be continued


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