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TWIST OF FATE 2 (Ada My Love) Episode 29-30

Still in the Doctors office, everybody was quiet, Doctor Uchenna was shuffling his files and documents quietly arranging his table.. Few seconds later, Nneoma walked in. On seeing the royal family she remembered what Ada said but she comported herself..
''Yes Sir you sent for me'' She said to the doctor after greeting everyone.
''Yes My dear, I learnt you claimed the girl that donated the blood to Igwe Ebubedike to be your daughter'' Doctor Uchenna said to Nneoma who smiled at the question
''No, she isn't my daughter Sir, I only did that so I can help her. She was almost in coma yesterday Sir'' Nneoma replied and her response wasn't satisfying at all
''So you mean she isn't related to you in any way?'' Onochie asked
''Yes Sir'' Nneoma replied still smiling
''But do you know her in any way?'' Okpalaugo asked
''No Your Highness. After I helped her regain her strenght, I couldn't find her anymore'' Nneoma lied
''This is getting so complicated!!'' Olaedo exclaimed
''Why will she be appearing and disappearing all the time??'' The two Lolo's asked at same time
''Hope there is no problem Sir?'' Nneoma asked
''No my dear.. You can go'' Doctor Uchenna said and Nneoma left. As she closed the door she placed her hand on her heart as it was beating very fast. She did the sign of the cross and left immediately
''Well Doctor, we appreciate everything that you did. Thank you very much'' Igwe Okpalaugo said and dropped an Envelope on the table of the doctor. The doctor smiled and they shook hands...
Everybody sat down in the sitting room including Igwe Okpalaugo's family. Igwe Ebubedike sat a bit strongly on his throne as they summoned all the guards and maidens to the sitting room.. DPO Domnic, who arrived earlier also sat with two officers who stood by him..
''Now, I want all of you to tell me truth and only the truth'' Igwe Ebubedike said with a harsh voice
''Who amongst you sprinkled anything at all into my food'' Igwe asked and began to cough
''Dad, let me handle this'' Onochie said and stood up
''Who sprinkled a drug on my fathers food?? Who??!!'' Onochie asked with a more harsh voice but everybody denied and said they didn't do it. Charles sat quietly on the coach and watched them
''I see.. None of you'' Onochie said walking about angrily
''Nnenna!!'' Onochie called her as she was the one who cooked on that night and she walked out
''My Prince'' She answered
''Are you sure you know nothing about this?'' He asked
''No my Prince'' She said and Onochie looked at her
''My Prince just take it easy. We will handle this'' DPO Domnic said and stood up
''We will come tomorrow for an investigation and some questioning'' DPO added
''Very well then'' Igwe Okpalaugo said and they were all dismissed..
Few minutes later only the royal familes were in the sitting room..
''What was the result of your meeting with the doctor?'' Igwe asked looking at Onochie
''Still Negative Dad.. We didn't see the good samiritan'' Onochie said
''What surprises me the most is that she continues appearing and disappearing'' Olaedo exclaimed
''Even the Nurse that helped her can't find her anymore'' Igwe Okpalaugo added and Ebubedike was surprised
''Is she a spirit or what?'' Igwe Ebubedike asked and everybody was silent
''Now listen to me.. Find that Girl, you have to find her.. She can't just go like that. Use every means both charms and everything to find her. Even if she is a spirit'' Igwe Ebubedike said and everybody was still silent listening to him
''Or may be we should reward the Nurse that helped her'' Charles suggested
''Yes!! I think you are right. The spirit girl might come to her house again'' Onochie said accepting the idea of Charles
''Then do that immediately'' Igwe Okpalaugo said
''Double the reward'' Okpalaugo added and they stood up. Charles took the Car keys and left with Onochie.. Lolo Ugodie stood up and walked to Igwe Ebubedike
''Igwe, hope you are better now'' Lolo asked
''Yes my Queency darling'' Ebubedike said and they all laughed
''You have started with your flirting again Igwe'' Lolo said and they continued laughing.
''Can you give us the address of the Nurse that helped the Lady Doctor?'' Onochie requested as they sat in the Doctors' office
''Alright My Prince'' He said and handed it over to them. It was already evening and Nneoma has gone home.
''Thank you very much, we still have one more thing we will like you to do for us Doctor'' Onochie said
''What will that be My Prince?'' Doctor asked
''Give that Nurse a 1 Month Rest from work beginning tomorrow and promote her afterwards'' Onochie said
''But My Pr..'' Doctor tried to refuse but Onochie dropped anothe envelope on his table
''If that on is not enough I will give you more'' Charles said and the Doctor had no other option
''Granted'' Doctor said
''Thank You'' They said
''This is Good Luck ooh'' Doctor Uchenna said as they left...

*Odunze's House**
Odunze left very early that morning to check on his trap. Nneoma was preparing for work. Ada and Chisom went to the stream to fetch water...
Nneoma was sweeping the house when she heard the noise of a car. She came out to see a Black Lexus Car. Initially, she was afraid for she was the only one at home but she picked up courage gathering momentum to shout in case if it was kidnappers. She stood with the broom in her hand and looked at the car. Onochie and Charles alighted from the car followed by Dike, Nnenna and another guard. On coming down from the car, Onochie and Charles looked around the environment. They walked closer to Nneoma and she recognised their faces
''Good Morning Mama'' Onochie greeted followed by Charles
''Good Morning my Children'' Nneoma reciprocated
''I guess you to be Nurse Nneoma'' Onochie asked
''Yes I am, hope there is no problem'' Nneoma asked
''No.. No.. No Problem, we just came to see you Ma'' Charles said
''Then come inside'' Nneoma ushered them in
''Sorry, but that won't be necessary'' Onochie said and made a sign to the guards and Nnenna. They opened the boot of the car and began to bring out the things inside it. As they were bringing them, Nneoma opened her mouth wide in surprise..
''What are all these for??'' Nneoma asked them
''This is for your good works Ma.. You took care of my father and also the Girl that helped my father'' Onochie said
''And also, the other one there is for the Lady incase if she by any means comes by'' Charles said pointing at the other end of the little staircase
''And also don't hesitate to inform us when next you see her. She will still be rewarded'' Onochie said
''Thank you My Prince'' Nneoma said
''All these for me'' Nneoma said happily smiling
''We have to be on our way now'' Onochie said... Still on his speech, the gate cracked open, Ada and Chisom were back from the stream. They entered and Ada sited Onochie and Charles.. Immediately she followed the back part of the house. Chisom understanding her actions comported herself and walked through the front door
''Good Morning'' Chisom greeted but didn't look at them as she was carrying a heavy gallon of water on her head.
''Welcome my daughter'' Nneoma said and smiled
''Alright my Children, thank you very much'' Nneoma said again dismissing them
''Who is she?'' Onochie asked looking at Chisom
''Ooh.. She is my daughter'' Nneoma said
''I see.. I thought it was the good Samaritan Lady'' Onochie said
''Thank you for your time Madam'' Charles said and they entered the car and drove out. Immediately they drove out, Ada came out
''Are they gone??'' Ada asked
''Yes they are My dear'' Nneoma said and Ada walked out completely
''What are all these for Mama?'' Chisom asked
''For what we did for the Igwe their father.. Ada, that is yours'' Nneoma said to Ada pointing at what the Prince brought for 'The Good Samaritan Girl'. Ada looked at it and snubbed
''I'm not taking that Mama'' Ada said and they jumped up
''Why?'' Nneoma and Chisom asked together
''Because I don't need it'' Ada said and her mood became sad again
''Ada... Ada... Stop all this'' Nneoma said with a low voice walking towards Ada as she felt her feelings
''It's time you forget about your past and face the Present. They misjudged you and hurt you, but you have to forgive them'' Nneoma's words melted the heart of Ada and she reluctantly accepted.
''That's my Girl'' Nneoma said and they smiled
''Mama, you would have allowed her reject it let me take it all.. See fini fine clothes and she dey do shakara'' Chisom said and they all laughed
''Naughty Girl.. Come let's take these things inside'' Ada said to Chisom and their laughter continued..
Nneoma seeing she was late for work hurriedly prepared and left immediately having in mind to reply to the Doctor's Query Letter.
She rushed into the hospital of which she was already 1 Hour Late.. As She entered, the receptionist dropped a message for her
''The Doctor Wants To See You'' The Receptionist said and Nneoma's mind skipped. She quietly entered the doctor's office
''Good Morning Sir'' She Greeted and the Doctor looked at her
''Good Morning dear, how are you??'' Doctor asked
''I'm fine Sir.. Sir I..'' Nneoma tried to explain but the Doctor interrupted
''Don't worry my dear'' Doctor said and handed her a letter. Nneoma shivering took the letter thinking it was a sack letter. She collected it and tried opening it. The Doctor was smiling at her odd face but Nneoma's mind wasn't with her anymore. She opened the letter and read. After reading, she began to smile bit by bit
''But Sir, I'm not yet due for a Leave Rest'' She said
''It was an order from the Prince'' Doctor said
''What Prince??'' Nneoma asked
''The one you saw yesterday'' Doctor said
''What??!!'' Nneoma exclaimed

To be continued


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