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TWIST OF FATE 2 (Ada My Love) Episode 27-28

”Good Morning doctor” Ada said breathing
heavily as she barged into the doctor’s office
”Young Lady, what is it?? Why did you barge in
like that?” Doctor asked as the force of Ada’s
entrance shocked him
”Sorry Sir but I heard the patient in Ward 24
needs immediate blood” Ada said
”Yes My dear, it is…” The doctor tried to talk
about the reward attached to it but Ada
”Please take mine Sir. Take as much as you
want” Ada said and tears began to drop down
her eyes.
”Do you know him in anyway?” Doctor asked
”No Doctor” Ada said
”But you are crying” Doctor said
”Stop the interview doctor” Ada said and the
Doctor looked at her
”Alright, follow me” Doctor said and Ada
followed him.
They conducted the test on Ada and it fitted the
blood of Igwe Ebubedike and they collected her
blood almost 2 pines of blood and Ada became
very weak. The Nurses helped Ada out of the
office and immediately Nneoma and Chisom
saw her and rushed them
”What happened to her?” Nneoma asked
”Ada??” Chisom called in tears
”She donated a lot of blood to the patient in
Ward 24” One of the Nurses said
”What??” Nneoma exclaimed
”Do you know her?” They asked
”Yes, she is my daughter” Nneoma said and
they took Ada outside and a taxi too them
home.. As they left, Onochie arrived with Lolo
and Charles immediately they received the call
of the doctor notifying them that there has
been a donor.
”Doctor, who is this angel that God has used to
bless Us” Onochie asked as smiles began to
glow in their faces
”A young girl and she doesn’t know of the
reward. She looked so emotional about Igwe’s
case. She was even shedding tears as if she
knew him before” Doctor said and they were
”You mean she did it not knowing about the
reward?” Charles asked
”Yes She didn’t” Doctor said
”What is the name of this young lady?” Lolo
”She didn’t say her name” Doctor said and they
were all confused.
”Alright Doc, when next she comes, find out
her name and call us immediately so that we
will see this angel that saved my father”
Onochie said
”I will” Doctor said
”Can we see him now” Lolo asked
”Yes, you can see him now. Ward 24” The
Doctor said. Onochie and Charles shook hands
with him
”Thank you very much Doctor” They said
”I’m honoured” Doctor replied smiling.
Nneoma quickly prepared vegetable and snail
for Ada and she ate immediately. Chisom
calmed her head with cold water and she laid
down and slept.
”Nne, this is strange” Chisom said but Nneoma
said nothing.
Ken the Chemist was seen rushing with his
treatment bag to Maazi ugo’s house. He got
there and saw his wife shivering and shaking
”Ken, please my wife is dying’a Maazi Ugo said
as him and his grown children were all
weeping. Ken bent down immediately and
intook an injection into a syringe. Unknowing to
him, he didn’t expel air. He injected her and
the air in the syringe blocked her veins and
muscles and she died instantly. On seeing that
she is dead, Ken was shocked and Maazi Ugo
became furious
”Ken, you have killed my wife!!” He exclaimed
and his Sons and Daughters held Ken and Ken
began to explain that he didn’t kill her but they
didn’t listen to him. He pleaded for mercy for
they never listened
”I will make sure you rot in jail” Maazi Ugo’s
daughter said. Ken began to cry begging but
they paid deaf ears to him. Maazi Ugo called
the police immediately and they arrived in few
”Take him away” They said and Ken was cuffed
”Please, I didn’t kill her” Ken pleaded and the
Police took him away. Maazi Ugo and his
children began to cry over their wife and
Few hours later, Ada woke up
”How are you feeling my dear?” Odunze who
came back from hunting asked
”I’m fine Papa” Ada said with a low voice
”Why did you run away and why did you donate
such amount of blood to someone you don’t
know. You would have died” Nneoma queried
”God forbid, she won’t die” Odunze said
rejecting death. Ada kept silent
”You are not talking eeh.. You behaved
abnormally immediately you saw that patient,
tell us, what do you know about him. Do you
know him before?” Nneoma asked
”If I remember my past, I feel sad. I would
have let him die but my conscience didn’t allow
me” Ada began looking at them in a weak way
”What do you mean by that?” Nneoma asked as
they were all surprised at her speech
”You know I told you that I was banished
unjustly” Ada said
”Yes my dear” They all said together
”He is the King” Ada said and they were all
”What?? And you did all this for him?” Odunze
asked rhetorically and Ada looked at them
”Please, no one should know about this. Don’t
tell anybody about me please” Ada said and
they starred at her still in shock of her actions..

Onochie, Charles, Lolo and the family of Igwe Okpalaugo all arrived at St. Monica's Hospital Omaku very early in the morning. Doctor Uchenna just arrived also and was in his office. They entered the hospital and went direct to the Doctor's Office. Doctor Uchenna was still arranging his office when they entered. He greeted them bowing down immediately and offered them seats. Igwe Okpalaugo, his Lolo and Lolo Ugodie sat down and others stood up as the chair was only three.
''Doctor, any good news?'' Okpalaugo asked
''We haven't seen her Your Highness'' Uchenna replied knowing they were talking about
''Gosh!!'' Charles exclaimed
''Doctor find that girl'' Lolo Ugodie said curiously
''Some of my Nurses know some things about the lady'' Uchenna said and they all starred at him with the TELL US ABOUT IT eyes. He immediately placed a call to the receptionist. Few minutes later, two Nurses walked in and greeted them all.
''Who was the Lady you said took the Girl yesterday?'' Uchenna asked
''It was Nurse Nneoma, she said she was her daughter'' They said
''Does this Nneoma work here?'' Onochie asked
''Yes, your Highness'' Doctor replied
''But she is on Afternoon Duty'' Doctor added
''I guess we will be back by then'' Okpalaugo said as the Doctor discharged the Nurses
''What about the King?'' Lolo Nneka asked
''Ooh.. He is absolutely fine now, you can take him home'' Doctor Uchenna said and signed his discharge Letter
''Thank you very Much Doctor'' Igwe Okpalaugo said and shook hands with the Doctor. They stood up to leave but the Doctor called them back with a gloomy face
''Yes Doctor, what is it??'' They all asked looking at him
''It's nothing real serious but we took more laboratory tests on the Igwe and found out that he ate a substance called Indometacine which he reacted to'' Doctor said
''What??!'' Who put it in his food??'' Onochie asked immediately as they were all shocked
''That I don't Know My Prince'' Doctor Uchenna said and Onochie brought out his phone immediately
''Helle DPO'' He said on the phone and everyone looked at him
''Yes, I want to see you immediately!!'' He ordered and hung the call
''Thank you very much doctor'' They said
''Please take it easy'' Doctor Uchenna adviced and they left.
''Those maidens have gotten themselves into a big mess'' Lolo Ugodie said as they walked to ward 24. They took Igwe Ebubedike home for him to relax..
Nneoma, as she normally goes to work early came with Ada to the hospital. Ada only followed her to see Igwe Ebubedike. Ada went to Igwe's ward but she didn't find him, so she went to the Doctors office. On seeing Ada, Doctor Uchenna smiled and picked up his phone
''Welcome my dear'' Doctor said
''Please excuse me'' He said as his phone was in his ears
''Yes Sir'' He said on the phone as he answered trickishly for Ada not to understand what he was doing
''Please Sit'' He said smiling and Ada sat down
''The Igwe is not in his ward, what happened?'' Ada asked
''Ooh.. He was discharged this morning my dear'' Doctor Uchenna said
''I see.. Hope he is well enough now?'' Ada asked
''Yes My dear'' Doctor said and Ada stood up to leave
''Please wait my dear, there is a..;'' Doctor Uchenna tried to say but Ada interrupted
''Thank you Sir.. I must leave now'' Ada said and opened the door
''Kindly tell me your name'' Doctor Uchenna said but Ada silently looked at him
''It's not necessary'' Ada said and left immediately. Doctor Uchenna hurriedly called Onochie again...
The screeching wheels of Onochie's Car was heard from outside. They came down immediately and rushed into the hospital... Ada sited them from a distance and hid herself immediately.. They walked past her and entered the doctors' Office. On walking outside, she saw familiar Guards outside and she was confused on what to do..
Onochie and others barged into the Doctors' office
''Where is she?,'' Onochie asked
''She just left My Prince'' Doctor said
''Gosh!! You should have held her'' Charles said
''She left without even listening to me or talking anything further'' Doctor said
''You might see her outside, she just left now'' Doctor said and they rushed out immediately..
Ada used the small wrapper she tied on her waist to cover her face. On the disguise, she walked past the guards and ran out of the gate.. Onochie walked out and looked around immediately
''Did you see any Lady around here?,'' He asked the guards
''No Sir.. Only an Old Woman who just walked past here now sir'' Dike said
''Alright.. Keep your eyes open'' Onochie ordered and walked inside.. Others searched where they could but didn't see her.. They went back to the Doctor's office
''We couldn't find her'' Lolo Nneka said
''Is she a Spirit or what?'' Olaedo asked
''I don't know'' Doctor said
''Well, where is the Nurse you said took her home?'' Okpalaugo asked and Doctor Uchenna called the reception..

To be continued


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