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TWIST OF FATE 2 (Ada My Love) Episode 25-26

…”Nne, we are going to the stream” Chisom
shouted in front of their house as she and Ada
were carrying jerrycans beneath their armpit.
Nneoma rushed out immediately
”Chisom is going to the stream.. Hmm.. Thank
God ooh” Nneoma said
”Mama, why are you insulting me nah?” Chisom
asked jokingly and they all laughed
”Alright, take care of Ada oo” Nneoma said
”I will Mama” Chisom replied and they went
They walked few miles and got to the stream,
they fetched and were coming back. Two of
Chisom’s friends met them and greeted
”Who is this?” Chika asked Chisom
”Ooh.. My Sister Ada” Chisom said
”Sister?? We never knew her” Amanda, the
other girl said
”Must you know her?” Chisom asked
”Anyways, we are carrying heavy things. We
have to be going’a Chisom said cutting the
conversation and they left them with gossipful
”That was harsh” Ada said
”Not at all.. If you leave them eeh, you will
stand there till ages answering questions”
Chisom said and Ada began to laugh. They got
home and Nneoma welcomed them..
#Evening…SAME DAY
Nneoma and Ada were peeling cassava as
Chisom walked out dressed up.
”Where are you going to?” Nneoma asked
”To the dance rehearsals” Chisom replied and
looked at Ada
”Are you not going with me?” Chisom asked
”No my dear, I’m working here. Maybe next
time” Ada said
”No my dear, go and play with your fellow girls.
I will do it” Nneoma said
”But Mama..” Ada tried to refuse
”Follow her my dear.. Good girl” Nneoma said
and Ada stood up
”Are you pitying her?” Chisom asked Ada and
they burt into laughter
”She can finish all this in 2 minutes” Chisom
added and Ada went in to dress up..
”She is really a good girl” Nneoma
”Mama eeh, I wished she was my sister”
Chisom said
”Unlike you naughty girl” Nneoma said and
they laughed. Ada walked out dressing locally
well and they left.
”Take care ooh” Nneoma shouted from the
back yard.
At the dance rehearsals, Ada was well
introduced by Chisom. During the dance
practices, Ada danced and sang more than
everybody. They were astonished and all loved
her immediately. Ada later thought them some
dance steps..
On their way home that evening, Chisom
pestered on Ada with so many questions about
how she learnt how to dance
”You were so amazing.. See how you were
shaking. Everybody liked it” Chisom said
”But I don’t know how to dance” Ada said
”Don’t say that again ooh” Chisom said and they
walked home happily. Chisom being the basket
mouth type told her mother and Father about
the dance life of Ada and they were amazed..
”Who taught you how to dance my dear?”
Nneoma asked
”I just grew up to see myself dancing Mamam.
I learnt my mother was a good dancer” Ada
”I thought as much” Odunze exclaimed and
they all smiled..
Olaedo has been visiting the palace severally.
So that evening, she came to have dinner with
the family of Igwe Ebubedike. Dinner was
served and everybody began to eat. They
chatted and laughed while eating especially if
Olaedo and Onochie makes funny moves..
Suddenly, Igwe Ebubedike stopped laughing
and held his heart. Everybody’s face changed.
He began to cough and hit his chest
”Igwe what is it??” Lolo asked
”Dad, are you alright?” Onochie asked and
everybody looked concerned. The cough
became worser and Igwe began to fall of the
chair, everyone rushed him immediately.
”Igwe please don’t do this to me ooh.. My
enemies oo!!” Lolo exclaimed and Charles ran
out to call the guards
”Dike!!!” He exclaimed
”Guards!” He yelled and they rushed in
”Dad please don’t die on me” Onochie said
”Igwe please” Olaedo said and dialed her
father’s number..
”Carry him!!” Lolo shouted as tears ran down
her eyes. The guards lifted him and Charles
immediately went and opened the car
”Fast!! Igwe please don’t do this to me” Lolo
kept on crying and Olaedo held her. Igwe has
alread stopped coughing and laid breathing
weakly.. They laid him in the car and Charles
ignited the engine immediately.
”Which hospital are we going to?” Onochie
asked Charles feeling uncomfortable but
Charles drove out without saying anything..
Lolo, Olaedo and few guards entered the other
car and followed them immediately.. Charles
drove very fast and few minutes later they
arrived at St. Monica’s General Hospital Omaku.
They came out immediately and Onochie ran to
call the nurses. The Nurses rushed out and they
placed Ihgwe on a stretcher. Onochie has
already met the doctor and paid him for
immediate attention. Lolo and Olaedo sat on
the reception while Charles and Onochie
worked on other things. Few minutes later,
Igwe Okpalaugo arrived
”What happened??” He asked and Lolo Ugodie
fell on him in tears. Lolo Nneka consoled
Ugodie as she could. On seeing that things are
under control, Onochie convinced them to go
home that night and they left. Olaedo followed
her parents home.

*Odunze’s Compound*
”Ada!!” Nneoma called Ada as she was ready for
work that morning. Ada ran out with foams in
her hands showing that she was washing
”Yes Mama” She answered
”Please my daughter, I am running late for
work, escort Chisom to bring my food to the
hospital. I’m really hungry” Nneoma said
”Yes Mom” Ada said
”But Nne, I never knew you work in a hospital”
Ada said in smiles
”Sorry my dear, we will talk about that later”
Nneoma said and rushed out in her white
Nurse gown…
”Onochie please hurry up!!” Lolo shouted as
she waited by the car for them to go to the
hospital. Soon enough, Charles and Onochie
rushed out. Onochie was holding a phone on his
ears, on getting closer to the car, he hung up
the call
”What did he say?” Lolo asked knowing he was
calling the doctor
”He said Dad is fine but he needs our attention
in the hospital now” Onochie said and they
drove off immediately.
Nurses were running around, patients were
carried about and so many people were in the
reception waiting to be attended to. Although
there were great number of people in the
hospital but there was absolute tranquility. The
screeching wheels of Onochie’s car was heard
from the outside, they all alighted from the car
and rushed in.. Charles and Onochie met the
receptionist who told them to wait a little. They
turned around impatiently and behold the
doctor was coming out from the theatre. They
rushed him immediately
”Oh.. Yes, he is doing very fine, but follow me
to my office” Doctor Uchenna said and they
followed him immediately..
”please have your seats” Doctor Uchenna said
and they all sat down
”Doctor, please what is the health condition of
my husband?” Lolo asked impatiently
”Calm down My Queen” Doctor said and just
then, Nneoma walked in
”Good Morning Doctor” She greeted
”Good Morning Nurse, please kindly handle the
case at Theatre 24 personally” Doctor Uchenna
said and smiled
”Yes Sir” Nneoma said and dropped her file on
his table greeting Lolo and she left.
”She is the best we have here. She will handle
your husband very well” Doctor Uchenna said
”Now, The Igwe is in good condition like I said
but he has a great shortage of blood” Doctor
Uchenna said
”An Unknown substance in his body drained his
blood drastically, if we don’t do a blood
transfusion within the next few hours, he might
die” Doctor Uchenna said
”Hei!!.. Not my husband” Lolo said
”Doctor, use mine ooh” Lolo added
”Take ours and make sure he lives. As much
amount as he needs” Charles and Onochie said
together and the doctor smiled
”Not too fast, we will have to check if your
blood fits with his” Doctor said
”Go to the next door by the right of this office
and run a test. Kindly wait for few minutes in
the reception” Doctor said and they rushed out
Few minutes later, the doctor came out with a
file in his hands and met them at the
”I’m sorry, none of your bloods fits his blood”
Doctor said and their faces became gloomy
”Then get from your blood bank” Charles yelled
at him
”We are out of blood in our bank” Doctor said
”Then check elsewhere.. Place a reward that
anybody whose blood fits my dad’s will be
rewarded with whatever he/she wishes for”
Onochie said with a serious face
”Yes My Prince” Doctor said
”Make sure my husband doesn’t die oo” Lolo
said and they sluggishly left. The Doctor sighed
and went back to the ward of Igwe Ebubedike..
Few seconds past as Onochie left in his car,
Chisom and Ada arrived at the hospital. Ada
was astonished at the structure of the building
so Chisom had to drag her in as she slowed
down viewing the compound.. Most Nurses
already knows Chisom, so it was easy for her to
walk straight to her mother’s office, but they
didn’t find her there. On questioning one of the
Nurses, she directed them to Ward 24 where
she was. They entered immediately and
Nneoma smiled
”I almost fainted in hunger” She said collected
the flask immediately and sat on a chair to eat.
”Who is this Nne??” Chisom asked her mother.
”He needs blood severely or he will die. He
was appointed to me to watch over, but he
never said anything since I came in here. He is
a King anyways” Nneoma said but Ada was not
looking. On glancing at the room, she saw a file
tagged ”IGWE EBUBEDIKE” and she looked at
the bed immediately
”Arrhh!” She screamed
”What?” They asked her immediately, Nneoma
dropping her flask
”You said he needs blood or he will die?” Ada
”Yes, is anything the matter?” Nneoma asked as
they were surprised at her actions
”No.. No.” Ada said and ran out immediately
not saying anything further
”Ada!! Ada!!” Nneoma shouted her name
”What is wrong with her?” Chisom asked
”How would I know” Nneoma said and they and
they rushed out in search for Ada…

To be continued


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