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TWIST OF FATE 2 (Ada My Love) Episode 23-24

Onochie and Igwe Okpalaugo were still chatting
and laughing as Lolo Nneka walked in with a
”She is coming” Lolo said and Olaedo walked in
”I’m already here” She said and everybody
smiled. Onochie stood up immediately as
Olaedo walked close. He stretched forth his
hands and Olaedo placed hers on his and they
smiled. Both sat down on the same cushion
while Lolo and Igwe sat on the other.
”Hm.. Errhm.. Ola my daughter. Onochie is
here to see you” Igwe said
”I already know that father” Olaedo replied and
everywhere became silent
”I guess we should leave both of you to
yourselves” Lolo said breaking the silence and
patting Igwe for both of them to go upstairs
”No Ma.. We will be taking a walk” Onochie said
and stood up
”If she doesn’t mind” He added looking at
”Of course I don’t” She said and stood up also.
Olaedo, is a girl that her stature and nature is
very attractive to behold. She stood up slowly
and walked out with Onochie. They walked
around the palace talking and laughing. Olaedo
stopped at a point and began to arrange the
dressing of Onochie. Althought the scene was a
silent one but it was very romantic. They held
their hands and walked for few minutes and
went to sit under the shade in the compound.
Igwe and Lolo walked to the upper case of the
house and watched them from there smiling
and nodding positively..
”Princess Olaedo” Onochie called and she
looked at him
”I..I..” Onochie was confused on what to say but
he comported himself
”Can I take you to somewhere cool enough”
Onochie requested
”Here is cool already, so where else are you
talking about?” Olaedo asked trying to draw
words out of Onochie’s mouth
”Why not just go and dress up first” Onochie
”I Insist.. What if I don’t like the place you are
taking me to?” Olaedo asked
”You don’t trust me??” Onochie asked Olaedo
looking at her and she stood up
”Alright, let me go and dress up” Olaedo said
and walked inside. Onochie stood up and
walked to his car.
As Olaedo walked inside, Lolo Nneka ran down
”Ola” She called and Olaedo stopped at the
staircase and looked at her
”What did he say?” Lolo asked
”Mom, why are you so excited?” Olaedo asked
”A young gentle man like him is very rare” Lolo
said and Olaedo walked up smiling. Few
minutes later she ran down dressed in a golden
shinny gown. Not long. It only covered some
part of her thigh. And a golden shoe also with
matching make ups which made her more
”You look astonishing my dear” Igwe said and
Lolo smiled. Olaedo didn’t mind their words
and walked out. As she walke out she called
Omalicha her personal mind who ran out
”Please, try arranging my bedroom” Olaedo
said in a bit polite manner and Omalicha was
”Yes My Princess” Omalicha said and Olaedo
walked up to Onochie who has already opened
the door for her. She entered the car and
Onochie went to the Drivers seat and sat down.
Without saying anything, he ignited the engine
and they drove out.. Driving for few
Kilometres, the arrived a city nearby their
”How did you know about this place?” Olaedo
”I don’t know how I knew it” Onochie said and
they laughed.
”Here we are” Onochie said as they reached
PrinceEmmydon’s Hotel and Suites.
”Wow!!” Olaedo exclaimed as she came down
from the car. They held themselves
romantically and walked to the little Villa in the
hotel. They sat and gave their order. The music
in the villa was a very slow romantic one, the
place dark but was lit by the multicoloured light
that rolled. They ate and smiled. Onochie fed
her romantically and Olaedo also did same.
They held their hands on the table and they
emotional wind blew. They looked at each
other eyeball to eyeball. Onochie began to
plant love in his heart for her. Night fell and
Onochie drove Olaedo home. Still in the car,
they kissed and Olaedo walked in. That Night
was an interview for Olaedo as her parents
never allowed her rest.
”Dad, leave me alone, I’m tired” Olaedo said as
she was tired of answering questions. Their
happiness is not that they are poor and
Onochie is rich but their happiness is because
of the kind of person Onochie was knowing
their daughter Olaedo wouldn’t find someone
like him due to her character…
Onochie on his own part drove home. He
walked inside and saw his mom and Dad
”Good evening Mom and Dad” He said looking
”How did it go Son?” They asked
”Very fine Mom” He said and they smiled not
wanting to engage him in any form of
interview. Onochie walked upstairs and met
Charles on the bed
”Hey Bro” Onochie saluted and Charles
reciprocated not asking him anything
”Welcome Bro” Charles said and Onochie fell
on the bed and slept off immediately. Charles
shook his head piteously and pulled off the
shoes of Onochies and his suit leaving him with
his singlet and underwears…

….”My story is a very painful one that I don’t
like to remember” Ada said as they sat round a
little fire after having dinner. Ada is now very
strong enough but still never cared to notice
her lost pregnancy
”Hmm.. My daughter, life is full of troubles and
problems my dear” Nneoma said and Ada
”It all began when I lost my parents in a ghastly
motor accident..” Ada began
”My Father was taking my Mom to the hospital
when she was in labour of me, they and my
elder Brother who was still little then” Ada
”Youhave a brother?” Chisom asked
”I haven’t seen or known him, my Uncle said he
also died in the accident” Ada said and
”My Father died instantly and my Mom rushed
to the hospital half dead. By Caesarean Section,
my life was saved but my Mother died” Ada
said and that was where it all began..
”My Uncle and his family maltreated me and in
the process, I wa…wa…” Ada stammered
pressing her stomach
”you were what??” Odunze asked and Ada
raised her head immediately
”I was raped and I got pregnant!! But I can… I
can.” Ada said looking confused
”I’m sorry my dear but the day my husband
brought you here you were bleeding and lost
the pregnancy you had” Nneoma said and Ada
looked at her with a faint face but later smiled
”You mean I lost the baby” Ada asked
”Yes you did” Nneoma said and Ada hugged
”Why are you happy about it?” Odunze asked as
everyone was surprised and Ada sat down again
”The chemist man that I went to treat my
wound raped me when I was unconcious and
denied me in front of the king and everyone
and I was banished. Why won’t I be happy, the
pains are gone” Ada said and they exhaled
”You have really been through alot” Chisom
”But I saw you bleeding the day I saved you”
Odunze said and Ada looked at him
”As I was wandering in the bushes looking for a
nearby village, two boys attacked me and raped
me forcefully. That is all I can say because I
never knew anything else till that night I woke
up in your house” Ada said
”Chaii!! The world is wicked” Odunze said
”Nna anyi, the Igwe must hear this ooh. How
can young girls be raped in this village by two
unknown men” Nneoma said
”Well, my dear. It’s all over now, you can stay
here with us. You are safe here” Odunze said
and Ada opened her eyes happily
”Seriously??” She asked
”Yes my dear, you are one of us now” Nneoma
said and Chisom was also happy. Immediately
Ada knelt in tears thanking them.
”You don’t have to cry my dear, you have cried
enough” Nneoma said and drew her up. She
embraced her, so did Chisom and Odunze. Ada
now felt happy once again…
A car arrived at Emetamma’s compound and a
man on a black suit came out of the car
”Arrh.. Barrister Chuks” Emetamma said as he
came out from the house and shook hands with
him. He rushed and brought out a chair and
they sat down
”How is everything?” Emetamma asked
”Fine ooh, we are all doing fine” Chuks said
”Chaii!! City is sweet ooh, see as you are
shinning” Emetamma said touching his suit and
Barrister Chuks smiled
”Thank You Sir. How is everybody?” Barrister
Chuks asked
”Errhhm.. They went to the farm” Emetamma
”Oh.. I see.. What about Ada” Chuks asked and
Emetamma’s face changed to a pitiable one
”Cheii!! Ada” He exclaimed
”What.. What is it?? What happened to her??”
Chuks askeddepicting something bad
”She is dead” Emetamma said pretending to be
”What??!” Chuks exclaimed
”How did it happen?” He asked
”She fell into the wrong side of the river and
died ooh” Emetamma exclaimed
”My God!” Chuks exclaimed
”So, this is how the family of Emeka is been
wiped out” Chuks added
”What about her corpse?” He asked
”No one could find it.. The river carreid it”
Emetamma said
”What a pity” Chuks said nodding his head
”Well, let’s get to business” Emetamma said
”You know what I’m talking about” Emetamma
”But..” Chuks tried to say something but
Emetamma’s face changed
”No but.. It is the will of my late Brother”
Emetamma said and Chuks kept quiet but was a
bit suspicious
”Alright Sir.. I will go back to the city and sign it
all up for you. His companies and everything he
has” Chuks said and stood up
”Good, I will be waiting for your calls”
Emetamma said
”Have a nice day Sir” Chuks said and left
”Useless Lawyer. You want to spoil business for
me. Mtcheew” Emetamma said as he left..
”Nonsense..” He added and walked inside..
Chuks drove back to the city.
”Hehehe.. That small Emeka thinks he can
overthrow me in this house. His elder brother.
Who is laughing now.. Nonsense!!” Emetamma
continued talking to himself and hissing but
happy in his mind that he has successfully
gotten the wealth of his younger brother..

To be continued


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