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TWIST OF FATE 2 (Ada My Love) Episode 21-22

Onochie sat under the fancy tree in the middle
of the Palace discussing with Charles. Guards
and maidens bowed in greetings as they walked
pass them. Their conversation seemed funny as
they laughed occassionally but suddenly
Onochie’s mood began to change..
”Bro, what’s up with you?” Charles asked but
Onochie said nothing
”c’mon Bro, your mood has always been this
way for some days now. Your mood changes
instantly with no cause” Charles complained to
”Why will my mind feel happy. Why will I smile
when my reason to smile is gone. Why will I be
happy when my source of joy has been taken
awaay from me” Onochie said and Charles
stood up from his chair. He walked to him and
held him on his shoulders.
”We can’t predict things Bro. You just have to
adapt to how you see things” Charles said to
”Adapt?? Adapt you said?? Adapt to the fact that
Ada is dead??” Onochie asked
”I didn’t mean it that way, just try to man Up
and face the future” Charles said to Onochie
who hissed. As they were still in the middle of
the slightly arguementative and consoling
atmosphere, Alika, one of the Palace guards
walked in
”Good Morning my Prince” He greeted and
turned to Charles and greeted also
”Yes, what can we do for you?” Charles asked
”The King calls for you my Prince” He said
looking at Onochie
”He is coming” Charles replied for Onochie and
the guard left.
”You have to pull yourself together Bro”
Charles said and Onochie comported himself.
They left for the throne room to answer the
call of Igwe Ebubedike…
”My Son” Igwe called as he sat on his throne,
Lolo beside him, Onochie and Charles sat on
the cushion by the left.
”I understand the fact that the person you
loved is no more…” Igwe began with a low tone
”But you still have to go on, you have to move
on” He continued
”Errh…. At least you still have a hope. The
throne, you can’t just leave it blank because
you re mourning your Love. Even if you cry till
eternity, she won’t rise up” Igwe added
”Olaedo is here for you. Just accept her my
Son” Igwe concluded
”My Son, please listen to your father” Lolo said
and Onochie exhaled. He stood up immediately
”I have heard you Dad” He said and began to
walk upstairs. Charles sttod up and followed
him. Igwe and Lolo were not really satisfied
with his actions but his words satisfied them.
”He is really emotionally demoralized Igwe”
Lolo said
”Remembered he loved that girl alot” She
”Love?? I thank the gods she is away anyway”
Igwe said
”What??!!!” Lolo angrily asked
”Yes of course. That girl would have caused a
great havock in this kingdom” Igwe said
”You are heartless Igwe” Lolo said and Igwe’s
face changed
”It’s just for our good” Igwe said
”At least now he can concentrate on Olaedo”
Igwe added
”Mtcheew..” Lolo hissed and angrily stood up
and Igwe laughed at her as she left…
”I know how you feel Man bu…” Charles tried
to talk to Onochie in their but Onochie stopped
him from talking
”It’s alright my Brother, you are really more
than a friend” Onochie said and smiled a bit.
They hugged each other and Charles was happy
Onochie was back to his normal mood again..
They broke the hug and Onochie turned around
backing Charles..
”I have decided to follow my fathers’ wish”
Onochie said and faced Charles
”What do you mean by that?” Charles asked
”I have decided to marry Olaedo” Onochie
concluded looking serious and Charles opened
up his mouth in surprise. He wasn’t really
happy about it but he pretended and began to
”That’s a good one Bro. At least to stop the
quarrels” Charles said and they shook hands.
”Papa! Papa!!” Olamma shouted the name of
Emetamma who rushed out to see Obinna
beating Olamma up.
”Bia Obinna, why are you beating her?”
Emetamma asked Obinna
”Leave her immediately!!” He ordered but
Obinna paid deaf ears
”I said Leave her!:” He said and walked towards
Obinna and separated him from Olamma
”What is the problem?” He asked and Olamma
began to cry
”Papa, why won’t she fetch water in this house.
Ada is gone now and she expects me to fetch
water and sweep for her. God has saved
Ugomma that she ran away” Obinna said
”Papa, I waon’t do anything in this house ooh..
Tell him to leave me alone ooh” Olamma said
”Shut up both of you” Emetamma said
”Why won’t you do the house works eeh
Olamma?” He asked her
”And why will you beat Her? She is your sister”
Emetamma queried Obinna and Olamma began
to rant her mouth. Obinna became annoyed
again and began to beat her. Emetamma
struggled to separate tham but they mistakenly
pushed him down. They didn’t even noticed he
fell. He manged to stand up and separated
them holding his waist.
”Now both of you get inside!” He ordered and
they went inside with angry faces
”Cheii!! This children won’t kill me” He said and
sat down holding his waist as it pained him..

The Palace of Igwe Ebeubedike is now a happy
and quiet one as Onochie already made up his
mind to stop mourning Ada and marry Olaedo.
The Guards and Maidens as usual gossipped
about the new change of the Palace. Some liked
the Prince’s decision while others detested it.
Onochie on his own part was in his room
dressing up facing the mirror. On his face were
signs of smiles and happiness. Just then Charles
walked in and saw him dressing up.
”Where to??” He asked startling Onochie who
turned immediately
”Haar! You shocked me” Onochie said and
Charles laughed
”Naughty Boy.. Well, I ‘m going for a special
day” Onochie said
”With Olaedo I guess” Charles asked
”Yes Bro” Onochie said and faced the mirror
again placing his bow tie appropriately.
”Alright Bro. Have a nice moment” Charles said
and tried leaving
”Hey.. Wait up Bro” Onochie called him back
”Ain’t you going with me?” Onochie asked
”Of course No Bro.. I might spoil the fun”
Charles said
” The romantic touches and kisses and all that”
Charles said and Onochie smiled
”You are always naughty. Alright. I guess I have
to go alone” Onochie said and Charles left
without saying anything else. Looking from the
mirror, Onochie no longer saw Charles
”Huh? Where did he go to?” He asked himself
”He would have checked me out” He said and
hissed smiling at himself..
Charles walked down the staircase and called
Nnenna, Lolo’s personal maid
”Nnenna!!” He called and she came in
”Yes My Prince” She answered
”How are you today” He asked her
”Very Fine my Prince” She replied
”Alright, is the Queen sleeping?” He asked
”Yes My Prince” Nnenna replied but this time
with a low and slow voice
”Good, I want you to do something for me”
Charles said
”What is it my Prince?” Nnenna asked and
Charles looked at her saying nothing…
The horn of Onochie’s car sounded outside the
gate of Igwe Okpalaugo. He horned continously
as Adamu, the gateman was sleeping. Sooner,
Lolo Nneka came out and shouted his name. He
confusedly woke up almost falling from the
”Yes Madam!!” He replied
”My Friend, so you are sleeping. Didn’t you
hear the horn on the gate?? My friend open up
the gate!!” Lolo shouted at Adamu and he
rushed the gate open. Onochie drove in with
his Red Range Rover car. On seeng the car, Lolo
wondered who it was. Just then, Onochie
alighted from the car on a red designers suit on
a glowing white shirt, red bow tie and Red
Shoe.. Lolo was a bit surprised seeing him. He
looked around the compound and walked
towards Lolo Nneka
”Good day my Queen” He greeted
”Ooh.. Onochie, the Son of Igwe Ebubedike, the
tiger of Umudike” Lolo said with a smile
”Yes Ma” Onochie said smiling also
”You look so charming.. Please let’s go in” Lolo
”Thank you Ma” He said and they walked in.
Igwe Okpalaugo was in the sitting room
watching television as Lolo walked in
”Who was that??” Igwe asked
”See for yourself” Lolo said and Onochie
walked in immediately
”Wow, the Son of Ebubedike. You are welcome
my Son” He said and Onochie greeted with a
smile bowing down. He pat his back with his
staff of authority and told him to sit down.
Onochie quietly sat down.
”How are you my Son?” Okpalaugo asked
”Very fine Sir” Onochie said
”I learnt the girl you loved is no more” Igwe
”Yes Sir, I didn’t even see her corpse” Onochie
”So touching. Take heart my dear. God knows
why” Igwe said and Onochie smiled
”Is Olaedo at home?” He asked and Igwe
looked at Lolo
”Yes, she is in her room” Lolo said
”Let me go and call her for you” Lolo said
”I will be honoured My Queen” Onochie said
and Lolo left immediately. Onochie and Igwe
Okpalaugo continued their conversation.
Olaedo was in her room chatting with Ken on
social media. She was wearing a yellow quite
transparent flying shirt and a jean bum-short.
She laid on her bed operating her phone in
smiles. Lolo knocked on the door
”Come in” Olaedo said and faced her phone
again. Lolo walked in happily
”Guess who is here?” Lolo said to Olaedo who
dropped her phone on the bed and looked at
her Mum
”I’m not good at guessing Mom” Olaedo said
surprised at her Mom’s bright face.
”Onochie, the Son of Igwe Ebubedike” Lolo said
and smiled broadly
”Seriously?” Olaedo asked and rose from her
”He is here to see you” Lolo added
”That’s not true” Olaedo said
”Come and see for yourself” Lolo said and left
”I’m coming Mom” Olaedo shouted with
happiness in her heart. She really Loves
Onochie and her face shows that. She wore her
yellow fancy slippers immediately, picked up
her phone and rushed out of the room. Few
seconds later, she came back to the room and
took her hair band to tie her hair. She looked
around and rushed out again…

To be continued..


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