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TWIST OF FATE 2 (Ada My Love) Episode 19-20

Nneoma, being a village Nurse, mid-wife and
somehow a herbalist ran immediately into the
bush to get some herbs. Chisom, who was
already shivering by the blood she was seeing
ran into the house and got her mother’s
medication box and sat besides Ada. So many
things ran through her mind as she looked at
her. Just then, Nneoma, her mother came in
innediately with the herbs. She handed them to
”Pound and sieve them for me immediately”
She said to Chisom who quickly collected them
and ran to the backyard.. Nneoma bent down
and began to undress Ada
”Oh No!! She is having a miscarriage!!” She
exclaimed. She undressed her completely
covering her with only a wrapper. She checked
her pulse and it was negative
”Oh, God please save us ooh” She prayed
”Chisom!! Get me a towel and a bucket of warm
water” She shouted and chisom in few seconds
ran out it and she collected them
”Nne, will she be alright?” Chisom asked
”I don’t know my daughter. Go and get the
sieved herbs for me” She said and Chisom ran
out again.
With the towel and water, Nneoma cleaned up
Ada and with her mid-wifery experience she
diagnosed on Ada manually and made every
check ups. After few minutes, she removed the
gloves in her hands shaking her head piteously
looking at Ada. Chisom walked in with the
sieved herbs in a small calabash bowl. On
seeing her mothers countenance, she lowered
her walking speed in fright.
”What is it Nne?” She asked
”She lost her baby” Nneoma replied not
looking at Chisom
”She was even pregnant?” Chisom asked
”Yes She was” Nneoma replied, but this time
she looked at Chisom and stretched her hands
to collect the herbs. Chisom handed them to
her and she force-opened the mouth of Ada
and gave her some of the liquid and gave the
rest back to Chisom. Chisom went and kept it.
She took back her mother’s medication box and
they sat very close to Ada who was not showing
any sign of life. Few minutes into the silent
looking at Ada
”Such a beautiful girl” Nneoma said breaking
the silence
”She must have gone through a lot of pain”
Nneoma guesses
”I guess so Nne, but will she survive it?”
Chisom asked
”Is she dead?” She asked again
”That I can’t tell, as at now, none of her system
is active. Even her pulse reads negative”
Nneoma said and tears rolled down Chisom’s
”Why are you crying?” Nneoma asked
”I don’t know Nne” Chisom replied
”What do you mean by you don’t know?”
Nneoma asked and Chisom began to clean the
”I really don’t know Mother. Maybe it’s because
of her” Chisom guessed but she wasn’t sure
why she was crying. Nneoma brought her close
to her laps and began to pet her
”Don’t worry my dear, she will be fine”
Nneome made an unsure promise to Chisom
”Are you sure Mama” Chisom asked
”By God’s Grace” Nneoma replied and
everywhere became silent again…
Before late evening fell, Odunze came back
hurriedly with wy big grasscutters. He quickly
packed his bicycle and rushed up the little
staircase in front of his house but nobody
noticed him as they were sleeping still sitting
besides Ada.
”Mama Chisom” Odunze called and they woke
”Nna anyi, welcome” Nneoma said
”Papa, good evening” Chisom greeted and
collected the three grasscutters
”I can see you made a big catch today” Chisom
”Yes, I did my daughter” Odunze replied
smiling and Chisom went to keep the
”How is she?” Odunze asked Nneoma
immediately and she exhaled
”She lost her pregnancy” Nneoma said
”Cheii!!! Why? How?” Odunze asked
”I don’t know. Something forceful must have
come in contact with her” Nneoma said
”Forceful like what?” Odunze asked confusedly
”I guess a force rape” Nneoma said
”Tufiakwa!! Abomination” Odunze exclaimed
”Heii!! Poor girl” Odunze said and sat down.
”Hope she is alive?” He asked again listening
”Hmm.. To be honest my husband, I can’t tell.
She has not moved her body since then”
Nneoma said
”Heii!! Olisa biko ooh (God please ooh)” Odunze
”But let me ask you Nna anyi, how did you find
her?” Nneoma asked
”I was in the bush hunting and I heard a
scream. I thought it was someone hunted by a
wild animal. So I searched and I saw her. I
couldn’t just leave her there” Odunze
”But Nna anyi, you know it is very risky”
Nneoma said
”Don’t worry my dear” Odunze calmed her
”Alright, if you say so” Nneoma accepted.
They finished eating dinner and sat on a bench
still watching Ada. Although they felt sleepy but
they held themselves.
”She has not even moved since afternoon”
Chisom complained
”Papa, I’m afraid ooh” She added
”Don’t be afraid my daughter. God is in
control.” Odunze calmed her down
”Nna anyi, I’m not sure she is still alive up
because her pulse is not active again” Nneoma
said but before Odunze could reply, Ada
sneezed five times and slowly opened her
eyes. Odunze’s family jumped up

…They ran and surrpunded her immediately.
Nneoma laid her head on her laps. Ada
sneezed again and opened her eys completely
holding her head
”Aarrgh.. My head!” Ada exclaimed
”Take it easy my dear” Nneoma said
”Where I’m I?” Ada asked looking around still
laying on Nneoma’s leg
”Don’t bother where you are my dear. You are
safe now?” Odunze replied Ada.
”Chisom, go and get her food” Nneoma said
and Chisom went to bring the food. Nneoma
slowly raised the head of Ada and placed it on
her shoulders so that she can eat. As Chisom
brought the food, Odunze took it from her and
gave it to Nneoma
”Papa take it easy” Chisom jokingly said and
they laughed. Although Ada wasn’t able to see
their faces very clearly but she felt she was in
safe hands. She slowly opened her mouth and
ate as Nneoma fed her. Still on the food, she
began to cough
”Water! Water!!” Odunze said
”Sorry my dear” Nneoma said to Ada hitting
her chest to calm the cough down. Chisom
brought the water and Ada drank the whole
”Get another one” Odunze said. Chisom
brought it and Ada still finished it.
”She must be thirsty” Nneoma said
”Do you want more?” Odunze asked Ada and
she nodded her head positively and Chisom
brought more water for her and she drank. She
later finished the food and relaxed
”Thank You” Ada said weakly and slept on the
shoulders of Nneoma. Unwanted smiles glowed
on the faces of Odunze’s family…
Ada woke up very early as it was already part of
her. She swept the whole compound, found the
kitchen and arranged it and everywhere was
shinning clean. Due to the fact that Odunze left
her on the mat outside with Chisom, she went
back to the mat and sat down looking at Chisom
very closely. She looked around her new
environment and thanked God for still keeping
her alive. Few minutes later, Nneoma came out
and Ada stood up immediately in respect.
”No.. No my daughter” Nneoma said
”You don’t have to stand up” She added and
Ada greeted her
”Hope you slept well?” She asked and Ada
nodded positively
”That’s good”
”How are you feeling now?” She asked further
”More better Ma. Thank you ver…” Ada tried to
say but was interupted by Nneoma
”Thank the God of heaven you are still alive my
dear” Nneoma said and Ada smiled a bit.
Nneoma left and went to the kitchen but she
ran out
”Chisom!! Chisom!:” She called surprised and
Chisom woke up yawning
”Nne, you called me” Chisom said
”Who swept the kit…” She tried to say and also
saw that the compound was swept..
”Chisom, when did you start sweeping?”
Nneoma asked Chisom who was also surprised
at her question.
”Errhhm, Sorry Ma, I was the one that swept
it.” Ada said with a soft voice and Nneoma
gazed at her, even Chisom looked at her
immediately. Nneoma quickly walked up to Ada
and held her softly
”My daughter, you shouldn’t have. I would have
done it myself” Nneoma said and Ada looked at
her with sweet eyes
”I…I…” Ada stammered but Nneoma
”No..My dear, you are not yet strong” Nneoma
said and walked Ada inside
”Lazy girl” Nneoma said to Chisom who giggled
and followed them. As they walked in, Odunze
came out chewing a stick.
”I heard you people laughing. What is funny?”
He asked and they laughed again.
”My daughter how are you?” Odunze asked Ada
who greeted him
”I’m feeling better now Sir” She said
”I really want to thank you Sir for your help.
You and your family helped me a lot Sir” Ada
thanked them and tried kneeling in
appreciation but Odunze help her in the air
”It’s alright my daughter. Just thank God I was
in the bush that day” Odunze said and hugged
her as tears of joy flowed down the eyes of
”Don’t Cry my daughter.. It’s alright” Odunze
said as Nneoma and Chisom looked at Ada
”Sit down my daughter” Odunze said and
everybody sat down.
”I just wanted to ask, what really happened to
you. Like, I saw you bleeding to death in the
bush that day” Odunze said and Ada folded her
hands and tears began to drop down her eyes
”Papa Chisom, I don’t think this is the best time
to ask her this question. She just got up. Let us
go and have breakfast” Nneoma suggested and
Odunze sighed
”I just felt concerned” Odunze said and Ada still
kept quiet shedding tears. They consoled her
and made her smile a bit. They all walked in
and ate. Up till that moment Ada never figured
out that she is no more pregnant. She began to
feel loved again. Smiles, tears and songs of joy
overwhelmed her. Odunze and his family loved
her as much as they Loved Chisom their

To be continued


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