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TWIST OF FATE 2 (Ada My Love) Episode 15-16

Since the day Ada was judged by Igwe
Ebubedike, Onochie never left his room, he
didn’t eat neither did he drink anything. He
stayed indoors and locked up the door. He
didn’t even allow Charles to come in not even
his mother.
”Onochie!! Onochie!! Please open this door. It’s
me your mother Onochie” Lolo knocked on the
door severally, but Onochie didn’t even say a
word nor open the door.
”Onochie, please open up this door” Charles
said aloud. They knocked till they got tired.
”This is serious, now I want you to tell me the
truth” Lolo said facing Charles and Charles
became tense
”What truth?” Charles asked
”Who is that girl to Onochie?” Lolo asked and
Charles scratched his head
”To be honest Ma, that is the girl that Onochie
claims to love” Charles said throwing away his
”I see, so that’s the lady that is causing all this
in my house” Lolo said.
”Why didn’t you tell me about all these hide
and seek games you have been playing with
Onochie” Lolo queried him
”Sorry Ma, I thought it wasn’t necessary”
Charles said
”Now you see it is necessary” Lolo said and ran
”Your Highness!! Igwe!!!” Lolo shouted the
name of Igwe Ebubedike as Nnenna follwed her
immediately. She met Igwe Ebubedike sitting
on his throne licking oranges
”Igwe, you are here sitting comfortably and
licking oranges when your Son is up there
killing himself. Not eating nor drinking” Lolo
shouted at Igwe but Igwe said nothing. Lolo
angrily took away the plate of Orange and
shattered it on the groung
”What is the meaning of all this Lolo?” Igwe
”Go up there and bring your son out, afterall
you placed the judgement on that poor girl.
Better go up there and bring my Son out ooh”
Lolo barked at the Igwe but Igwe stood up
”I have no Son for now until he agrees to my
advice. Nonsense” Igwe said and left
”Igwe, you are going. Better come back here
ooh” Lolo said and ran after Igwe. Charles
became confused and sat on the cushion close
to him. Later on, he ran back upstairs and
knocked a bit quietly
”Onochie, it’s me Charles. Please open up. No
one is here with me now” Charles said
”You can’t just be suffering yourself in there
for no just course. We can think something out”
Charles’ words began to convince Onochie.
Onochie looked at the door and sluggishly
stood up. He looked through the opening on
the door and saw that it was only Charles so he
opened the door. Charles without saying any
word walked in and Onochie closed the door
again. Charles looked at the frustrated Onochie
and sat on the bed
”Look at what you are doing to yourself Bro”
Charles said
”She betrayed my love for her” Onochie said in
a shaky voice
”How sure are you that she wasn’t saying the
truth” Charles asked
”She should have told me” Onochie said
”When? How many times have you seen her
since you met her?” Charles asked further
”Never conclude matter like that” Charles
”You can still find out the truth by going to ask
her personally” Charles suggested
”Yes, that’s right” Onochie said throwing up a
brighter face but his face got dim again
”What if she confirms that she is lying?”
Onochie asked
”Then you have to forgive” Charles said and
Onochie looked at him drawing sense out of his
”Let’s go to her house” Onochie said
”No, you are not going anywhere till you eat
something” Charles said
”I will eat when we get back” Onochie said
”Promise?” Charles asked
”Yes I promise” Onochie said crossing his heart
and they smiled. They walked down the
staircase, as they walked down, they met Lolo
who was surprised and happy to see Onochie.
She ran to hug him but Onochie didn’t
”Thank the gods you finally came out” Lolo said
”Mom, as you can see I am off to somewhere”
Onochie said and Lolo drew back. Charles
immediately gave her a sign that she should
not worry about anything and she understood
”Alright my Son, come back early” Lolo said and
they left.
”Please take care of him” Lolo said to Charles
”You can count on me” Charles replied and they
closed the door behind them. Lolo quickly sat
on the Cushion feeling happy that at least her
Son is out of his room. She called Nnenna
”Get me a glass of juice” She ordered Nnenna
and she went to get it.
Charles controlled the wheels of the Toyota
Tundra car they took and they drove to Ada’s
house.. As they entered, Emetamma and his
family who were outside greeted them
”You may sit my Prince” Olamma said cleaning
the chair with her skirt
”Thank you, but I’m Ok standing” Onochie said
and forced out a smile
”What do we owe this visit my Prince?”
Emetamma asked
”Where is Ada?” Onochie asked and
everywhere became quiet.
”I said, where is Ada?’ He asked again and
Emetamma pretended to be crying and
Onochie was shocked
”Ada is dead” Emetamma lied
”What???!” Onochie exclaimed…

..”What??!!” Onochie exclaimed.
”No.. No.. No.. Tell me it’s not true” Onochie
said rubbing his hands on his head in shock.
Even Charles wasn’t comfortable with the news,
his eyes gulped out.
”Wait up, when, how, why?,” Charles asked at
the same time but nobody replied. The house
hold of Emetamma were also shocked at what
Emetamma said as they knew it was a lie but
they wisely played along with him by
pretending to put on a sober face
”How did it happen?” Onochie asked as tears
flowed down his eyes
”My Prince, to be honest with you it is really a
shocking news that I can’t explain” Emetamma
”what do you mean by that?” Charles asked
”Immediately the Igwe judged her with
banishment, she came in and took her things.
Then.. Then…” Emetamma pretended crying
”Then what?!!” Onochie barked at them
”This morning we heard a news that she
jumped into the river” Emetamma said
cleaning his tears filled eyes
”No.. This isn’t true.. No..No.. Ada!!!” Onochie
exclaimed and fainted. Charles rushed and held
him immediately
”Onochie.. Onochie…” He called shaking him
vigorously. Everybody stood up in fright
”Don’t just stand there!! Help me out!!!”
Charles yelled at them and Obinna rushed to
Nurses were seen running around, patients and
waiters filled the reception seats. It was the
best government hospital in Umudike. Charles
drove roughly into the hospital in the company
of Obinna. He almost hit the gateman. His
brake hold screeched the tires of the car and
made a lot of noise. Before the tire could stop
rolling, he opened the door and jumped out
running towards the door shouting for the
nurses. Obinna came out and stood by the car..
Soonest, nurses came out with a stretcher.
They placed Onochie on it and rushed him into
the theatre. They gave him so much special
attention knowing he was the Prince.. Charles
followed them with the stretcher, but at a
certain point, Doctor Mark ran in and stopped
”You can’t follow him into the theatre, please
wait here, we will do all we can” Doctor Mark
”Please, don’t let anything happen to him”
Charles cried
”He will be fine” Doctor Mark promised and
Obinna ran out to the Car..
”Thanks a lot” Charles said to Obinna and gave
him some money
”Use that for your transport home” Charles
said and Obinna collected the money and left.
As he left, Charles looked at his moves and
countenance constantly. Later, he dialed Lolo’s
”Yes, Mom” Charles said placing the phone on
his ears
”He just fainted Mom” He said again
”Saint Peter’s hospital Mom.. Yes, please come
along” Charles said, hung up the call and ran
back in to the hospital reception room waslking
to anf fro…
”No… This can’t be true!!” Lolo exclaimed
”Your Highness!!” She shouted untop of her
voice running up the stair case. The guards and
maidens in the throne room were surprised at
her action
”Her Majesty, are you alright?” Nnenna asked
and Lolo looked at her
”Prepare the car immediately” She ordered as
a reply to her caring question. Lolo ran up and
saw Igwe in his room
”Igwe, your highness” Lolo called kneeling
down and the Igwe was a bit surprised why she
knelt down
”Please, your son lies unconscious in Saint
Peter’s hospital” Lolo said and Igwe bounced up
”What happened to him?” He asked
”Igwe, I don’t know” Lolo said
”Let’s go there immediately” Igwe said, picked
up his staff of honour and they ran out
immediately. On coming down the stairs, Igwe
looked around
”Where is Dike??” He asked with a harsh voice
”Outside your higness” Nnenna said and they
moved out without saying any word. Dike was
already at the door of the car waiting with arms
”Don’t stand there folding your arms!!! Move
this car!!!” Igwe yelled in order and Dike
entered the car immediately. He ignited the
engine. Igwe and Lolo entered immediately
and Dike reversed the phone. Musa, the
GateMan wasted time in opening the gate and
Lolo brought out her head
”Will you open that gate you idiot!!” She barked
”Kai Madam, I dey Kwom Madam” Musa said
holding his radio by his ears running to the
gate. He opened it and Dike drove out.
”Kaiwai!! This thing wey madam dey vex like
this, kai it is vewy imfortant” Musa said looking
at the speed of the car..
Minutes later, they got to the hospital, Igwe
and Lolo opened the door by themselves and
Lolo ran into the hospital? Igwe walked as fast
as he can. On seeing them, people bowed and
greeted but they didn’t reply any. Charles sited
them and ran to them immediately.
”What happened” Igwe asked Charles but then
the doctor came out
”Thank God the doctor is here” Charles said
”Doctor, how is my Son?” Igwe asked as the
doctor came closer
”Oh, your highness, he is doing fine but needs
some rest” Doctor Mark said and relaxed their

To be continued..

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