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TWIST OF FATE 2 (Ada My Love) Episode 13-14

The news of the current happening in the
Kingdom of Umudike spread faster than
lightening. Even the little children tells their
own part of the story. Many people mocked
Ada while others pitied her and always detest
anybody that says evil of her…
Ada shamefully walked home that sorrowful
day, immediately she opened the gate Olamma
and Ugomma were already waiting for her to
come. As she entered they laughed out the life
out of Ada
”Sister Virgin Mary” Olamma called Ada
”Witch!! See what you have done to yourself”
Ugomma added
”When you were jumping from one place to
the other you were enjoying it” Olamma siad
further and they laughed and mocked her. Ada
stood at a point and tears rolled down her
eyes. She couldn’t bear it anymore and she
walked to the backyard. As she was walking to
the backyard, Olamma poured her a bucket of
peppered water.
”Aarrh!! My eyes” Ada cried
”Pepper!!!” She exclaimed and they continued
to laugh at her
”That is what you deserve, witch!!” Ugomma
said and they walked inside the house. Ada
struggled with the pepper in her eyes and all
over her body. She cried as she couldn’t see
any water to wash it off
”Olamma! Ugomma. This is unfair ooh.. This is
not good ooh” She cried. Her leg jammed a
stone on the ground and she fell down rolling
on the sand. Luckily for her, Chioma, one of the
village dancers came to visit Olamma and
Ugomma. She came in and saw Ada rolling in
tears, she ran to her
”Ada, what is it?” She asked
”Pepper ooh” Ada shouted
”Ola!! Ugomma” Chioma shouted their name
and they came out
”Didn’t you see Ada here?” She asked them and
they snubbed her and went back inside the
”Thisis wickedness ooh” Chioma said and began
to look for water. She found water and washed
off the peper in the eyes of Ada. As at then,
Ada’s eyes were already bloody red. Ada
breathed heavily, trying to regain stability in
her lungs. She sat on the sat and Chioma held
her head
”Thank you” Ada said
”But Ada if I may ask, who did this to you. As
in, the pepper all over you?” Chioma asked and
Ada looked at her
”Never mind my Sister. That is what the world
wants for me” Ada said
”Errhm, don’t be annoyed ooh. Is it true that
Ken raped you?” Chioma asked further
”All I said in the palace is nothing but the truth”
Ada said
”Since it is true, then take the oath, it is
nothing at all to take an oath and prove your
innocence” Chioma adviced Ada and she
”I won’t my dear. God will prove my
innocence” Ada said and Chioma felt for her.
Later on, Ada stood up by the help of Chioma,
they hugged each other
”I will take my leave now” Chioma said
”Take Care” She added and left not seeing
Olamma and Ugomma again as she grew hate
for them on what they did to Ada. Ada
managed and went into her room as her body
was still pepper hot…
Emetamma and his family were seen in his
compound sitting in two benches and Ada stood
in their midst.
”You can see what you have brought upon
yourself” Emetamma began
”Shameless She-goat. I don’t have anything to
say to you yet” Emetamma continued
”As the Igwe has already said, you have five
days to leave this village and nothing more. But
before that, let me warn you” Emetamma’s
mood changed
”Don’t you in this your banishment go to my
village or my wife’s village or any of our
relative’s village. Afterall, your father never
had a village. He was always in the city. If I hear
that you are in any of these places, I will make
sure I deal with you” Emetamma said and Ada
fell on her kneels
”Papa, please, where will I go from here. I beg
you” Ada pleaded
”That is your concern, when you were opening
your filthy legs around, you didn’t think of the
consequences. Nonsense!” Emetamma said
”I have said my own” He concluded and stood
up to leave and Ada still was pleading
”Papa, where do you want her to go kwanu?”
Obinna asked
”That is her business not mine” Emetamma
”And again, you are not staying in this house by
tomorrow evening so start packing your things”
Emetamma concluded and walked inside. Ada
burst out in frustrating tears
”Stupid girl” Nwanneka insulted Ada and spat in
front of her and left.
”Mother of a bastard” Olamma and Ugomma
called Ada and laughed at her. Obinna looked at
Ada, although he felt for her but he couldn’t do
anything as he thought all his father and his
sisters told them were right. He stood up
quietly and left. Ada was left alone frustrated.
Her tears finished in her eyes. So many
thoughts flowed through her mind.. Later on,
she tried going inside the house but
Emetamma locked the door, so she slept

Ada in her frustration slept off that night on
one of the benches that they sat on that night.
Sounds and noises of animals were heard all
over. Mosquitoes began to feed on her.
Ada found herself in a green field, beautiful to
behold. She wondered how she got there. She
looked around but there was no other thing in
sight except grasses. Suddenly, A man and a
woman appeared in front of her. She became
afraid and took some steps backward
”Who are you?” She asked them but the
stopped and smiled at her. On smiling at her,
Ada began to cry but she couldn’t tell why she
was crying. Still on the confusion of the reason
for her tears, they disappeared and Prince
Onochie appeared to her immediately and she
was shocked….
The shock woke Ada up and she held her heart
with her hands
”Heii!!” She exclaimed quietly
”Thank God it was a dream” She said still
thinking about the dream. Later on she laid
back and slept.
IN THE MORNING.. Ada woke up a bit late. As
she opened her eyes, the sun was already
smiling at her so she stood up immediately
stretching. She stood up to sweep the
compound but found out that it was already
swept. She went to the back yard but it was
locked.. She was confused and surprised at the
same time. Walking back from the backyard,
she found a ghana must go bag outside and she
walked up to it. As she began to open it,
Emetamma came out followed by Nwanneka
”That is your bag of belongings. Take it and
leave this house this very minute. I don’t want
to come back out here and see you”
Emetamma said and walked inside. Nwanneka
looked at the already spirit killed Ada, hissed
and walked inside. Ada sat on the ground
beside the bag and began to sing
”Uwa m eeeh, onye kam ga akosara.. Uwa m
eeh, onye kam ga agakwuru… Chi m eeh, I
nozikwa o na-eme. Chukwu kere uwa, bia nyere
m aka (My World, who will I complain to? My
world, who will I run to? My God, did you allow
this happen to me? The Creator, come and help
me)…” She sang for a while and stood up.
Carried the ghana must go, not too heavy
because she didn’t even have much clothes. As
she left, Olamma and Ugomma came out and
mocked her. She looked at them with a
sorrowful heart, opened the gate and left
finally.. As she walked the streets of the village,
villagers both old and young said their minds
about her. Some laughed at her and made jest
of her but she ignored them. As she walked
down the bushy part of the village, Ken ran
after her
”Ada! Ada!” He called her name but Ada didn’t
reply. He ran faster and met up with her.
Immediately, he knelt down in front of her
”Ada please, I didn’t do it on purpose. I couldn’t
bear the shame and the pain of being a father.
Please forgive me” Ken pleaded
”Shame and pain you said?? Does it compare to
the one I feel now?” Ada asked her
”You never thought of that when you raped me.
You denied me in front of everyone. How
wicked can you be Ken” Ada said
”Just get out of my way and let me go my way”
Ada said and Ken stood up. He brought out the
sum of #50,000 and handed it over to Ada
”Please take this and take care of the baby or
abort it better still.” Ken said to Ada and Ada
looked at him. She collected the money
”Thank you” Ken said but before he could say
anything, Ada stoned the money at him
”Keep your useless money to yourself. I don’t
need it. You have done your worse!!” Ada said
and walked out. Ken looked at her as she
walked out and he began to pick up his
Ada still walking to the borders of the village
met Chioma who called her
”Ada, wait” Chioma shouted and Ada stopped
”It’s not up to 5 days now” Chioma said
”I know Chioma and you have to go before
people see you. The Igwe said I shouldn’t talk
to anybody” Ada said
”People are wicked ooh. I don’t care if they see
me. Let me help you with your bag” Chioma
”No Chioma, please go” Ada said
”I insist” Chioma said and Ada gave the bag to
her and they walked to the borders.
”Where will you go from here” Chioma asked
”I don’t know” Ada said and Chioma exhaled
”I pray your God to guide you” Chioma said and
handed the bag over to her
”Even if all the village do not believe you, I do
believe you” Chioma said
”Thank you for your care Chioma” Ada said to
her and they hugged each other again and
Chioma left her in pity. Ada looked at the
journey before her, she looked up and at her
stomach that is already coming up.
”Where will I start?” She asked herself and kept
on moving straight. No direction, no
destination. Ada now relies on what future and
Fate holds for her….

To be continued


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