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TWIST OF FATE 2 (Ada My Love) Episode 11-12

…Ada woke up feeling very weak and tired. All
her body ached her. She had fever outside and
cold inside. She managed to sweep the
compound that morning but her body no
longer carried her so she sat on the lower
pavement of the front view of their house still
holding the broom in her hand. Nwanneka
woke up and came out wash her face, on
washing her face she saw Ada sitting down on
the pavement and she called her
”Bia, Ada” She called and Ada looked at her
”Nne” She answered
”Why are you sitting down there doing nothing.
Have you fetched water this morning?’ She
asked Ada
”Nne, I’m not feeling too strong” Ada said
”Ehee.. I see. How and what are you feeling?’
Nwanneka asked Ada and she explained to her
‘My Stomach is also turning’ Ada said as a
conclusion to her sentence. On hearing the
things Ada said, Nwanneka was a bit shocked
”I think it’s malaria Nne” Ada said
”Oh, so you are now the doctor that will say if
it’s malaria” Nwanneka said and came down to
look at Ada vividly but Ada ran to the edge wall
of the house dropping the broom she held in
her hand and started vomitting
”Heee!!!!” Nwanneka exclaimed already
knowing that Ada is pregnant. After vomitting,
Ada came back to her
”Ada, come closer” Nwanneka said with a low
tone and Ada walked closer to her. She opened
her two eyes very well and looked into it.
”Ada” Nwanneka called and Ada answered
shifting back a little
”When last did you see your period?” She asked
and Adad began to think
”Oh, you don’t know what is period again okwa
ya?” Nwanneka asked
”Ada answer me!!” She barked at her
”Nne, I can’t remember” Ada replied and
Nwanneka jumped in shock
”Chineke m oooh, this girl has finally killed me”
She said
”Nna anyi Emetamma bia nu ooooh
(Emetamma my husband come oooh)”
Nwanneka shouted and Emetamma ran out still
tying a wrapper and w white singlet. Obinna
and his Sisters also came out
”What is it Nne Obinna?” Emetamma asked
removing the chewing stick in his mouth
”Nna anyi ask Ada ooh. She has finally driven
our name to the mud” Nwanneka said but Ada
still yet hasn’t gotten enough clue about what
she was saying
”How do you mean woman?’ Emetamma asked
”Ada is Pregnant Nna anyi!!’ Nwanneka said and
the chewing stick fell off from Emetamma’s
mouth and everybody was surprised
”What???!” Emetamma asked angrily. Ada
herself was shocked but her mind flashed back
to the action of Ken in his Chemist store. She
began to tremble
”Ada, is it true?” Emetamma asked walking
down the 3 cased stair.
”Nna anyi, It’s just malaria” Ada said shaking
and whinning her hands
”Malaria Okwa ya?” Emetamma asked and
landed a resounding slap on Ada which it’s wave
took Ada to the ground
”If you know what is good for you, I won’t like
to disgrace myself by beating you up on the
streets eeh. Just kindly stand up, dry your tears
and take me to the idiot that did this to you”
Emetamma said adjusting his wrapper. Ada
sluggishly stood up
”Papa, it’s Ken” Ada said and everybody was
”Ken!! Ken has killed me ooh” Nwanneka
exclaimed and began to beat Ada. Obinna felt
for Ada a bit but Olamma and Ugomma
laughed all way through mocking Ada.
”You mean Ken the doctor” Emetamma asked
”Yes Nna anyi, the day I was carried by two
people to his chemist shop to treat my wounds,
I lost consciousness and he took advantage of
me” Ada explained thinking that her
explanation will save her.
”We must meet that Ken today ooh Nna anyi”
Nwanneka said dragging Ada
”So you have finally suceeded in denting my
image just like your stupid father eeh Ada”
Emetamma said and pushed her
”Go and show that Ken” he said beating her up
adding to his wifewas beating. Obinna, Olamma
and Ugomma followed them. Villagers saw
them and stood to watch. Some even followed
them asking Olamma and Ugomma what was
happening. Other people gossipped what they
know nothing about. On getting close to Ken’s
shop, Ken heard the ooz of many people
coming towards his shop. He came out and saw
Ada being dragged by her Uncle and the wife…
”I can’t accept this pregnancy ooh” Ken thought
in his mind
”I am not yet ready to be a father”
”Afterall, I am not the only ony that does it in
this village” He concluded and went back into
his shop. They got to Ken’s shop and Ken stood
up to greet them
”Hold your greetings” Nwanneka said and Ken
”Your goods has arrived” Emetamma said
”Which goods?” Ken asked
”Is he not the one that impregnated you?”
Emetamma asked
”Yes Papa, he is” Ada said and Ken rejected her
statement by shifting back
”Ada, me?? Have I seen you since your father
died?” Ken asked and Emetamma was surprised
looking at Ada who already fell down in tears
”Maazi, tell her to show you who impregnated
her because it’s not me” Ken said boldly
”Ken, why are you lying? Say the truth” Ada said
in tears
”You are the one lying!!’ Ken said..

Even Emetamma and Nwanneka was confused..
”Ken, you took advantage of me when two
people brought me here for you to treat my
wounds” Ada said
”That must be in your dream Ada” Ken kept on
”If you say so, who treated her wounds?”
Nwanneka asked
”Maazi, I closed my shop and went home one
certain night. On coming back the next
morning, I saw Ada in my shop crying. I saw the
wounds on her and had pity on her. I treated
her the wounds without collecting any money
knowing that her Father was my good friend
when he was alive. So Nna anyi, tell me, how
did I put her in a family way” Ken sophisticated
his words to make them believe. As he lied,
Ada’s tears increased
”Ada, so you brought me here to insult me”
Emetamma said slapping Ada
”Please take it easy on her Nna anyi” Ken said
behaving like a good person
”You will follow us to the palace because the
Igwe must hear this” Emetamma said to Ken
”Alright” Ken agreed immediately to avoid
suspicion and he began to close his shop
”Ken, please say the truth..” Ada kept saying in
”Shut up!” Emetamma slapped her again and
Ada’s face swelled up a bit.
”Let’s go Nna anyi” Ken said and they dragged
Ada to the palace…
The elders were already at the Palace
discussing with the Igwe about what happened
in Ada’s house the previous day. Still on their
conversation, they heard noises from the gate,
so they all stood and walked outside. On taking
a closer look, it wad Emetamma, his family and
some villagers walking in and Ada in tears.. He
lifted up his hand as they came closer and they
all kept quiet, only Ada’s sober tears was heard.
” You can now go” Igwe said to the villagers and
they all left.
”Maazi, what is it?” Igwe asked
”Igwe, please let’s talk about this inside”
Emetamma requested and they all walked in.
As they walked in Lolo came into the council
room and joined them as she felt it to be an
interesting matter although she hasn’t known
Ada. Ada knelt before everybody and Ken stood
beside her with a pretending angry face while
others sat down.
”What’s that noise outside?’ Onochie asked
Charles who was busy with his phone
”I guess those villagers stuff” Charles replied
”No, I don’t think so. I feel something” Onochie
said and Charles looked at him.
”Alright, let’s go check it out” Charles said and
they began to go down to the council room
”Igwe, I greet you. May your reign never end”
Emetamma greeted
”Please ask this thing kneeling down here who
impregnated her” Emetamma said and the
room became noisy as everybody was
”What!!?? Pregnant?” Igwe asked thinking it was
Onochie his Son but Emetamma cleared his
”She claimed that this young man here
impregnated her, but he said he is not
responsible” Emetamma said pointing at Ken
and Igwe’s mind got relaxed
”Ada” Igwe called
”Who is responsible for the pregnancy?’ Igwe
asked. Immediately Igwe asked the question,
Onochie and Charles arrived and they
overheard it
”What???’ Onochie’s voice sounded from behind
”Impregnated who?” He asked and walked
towards Ada
”Ada, what happened?” Onochie asked but Ada
said nothing
”Onochie, repect the elders here and sit down”
Onowu said and Onochie obeyed unwillingly.
”Now speak Ada” Igwe said and Ada explained
everything in tears. As she concluded, Ken
attacked her words
”Igwe, it’s a big lie” Ken said and explained
exactly what he told Emetamma in his shop and
Igwe was confused
”Dad, you don’t have to believe this young man
here, he must have done exactly what Ada said
here” Onochie solicited for Ada
”Keep quiet Son” Igwe said taking it as an
opportunity to take Ada out of the sight of
”Can you swear an oath to this both of you”
Igwe asked
”Yes I will Igwe” Ken said immediately and
Igwe looked at Ada
”What about you Ada?” Igwe asked
”Igwe, I am a Christian and I don’t take oaths”
Ada said
”Then it is true that you are lying against this
young man here” Igwe said supported by the
”Ada, take the oath to show them that you are
saying the truth” Onochie said and Lolo
suspected his actions towards the case
”Since you won’t prove your innocence, I will
thereby give my judgement” Igwe said and
Onochie felt depressed and betrayed.
”I trusted you Ada!! You betrayed me!” Onochie
said and left immediately followed by Charles
”You have only 5 days to leave this village
peacefully till that bastard you have in your
womb is either eliminated or given birth to.
And also, you are not allowed to mingle with
anybody in these five days” Igwe said
”That is my judgement!” Igwe concluded
”Igwe!!!” They all bowed down and began to
depart one after the other. Emetamma and his
family went home leaving Ada behind.
Ada looked at Ken with tears in her eyes but
Ken never felt pity on her. He greeted the Igwe
and left. Ada in tears stood up and starred at
the Igwe for some time and she left.

To be continued..

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