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THE MAGNIFICENT BROTHERS 2 (Life in university) Episode 23-24

As soon Vivian heard Kelvin was admitted to a hospital, she quickly come as fast as possible after being accompanied by Daniel. She was shocked as she saw the condition Kelvin’s is.
” there is no doubt lucky must have really dealt with him.” she said to herself .
” So how are you feeling dear” she asked Kelvin as she came to sit besides him using her hand to crease his palm.
” I am fine dear”, Kelvin replied with a weak smile.
Meanwhile Daniel on the other hand has already gave them some privacy.
” I shouldn’t have come here, I was so worried about you that I came to look for your brother, but I met his friend who directed me here ” she calmly explained .
” you don’t have anything to fear now, lucky will no longer bother us any more. ” Kelvin reply with confidence while she shrugged.
” what do you mean he won’t bother us, because the lucky I know can go any length just to have his way with me ” she replied while Kelvin just smile surprising her with his outburst.
” Don’t worry the magnificent 7 will protect us from him and his gang ” Kelvin confidently said.
” why would they do that” she asked .
” that guy that brought you here is Daniel, he is one of the 7, and the face of the magnificent 7 to be precise , because of his good looks, he his the one that brought me here. And me on the other hand I am a member and the mission planner but I rather call it event planner . So don’t worry about lucky, he will be dealt with. ” Kelvin boastfully replied while she draw back in disbelief.
” i thought you hate cultists, why did you become a member ” Vivian said almost in tears.
” I hated cultism, but how can i be leaving a life of fear. I would not be able to go to school without being afraid that they might come for me. And look at what lucky did to tosin, to Fatima, to you, and to me he is the one that put me to the conditions I am now and he must pay dearly for it. ” Kelvin vehemently replied .
” it all started from me, I have ruin your life, cus if we didn’t became friends, you would not have come to my rescue. I am the cause you are now a cultists” she tearfully said too Kelvin.
” No there you are not the cause I am glad I met you cus I am deeply in love with you ” Kelvin said while she star at him, but she could see the sincerity well written on his face.
” I love you too” she calmly muttered .
UCHE was still lying on the bed, he is all alone, awake and dip in thought.
How can I escape from here, I should have listened to mothers dream, I should have. He was blaming himself before the door went opened an a police man walk in.
Uche quickly recognized him at once, it was no other person than Sergeant Monday. He immediately have a sigh of relief for seeing a familiar face.
” so how are you feeling ” he asked .
” fyn ” he calmly replied waiting for him to go straight to the point .
” the police will come for you, but I want you to promised me and the members that you would not implicate us. ” he said while Uche nodded in other for him to continue.
” I am going to released you but not here cus it won’t be possible, but before that time pleased I want you to endure because they would go through any length just to get the information from you I mean any length ” he said to Uche.
” as long as it means getting out of here, I would endure ” Uche calmly replied .

Kelvin has been discharged from the hospital, after being examine by the doctor.
The magnificent 7 took him to their hostel.
In the evening around 8:00pm the capon called for a meeting which they all assembled.
” This meeting is being called because of what happened to Kelvin, And we all know that it has been long since the magnificent 7 had been involved with school activities. But the black axe has don enough to gain our attention, they are known for intimidating students and that has to stop.
Tomorrow Samba you and Victor would go too Lucky’s hostel and bring him here. I hope you guys still remember the eleventh commandments “Forgiveness is a sin” the capon said while they all nodded.
” capon no worry we go run am” Samba replied.
The rest of the day was uneventful, here come the D day which is on Saturday and environmental, so many students would be doing washing and cleaning.
Early in the morning around 6:00am Samba and Victor were already prepared, they put on their uniform which is red and red, and put 2 pistol in the bag. Samba wore the bag while they walk outside to enter the bike they packed outside.
Victor is the one driving while Samba sat on the back sit with his bag on his back.
They got to Lucky’s hostel and nock on the door.
” who is there ” he asked from inside but no reply. He quickly stood up and went to the door, immediately he opened the door Samba pointed the pistol on his head while Victor walk to his room if he could see any of his member, but there was none.
They took lucky to were they packed the bike and drove to the magnificent 7 territory.
The magnificent 7 are already outside waiting for them to arrived.
Immediately they saw them coming Solomon and Emmanuel went to everyone hostel to called them out. The whole students staying in hall 4 hostel quickly came out to watch the live match.
That’s how the magnificent 7 always do to their victims, they would called many students out to watch how they dealt with their victims. That why they are the most feared and like.
Samba and Victor quickly drop lucky on the floor to sit. By now about 80 students could be found watching.
Kelvin quickly came out in other for lucky to see him, immediately lucky saw him, he was surprised.
” Capon leave this guy make I run am first ” Kelvin said to the capon. Meanwhile Kelvin has already called Vivian to come and witness the event.
” are you sure about that ” the capon asked while Kelvin nodded.
The capon quickly came to stand on the podium to give the opening speech.
” You guys are gathered hear to witness what I called pay back time. You guys know it’s been long we have done something like this, but what you guys are about to witness is what I called the main event. Kelvin the guy I called the mission planner, the undefeated and the idiot over here who called himself the leader of the black axe are going to fight, if Kelvin win this idiot would be strap naked and be beating like a mad man but if he wins he will be free to go. But you guys know that’s impossible cus nobody has ever beating any members of the magnificent 7 before. So let’s it begin” the capon said, While the audience scream.
As Kelvin came forward he saw Vivian coming, she came to were the magnificent 7 are. As he was busy starring at her lucky charge like a mad goat running to hit him but Kelvin was lucky enough to avoid the punch and hit lucky with his first, He staggered back. The crowd scream in favor of Kelvin . Kelvin used the opportunity to rush him, pushing him like a punching bag. Lucky just rotate like a robot before dropping on the fall. Seeing the act the crowd scream while the capon quickly came out to end the fight.
” like I said the magnificent 7 do not disappoint, like I promised he would be strap naked in front of everyone body. ” hearing this they all scream out of excitement. The capon quickly called Emmanuel Samba and Victor who quickly came to remove his clothes . As they lift him up, he was already bleeding in his nose and mouth. They removed his clothes and his boxers, he was totally naked. The capon quickly call on Vivian for him to see her. Immediately he saw her he quickly used his hands to cover his d--k. While Samba went to bring the water he used to wash his clothes and pour it on Lucky’s body. The magnificent 7 quickly removed their belt to flog him, they flog him as if he was a criminal which he truly is. He was pleading but no one came to his rescue, they beat him, he was now rolling on the floor, the whole students were busy laughing, some are feeling sorry for him but most of them do not pity him.
After they were through flogging him, they told him to frog jump.
As he was frog jumping his d--k was bouncing like a tennis ball which makes most of the girls to laugh. He was sweating as if he ran a marathon but truth be told his punishment is worst than running marathon that is up to 20 thousands meter (abi guys I lie)
Kelvin was now feeling sorry him so he went to the capon to plead on his behalf.
“capon abeg make we free am make e no go die” Kelvin pleaded
” guy make we allow am suffer ” the capon replied.
” abeg e don do, see d way e dey breath, this guy fit die here oo” Kelvin said while the capon went to were lucky is and told him to go. Samba and Victor just allow him to go.
He was going with nothing on, students were busy laughing at the size of his d--k.
To be continued
Meanwhile the battle line has just been drawn.


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