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THE MAGNIFICENT BROTHERS 2 (Life in university) Episode 31


Hearing their mother was dead, the two brothers were devastated, especially for Kelvin. The magnificent 7 took them to their hostel, cus they were too weak or rather they were despondent to go my themselves . They took them to their hostel and call their girlfriends to come take care of them.
3 days later the date of the burial was fixed, the magnificent 7 and the girlfriends of the two brothers went with them.
It was one of the painful moment of the magnificent brothers, their mother which was once the only hope of their survival is dead. They were both emotionally ramshackle. As the priest told everyone to come said their last word to the magnificent brothers mother.
Their uncle quickly came and paid his last respect to his sister. , every members of their family and non family, all paid their last respect to miss Azuka, except for Kelvin and UCHE. . UCHE quickly came forward, to were his mother was put in a coffin, he knew he should not dear hold her so he stay a bit far from her and says the last word he had to say.
Afte UCHE was done talking to his mother, Kelvin came forward for his turn. The magnificent 7 knows Kelvin was too emotional, so they stay close to him.
Immediately Kelvin saw his mother in a casket it resurrected the good memories he had with her, tears freely flow from his eyes to his cheek Vivian was right beside him
” you don’t. Deserve to die like this ” Kelvin said and wanted to hold her hands but the magnificent 7 held him.
One week had gone since the burial of their mother, they were now back in school.
Meanwhile the school authority has discovered a group of students that was massacre in the Deserted place. There is no doubts it was the black axe. .
Students knows the magnificent 7 were responsible but no one could say anything. After all nobody likes the black axe, some were even happy they were no more.
The magnificent 7 are now known as the deadliest cultists in the whole of Benin.
Just 7 guys were holding the title, strange as you may think but the magnificent 7 deserve the title.
Meanwhile inspector Mike has started his investigation on finding the criminal which they once capture ., They had re capture about 7 criminals except for UCHE who is the main target.
Sergeant Monday did everything possible in other for UCHE not to be re_capture, . Because he knows that would definitely means his downfall and he also know if that happened the amount of years he will be serving is nothing less than 50 years imprisonment.
“Sergeant Monday any news about the UCHE guy. ” inspector Mike asked the Sergeant who was dip in thought..
” not really sir, ” Sergeant Monday breathed while the inspector stair at him suspiciously. Truth be told inspector Mike suspect Sergeant Monday cus he is the only police that survive the massacre, even though he is not on duty when the magnificent brothers came he still suspects him.
” I heard about 22 students were killed last week and I will be investigating the matter” inspector Mike replied nonchalantly and left the room. Meanwhile the Sergeant quickly brought out his phone and dial the capon number warning him the police were coming to their school to investigate what they did to the black axe, unknowingly to him that the inspector was behind the door listening to every words Sergeant Monday muttered to the capon.
Immediately the call ended inspector smile of the new development.
He came back with two police men with him and arrested Sergeant Monday who was perplexed.
” What is the meaning of this inspector ” the Sergeant bark
” You think of me a fool, your cup has filled. You are under arrest for being a secret agent to the criminals. I know there is an insider, and you are my prime suspect ” the inspector fired back at him while the two corporal moved the Sergeant in a cell.
Inspector Mike and his boys quickly went to the University in other to apprehend the hoodlum. He met some students and asked them about the massacre that happened. Most finger pointed at the magnificent 7.
Tessy on the other hand heard the police were looking for the magnificent 7, she quickly ran to meet them in their hostel.
She saw them, they were all sited in their normal joint discussing.
” the police are after you guys ” she said breathing like some one that just ran a marathon.
” How, why? The magnificent 7 asked in unison.
“I heard it was about the death of the black axe. And most students pointed at you guys that’s why they were looking for you. She replied breathlessly.
” it. Can’t I just called Sergeant Monday just now and he didn’t say anything about the police after us. The capon said sounding confused.
” I think we don’t have time to debate, if the police is after us we have no other option than to run from here. We can’t be in school and expect them not to catch us. ” Solomon advice.
” I am coming with you ” Tessy said surprising UCHE with her words.
.” you don’t have to, you have a life to lived, don’t ruined your life by coming with us. ” UCHE calmly replied holding her on her shoulder.
” I am an orphan, you are the only person I have ever loved and I can’t stay in this school without you” she calmly replied with tears in her eyes.
Vivian on the other hand was running to the magnificent 7 to inform them about the news.
” the police are after you guys I saw them coming to your location ” she said breathlessly.
” no time we have to moved, Tessy if you are sure you are coming with us gather everything you need cus we are leaving now ” the capon said and headed to his room. The rest of the member went to their room packing their clothes and bags.
” I am also coming with you ” Vivian said to Kelvin who looks confused and surprised .
” you don’t have to dear, you have to finished your school and graduate like every other responsible student. Kelvin calmly breathed.
” No please don’t Say that, you are the reason I am here, why I am even alive, I would have committed suicide if you haven’t save me from the hands of lucky, I can’t lived without you I would die if I lived without you” she poured out to him while Kelvin shrugged in resignation.
” Go packed your stuff and and meet us in the pack ” he said to Vivian while she ran to her hostel.
” let’s go bro, it time we forget about this University ” UCHE breathed to his brother. While Kelvin calmly nodded.


The police came to the hostel of the magnificent 7 and met their absence, they search everywhere for them, but they were nowhere to be found………
The police never saw the magnificent 7.
Meanwhile Sergeant Monday was sentenced to life imprisonment, for assisting the criminals in escaping one of their members, and for also the killing the group of police men in the act .
The magnificent 7 left with the magnificent girls which are Vivian and Tessy.
Mr Zain was also apprehended by the police. (hope you remembered him)




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