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THE MAGNIFICENT BROTHERS 2 (Life in university) Episode 17-18

Kelvin left uche’s hostel, so many thoughts start to flood through his brain.
“what will I tell mother, I know if I should tell her the truth she would be devastated but I hate lying too her.
Kelvin was dip in thought before someone tap him on his shoulder.
” hey” she says too him.
Immediately he turned he was surprised to see who tapped him. It was Vivian.
“hi” he muttered calmly.
“I have been calling you but you were not replying so I decided to confront you but seeing your face, you look so stressed up I hope all is well. She asked surprising Kelvin with her caring attitude.
“it’s about my brother ” he replied sadly.
” can we go too my place to talk” she asked Kelvin who nodded affirmatively.
They went to Vivian hostel, she went inside her room and brought out 2 plastic chair which the both of them sat down with.
“so tell me what happened to your brother ” she asked immediately they sat down.
” he is among the magnificent 7″ Kelvin gruffly replied.
“how do you find out” she asked trying to calm him down.
“I saw him with the magnificent 7 so I went to his hostel to confront him which he boastful agreed. Kelvin said trying not to remember event .
” I know how you feel, is not easy seeing your brother walking in the wrong part but let’s just thank God that the group he join are even preferable than the rest of the cult in this University. I know he had his reasons. And please don’t get me wrong, I am not saying he did the right thing but things happen for a purpose. Assuming I saw a cult group i would belong to, that will protect me from lucky I would have join ” she explained too Kelvin who was stun to reply.
“I will protect you from lucky this I promise you.” he calmly said too her while she stare at him.
They stare at each other without saying anything. Their head started to come close immediately their lips met. They started kissing as if their life depends on it until they heard a footsteps before Vivian broke the kiss. It was Fatima.
“good afternoon ” Fatima greeted.
” welcome ” they both replied sheepishly.
” I think is time for you to go” she says too Kelvin who was shocked of her sudden change of attitude.
He quickly stood up and left her without saying anything.
Immediately Kelvin left, Fatima came out.
“I hope you know what you are doing” she says too Vivian who was dip in thought.
“I don’t really know Fatima ” she camly replied.
” do you have feelings for him..? She asked starring directly to Vivian’s as if the answers were there.
“I don’t really know if it is real feeling or infatuation but I know I felt something for him. She calmly explained .
Kelvin left Vivian hostel dip in thought .
What a kiss, or are my falling for her .? But why her sudden change of behavior. Or is she a chameleon.? He started asking rhetorical questions which he can’t provide Answers to.
Minutes later he was already in his hostel. He opened the door and walk to his room. He was surprised to see the whole place looking disheveled, he saw blood on the floor.
Immediately his eyes caught the sight of tosin.
“My God…!!!!! ” he exclaim

Kelvin was shock seeing tosin lying on the floor covered with his own blood.
“what happened ” he asked immediately he lifted him up.
” they came for you, lucky and his gang but as they couldn’t see You., they decided to used me to send a message by cutting my finger” tosin explained, showing Kelvin the part which They cut.
“my God ” he exclaim in shock.
” I have to take you to a chemist ” he told Tosin. He quickly gave tosin his handkerchief to cover his hand.
Immediately he was done, they went out side to look for a chemist. But luckily for them, they met tessy who directed them. The all went together to the chemist’s shop.
Daniel and uche were busy discussing, until Daniel’s Phone started ringing breaking them away from their discussion.
He looked at the screen, it was an unknown number.
“hello ” he said Immediately he picked the call.
” how are you doing ” the caller replied with her sweet Angelica voice.
” am fine and please who am I talking to ” Daniel asked.
” so you’ve forgotten about me so soon. It Doris speaking ” she replied.
” oh!!!!! Sorry dear, so how have you been ” he asked.
” Am fine, so are you free today cus I would like to see you ” she asked Daniel .
” yes am free” he calmly replied.
“okay I want you to come to happy day hotel, I am there right now, and please don’t keep me waiting.” she said and ended the call.
“I got a date bro” Daniel Says to uche immediately the call was ended.
He quickly rush to the bathroom to freshen up.
Minutes later he was done, he came out and put on his T shirt and a black pencil trousers, with a black toms to go with it.
“how do I look ” he asked uche immediately he was done.
” nice and always remember that first impression matters alot” uche advice while Daniel nodded his head as a sign of acknowledgement.
” later bro” he said to uche and dash out.
30 minutes Later he got to the hotel. He met the receptionist and told her he was looking for miss Doris, She made phone call telling her that someone called Daniel Was looking for her.
“send him in” she reply on the phone.
“she is in room 36 ” the receptionist said too Daniel. He nodded and went as directed by the receptionist.
He got to the room, he saw the number boldly written” room 36, he nock and waited for a response.
“come in ” she says.
Daniel opened the door he saw her, she wearing a night gown that review her cleavage. He quickly sat down opposite her. He brought out a glass cup and pour wine on it and Pass it to him.
He drank and drop the cup On the table.
” so how have you being” she asked immediately he was done. Drinking.
“am fine ” he replied with a smile.
She quickly Came to were he is and start to unbuttoned his clothes. While Daniel was busy folding her b----t. Immediately. She was done unbuttoning Daniel’s cloth, she remove her nightie and lay on the bed totally. Naked. Daniel quickly climb on her, he put his finger on her shave p---y. She was already. Wet, he start to finger f--k her.
She was moaning.
Please. F--k me!!!!!!!
F--k me!!!!!! He quickly removed his finger. He quickly brought out cd from his Jean pocket and he was to insert it on his d--k.
” I want it raw” she replied. Daniel immediately removed the cd from his Dickson and dive into her Valley of pleasure.
He was slow f-----g her, she was moaning giving him words of encouragement.
He quickly increase his pace, her moan became so load.
F--k me!!!!!!!!!! She moan so load before they both c----x at the same time.
She quickly went to the bathroom to freshen up. Minutes later she came out. she was busy dressing up while Daniel was still lying on the bed. Immediately she was done she brought out her check book and wrote the sum of 300.000 and handed it to him.
“Wow thanks ” he said too her and gave her a passionate kiss.
” what an easy money” he said too himself.
As the chemist man was busy treating tosin.
Kelvin and tessy were just standing watching the man.
“so how did it happen ” tessy asked Kelvin who was busy steering at the chemist man.
He quickly summarize the whole story for her including the part he save Vivian from lucky and were lucky told him he had prize market.
” My God I know the lucky of a guy, he is the leader of the black axe please just apologize too him” tessy advice immediately Kelvin was done with his story.
“if it is what will stop him from hurting my friends I will apologize too him but I know he can’t just forgive me just like that ” Kelvin replied.
” Only time will tell ” tessy said too him.


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