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THE MAGNIFICENT BROTHERS 2 (Life in university) Episode 19-20

Daniel left the hotel and went to his hostel.
He got to his hostel, he was jubilating because of the the huge sum of money in his pocket.
” am rich bro!!!!! ” he scream immediately he opened the door.
” what happened out there” uche curiously asked.
” guy after having s-x with her she gave me the sum of 300.000″ Daniel happily explained to uche who smile in admiration.
Immediately Daniel phone started ringing, he saw the name of the phone boldly written on the screen it was sly calling. He picked without hesitation.
“capon I hail ooo ” he said immediately he picked the call.
” You guys should come to our territory we are having a meeting now” he said and ended the call.
“what did the capon said ” uche asked immediately the call was ended.
” the asked us to come for a meeting. ” Daniel replied.
They quickly went to the magnificent 7 territory were the meeting is being held .
“we hail una ooo” they both greeted them.
” have your sits” the capon replied pointing at 2 plastic chair opposite him.
Solomon begin “there is a mission at hand now that we need to execute tomorrow so that’s why this meeting is being conducted . According to Mr Zain, we will be retrieving the sum of 20 million naira from a bus . The
Bus is sent to deliver the money to the governor, so we are going to ambush them and retrieve the money, But there are problems. “ he pause and waited for the members to respond.
“what problems ” they all reply in unison.
” the bus would accompany by groups police men that we don’t Know their numbers. But let just hope they are not much” he explained.
” let’s hope so, and get prepared cus the mission would be executed as early as 5am in the morning. The capon added and rounded up the meeting.
Kelvin decided to search for lucky in other for him to apologize. But all his efforts went to no avail. So he decided to go to Vivian’s hostel, she alone we know were to find him .
Immediately he got there, he nock at the door waiting for a response. She quickly opened the door, she was surprised to see Kelvin looking worried.
“what can do for you ” she asked coldly.
” Do you know where I can find lucky. ” he calmly replied.
” why are you looking for him ” she asked with concerns well written on her face.
Kelvin quickly summarize the event for her without missing any word.
” My God!!!! ” she exclaim.
” that’s why I am looking him in other for me to apologize to him, I guess that will stop him from hurting me or my friends ” he gruffly explained.
” let’s go look for him together ” Vivian replied surprising Kelvin with her gesture.
They both went to Lucky’s hostel. The Time almost 7:30pm so not many students could be seen around. They saw lucky and his gang. They were busy smoking.
” who do we have hear” he says immediately he saw Kelvin and Vivian coming.
“lucky please we came too apologize ” Vivian pleaded while lucky and his gang burst out laughing.
” See lucky I am sorry for punching you please forgive me ” Kelvin pleaded while lucky and his gang were still busy laughing.
” okay I will forgive you on two ✌ conditions. ” lucky calmly replied.
” first you would be bringing 2 carton of bear every week and lastly if I venture see you and Vivian I would castrate you, and for you Vivian just go to my room and wait for me cus I am going to f--k the hell out of you today.” He said with a grin ?
His statement really made Kelvin angry that he ran too meet him punching him on his face.
“No!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ” Vivian scream.
Immediately the meeting was over, uche and Daniel went to their hostel.
As uche was about too sleep, his phone started ringing. He looked at the screen and saw that it was his mother. He hesitate before picking the call.
“are you okay” his mother asked immediately he picked the call.
“am fyn mum any problem” he asked.
“No, just that I had a terrible dream about you, the dream seems real” she replied.
“what happened. he curiously asked.
” I saw group of boys chasing you with cutlass, you were running screaming for help but no one came to your rescue. Immediately you fell down and they all came after too. That’s when I woke up.
I hope you are not doing anything illegal” his mother asked uche who was dip in thought.
“no mum” he replied and ended the call.
He started thinking if this mission isn’t a suicidal. ” there is no way I could die” he said to himself and drafted to sleep.

4:10am the next day.
Kelvin woke up with pain all over his body. He was sited on a chair, tied with ropes unable to move. He quickly recall what happened last night.
It all happened when he punch lucky.
Lucky and his members descended on him furiously, Beating him as if he was a criminal, while Vivian was crying and pleading on Kelvin behalf. Her plead annoyed lucky that he hit her with his first, she fainted and she was taking to Lucky’s room. They came back for Kelvin, hitting him with all kinds of weapons before he blackout.
And hear he is with so much pain on his body, just because of a single punch. He started thinking about Vivian, only God knows what she must have gone through in the hands of lucky. “He must surely pay for it” he said to himself.
Immediately the door opened and lucky and his gang walk in, all holding kain. They came to were Kelvin is and whip him without remorse.
“please!!!! ” Kelvin pleaded while they all pause.
” I thought you are stubborn, you have the guts to hit me In front of my boys. ” lucky angrily said.
” capon I say make we run this guy, no dey pity for am, make we just kill am for hear. ” one of his member replied.
” Not so fast blade, let’s let him leave, but he is going to suffer that he would wish for death. Lucky said with a grim.
They started whipping him with their wood while Kelvin was screaming for help but no one came to his rescue.
4:30am uche and Daniel were already prepared, the wore their uniform which is red and red.
They quickly went to the magnificent 7 territory, in fill minutes they were already their. The whole member were already prepared. They load their guns on a bag and put it on the booth. They all entered the bus and drove to the location to set an ambush.
“So guys let’s just do it as planned, we will attack the bus, retrieve the money and escape ” Solomon said.
” That sounded simple” samba replied with a chuckle.
Fill minutes later, they were already there. They waited for the bus before Solomon sighted the bus, but he saw about 2 cars driving behind the bus, they are all painted in the same color.
“they are not alone ” he whispered to his fellow members.
” Now!!!!!! ” she capon scream and they came out from their hiding place and attack the bus, they started shooting, starting from the cars . People in the car quickly came out, they were all putting black and black.
” Is the police ” Solomon said to them.
They were shooting each other now, Samba came forward shooting and killing 3 police officer shooting them on their skull. The magnificent 7 has already outnumbered the police. Seeing that they are only five police men remaining, they started to call for backup. They quickly attack the remaining 5 police men with full force, killing them without hesitation. They went to were the bus is , they shot the driver as they were about to opened the car, they started hearing the siren of the police. They quickly went inside removing the money by then the police has already catch up with them. They came out seeing the police has already position themselves waiting for the escape goat.
“what are we going to do now ” Daniel asked.
” the only option is for us to attack them in full force but that would be risky but is the only option we had left”. The capon replied.
They all came out together firing the police men. The police were also shooting, immediately bullet hit Solomon on his arm.
The magnificent 7 started running to were they kept their bus, The police started chasing them, immediately they shot uche on his leg, he fell down, he quickly stood up shooting the officer that shot him. The started running with one leg, by then the rest of his members were far behind him. They shot him again, this time they shot him on his back, He fell down.
” No!!!!!!!! “ Daniel scream and ran after him but samba and Solomon held him. They quickly entered their car and drove in speed. Daniel look at the window and saw that the police had already surrounded uche.
To be continued.
Find out what happened to uche in the next episode. will he survive or not.


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