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THE MAGNIFICENT BROTHERS 2 (Life in university) Episode 21-22

They drove as fast as possible in other for the police not to catch up on them.
Fill minutes to their journey, they were already In UNIBEN. they quickly drove to their hostel, When they came out they were looking depress, especially Daniel who look like someone that lost a brother. Truth be told, uche is more than a friend too Daniel they were like brothers they share no secret with each other, they do things together, they were more than brothers, they were like twins.
” I can’t believe uche is dead” Daniel said breaking the silence.
“we will surely miss him” the capon replied.
Meanwhile samba and Emmanuel quickly took Solomon to the hospital for treatment.
Kelvin was still kept hostage in the hands of lucky. While Vivian on the other hand had being turn to a s-x salve, but lucky has already released her.
All this time, the school had being in a 2 weeks break but not many students went home because of the transport fare and some other reason best known to them.
Kelvin was busy steering at the ceiling, he had not eaten for days now, he started thinking if this is how he is going to die. He was busy with his thoughts before the door went open, they all walk in, lucky and his gang. They start to untie him, he was surprised., Are they going to free me or they want to take me to a quiet place were they can quickly kill me without anybody noticing.
Those were the thoughts running through his mind.
“you are free to go but let me not see you with Vivian except you have chosen to die. ” lucky warn him immediately they were done untiring him.
He stood up, as he walk 3 pace, he fell down, he had be drain of his strength. Lucky and his gang just left him to face his fate. He was walking slow, as if he hadn’t eaten in weeks but truth be told he hadn’t eaten, even if it’s not up weeks but combined with the beating he had received it’s more than weeks. He is even strong to have survived not many guys would have survived this. By now he is now walking to his hostel. But luckily for him, he saw Daniel, who quickly helped him taking him to the magnificent territory were he can easily find help.
” What happened ” he asked Kelvin who look like someone that survive a plane crash, Kelvin was too tired to reply, so Daniel took him to their hostel after being accompany by 3 of his members, which are sly, samba and Emmanuel. They took him to the hospital.
” So who is he ” the capon asked Daniel.
” That’s uche junior brother ” Daniel calmly replied.
” I hope you’ve not tell him about his brother ” the capon curiously asked.
” No” Daniel replied
By then Kelvin is already receiving treatment, Fill hour later he had already woken up much better than before. The doctor quickly called Daniel who was with the capon by now. They quickly went to the hospital both Daniel and the capon.
They saw Kelvin he was lying on the bed.
“how are you feeling now ” daniel asked.
” better ” Kelvin replied with a weak smile.
” So what happened too you ” the capon asked.
Kelvin quickly narrated the event for them starting from were he save Vivian from lucky, Also including the part were lucky told him” he had prize market and he will surely pay” and the part they beat him like a criminal and also the part he turned Vivian to his s-x slave. In fact he told them everything without missing any word.
” Don’t worry you would be avenge. The capon replied.
“so were is uche ” Kelvin curiously asked.
” He went somewhere ” Daniel lied.
” I guess you guys are the magnificent 7″ Kelvin asked while they nodded affirmatively.
” We are the good once, if you stay close too us we would protect you from people such as lucky, and we can also protect Vivian. It depends on your choice. ” the capon said.
As Kelvin was about to reply the capon phone started ringing breaking them from their discussion.
He quickly went outside to picked the call.
” hello ” he says immediately he picked the call.
” Sly I got some news about uche” Sergeant Monday replied
“fill me in ” the capon urge.
” Uche survive, he is currently in the hospital. The police are currently with him waiting for him to be discharge so that they could start questioning him. But I have a plane, I will convince him not to say a word in other to buy time and for him not to implicate us, and I will try to rescue him but let’s just hope he would be able to bear pain and torture cus the police are going to go any length just to get information from him. ” Sergeant Monday replied.

Uche woke up with severe headache and pain on his back, he opened his eyes but his vision was blur. ” his awake” the police were whispering to themselves. They quickly went to call the doctor who came as fast as possible to examine him.
” he lost so many blood, so that has drain him of his strength, but he will survive, He just need to rest and please do give him time” the doctor advice.
“no problem doc ” inspector Mike replied.
They immediately left him to rest.
The magnificent 7 are in their territory, they were gather for a meeting.
” you guys are called today because I have some news I want to share with you. The capon said.
” what boss ” Solomon replied.
” UCHE Survive, he is currently receiving treatment in the hospital but the police have kept him captive, in other for them to start questioning him, And you guys know what that means but Sergeant Monday has promised to rescue him. Let’s just hope his plan work.” the capon said
“let’s hope so”. Daniel replied with relief.
“there is also something we are lacking, ever since David died, we haven’t been able to plan any mission, and it is the reason why Uche is in the hospital. We need an attack planer. Guy if any of you know any well intelligent student just mentioned him. ” the capon said looking at the face of his member to find answers.
There was silence for a about 3 minutes.
” there is but one student I have been hearing of, he his a mass Com, people called him Einstein, but I call him The moving encyclopedia and he his beneath us, very close to us” Solomon replied with sincerity well written on his face.
” Who is he ” they all asked in unison.
” he his Kelvin Uche’s brother ” Solomon said.
” Uche’s brother? ” the capon replied sounding confused.
” Baba Solomon is right, I went to the same secondary school with him and I know him very well. And David once say something about him before he died. He says ” Kelvin is a mission planner, I don’t know what he sees in him that makes him made that statement, but I know Kelvin very to know that he is super intelligent and this is the kind of person we being looking for. And now that is under our care, I guess this is the best way to convince him. ” Daniel explained while the capon smile in admiration.
” very well then, let’s go make him a member ” he capon muttered.
Kelvin was still lying on the bed, he was awake but he was thinking about the capon proposal.
Truth be told, there is no doubt he is very much in love with Vivian, and he know she feel the same way. But there is no way he could came close to her except he is willing to died. The magnificent 7 proposal is really tempting, but will he not be the devil just like lucky and his gang. The Capon said they are the good once, maybe he is right cus most people like them a lot even Vivian .
Kelvin was busy with his thoughts before the door went opened and all the 6 member walk in.
” so how you feeling now” the Capon asked immediately they walk in.
” I am fine ” Kelvin replied nonchalantly.
” so what do you think of my proposal ” the Capon asked straight to the point.
” I don’t really know ” Kelvin replied.
” In this University for you to survive is to belong. Except you are willing to live in fear, or ready to be bringing carton of bear to the black axe. The magnificent 7 are not like that, like I said we are the good once and I would advice you to join and I promised you that you would be avenge ” the Capon explained.
” if it is what will make me to be free from intimidation . I would join the magnificent 7 ” Kelvin replied while the whole member smile.
” you would be our mission planer ” Solomon added.
To be continued


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