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THE MAGNIFICENT BROTHERS 2 (Life in university) Episode 11-12

“Wow what a massive club!!!!” Uche exclaimed immediately they got down from their car.
” Let’s go bro’ Is time to have a girlfriend” Daniel said too uche who smile in response.
They quickly walk to the club, they saw different that people dancing and drinking. The club is one of the biggest in Benin.
They walk too an empty chair and sat down, before the waitress came.
” What will you like too take sir” the waitress politely asked.
“Two bottle of Harp will do ” Daniel replied.
She quickly went to the bar, brought the Harp as requested by the customers.
As Daniel and Uche were busy drinking and discussing , a lady in front of him was busy steering at Daniel.
***** She will be in her late thirties, a little bit plum , but beautiful.********
She will look at him and smile, while Daniel will do the same..
” Can you help me call that handsome guy over there , the Lady says to the waiter. pointing at Daniel. she quickly drop A thousand naira note in the Waiter’s tray , while he smile in appreciation.
He went as directed by the lady. He got to were Daniel and uche were sitting. “Some one is calling you “. he said too Daniel pointing at the lady. ” Got to bro” Daniel said . while uche smile in acknowledgement.
He walk to were the lady is , he was walking like one of Nigeria model, while the lady smile in admiration.
” Hi ” the lady says while Daniel sit opposite her. ” Hello” he responded after sitting.
He quickly look at her table, her table was just surrounded with wines . Two red label and spirit.
” What will you like to take” she asked Daniel who was smiling in admiration because of what he saw in the table.
” Anything ” he replied. While the Lady quickly gave a signal to the waiter who came immediately.
” bring me Vodka ” she said to the waiter ”
” so what’s your name she later asked Daniel who was lost in thought.
” Daniel, and you are ?” he asked the Lady . “Doris” she replied with a smile. The waiter quickly arrived with the wine on his hand, he was just steering at the bottle. this woman would be definitely loaded he said toi himself.
” Hear is your wine ” she said breaking him away from his thought. ‘ Thanks ” he smile and collected bottle from the Waiter’s hand .
” You are really handsome ” she said with a flirty smile while Daniel winked at her .
” So tell me do you have a girlfriend” she curiously asked him.
” No, I am actually new hear I just arrived too Benin 1 week ago, I have not even made friends, talk less of having having a girlfriend.” Daniel explained with a smile .
” So are a student or your working” she asked , ” student Daniel replied.
” I am actually interested in you, I would like you to be my sugar boy, “. ” She said too Daniel who smile in response.
” Okay I will think about it” he replied. ” Common, are you a girl that you think about it, don’t worry I will support you financially” she said .
” Okay let’s see how it goes” Daniel replied.
They were busy talking as if they had known there self for long before Daniel finally asked her this question.
” What do you do for a leaving” Daniel asked why she look at him in surprised. ” Why asking” relied asking a question to answer a question.
Daniel quickly swallowed hard.
” seeing you , your smile , the wine you drink , your dress, jeweleries, everything about you speak nothing but wealth. “. Daniel replied . ” while she smile .
” I actually own a boutique in Lagos and Abuja, but that not really the source , I am a senators wife.” She says while Daniel look in Surprised .
As he wanted to say something he phone started ringing breaking them away from their discussion.
He wanted to ignored it but seeing the name on the screen, he picked without hesitation.
” Were are you guys” the caller asked ” immediately Daniel picked the call.
Daniel quickly describe the hotel too him.
” You guys should come now we are having a meeting tonight” Solomon said and ended the call.
“I got to go” Daniel side while she felt disappointed.
” Call I have your digit” she replied handling and iPhone too him.
Daniel quickly put down his digit on her phone and went too meet uche who was already sleeping due to boredom.
Guy wake up he said too uche and hit him, uche woke up immediately . Daniel signal the waiter and made his payment.
They quickly walk to were there car was and drove to the magnificent 7 territory.

The magnificent 7
All the member quickly assemble in a gathering.
” You guys are gather hear because we have just being given a contract what 20 million”
Yaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!! The whole member scream hearing the hug some of money.
The capon continued.
” It is a hug some of money and a hug task ahead. We have been given a mission to assassinate the running mate to Mr ogbemudia which is Mr peter. We all known, Mr peter have all it takes to be the new governor of this state . that why we have to assassinate him before the election which is about 3 weeks from now. According to Mr zain the mission should be done on Tuesday which is two days from now. So David and Solomon I hope you guys have enough time to plan the attack.
The capon asked. while they nodded their head .
Before I forget Uche you and Daniel we also participate in this mission because we will need all the help we could get . And the building is surrounded with about 30 security and 10 bodyguard.” The capon added Hearing this the whole member shiver in fear .
” I hope this is not a suicide mission David asked. ” I hope not” the capon replied.
Kelvin was in his the room with Tosin.
” what if I told you Vivian spoke too me on Friday” Kelvin said breaking the silence in the room.
” Want did she tell you ” Tosin curiously asked .
“Calm down . it all happened on Friday when we were having lecture . Mr okoro asked her a question because she was sleeping. Seeing her reaction I know there is no way she could answered the question. so I just help her out. While Mr okoro started bombarding me with questions but luckily for Me i scale through. During the end of the class she came too me and says thank you.” Kelvin explained while Tosin smiled in admiration. ” If I can’t get the girl I would want you too get her” Tosin calmly said surprising Kelvin with his words.
” I never said I wanted to date her, I just helped the poor girl who look stress up .” he quickly replied.
” say what you , I know you like her, every guys like her including you ” Tosin said while Kelvin shrugged.
” Let’s go out side” kelvin said changing the topic. While Tosin calmly nodded.
They went outside, the time is already 6:00pm.
Immediately they got outside they saw Tessy.
” Hello Einstein ” Tessy said too Kelvin who was surprise too see her .
” Hi ” Kelvin breathed .
“Do you came too look for someone”. Kelvin asked.
“Actually that’s were I stay ” she said pointing at a room not too far from Kelvin’s room.
So were are you guys going she asked ” just strolling ” Tosin replied.
“So Kelvin can I have your number cus there is something I would like to talk too you about ” she says handling her phone to him. while kelvin wrote his number on her phone .
” See you later then she replied with a smiled.
“No pros ” Kelvin mutters nonchalantly.
” Wow that babe is hot how do you know her ” Tosin quickly asked immediately Tessy left.
” She is my course mate ” Kelvin relied.
“Hmm okay ” Tosin says, they started going, they saw Vivian , she was arguing with a guy .
Let’s watched maybe is one of her suitors Tosin jokingly said, while kelvin ignored his joke. before anyone could say jack the guy hit Vivian while kelvin quickly ran too meet the guy and punched him by surprised he immediately fell down on the floor .
He quickly stand up. ” So This is one of your Boyfriend? ” he asked Vivian who was crying.
He quickly walk up too Kelvin.
” my guy you don prize market and you must buy am” he said and walk pass Kelvin hitting him with his shoulder.
” You shouldn’t have pouched him ” Vivian tearfully said.
” But that guy just hit you, he deserved it, I don’t like people hitting girls he vehemently replied.
“That Guy you just punched is a cultist” she said . while Kelvin quickly swallowed hard.



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