Thursday, 14 June 2018

The Fault In Our Street Episode 1

“ This will be your room for now, until tomorrow when we go back to our country. ” one of the two men that dragged her back from where she had meet their captain, said to her.
She looked around her, the room is empty with no single item in it. The ground is bear and cold, with nothing in the room to keep you warm other than the roof over your head.
“ Do you understand me?” The guy who she recognized as the first guy that raped her, said. She nodded her head, still looking around the corner for any sign of protection but known was seen.
“ Is she mute now? ” The second guy asked.
“ No idea. May be she's pretending that she can't talk. Anyway, we will find out after we go back to Russia . ” The first guy said.
“ Russia? So they are from Russia and I thought it was India or China. ” Mariam thought. The guys looked at her again but this time very closely like they will get their answers from looking into her eyes like that. Then they walked out, leaving just her in the room.
“ Do you think Rashid A'Gul will take her in as one of the prisoners when we go back home? Or is she just going to be a slave? ” the second guy asked.
“ I have no idea. But the way the captain looked at her, I think he sees her as a strong girl and if am right, then she will be taken as a prisoner and not a slave. ” the first guy replied.
“ will she survive it? Being a warrior and a weapon for the counter? ” the second guy asked, looking really curious.
“ there is only one way to find out. But don't underestimate her, she's stronger than she looks.”
“ never has any girl survived the training before.”
“ this might be different. She's different and stronger. Inside that weak girl, might just be a SHOOTER Or A BUTCHER. ”
Mariam sighed in both frustrations and pain. Tears never seize to flow freely on her cheeks.
This wasn't how she fortold her future to be, nor for to it to end this way. She had a perfect image of how she wanted her life and that of her family to be.
Her Dad was to take them back to his home town in Abia state. He had married her mother who was from here, Adamawa state when he came here 12 years ago for his business.
They were to go back after this school season but here she is, no father, no mother, and no brother. She doesn't even know what they want from her by taking her hostage. May be to turn her into a slave or something. How she wished that she and her family had left without waiting for her stupid school to close for the year.
She opened her mouth and tried uttering a sentence but her voice is still missing. “ mummy, daddy, plea…please help me. ” she said within her heart.
She tried to unloose her very own tongue, but it seems like even of dumb creatures, have to accept their fate. She wondered if she's now and mute, the mere thought of it scares her but for a moment, she decided that it doesn't really matter. If anything, is actually the best thing that can ever happen to her right now.
With this, she can't be able to say a word of what happened today to anyone. It will only remain in her heart but never be spoken or heard of ever again.
As her mouth sailed, so shall the memories of today sailed with it.

To be continued..


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