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MARRIED Episode 19-20

Sonia walked around the tastefully furnished apartment she had just acquired. It had everything she ever dreamt of. The house was up to her taste, with all that she could imagine. The kitchen had all the accessories she needed with a microwave and a freezer, which she purchased at a second hand market to reduce the cost, although they both looked new. The kitchen was filled with food stuffs and fruits; she took out an apple from the fridge and chewed as she surveyed the house again. It had taken a few days to make the apartment look like this but even at that, she never got tired of looking at what she owned.
The bedroom was looking ravishing and welcoming, with purple and pink colours scattered at strategic places. Her wardrobe was still filled with her former clothes and she told herself that she needed to go for shopping. There were thousands of clothes, shoes, bags, jewelries and so on that she had been dreaming of buying; now, she had been tossed the chance to explore for as long as she could.
She had spent roughly three million naira out of the ten million naira she was given by Andy’s father. Since she still had about seven million naira left, she decided that she would set up a business with four million naira. Thinking, she decided that a jewelry store would be perfect. She loved jewelries and anything that had to do with it. She wasn’t about to spend the entire money until it vanishes, she told herself. The remaining three million would be used for miscellaneous. She needed a car, to match the class she was trying to build for herself.
She smiled at the thought. She also needed better phones; maybe an apple and a tab, she mused. Proper and classy clothes. She gave a delighted squeal but there was no one there to pounce on her and share her joy. She swallowed as she thought of her friends. How lovely would it be to have her friends with her, celebrating her success? How great would it be if she had gotten this money from the right source? Her friends had been with her through it all, through her challenging times but now, now that she had something tangible, she had no one to share her joy with. Joy? Could she describe this feeling as joy? As happy as she was that she finally had real cash in her hands, she could not quench the shaky feeling that this money would vanish as quickly as it had appeared. She hadn’t worked for the money; she had sabotaged her best friend in order to get it. She shivered.
Maybe, if she had asked Andy for a loan of the same ten million naira, he would have given her. He might have even dashed her something more than that because frankly, the guy is worth billions. But no, instead, she had shattered her own friend’s happiness.She regretted her decision but there is no going back now. She had to live with the current reality. She swallowed and the thought of making new friends came pleasantly to her mind. She grabbed her credit card and thought of how perfect it would be to have a car. She already knew how to drive. Well, her carless state would change now, she thought. ‘Let’s go and spend some cash’
“You don’t want to go back to being a doctor?” Andy asked as he drove. Jessica still did not know where they were headed. Jessica shook. “No. It is frightening. After spending months attending to patients, trying to cope with the situation, I have realized that I hate hospitals. I hate them and the memories they invoke. It was because of what happened to my family that I decided to study medicine. I wanted to prevent people from dying and prevent people from experiencing what I experienced but after I got what I felt I wanted, I could not do it. The heady smell was maddening and I could not keep up because I kept remembering all the bad things that happened years back: the smell of drugs; the nauseating smell of blood that I thought was my parents and brother’s; the wheels of sick people being pushed; the unnerving and scary rush of nurses” Jessica shivered and Andy placed his palm on her lap, squeezing in a comforting manner.
I could not take it. Whenever we experienced a casualty in the hospital, the tears of people nearly drove me mad. Their wailing” she breathed. “It got stuck in my head and I just could not do it anymore. I left as fast as I could” Andy moved his hand from her lap to her hair, controlling the steering with his other hand.
“I am glad you did” he murmured.
She smiled. “I should have gone for law”
Andy raised his brow and laughed. “Right. Being a barrister would suit you; it is in your blood”
Jessica frowned. “A subtle way of saying that I am stubborn right”
Andy grinned. “I married a stubborn woman. I would never win an argument with you if you went for law. Do you still want to pursue it?”
“No, that dream is gone. I like independence so I would like to be on my own without having a boss to scream all the way down his throat at me, just like Lizzy. It is really cute and womanly”
Andy nodded with appreciation. “Yes. Owning a boutique would be perfect for you. Your dress sense is impeccable; it is a wonder you were able to hide it for a while. Anything you do would suit you perfectly. Frankly, I was worried that you would want to work for someone; I can’t imagine another man screaming orders at my wife.”
He frowned at the thought.
“Selfish, aren’t you?”
Andy grinned, “I won’t share you with anyone honey, you are mine”
She blushed. “Where are we going Drew?” she hated suspense.
“Be patient Jess” he grinned.
“Andy, this is a seaport. What are we doing here?”
Andy held onto Jessica’s hand as they moved along the port environment. Jessica’s curiosity had increased ever since they had arrived at the port. “Patience, honey, patience”
The Sea was now clearly in view and Jessica could not hide her curiosity anymore. She glanced at Andy, who smiled down at her. She was busy admiring his facial structure when Andy came to a halt, stopping her as well. “We are here”. He murmured and she turned.
She had been seeing several passenger ships but here, she was faced with a strikingly beautiful ship which was very small like… she turned a stunned face at Andy. “Is that a… a…”
“Yacht” Andy offered.
“It is so beautiful. It looks new too. I have never been on water” she said with longing, staring at the beauty before her.
“I noticed and decided to change that.”
Jessica turned to him suddenly.
“Hello Mr. Williams” someone greeted and they turned.
“Oh, Paul. Afternoon. How is she doing today?” Andy responded.
Who? Jessica wondered.
“She is good to go sir”
Another man appeared onboard and greeted in the same manner. Jessica turned to Andy. “Why do they seem to know you so well?” she asked and when he smiled softly, realization slowly dawned. She gasped and looked from his face to the water craft. “It is not yours, is it?”
His smile widened and her eyes widened. He placed his arm around her waist and drew her close, though she was still frozen.
“This is my wife, Jessica” he said loudly to the men.Their eyes widened and they greeted shyly. Jessica wondered why they seemed to know her. Is it because she is married to a very famous man or is it that Andy had told them a lot about her? Her eyes inspected the Yacht, appreciating the structure then she saw the scribbled name. She gasped again and turned to Andy.
He grinned. “Lady Jess” he murmured.
“You… you named it after… after me?” tears streamed down her eyes.
“Who else would I name it after, if not the woman I love?”
“Oh Drew” she hugged him tightly as tears coerced down her cheeks. He pulled her slightly away and mopped off her tears. He kissed her forehead and smiled. “How would you like a cruise?”
She jumped up and down like a two year old at the mention of ice-cream. Andy grinned, feeling happiness oozing out of his pores as he walked with Jessica onboard ‘Lady Jess’.

Jessica cleared the plates from the dinning, happy that she had been able to prepare the breakfast. She had asked Ada to stay off for the rest of the day because she wanted to treat her husband the way any wife would. She cleaned up the plates and walked to the room, still in her night gown. She met Andy dressing up, preparing for work and she knew that she would miss him terribly.
She put her hand softly on his arm as he buttoned up his blue shirt. He smiled at her. “I would miss you today Mr. Andy Williams. Can’t I persuade you to stay?” she stood up on tip-toes and kissed him.
Andy’s brow shot up and his smile widened. “If you keep doing that, you just might”. He pulled her against him until she was standing glued to his front.
“Then maybe I should continue” she whispered in his ear and he laughed. She sighed, frowning. “You really have to go, right?”
Andy brushed away the hair playing at her face and kissed her nose. “Hmm. I really do” he murmured with an apologetic smile. “I have not been in the office for a while but I must be there today.”
Jessica sighed and picked up Andy’s tie, placed it around his neck and started knotting it. “I think I need a job now. Staying at home would be just so pathetic”
Andy frowned. “I don’t want you working for someone”
“No ‘buts’ honey” he breathed. Jessica was about to argue but then decided against it. Sending out her resume might actually be a bad idea since her reputation had been effectively shattered. She discarded the terrible thought and focused on what she was doing. She adjusted the tie and relaxed the collar. She picked up his ash colored suit jacket and held it out for him. Andy smiled and put his arms in. “You pamper me. What would I do without you?”
He frowned. “Nothing”
Jessica smiled shyly. They walked to the car together, Jessica tucked under Andy’s arm. “Enjoy your day OK?” Jessica nodded. Andy bent and kissed her. “I love you”
“I love you too Drew. Do not stress yourself today at the office, ok honey?”
He grunted and was gone.
Jessica danced around the apartment to the sound of the music coming from the sound system. She was feeling very happy. She refused to think about her father-in-law, refused to think about the situation at hand but focused on thinking about this happiness. This happiness that was bubbling inside her, all thanks to Andy. Being on-board ‘Lady Jess’, sailing on the sea in the arms of her love, visiting museums and tourist centers; all these things had made her extremely happy, but all those things had been perfect because she had been with Andy – the love of her life. She wanted to scream, dance and cry tears of joy. What had she done to deserve a man as loving as Andy? She had loved people but never had she loved someone as deeply as she loved Andy.
She heard the ring tone of her phone and jumped to it. She checked it and saw that Lizzy was on the phone. When Sonia betrayed her, she had decided to put an end to all form of friendship but could she do that? Yes, she has had two to three betrayals from friends but could she cut out all her friends because of the bad ones she had had?
Lizzy and Paulina had been the ones who stuck up with her and ensured that she went back to Andy when they had the initial fight; Lizzy had kept her secret, the one that Sonia leaked immediately after overhearing their conversation. Jessica knew without a doubt that she could trust Lizzy, and that Lizzy meant all the best for her. The fact that she had encountered bad friends does not mean that she couldn’t also find good ones like Lizzy and Paulina.
She picked up. “Hey girlfriend” she said loudly, her happiness ringing out in her voice.
“Hmm, someone is really happy today. How are you babes?”
“I am better than fine Liz, although a little bit lonely here. Andy is at work”
“Well, come over, let us have a splendid ladies’ time” Lizzy rang out.
Jessica smiled. “I would do just that. I would like a really delicious meal when I get there”
“You are the chef baby, I am a fashion designer”
“Can you imagine this girl? You don’t have respect again o. I think I would bring a cane along” she said, frowning playfully at the phone.
Lizzy hissed loudly at the other end. “Respect my foot! My friend bring your lazy behind down here, if we get hungry, we can always skip cooking and soak a really satisfying garri.
Jessie laughed. “Lazy girl! Oh, that reminds me; I am bringing a material along. I need to sew something really nice and… sexy” Jessica grinned at the thought. She had a really nice style in mind, but then, Lizzy would probably out rule it.
Sexy! Coming from an SU like you? I think you need deliverance” she squealed into the phone and Jessica laughed. “Well anyways, it would be my pleasure sweetheart; you know I am the best you can find” pride oozed out of Lizzy’s voice.
Flatter yourself, Jessica said still laughing
Lizzy chuckled. “Later babes”
Jessica hung up and ran off to dress up. It is refreshing to leave the house because being home alone can be depressing. She picked up her blackberry and typed a message to Andy via BBM.
‘The house is looking really empty with out you in it Drew, I miss you”
She dropped the phone on the bed and went to the wardrobe to pull out black jeans trousers and a multicolored top. She heard the sound of her phone and she jumped at it.
‘Oh baby, I have barely spent an hour in this office and I am here wishing I had accepted your offer. We could have been busy doing some naughty things right now’Jessica grinned foolishly as she read Andy’s reply.
‘Well, you did not accept my offer so I guess those ‘naughty things’ would have to wait till you get back’.
She pressed send and watched it change from the ‘D’ sign to the ‘R’ sign. She saw that Andy was busy writing a message and she lay on the bed, waiting for his reply, her phone poised in her arms with a stupid grin on her face.
‘You could come over to my office honey, that way, we won’t have to wait. I have a really large table, you know?’
Jessica’s eyes popped open and her cheeks reddened. ‘Jeeez… No dirty business in your office, husband. What would your staff think?’
‘They would think we love each other so much, we can’t do without each other for an hour’
Jessica laughed. ‘Well, control your dirty thoughts husband, I already told Lizzy that I am coming over to her place’
‘Hmm, you are going to make me jealous of your friend right?’Jessica read the message and laughed. ‘Sorry papa.’ she pressed send and picked up her clothes. After putting on the clothes, she picked up the phone and opened Andy’s message.
‘Alright baby, have fun. Be careful and wave your left fingers at any man who smiles at you’
Jessica snorted. “My darling possessive husband! Why do you think any man that smiles at me wants something out of the ordinary?
It is obvious that ladies trip over you. I try not to be jealous’. Jessica frowned. She hated it when women had their eyes all over her husband. It was becoming the order of the day now. Andy is just too good looking for his own good.
‘Oh Jess, you don’t understand the effect you have on men. They look at you like you are the route to heaven. Believe me, you are. As for the women, they are way beneath you.’
Jessica laughed. Andy and his flattery! ‘Go back to work husband, leave your wife alone’
‘I would never leave you sweetheart. You are MINE’ ‘Ask Mike to drive you to Lizzy’s place’
Jessica frowned. ‘No Drew, I would take a bus, I hate being chauffeured.’
‘NO. My wife would not be jumping from one public bus to another. I forbid it!’
Jessica sighed. ‘Then I would drive myself’
‘Are you sure??? You would be careful, won’t you?’
Jessica sighed. ‘I can drive well Andy, I would be fine. Take care. I love you’
‘Sighs… I love you too baby, be careful. Call me when you get there’
‘I will. Kisses’
Jessica smiled and dropped her phone inside her bag. She brushed her hair and decided that she would love a braid. She picked a car key and headed out.
Andy had waited one hour and still have not got a call from Jessica. He was becoming worried. Lizzy’s house wasn’t that far, but he knew Lagos could be unpredictable and Jessie might be stuck in traffic. He was worried that if he called her, she might be distracted, and that is not good, especially if she was still on motion. But after waiting for some more time, his anxiety got the better part of him and he called but the phone rang and rang without any response.
‘She might still be driving’ a voice said in his head but he shook it off and dialed again but she did not pick. He called Lizzy and after the first two rings, Lizzy picked up.
“Hey Mr. Williams” she said.
“Hello Lizzy, how are you doing?” H e wanted to skip the niceties but he did not want to appear too anxious.
“Well, I am great”
“Erm, Jessica said she was coming to your place, is she there yet?”
“Nope, she is not here. Maybe she is on the way”
“She left about an hour ago, I have called but she is not picking up.” His concern showed in his voice.
“Oh?” Lizzy sounded surprised. “Probably, she is being held up by traffic Andy, she should-”
Andy heard the beep sound of his phone and checked his phone.
He instantly sighed, greatly relieved. “Lizzy, don’t worry. She is on the line now, got to go. Thanks.”
He hung up and quickly picked Jessica’s incoming call. “Oh Jess, thank God-”
“Hello sir”
Andy frowned and checked the caller’s name again. What is a man doing with my wife’s phone? “Yes, who are you? And what are you doing with my wife’s phone?”
“I am sorry sir, this is Inspector Majid. Your wife was involved in an accident. She has been rushed to Jackins hospital in an ambulance. I saw her phone and…
The phone slipped from Andy’s hand and crashed against the tiled floor. He stared ahead, shocked beyond words, with the words of the Inspector re-echoing in his head.
‘No…’ He gasped out.

To be continued…


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