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COLD HEARTED Episode 8-10

He stood up and I also did. "Let's go"he said looking at me but I stood still. "I can't continue"I said not looking at him. "Why?"he asked. "Because am thirsty"I said in a low tone. The way he was staring at me, the expression was unreadable. I feel so bad to say that but I have no choice because I think I might faint before we get home."Really? But you rejected it first"he said looking at me. I kept my head down not saying anything. He took my hand and placed the bottle on it. "Am just giving you this out of pity. Because the way you're looking right now, someone might think am bullying you"he said and started jugging off leaving me behind. "Out of pity my ass. Who made me this way"I said staring at him badly as he left. I quickly opened the bottle and drank the remaining water in it. I looked at the towel in my hand then checked if he had gone far. I quickly wiped my face with it and continue jugging when he looked back.
Noah's pov
It's Monday morning. The maids had prepared my uniform and every necessary things. I don't too like the idea of attending the school but I have no choice than to obey that man(my dad). Although the school is one of the best institution owned by mr Donald (david's dad) but I just don't know why I feel bad about it. maybe because I don't wanna leave my old school friends in new York. I was not in good mood as they got me prepared for school.
After some minutes, I was ready to leave. I took my car key and mr Clinton escorted me to the compound and I got into the car. "Have a good day young master"he said with a bow. "What will be good about the day?"I said and on the engine. I drove down towards the gate and it was opened before I got there. I drove out and headed to school.
That was written high in front of the building. Students were walking into the school compound in two or three. Some were dropped by drivers. I drove into the compound and went straight to pack at the garage. I have been here before I went to new York. But I use to come because of David. I remembered then, we use to play at the school basketball room and play soccer on the field. I can't believe I can later attend the school fully as a student. But anyway, let's see how things would go.
I got down from my car and locked it. I first looked round before stepping to go. Students were hanging around the compound, some were moving to and fro all in their neat black and white uniforms. I adjusted my tie and continue heading towards the school building with my hands in my pockets. I noticed some of the ladies staring at me as I walk. "Wow. Who is he? He's so hot and stylish."I overheard some girls saying. "He's completely my style"They were saying this and that as I walk pass them. "Noah!"I heard someone called my name from behind. I stopped and looked back. It was then I realised the number of girls I caught their attentions. They all were talking and staring at me and that makes it uncomfortable for me. This people are too much. I saw a lady walking towards me and I recognised her immediately. Christiana
I wanted to leave but stayed not to embarrass her in public because of the eyes watching. She was smiling as she came closer. "What's she happy about?"I thought to myself looking at her. You guys were wondering who Christiana is? Well she was my ex-girlfriend. My mum friend's daughter. We dated for two years then broke up before I left for new york. That was a four years ago. We brokeup but she's still forcing herself on me since then wanting us to get back. She was the one that left me when she fell in love with one dude like that. I was in pain and sorrow then and I remembered how I suffered from love before leaving to new York. That was one of the reason I left not choosing to study in Mac Donald. After I left, I forced myself to forget everything and move on. I later found out from David that the guy duped her collecting money from her and they broke up after she found out he only want her because of money. After realizing her mistakes, she want us to get back but I never want that to happen. I once showed her true love but she took it for granted. I can never be hurt by love again because I promised myself not to. Although I still like her but I don't want to show it. I want her to suffer the same thing I did.
When she got to me, I acted my normal self. "Hy"she said and we were moving together. "Am so happy I see you here. Welcome to Mac Donald high school"she said smiling. "Why smiling so brightly over it?"I asked looking at her. "Because I had been expecting you. Good to see you again after two years. I waited eagerly just to see you and here you are. I really missed you a lot."she said smiling. I stopped and faced her. "I didn't ask you to wait for me. You did because it's your choice. And moreover, I want to correct you about something. Don't call yourself my girlfriend again. You were my ex-girlfriend and that was then not now. So it would be better if you act normal around me"I said staring at her in annoyance. "Noah. Why are you like this. I already apologized about everything why are you been harsh to me?"she asked looking sad. "Because I don't want you to continue hurting yourself. There's no way we can be together again. Don't hope for that to happen. Those time had turned to past and memories. You should get that clearly now."I replied and turned to leave. "Noah. You said you love me and will continue loving me no matter what. I realized my mistake and want that love back. Don't you love me again?"she asked. "Yes I once loved you. But the story had changed since the day you left me. Which means, the love is not there again. I don't even want to be friend with you if possible"I said to her face and left in anger.

Ellie's pov
Its 4pm, I was Just sitting down at work pressing my phone since no customer is around.
My mind suddenly went to David and a smile curved on my lips. Am just wishing to see him again even for once. I think I like him already. was it because he's nice and softhearted?. I kept smiling sheepishly looking at the screen of my phone. Someone pressed the bell and that got my attention back. "Welcome"I quickly stood up to greet the customer. Speaking of the devil. It was David. "It's you"I said. "Yeah. How are you?"he asked smiling. That makes him more handsome. "Am good"I replied shyly. "I'll pick few things"he said and went to pick what he need. He actually forgot to pick the basket so I took it and went to him. He looked at my hand and smiled. He dropped the ones he was holding into the basket and went around to pick more. I have no idea what he needed all that for. He was just picking anything and dropping it in until the basket was full. "It's full"I said when he wanted to put another one. "Oh"he said returned the item he was holding. "Should I bring another basket?"I asked. "No need it's ok"he replied. "I moved the items over to the counter and was packing after calculating the prices. I gave him the bill and he paid extra of it. "This is not..."
"It's ok. That's a tip"he said cutting in. "But you don't need to give me this. It's much"I said looking at the cash. "It's an offer. You can't return what I gave you for the first time"he added taking the plastic bag and prepared to leave. "Bye see you later"he said and was leaving. "But this is too.."I stopped and was stating at him as he left. When he got to his car and dropped the items, I was surprised he was coming back to the store.
"Does he need anything again?"I asked myself as he approached me. He stopped, on getting to me. "If you don't mind I want to ask if you'll be free tonight after work"he said looking at me. I was surprised by the question. What if am free, did he plan to go out with me? Why??"I thought to myself staring at him. I nodded my head positively. "I'll be closing by 6pm that'll be the only time I'll be free"I replied. "Ok. I'll come by 5:30pm"he said smiling. "Till then"he said and patted my shoulder before leaving. Why is he being nice and want us to go out all of a sudden? Does he like me too?
Noah's pov
I got back from school by 4pm and was inside my room. Everything seems boring and quiet. I think that girl might be at work. I wondered why she don't go to school. She's too young to be working.
I thought to myself. Today's Debbie's birthday. David's elder sister. The dress I would be wearing had been prepared. I should be there by 7pm because it's a night party. I picked my phone to call my errand girl because I want her to go with me in case I might need help. It rings for a long time before she picks it. "Who's it?"she asked almost screaming. "Will you continue asking that question everyday? Why won't you save my number?"I asked shouting back at her. "Oh am sorry young master. I didn't know it's you"she said in a calm voice. "Better. Where are you?"I asked. "At work"she replied. "I have something you must do for me when you close by 6pm"I said checking the time. It's almost 5:30pm. She took long before replying me. "Actually. I won't be..."
I know she wanted to give excuse so I quickly cut her short. "I'll be expecting you by 6pm. If you come home late, you're dead. Bye"I said and hung up.
I threw the phone beside me and rested my head back on the pillow.
It's 6:40pm already. I had gotten dressed up for the party and ready to leave. My phone rings and I checked to see it's Christiana. I refused to pick it till it went off. Then a message came in later. "Are you coming to the party?"I read it and slipped my phone into my pocket.
"Do you need a driver?"mr Clinton asked politely. "Why would I need a driver when my legs and hands are perfectly ok?"I replied staring at him. He stared down with a bow and I walked out heading to the compound. I waited, waited and waited for the girl to arrive but she never did. I then tried calling her line and it was switched off. That got me freaked out. I got into the car and drove out.
Why does she fail to come home? Is she in another trouble again? She should have been around my now. I thought to myself as I drove down.
Ellie's pov
I closed by 6pm after my boss arrived. I waited outside expecting David to come but he never did. When it's 6:50, I saw his car approaching. He stopped beside me and got down. He was dressing so charming and attractive. I was not able to recognise him at first. He moved to my side smiling as usual. "Ellie. Sorry am late. Can we leave now?"he asked looking at me with those bright brown eyes. "Ok"I said briefly and wanted to open the car door. He did before I could reach my hand for it. I got in and he also turned to sit in the driver's seat. He on the engine and was driving down the street. "Where are we going to?"I asked looking curious. "Sorry for not telling you earlier. It's my sister's birthday today. I'll like to take someone with me. Hope you're not mad that I didn't inform you earlier.?"he asked. "Is that it? You should have inform me before now. Am not prepared for that. Will it be ok to go like this?"I asked looking at my dressing. He looked at me and nodded his head. "Don't worry about that. I'll take care of it"he said smiling. He turned and stopped in front of a big makeover shop. "Let's get some things done from here"he and winked his eyes seductively. I smiled almost blushing by that reaction.
He asked me to get down and we both went into the shop. He waited somewhere and I was taking into a room. They started with makeover then my hair was done too. They chose different clothes for me and at last I was asked to wear a powdered blue flay gown. It was above my kneels a little. not too short I think. they then brought a silver shining heels and purse. After everything, I was asked to look myself in the mirror and tell if I like it. I stepped before the full length mirror and what I saw made my jaw dropped in amazement. I can't believe am looking at ellie right now. "Do you like it?"one the stylist asked. "Oh it's ok"I said nodding my head. I was taken out to meet David. When he first saw me, he made this unreadable expression staring at me. "Why? Am I bad?"I asked looking at him. "You're so beautiful ellie"he said smiling and that made me blush I hope the makeup won't let him see that.
We left the place and arrived at a big even. The place was so beautiful. People were moving around looking good and attractive. I guess this is the venue of the party. David got down and I also did. He came to my side and stretched out his hand smiling. I took it and we both stepped on the red carpet.
People were staring at us as we move and that makes me feel uncomfortable. He took me to a lady who was smiling and greeting people. She looked at both of us and David smiled. "Happy birthday"David said smiling. "Thank you sweety"she said and gave him a quick kiss on his cheek. The lady then look at me smiling. I guess that's his sister. She's so beautiful."Happy birthday"I said. "Thank you dear"she replied. "So, is this your girlfriend?"she asked David smiling. "Girlfriend? No. She's my friend ellie."he replied quickly. "Really?"she asked again smiling. "Nice meeting you ellie am Deborah. David's elder sister"she said stretching her hand for a shake. I took it smiling. "Good meeting you too"I relied. "Ok. You guys should enjoy the party I'll see you around later"she said and left us. Just as she left, I saw Noah among some guys standing opposite to us. David also did and he was walking to them still holding my hand. Oh my God I can't let him see me or am dead. What should I do? I thought to myself feeling uncomfortable. "I think I need to use the rest room"I said when we almost got to them. Just as I tried to leave, he looked at our direction when one of the guys pointed at us. I was not able to leave again. I stood their like I was been paused by a remote. The way he stared at me was unusual. He jaw dropped and his eyes were fixed on me without blinking.
What will happen now? Is he really mad at me? I thought to myself twisting my fingers in confusion.

Noah's POV
Who am seeing before me was a total different person from who I used to know. She's so beautiful. I have to admit that. But why is she here with David? Why are the two holding hands? What's really happened between them? Was this the reason why she didn't come to me? So many thoughts were running through my mind. "Hy guys"david greeted when the got to us. "Welcome david. Why just coming now?"Erick asked. I cleared my throat and moved my gaze from the girl to david. "Welcome dude"I said and we shook hands in our usual style. I know he have a lot to explain to me about what I just saw. The girl looked at me and I think she felt shocked to meet me here."Ehm. Young master. Am sorry for not..."
"Guys I think I need to use the rest room"I said and left before she could finish talking.
I got to the rest room and stood before the mirror. "Get yourself together noah. She's still that dummy. But why am I strange these days?"I thought to myself placing my hand on my chest. Thump thump thump went my heart. I can't understand why it's beating that hard. I opened the tap and washed my face with water.
Ellie's pov
I sat quietly on one of the chairs when david told me he would be back and left with a guy. I sat there looking around as people dance to the slow music. A lady brought whine to my table with a tray. I took it and wanted to drink then remember I don't drink. I placed the glass cup back on the table. "Why did he ignore me? Is he really mad at me? I shouldn't have come here in the first place I think this would make my punishment worst."I said looking at the whine cup. Now am feeling bad like I just committed a grave sin. My mind was distracted with lot of things that I didn't remember I took the whine already. I continue drinking it because I think am ok with it. After almost finishing the bottle, I then stopped thinking am alright with that. "He's a really mean jerk"I said and poured another glass. Few minutes later, I had emptied the whole bottle just leaving few in the glass cup. "You're not that great because you're still a human like me. Stop treating others badly it makes you a bad stupid jerk"I said tilting my head to the table.
"Oh. I think I need to pee"I said and raised up my head. I tried to stand up but fell back to the chair. "Why? I think am stocked in this chair."I said and tried to stand up again. Finally I stood up but my balance was not ok. "Am I drunk? No I can't be. I only drank little."I said smiling. I then continue to walk but my movements seems weird. "Why's everywhere shaking like this? I think I would fall"I said smiling as I walk unsteadily.
Noah's pov
I left the rest room and was going back. When I got out, I saw a lady walking weird. Seems like she's drunk. I said and continue going my way. I stopped and looked at her again. It's that dummy. I thought to myself staring at her. She bumped into some ladies and I think they were about causing a scene. I quickly walked up to them and took her hand. "Am sorry guys I think she's a bit drunk"I said to the ladies. "You should watch over your girlfriends properly why's she like that?"one of them said and they all left. "My.. My girlfriend?"I said looking at them. "Hey. How much did you drink? Why are you this way?"I asked looking at her. She snapped her arm from me and stepped back a little, looking at me directly. "You"she said informally pointing at me. "Why are you like that? I mean why do you like picking on me? Do you hate me that much? Why? Why did you hate me?"she asked shouting at me. I tried moving closer to her but she stepped back again. "Answer my questions. Why did you hate me?"she asked again. I stared at her for a while not saying anything."Hey. I think you're drunk. Let me take you home now"I said and tried to hold her arm. "You're a bad jerk. A very bad and mean jerk. Stop picking on me. And my name is ellie not hey or dummy. Call me ellie. That's my name"she said screaming at me. "Ok. Ellie let's go home"I said looking at her. A message came into my phone and I checked it.
From David: drop ellie at home am drunk and can't drive right now. Am sorry See you later tomorrow. I locked my phone and slipped it back into my pocket. "Can you move to the car or I should help you?"I asked staring at her. "I won't. I won't go with you in that car. I'll rather wait here for my lovely David to come and pick me"she said and sat on the table beside her. "You this brat. My lovely David?"I said looking at her. "Ok fine wait for your David. He'll come for you"I said and was leaving but turned back again. "You're just know how to make people worry about you"I said I went back to her. I took her hand and carried her on my shoulder heading to my car. "Let's me go you bad jerk. Put me down"she saw hitting my back. I pressed the remote before we got to my car. I opened the passenger door and dropped her their the closed it back again. I turned and sat down in the driver's seat. "I know you'll regret doing this to me tomorrow. I promise"I said looking at her. I wanted to put the seat belt on for her but she has slept off. I stared at her face which was messed up with her hair. I removed them from her face and was staring closely. "You sure are funny when drunk"I said and smiled. "Bad jerk. I hate you"she said while still sleeping. "Yes am a jerk I know."I said staring at her face. "I think I should say this. You're so beautiful tonight ellie"I said smiling. I touched her face and stroked it softly. I came back to my senses and quickly removed my hand sitting back properly. I cleared my throat and started the car engine.
We got home and I asked the maids to take her in. She still looks a bit drunk but manage to go inside with the help of the maids.
I also went in straight to my room. I took off my shoes and sat on the bed. I remembered when she was talking back at me there and I smiled. "She's really cute when she's drunk."I said with a smirk.
Ellie's pov
I woke up early in the morning with my head aching so much. I touched my forehead and sat up on my bed. My mum was not beside me probably in the kitchen with other cooks. I remembered we went to party last night but can't remember how I got back home. "What happened? Did I drink the whine? Hope I didn't cause a big scene at the party?"I asked myself trying to remember.
The memories then flashed to my head. I remembered how I took the whine on the table and how I bumped to some girls. Noah came and I remembered how I yelled at him calling bad jerk and all sort of bad names. I remembered everything so clearly now. "No. No nooo. This can't be. Am dead. Ellie why did you say that? I think am going crazy"I said messing up my hair. I heard my phone ringing and I checked it. It's him. What should I do? How will I face him? I really committed more than a grave sin." I said staring at the screen in of my phone in fear without picking up.

To be continued..

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