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COLD HEARTED Episode 19-20

Christina's POV
I can't believe noah said that to me because of that worthless thing. Are the really going out? Why did he hold her hand in front of everyone? I thought to myself watching them as the left. I got more angry by what just happened and by the fact that he embarrassed me before everyone. "Ellie or what do you call your name? I promise you won't get away with this. I'll make you regret ever attending mc Donald high school. Just wait and see. If I can't have him, I'll rather destroy you both"I thought to myself. "Christiana what's wrong why are there lot of people?"Nina asked the three of them got to me. "Let's go"I said and they followed me.
We were heading to the class when I saw students looking at me and gossiping to each other. Most of them were with their phones.
"Ooh. I felt so pity for her. She really got dumped by noah? Wow noah is now dating the new student ellie"one of the students said. Lucia moved to her in anger on hearing that. "What are you guys saying? Who do you say got dumped?"she asked staring at them madly. "Why are you yelling on us? It's not like the whole school didn't know about it already. The rumor is all over the school."she said to Lucia. I got a notification message and decided to check. What I saw was terrifying. The news about noah dumping me for ellie. As I read the article, my body was boiling in anger. I left the guys and walked off to class angrily.
Ellie's POV
When noah and I got to a more silent place, he stopped. I looked up at his face and back at our hands which was still locked together. He also looked down at our hands and quickly let go. "Am sorry for getting you involved"I said. "What are you sorry for? You allow her to hit you. What if I didn't show up? She'll hit you again? Your face is so red because of that. It must have hurt so much"he said looking at my face. I rubbed my cheek smiling. "You're smiling? It's not funny. Don't allow people to pick on you. Don't you have your hands too?"he asked. I smiled again looking at him. "Thank you."I said. "For what?"
"Just for everything."I replied. "You don't have to thank me. I haven't done anything for you"he said. "But why did you yell on her like that? Do you guys know each other before"I asked curiously.
After school, students were trooping out of the school compound to their homes. I was standing by the road waiting for taxi. A car stopped by the road and whined down. It's David. But one of our school student was sitting in the front passenger seat. "Ellie get in. I'll drop you off"he said with a smiled. "Thank you"I said and got into the car. He then continue driving. "You've quit your job"he ask and I replied him with yes. The girl beside him was drinking can soda. I wonder who she is. Maybe one of his classmates. I concluded. "That mean I won't be seeing you there again. So bad"he said. I gave a shy smile. The car got into a gallop and the soda the girl was holding spilled on her dress. "Oh shit!"she said looking down at her cloth. "Oh sorry dear. David said and brought out a handkerchief from his side then started dusting her cloth with it. The girl collected it from him and continue cleaning it herself. "You should be careful"David said with a smile while drawing her cheek playfully.
I stared off after watching both of them for a while. I suddenly got irritated which I don't know why. After a while the car got to the highway. "Am sorry ellie meet Cynthia. My friend"David said. "Oh ok. How are you doing?"I asked she looked back and replied with a smile. "Am Cynthia his girlfriend and you, what your name?"she asked. "His girlfriend?"I repeated again looking at David although he was not able to see my face but he heard me. "Y..yeah e..llie"he stuttered. I don't know what to say. I was dumbfounded. I looked at the girl again. I can't believe David got another girl. I thought he has interest in me but I was wrong all this while? My heart hurt from what I just heard. I think I might cry. "I'll like to get down here."I said. "Why? You've not gotten to your place"he replied not looking back. "Yes. But I need to get something for mum. Let me get down"
"Ok"he said and pulled over. I opened the door and got down gently from his car then close it back. He looked back at my face. I guess he noticed I was not looking good. "Bye. See you in school tomorrow"I said waving my hand with a fake smile. He sighed before starting the engine. "Ok bye ellie"he said and drove down.
Noah's POV
As I was about to go and pick ellie, I saw David's car pick her up already. But he was there with Cynthia. I just hope they won't say anything where by ellie would know they're dating. I don't know why David should pick her up. I just hope she'll be fine cause those two might do something crazy in her present. After they left, I followed their car. On the way, I stopped by a filling station to fill my car with some gas before setting to continue.
Ellie's POV
I can't believe this. Why is he been nice to me all this while? I thought he like me. Why would he take me to the party when he had his girlfriend? He got me confused from the start. So he didn't like me. He got another girl far better than me. I must be stupid to think of that. My heart hurts"I said as I walks slowly. I blinked my eyes and tears dropped from them. I touched my face and noticed I was actually crying. "You're so stupid ellie. Why would you cry because of that? It's so annoying"I said crying more.
The area was a bit quiet and I can't find taxi easily. I continue walking down beside the road not knowing where in particular am heading to.
A car stopped beside me but I didn't bother to look. The person got down and quickly walked up to me. It's noah. He was standing before me looking at me face. I quickly wiped the tears off with my hand but he already noticed it. "Why are you crying?"he asked. "I want to be alone you can leave"I said and wanted to leave but he stopped me. "Were you crying because of David?"he asked looking at me. I jacked off my hand in anger. "What does that have to do with you? Should I ask for permission from you before crying again? Just leave me alone"I said raising my voice. "I know this would happen. I know you'll end up like this. Does this makes you feel better you dummy!"he yelled back at me. "Because I like him. it hurt to see him with another girl."I said crying.
"You're so stupid ellie. Because you like him? Do you know if he likes you back? Did he ever confessed he loved you? He never proposed to you so why the hell are you crying over a guy?"he asked. "Why? You were angry because it's not you instead?. It's not by force to love you back. My answer is I don't like you. Let me be noah!"I said in annoyance. He stared at me for a while in surprise. "What?"he said looking at me. I sniffed and wiped off the tears on my face. It was then I realised what I just said. But that came out of my mouth because I was too angry.
He shook his head positively. "You're right. I was mad at you for nothing. I never said you should love me back. I think it's time to backoff. Ellie I won't get involve in you again. You can do all what you want. I don't care"he said and walked off to his car. I started crying again as I watch him leave. I bent down on my kneels crying out loud. I regretted saying that to him. I wanted to say am sorry but I think it's too late. He got into his car and drove down in full speed. "Am sorry"I said crying.

Noah's POV
I left her in anger. I won't interfere in her business anymore. I don't care what she do with herself.
Few minutes later, I got home. I alighted from my car and walked in still looking angry. I saw Helen in the living room with news papers and a cup of whine on the table. I walked to her side and took the whine without even greeting her. I dropped the cup after finishing the whole content. "Noah what's wrong? You don't look ok"she asked. "Am ok. I just feel dizzy. I need to sleep am tired"I said with a fake smile. As I turned to leave, I bumped into a maid standing. The tray she was holding fell to the group making a loud noise. She quickly went on her kneel begging. "What's wrong with you? Why are you so careless? You're fired. Get lost from my sight right now!"I yelled on her angrily. She stood up and ran out of the living room crying. Helen stood up and came to my side. "Are you ok? I think something is wrong. Why won't you tell me?"she asked looking worried. "Am sorry. I need to rest"I said and left her heading to my room.
Ellie's POV
Few minutes later, I saw a taxi and I took it home.
When I got to our room, I met mum arranging clothes into the wardrobe. I greeted her and sat down on the sofa still looking sad. I bent my head and was untying my shoe lace. "What's wrong ellie? You don't look good. Did anyone hit you up in school?"she asked. "No mum. Am just feeling sick"I replied and claimed onto the the bed covering myself with bedsheet. "If you're sick, let's go to hospital or get you some drugs. You can't just sleep there like that"mum said in concern. "I'll be ok. It's just a slight headache. I think what I need is to rest"I said and covered my face with the cover to hide the tears on my face. "Ok rest. Let me go to others in the kitchen"she said patting my back. When I heard the shutting sound of the door, I removed the cover from my face crying out.
I didn't know when I slept off. By the time I woke up, it was already dark. I stood up and took my phone to check time. It's 7:21pm. I was still in my school uniform because I didn't take it off before sleeping. I changed into my casual wear and headed out to the compound with the hope to see noah. When I got there, I wasn't able to find him anywhere around. I heard some footsteps behind me and I quickly turned back thinking it was him. But to my disappointment, it was his sister hellen. "Good evening"I greeted her. She responded back politely. "Why are you outside by this time? Are you looking for someone?"she asked looking at me. "That's...."I don't know what to say to her. She sighed and walked closer to me. "Are you guys fighting?"she asked. What did she mean by you guys? Does she mean noah?? I thought to myself staring at her. "Am just looking at the stars. There lot of stars up there tonight"I said laughing. When I looks up, there were no stars because it looks like it will rain soon. I looks down feeling embarrassed. I looked at her face and she smiled. "You're so cute"she said. "OK. I'll take my leave then. I hope you'll enjoy watching those many bright stars"she said looking up. She left and I felt more embarrassed. "If you're going to lie at least make it believable"I said hitting my head. I sat down on the bench looking up at the sky. "I think it's time to back off Ellie's. I won't get involved in you again"that voice replayed in my head. I looked down feeling bad.
The next day, I waited outside for long but he didn't show up. I went to school taking a taxi.
I was uncomfortable through out the classes. I kept checking my phone to see if he called or dropped any message but he didn't. Immediately after break, I went to their class. I check everywhere but he was not there. I wonder if he came to school today. I went out to the compound to check his car at the garage. I saw his car there. Definitely, he came to school. I went back to his class to ask someone about him. On my way, I met David. He stopped on seeing me. "Hy ellie."he greeted and I responded normally. "Have you seen noah today?"I asked. It took him a while to reply. "Were you guys fighting?"he asked looking at me. I didn't give him a reply on that. "Did you see him anywhere?"I asked again. "No I didn't. I only saw him this morning. During break, I haven't set my eyes on him."he replied. "Ok. Thank you"I said and left.
I searched everywhere for him but couldn't find him. When I got to the basketball room, I found him there alone playing all by himself. I walked up to him slowly. He saw me coming but kept playing on. I stood there for almost 10minutes and he didn't look at me or say anything. I then moved to the hoop where he'll be throwing the ball. He wanted to throw it, but stopped. He dropped the ball and moved to take a bottle water. I walked to him with the hope to apologise. "Noah!"I called his name. He looked at me and dropped the water beside him violently. "Who are you to call me that way? Oh have we gotten so close to that stage? Ellie or whatever your name is, I thought we concluded on ourselves yesterday. Let just go back to our places. Why are you following me around?"he asked looking at me. He's still mad at me. Yes I deserve more than that. I thought to myself. "Noa...sorry young master. Am so..."
"Please excuse me. I have things to do"he said and left me. I looked at him feeling hurt. He got out of the room not looking back at me for once.
Noah's POV
You know what you did wrong, you're now looking for a way to apologise? I don't need your apology. I'll be fine all alone."I thought to myself as I left.
After school hour, I saw her standing by the road but I refused to pick her up.
When I got home, I left to my room.
I took my phone and went to rest on bed. I check my phone maybe I got a call but I didn't. Am now feeling worried after I left her in that position back in school. "Who cares. She should also feel the same pain I felt when she that to me yesterday"I said and threw my phone beside me. I heard notification sound and quickly took my phone.
From ellie: Am sorry noah.
I smiled and dropped my phone. Of course you should be sorry.
Ellie's POV
I felt so uncomfortable since yesterday. I wish I could see him act like before again but I think he was really mad at me. I kept checking my phone but no message or call. I wonder if he saw the message I sent.
I put on my sweater and headed out to the compound in search of him. I got there but couldn't find him again. I feel disappointed and sat on the bench. Someone came to me and I raised my head up. "Oh good evening."I greeted Helen. She was with a maid this time the maid was holding a tray."Are you looking at the stars again?"she asked teasingly. "No. I was actually getting some fresh air"I said smiling. "Oh really. Noah wants to see you"she said. I quickly stood up from the bench looking at her. "Really?Where is he?"I asked. She collected the tray from the maid and handed it to me. "He wants you to bring this to his room"she said and I collected it from her. "Ok. I'll take it then"I said feeling happy. "Ok hurry up before he gets mad that you're late"she said and I left them heading inside.
When I got to his door, I pressed the bell and the door was opened. He was staring at me from the entrance not letting me in yet. "You asked me to bring this"I said looking at him. "Me?"he asked again. "Yes. Sister Helen told me you did"I replied. He smirked and looked back at me. "Ok. Let me have it you can leave"he said collecting the tray from me. He shut the door to my face before I could say anything. I stood there in disappointment. Few seconds later, he opened it again. "Get in. You'll leave after I finish this"he said still holding the tray. I walked in and he closed the door. I sat quietly on one of the small white couch while he was sitting opposite to me.
Noah's POV
Helen is so funny. I never ask her to come. I only told a maid to bring the juice but she let her bring it instead. And there were two glass cups. I wonder what she was thinking. I thought to myself. I opened the juice and poured it in one of the glasses.
"I have been wanting to tell you that am sorry. I wonder if you saw the message."she said. I didn't say anything. "I didn't know it will hurt you that much. I realised what I said after you left. I wanted to say sorry before the moment you left but it was too late."she added. I drank from the cup not saying anything again. "Am sorry naoh"she said looking at me. I looked at her on hearing her call me that name again. Each time she call me that way, I think my heart might explode. "I told you not to call me like that"I said looking at her. "Am sorry noah. I won't stop until you say you forgive me"she said looking at me. This girl won't just listen. I think I might do something stupid if she say that again.
I cleared my throat and drank the remaining juice in the cup. "Why are you not saying anything?"she asked. "I already told you not..."
"Am sorry for everything NOAHH"she repeated again emphasizing on the name. That moment I think I might end up kissing her again. I stood up and took her hand. "Leave my room."I said taking her towards the door. "I already apologise why are you like this?"she asked looking at me. "I have forgiven you. now leave or you'll regret this later"I said staring back at her. She sighed. "Ok. But you don't look like you've forgiven me. Why are you still raising you voice at me?"she asked. "Just leave I need to rest."I said to her but she was staring at me weirdly like I just said something bad to her.
"Noah why are you..."
I moved closer to her and kissed her lips to shut her up. I then moved my lips from hers and looked at her face. She was staring at me in confusion now. "I told you to stop or you'll regret it, but you're too stubborn."I said looking at her. I expected her to be mad at me for doing that. "Have you forgiven me?"she asked looking at me. I stared at her and nodded my head positively. "Yes I did a long time ago"I replied. She smiled and kissed me. Wow this was unexpected. she actually kissed me herself? I drew her closer and kissed her back. She wrapped her arm around me going on with the kiss. I feel like my head will explode in excitement as we continue.

To be continued..


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