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COLD HEARTED Episode 17-18

I kept staring at him feeling bad. "You don't need to give me reply right now. I'll take my leave"he said and left. I moved back a bit and sat on the bench looking at him as he left. "Why me of all people? Since when has he had that feelings for me?"I asked myself.
Noah's POV
I left her at the scene and went to my room. I placed my hand on my chest to feel my heart beat. "Yeah. I think am strange. How can I fall in love with her suddenly when all I do is to nag her and call her names. I can't just understand myself too"I said feeling bad.
Ellie's pov
I was on the bed trying to get some sleep. I felt so disturbed and uncomfortable. "I love you ellie"his voice kept ringing in my head. What can I do about that? I think I like someone else. It took a while for me to get some sleep.
I had prepared for school and was leaving the room. I looked around maybe I'll see Noah but I could find him. I went out the gate and was waiting for taxi. few minutes later, the gate opened and I saw Noah's car driving out of the compound. When he got to where I was standing he stopped and whined down. "Get in"he said. I sluggishly opened the door and got in. I put on the seatbelt and he drove down the street. "Thank you"I said with little smile. He looked at me and stared off not saying anything. There was an awkward silence between us. He doesn't look that ok and that made me worry. I kept staring at him as he drives. I remembered the whole thing he told me yesterday again. "You"he said not looking at me. I thought he wanted to bring the matter up about yesterday night. "Why... Didn't you tell me that you'll be attending my school? When I saw you,I was totally shocked. I thought that was your spirit"he asked looking at me and the concentrated on the road again. " so..rry. It was.."
"Why are you stammering? It's ok. You can act like you use to. You don't have to be uncomfortable around me."he said. I explained the whole thing about the form and how I took the exam to him still. Soon we arrived at the school compound and we both got down. He wanted to leave but I stopped him. He looked at me wondering why I did that. "Hmm. About yesterday, am sorry. I actually have..."
"You don't have to say you're sorry. It's not your fault. I accepted you rejected me. I'll just be fine ok. Soon I'll be able get over it you dummy"he said and roughed my hair playfully with a smile. He walked away heading to the class. I sighed, looking sad. "I actually have someone else I like"I said watching him as he left. Some three girl came to me after he left. They were all looking at me weirdly. I wonder who they are. "Excuse me please"I said and wanted to leave not minding them. The one in the middle pushed me back by my shoulder. "Who. Are. You?"she asked looking scary. "What do you guys want? I don't remember knowing you before"I said staring at them. "We? Ok were senior Noah's guardian angels. And you, who are you?"she asked. "Guardian angels? Wow I love that. Well am just me. ellie"I replied. "I mean who are you to get down from his car and I think I saw him smiling at you"the last girl by the right said. "What class are you guys?"I asked looking at their uniform. "What does that have to do with our questions?"the last girl asked. "I think you guys..
"Hey! What are you guys doing?"someone said coming towards us. I looked back and saw the person. "Betty"I said smiling as she got closer
Noah's pov
I left her heading to class. "I got rejected. I know what you wanted to say. But that'll just hurt me more"I said.
I check my wristwatch for the time. "Why is time so slow"i said. Seems like no one has arrived in our class cause I can't hear noises as usual. I think I came too early. When I got to class, I met David with Cynthia a girl from other class. He was wrapping his arm around her waist sitting on the desk while she was standing in between his legs. They were about kissing when I opened the door. I wonder what has gotten into them. They were the only one in the classroom. David stood up when he saw me. I stared at him for a while then stared back at Cynthia. "Oh you're here"David said with a smile."What are you guys doing early in the morning?"I asked looking at them. He said something to her and she left after saying hy to me. I walked up to David looking annoyed by what I saw. "Why were you guys together? And the position I met you looks like something is going on between you"I said looking at him. He shrugged with a smile. "Why? What's the meaning of that? Are you telling me you're dating her too?"I asked now getting angry. He was staring at me strangely as if he doesn't know what I meant by that. "Dating her too you mean? Ah I forgot I didn't tell you we started dating since last week. Sorry my bad"he said smiling. That got me more angry and I hit him on the face. He staggered back and looked up at me. "Noah. What the heck is wrong with you? Was this because I didn't tell you about her?"he asked looking at me. "You don't know what you did wrong or you're pretending not to?"I asked. "What did I do? Not telling you we are going out or because you met us like this?"he asked. "You started going out with her. What of ellie. Don't you go out with her too? What do you plan to do with her?"I asked angrily. He looked at me and started laughing. That got me surprised. "What was that for?"I asked. "Oh ellie. Did I ever tell you am dating her or did she tell you that?"he asked. "What do you mean? Were you guys not dating? I mean don't you like her?"
"I like her just as a normal other females friends of mine. I never got any other special feelings for her. That's the true. I can't lie to you about that"he said. "What are you saying? Why did you brought her to your sister's birthday that night? And why..."I stopped, staring at him.
"And why did you sent the scholarship form to her?"I asked looking at him. He was was also staring at me not saying anything.

Maybe he thought I won't know about it. He sighed and sat on the desk behind him. "Noah. That's not like what you're thinking. I just did that that because..."he stopped talking not looking at me. "Because what? You pity her? And you taking her to your sister's birthday was because you you feel bored and have no one to take?"I said looking at him. "That's not it Noah. I just did that to help her"he said. "I know you David. If you know you're doing all this out of pity, it's better you stop now before you got her more confused. I won't stand it if you end up making her cry"I said.
Ellie's pov
During break, I and Benita went to the dinning hall. After taking our food, we went to sit somewhere.
I saw Christiana sitting somewhere with her friends. They were chatting and laughing while eating. "Just look at the way she laughs. She sounds like an evil witch"Anita said giggling. I looked at her and shook my head. "Let's just eat up and leave"I said. "Ok ma'am"she said and started eating.
When we finished eating, we stood up and was walking out of the dining. When we got out to the school compound, Someone pushed me with their shoulder and I almost fell. I looked my side and saw Christiana. "Oh. I think my shoulder is acting strange"she said touching her shoulder. I didn't bother to say anything cause I knew she did it intentionally. To avoid further trouble and arguments, I chose to walk off. She stood before me not letting me leave. "Christiana. What is it you really want from me?"I asked looking at her. "Who knows? I just hate you so much and anyone I hates, knows no peace. You insulted me twice which I will never forgive. The only way out for you is if you leave this school and don't show up around me again."Christiana said. "Oh. Really? And I chose not to leave."I said to her. "Ehm... Christiana I think you guys should stop"Anita said. "Who are you to tell me that? Do you want me to hit you?"she said looking at Anita badly. "Am just saying. I think that will make you look less bad"Anita added not looking at her. She left me and moved to Anita. "What do you just say? Am bad? Repeat it"she said pushing Anita's head. Anita kept her gaze down not looking at her in the eyes. "Why are you not saying anything uhn? Are you afraid of me?"she asked pushing her head more harder. I moved to her and hold her hand. "You should stop this. She said nothing bad. It's true. Are you not bad?"I asked looking at her. Now, the expression on her face looks more angrier. "Ah. I think bad is still better. You're worst Christiana. If you continue living your life this way, you'll blame yourself for it later."I said looking at her. "How dare you say that to me. Do you have a death wish?"she said in anger. "I think I made myself clear. Miss Christiana. No man would want to date a gangster who bullies people for fun"I said and took Anita's hand to leave. "You this crazy bitch!"she said angrily and pulled my hair. I turned back and tried to free myself from her grip. "Let me go!"I said holding her hand. I struggled until I finally pulled myself away from her. She was panting and looking at me angrily. "You're worst like I said earlier. This doesn't make you any better but makes you look more miserable"I said looking at her. She slapped my face hard in anger. Students have gathered around us to watch us fight. I have no intention of fighting her but she just crossed the line. I held my face staring at her. "No you're the mistaken one here. Am not the worst but you are. You sticking around Noah just for him to notice you. But you know what? Noah can't date a stupid and dumb girl like you. It's better you back off"she said panting heavily. I brought my hand down from my face and faced her. "Oh I can now see the fucking problem you have with me. It's obvious he doesn't even know you're doing this because of him. Are you that jealous? You look like you begging and dying for his attention when he didn't even notice you. You know what? Am not so stupid to fight over a guy. You look so pitiful because it seems you're begging for his love"I said looking straight into her eyes. This got her more angrier than before. She raised up her hand to slap me again but a hand gripped her arm behind her. I looked up and the person I saw surprised me. "Noah"I said looking at him. He looked at Christiana and let go of her hand. "I think you're crossing the line. You dare to lay your hand on her?"he asked looking at her. "Noah. What do you mean?"christiana asked. "Christiana you've changed so much. I can't believe you're doing this."
I sighed and moved closer to noah. "It's ok."I said looking at him.
"Stay out of this please."he said not looking at me. "You're going too far. I just saw you hit her for no reason. Why? What right do you have to do that? It's better you stop now or it'll only makes me hate you more. next time you do this again, I won't forgive you for it. I'll let it go this time"he said looking at her. Christiana looked at me panting heavily in anger. By now, student were snapping pictures and videoing us. "Let's go"noah said taking my hand. He pulled me along with him as we made our way through the students who were gathering.
the students kept staring at us as we left. I think he went too far on this. I thought to myself looking up at his face.

To be continued..


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