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COLD HEARTED Episode 15-16

She's such a bully. I looked at the note on the ground then looked back at her with a smile. "Why should I pick it up? You were the one that dropped it not me. You should pick it up yourself"I said looking at her. I jerked off her hand and walked out.
I saw the students staring at me as I walk. I wonder if we were acting. This school is really something else. A girl came running to me. "Wow. You're so bold. Am Nina can we be friends?"she said stretching her hand for a shake. I ignored her and kept moving. "What class are you? Are you a new student? What's your name?"she asked following me. I stopped and turned to her. "Why are you bothering me so much. Just go your way I don't want to get in any more trouble with you guys"I said looking at her. She looked down feeling bad. I think I was too harsh because, am still angry over the incident earlier. "Am sorry miss. I mean I don't feel like talking right now"I said in a calm voice. "Ok. Am sorry if I overreacted. I was just impressed by your attitude towards Christiana back there. I mean you really nailed it right."she said smiling. "Is that suppose to be a compliment?"I asked. "But will you be okay later?"she asked staring at me? "Why won't I?"I asked. "Christian won't let it slide. It's rear for students to face her the way you just did back there. She's just as poisonous as a snake. You have to watch out for her"she said staring at me. I can't believe what she's saying right now. "Oh was that the reason you guys gathered around us?"I asked. "Of course. You caught the attention of the students. My mouth was hung open when I saw the scene."she replied sounding more terrified. "Is that it?"
"What class are you?"she asked. "Senior class C"I replied. "Oh my God!"she said looking surprised. "Why?"I asked. "What a coincident. You're in the same class with us. So you and Christiana would also be in same class? Wow this is becoming interesting."she said smiling. I was staring at her as she talk. What a weird girl. I thought to myself. "Anyway, what's your name?"she asked.
"Am ellie daniels"I replied. She smiled and linked her arm with mine. "So,We are friends from now on"she said smiling.
Christina's pov
I left the scene and went to the girl's rest room feeling angry. When I got there, I threw the note book on the ground angrily. "You crazy brat. Wait and see how I get you. You've picked a live snake with bear hands wait and see how painful it bite stings. You won't get away with it this time"I said breathing heavily. I took my phone and dial Anne's number. "Hello you guys should all meet me at our joint"I said and hung up.
Ellie's pov
During maths period, the teacher wrote some problems on the board and asked if anyone could solve it. They whole class started murmuring and making noise. "Quiet!"he shouted and everywhere was silent again. "I gave you guys examples but you're still finding it difficult to solve this? Who among you can solve this correctly?"he asked the class. I was already solving the equations on my note books as he speaks. "Anyone who solve this correctly would be giving 10points for it"he said and the whole class all look at Christiana who was sitting In the third row from my desk. She looked at me badly and stood up. She walks towards the board and took the marker from the teacher. She started solving it and in few minutes, she drops the marker. "That's the final answer sir"she said smiling. I looked at my notebook then look at the board. The equation she solved had a mistake somewhere. The answer is not correct. "Are you sure this is the final answer?"the teacher asked again. I raised up my hand looking at the board. "Yes daniels do you wanna solve this?"he asked. I stood up and walked to the board. She was surprised when I came out. I look at her face before taking the marker. I solved mine at one side of the board. I finished solving and dropped the marker. "That's the correct answer sir"I said. "Wow. Can you all give a round of applause to ellie"he said and the whole class clap their hands. "You guys can go back to your seats. Christiana made a little mistake here, she would have gotten the answer correctly only if she had done it carefully. So, Ellie just got the 10points."the teacher said and they all gave another round of applause. She stared at me badly before moving back to her seat.
Few minutes later, the class was over and we were on break. We all have to eat at the school dinning hall. Anita took me there and were on the line because we met students there. "You're so smart. How could you solve that though algebra equation in no time"she said. "Well, it's not that though if you've been practising more on it before"I replied smiling. Soon it was our turn. We collected our food and took our tray to an empty table. I sat down and she was sitting opposite to me. Just as we were about eating, Christiana arrived with three other girls. They stopped before me holding their trays. I thought they wanted to sit and eat on the same table with us but I was wrong. "You taught you won right? But that's not the end yet. You're a f*cking loser to me."she said looking at me. She turned over my tray with the food in it. everything poured on the table and went down on my skirt too. "Oops! My hand slipped"she said laughing with the other girls. Anita's mouth was wide open in surprise. I sat there not saying a word. Students around us started watching and murmuring to themselves. Some were even videoing us. "Let's go girls"she said and they all left to another table. I held my fist so tight in anger but I couldnt do anything. "Uh this girl is really something. I told you she would get back. What will you do now?"Anita said feeling bad. I stood up from my seat and left the hall. I went to the girls rest room to clean up the mess. "You're just worst than a witch. Evil like the devil. Hmph I'll try to hold in my anger and be patient. Mum told me not to get in trouble if not, I know what to do with someone like you. Am not an easy girl too"I said as I wash my skirt. After I finished cleaning up, I opened the door to leave. I saw her right there again waiting for me. I closed the door and folded my arms together looking at her"What do you want again? Are you now satisfied? I purposely ignored what you did back there because I have my reasons. Since you do all you wish, I think we can stop getting on each other's nerve from now on. Is that clear?"I said looking her in the eyes. But she laughed instead. "That's not possible. I haven't done anything yet. That's was just an accident like I said earlier. My hand slipped. You have to be prepared and wait for the worst"she said looking at me.
Noah's pov
David, Mathew and I were playing game on our way to the basketball room. The rule is anyone that fails would be giving silly punishment by the other two people and he must do it at all cost. It sounds interesting to me so I continued. We all brought out our phone and were playing our favourite combat game. Mathew won and was out leaving I and David to continue. I wanted to win so I could tell David to take off his trouser and walk like that in his boxers till we get to the basketball room. It's funny right? We continue playing for minutes without a winner or loser. "Who will lose? You guys are really trying hard to win"Mathew said jokingly. Just as we were playing, I was distracted by the thoughts of ellie. The time I saw both of them at the party. I have always wanted to ask if something was going on between them but I think the question would sound weird to him. So I bother not to ask but it still bothers me a lot since then. "I won!"I heard David scream. "Oh shit!"I said after realizing he really won. "Should I go ahead with my punishment?"david asked looking at me. I just hope it won't be something crazy. "You guys cheated"I said not agreeing I lose. "Come on. You remember the rule right. Just accept you lose and take your punishment"Mathew said and David supported him. "Ok ok. What is it?"I asked looking at them. "Mine is hop on one leg till we get to the basketball room"David said. I laughed and thought to myself that mine was even worst than his if only I had won. "Ok. It's not that hard I think. What of you Mathew?"I asked looking at him but he started smiling foolishly. Hope this guy won't ask me to do something stupid. "Why are you smiling? Talk"I said. "OK. be prepare for mine as it's a bit crazy."he said grinning.
"Mine is..."he stopped and stared at both of us as we listen attentively to hear the rubbish he was about to say out. "Kiss the first girl that will come out next from that ladies restroom."he said pointing there.
"What?"David and I said at the same time. "Why will you say such thing. People will think am a pervert?"I said looking at him. "Remember the rule. You must do it even if it's just a Peck"he said grinning more wider. "Mathew You're too much"David said laughing. "O..ok I'll do it but a Peck would be better. I just hope the girl won't start hunting me later after I do it"I said. We all faced the corner and was expect the person that'll come of there.
Soon, we heard some foot steps. Looks like two people are coming. I thought to myself looking at the wall as the footsteps became closer. Someone steps out from the corner walking towards us and another person followed. The first girl is.... The first girl is ellie? I can't just believe this. Why is she here and in my school? And she's putting on our school uniform too. What's happening?
Me and David looked at each other while Mathew was just smiling. I looked back at her. She had stopped when she saw us. She stood there staring at us with a shocking expression. I looked behind her and saw Christiana also looking at me.
"What are you doing? Go ahead and do it"Mathew said smiling innocently.
What's this? Am I to kiss ellie right now? Am to kiss her as Mathew said. I didn't expect it to be with her. Would it be possible to do that right now? I thought to myself staring at her in confusion while Christiana was also staring at me behind her

Ellie's POV
I think he was surprised to see me. But the way he was staring at me was a so confusing. David was also staring at me while the other guy beside them kept smiling. I was thinking of a way to explain to him on how I got here, but he was already walking towards me. He stopped when he got to my front."It was actually...."he drew me closer to his body and what I was about to say disappeared from my memory. He stared into my eyes for while and my heart went thump! Thump! Thump faster than normal. What is he trying to do? Why is he holding me in this position? He can't possibly want to... He drew my face closer and crushed his lips down on mine before I could gather my thoughts together. My eyes were widely opened in shock. What has gotten into him? Why did he do this? Noah actually kissed me?"I thought to myself with my heart beating faster. Few seconds later, I quickly pulled away staring at him in confusion. He was not able to say anything but with the look on his face, he didn't regret doing it either. I was dumbfounded.
Noah's POV
when I kissed her, she pulled away and was staring at me. "Wow! That looks so real"i heard Mathew's voice behind. How do I explain this situation to her? She looks so confused and shocked. "A...am sorry ellie. It was..."she didn't let me finish the statement before walking out on me quickly. I turned back and watched her leave. I looked at David who was also surprised by what I just did. He couldn't also believe I can do that to her. Christiana came to me looking so angry. "You're so horrible Noah. I can't just believe this"she said and walked out angrily. "Nice one bro. But the kissing was too longer than a quick peck"Mathew said smiling. "Am sorry I need to go guys"I said and left them.
I searched everywhere for ellie but could not find her. I wonder where she left to. I feel so worst to see her act that way. But I feel more terrible to say am sorry after the kiss.
Ellie's POV
I went to one of the empty classrooms and sat there alone. I was thinking of the kiss. The moment kept flashing back to my head every seconds. Why? Why did he do that. Was he doing it for fun to show his friend how lowly I am?. How can he take me for that?
That was my first kiss. How can he just take it easily like that? Why in the world is he doing all this to me."I thought to myself feeling bad. My phone was ringing and I checked to find out he was the one calling. I didn't pick it and it rings again multiple times. Soon a massage came in from him. "Where are you?"I took my phone and switched it off feeling more angry.
I was in the empty room till the school closed. After closing hour, I went to class for my bag. On getting there, I met my desk being messed up with markers and Biro. "Die you bitch!" "Transfer from this school or you'll see hell"
"Crazy girl" "prostitute. How many men have you slept with?" "Die!" "I hate you" It was written all over my desk like that. I got more angry and frustrated. "Who the did this. Come out and say it to my face instead"I shouted. The remaining students in the class all were staring at me. "The person that did this should come out"I yelled again. Just then, Christiana and the three girls appeared holding their school bags. "Why are you making so much noise? Are you a dog?"she said and the rest bursted into laughter. "Did you guys do this?"I asked. "And what if we do, what can you do about it?"she replied smiling. "I warned you before didn't I?"I said staring at her. "Hey. Is your brain faulty? Who are you to talk to her like that?"one of the girl said pushing me by the shoulder. Christiana raised her up at the girl telling her to stop. She stepped back and Christiana moved closer to me. The class were videoing this as usual. "I told you it's just the beginning. And your guts has no limit. How could you to Noah?"she said staring at me badly. I just feel like snapping her neck and strangle her. "I would just warn you to Stay away from him. Since you don't know, I'll tell you now. NOAH IS MINE! if you ever get involve in him again, I'll show you the way to hell"she said and walked out with her gang. I stood there angrily. "Fine. Let's see how far we can go with each other."I said in anger. I took my bag and also headed out of the class.
When I got home, I didn't meet mum. I called her on phone and she told me she went out to buy some things. I sat down on the bed not feeling happy. I took off my uniform and changed into my casual wear.
I sat there on the stood thinking about the whole situation back in school. My first day in school was a very big disaster. "You're such a bad jerk Noah. I hate you more. You said you've changed but you're worst. You only think about yourself. you don't care how you hurt others feels."I said sadly.
My phone started ringing and I took it from my side. I saw it's Noah calling. I decided to pick it this time. "Please can we meet? Come to the bench outside I'll be waiting for you"he said and hung up.
I brought down the phone from my ear slowly. "You dare to call me out after what you did? You're so shameless"I said and went to bed. I got on top of it to sleep but later got up again feeling uncomfortable. I think I should make some things clear to him and draw a line between us from now on. Even if we work for him, we have our right and prides too. I got down from bed and walked towards the door.
I went to the place he mentioned and found him standing and moving around restlessly. I walked up to him and folded my arms. "Why did you call me?"I asked and he quickly turned to me. "About what happened today, am so..."
"Stop!"I said not looking at him. "You want to say you're sorry again?"I asked. He didn't say anything but kept staring at me. "That word hurt me more. When you know you'll feel sorry towards me after doing it, why did you do it in the first place? Am I that low? Do you have fun doing it? I must be crazy to think you really changed not knowing you've became worst. I must say it even if you'll end up throwing us out of your house. I don't care anymore. Do you know the gravity of what you took from me? Yes fine. You might have kissed countless of ladies. A kiss must nothing to you but it's a million to me."I said in anger with tears filled in my eyes. "How could you do such thing. Why? Why? Why did you do that noah!"I said calling him by his name for the first time.
"Because I like you. No I love Ellie."he said looking at me. "What?"I asked looking surprise. Am sure I heard him right."Yes I do love you ellie. I was wrong for saying sorry after the kiss. I was actually not sorry after doing it because I didn't regret my action. You might think am crazy but am not. I know what am saying. I started developing this silly strange feelings for you recently. It grows bigger each day I tried to force myself not to. I think I don't need to hold it in any longer"he said looking at me. I remembered the day he told me about someone he likes and how he changed because of her. I was wondering if that was a different lady or it's me"who's the girl you were talking about that day? Me?"I asked looking at him. "Yes you are."he replied. I think this is a dream. Someone need to wake me up before it goes too far. Noah of all people developed interest in me? He fell for a common me the cook's daughter. That'll be the last thing I'll ever think of about him. I know him to be a rude and cold hearted guy. I thought he hates me. But he's the one confessing his love right in front of me now.
"I know it might sound weird and unbelievable to you but am been sincere right now. Am not saying you should love me back. You own your heart and the decision is yours. But at least I want you to know that. I think my mind would be freed now that I said everything out to you."he said looking at me calmly.
I didn't say anything but looking like someone who just did something bad. I feel bad all of a sudden. What am I suppose to say to this? I love him too? Am not even sure of my feelings right now. I have no idea of what to do or say to him.

To be continued
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