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COLD HEARTED Episode 13-14

Noah's pov
My sister would arrive from Canada today, I went to the airport to welcome her. I was standing there at the airport holding bunch of flowers in my hand. The place was a bit crowdy. people were also beside me waiting for someone to return. Some were holding a board with the name of the person on it. Some were already welcoming their relatives. While some people were moving to and fro with box or bags. I stood there patiently waiting for my sister.
After waiting for almost 15 minutes, I saw her approaching with a box. I smiled and waved my hands at her so that she could see me. She also smiled as she got closer. She finally got to me a we gave each other side hug. "Welcome"I said and handed the flower to her. "Wow. Little brother has really changed. I can't believe you actually brought my favourite flower"she said and received it smiling. we both headed to my car and I drove her home.
We got home minutes later and was welcome properly by the maids.
When we got to the living room, we chatted and talk about so many things. She has changed a lot. She now look like a young business woman just the younger version of mum. She just got engaged and would be getting married soon. I guess she came home because she missed us.
Ellie's pov
I was indoor since mum left. Noah never called me for errands or other things probably he was busy welcoming his sister that just arrived. I sat on the stood before the dressing table looking down at my phone. I would be resuming school next week. I wonder how everything would go with me been among those rich kids. Would it be a peaceful stay or a bad one? I thought to myself. "But wait, mc Donald is the school Noah attend. Wow I never thought of that from the beginning. Will I be in the same school with him? Why is everything getting more complicated?"I thought to myself feeling bad.
"Hey ugly. Pick up you phone! Hey ugly pick up your phone."the ringing tone of my phone woke me up in the morning. It's Sunday, I don't go to work. I reach for my phone and don't bother to check the caller before picking up. "Good morning. Why did you call so early?"I asked because I knew it's Noah. "Come outside. Am waiting for you"he said and hung up. I checked the time and saw it's 7:10. "This crazy guy won't let me rest. Whats the matter with him this time?"I said and got down from bed still feeling sleepy.
After changing, I went out and found him waiting by the gate in his normal black sport outfit. "Black devil"He can't possibly want me to hold bottle water and towel for him this time. I thought to myself and walked up to him. I greeted him and I was surprised he replied today. "You called me"I said looking at him. "Yes. I want you to hold this. Am going for a jug"he said giving me a towel and bottle water. "I knew this is it"I said feeling annoyed. "What? Are you complaining?"he asked staring at me. I quickly nodded my head with a smile. "No. Let's go"I said.
After jugging for few minutes and kilometers from home, I was getting tired and jugging slowly. He stopped and walked back to me. "Are you tired? Let's rest a bit and continue later"he said and went to sit on the grass under a tree. I also followed him and sat down feeling tired. He collected the water from me and opened it. After drinking half, he handed the remaining to me. I received it but staring at him. I wonder what the matter is with him. He's been too nice to me recently. Why? I feel like am with another person anytime he does. "Are you not thirsty?"he asked when I dropped the water beside me. "Uhm I want to ask you a question"I said not looking at him. "Go ahead"he replied. "Why are you been nice to me these days? It's unlike you"I asked looking at him. His eyes were sparking boring into mine as he said nothing to the question. Why is he not replying?. He fixed his gaze down and smiled. I wonder if the question was funny to him but it's not to me. "Yeah. I think the question sounds stupid to you but it's bothering me so much recently"I said. "Was I that bad towards you?"he asked. "No it's not like that. I just think..."
"You're right. am Rude and arrogant. I don't threat people nicely. But I think someone has begin to change that about me. She told me not to look down on people or threat them bad. I think she want me to change for the better. And I would do that just to make her feel good. Why? Because I think I like her"he said looking at me. What's this? He actually changed because of a girl?. Who's it? I thought to myself staring at him. "Is that it? Does the person know you're doing it for her sake."I asked him. "I think she doesn't know yet. She still thinks am a bad person as she know me to be before."he replied smiling. Oh I think the bad boy is finally in love. "So bad. That means she doesn't know you like her too"I said. "We can say that"he replied briefly. "That'll be so painful for you. An unrequited love. I'll advise you to tell her you like her if you really do before it's too late. Because she might continue getting the wrong idea about you and end up hating you more."I said in my final conclusion. "Am ok now. Let's continue."I said and wanted to stand up but I felt his hand pulled me back. I was surprised as I turned back to him facing him so closely. The way he was staring at me and serious expression on his face, got me so confused.

I kept staring at him wondering why he did that. And the way he was staring back at me feels so strange."W..why
?"I stuttered looking at him.
Noah's pov
I lost my mind for a while by pulling her back when she wanted to leave. I wonder why I did that. "I.. I am still tired. I want to stay a bit longer so wait by my side"I finally said and let go of her hand. "Oh ok"she said and sat beside me. "Are you that tired?"she asked. "Uh"I replied not looking at her. I collected the towel from her and threw it over my face. "Why are you covering your face?"she asked laughing. "Just feel like doing it. Am I looking funny?"I asked. "Yeah. You're looking like a ghost"she said laughing again. "A ghost?"I said and removed the towel from my face. "That's not it. I mean you were looking so funny that's why"she said looking down. I guess she thought I was mad by that statement. I roughed her hair with my hand. "You're so cute"I said smiling. She also smiled and touched her head.
The time really flew fast. We went home some minutes later. I wish she could stay a bit longer with me but that's not possible. After we departed on getting to the entrance, I was smiling so brightly as I watch her leave to through other entrance. After she left, I turned back and was heading in, but met Helen by the entrance with a cup of coffee in her hand. She was watching me all this time. "I guess you're so happy by the way you were smiling back there."she said and sipped from the cup then brought it down looking at me. "Who's she? I mean the girl you came in with?"she asked. "Uhn.. She's our one of our employee's daughter."I replied. "Really? I can't believe you can be this close to such person. Bro you've really changed a lot."she said. "And I think something smells fishy"she said smiling. I wonder what she was thinking. "The girl, do you like her?"she asked looking at me. "W..what? How could you say that? It's not the way you think. She's just.. She's just my errand girl that's all. How can you say that?"I quickly corrected sharply. "Really? But I just have the feeling you do. But if you say you don't, that's not a problem. why getting mad at me?."she said smiling. She patted my shoulder playfully and went in. "Wow. I can't believe this. How does she.."I watched her leave and also went inside and headed straight to my room.
Ellie's pov
A week later, I had prepared everything for my new school. I had done registration and other important process. Luckily for me, I would start from where I stopped in my formal school. My final year in high school. Am so happy and exited. I never forget about the person that sent the form.
I brought out my uniform from the wardrobe. My mum had ironed it neatly for me. I put it on and wore my shoes. I moved to the mirror to see how I look in it. "It's pretty but why is the skirt so short?"I said drawing it down a little. It was revealing my tights about three inches above my kneel. I adjusted it properly and took my bag. Just then mum walked in. "Wow. You look just great in the uniform"she said looking at me. "Really. I think I always look great in any outfit"I replied smiling. "Come and give mummy a hug before leaving"she said stretching out her arms. I ran into them and hugged her. "Good to see you go to school again. Study well and watch out for bad kids"she said patting my back. "Ok mum. I know how to deal with that"I said smiling. "You need to leave quickly. You can't be late on your first day"she said and quickly released me from the hug. "Bye mum. See you in the evening"I said and went out.
I haven't tell Noah I'll be attending his school yet. I wonder how he'll react if he suddenly sees me there. Things had been going smoothly between us these days and I love it the way it is rather than him screaming and calling me all sort of bad names. I think he has really changed just as he said.
The taxi dropped me right in front of the school and I got down after paying. I stood before the building looking up. "Welcome to mc Donald high school"it was written boldly like that at top of the building. The school environment really looks great. I looked around and saw some students been dropped by their drivers. Some by their parents. Some students were walking towards the school building either in two or three chatting and laughing. "It's really a great school"I said looking around. Just as I was about to move, someone bumped into me and the note she was holding fell to the ground. She raised her eyebrow angrily at me. "Why are you standing on the way like that?"she asked in anger. Immediately I saw her face, I recognised her. The rude lady of the other night. I looked down at her note book and saw her name their. Christiana Johnson. "Excuse me. You were the one that bumped into me"I said looking at her. "I can't believe this. You were the crazy girl that scratched my car the other night. So you attend this school? Why are you always getting on my nerves you this insect"she said screaming more louder. I looked around and students were around us in few seconds. I was surprised on seeing them. What are they all looking at?. I can't cause trouble on my first day in school. It would be better to ignore her. I thought to myself feeling nervous.
"Miss. Ok am sorry if that will do. So can you please excuse me?"I said and was walking out on her. She stopped me by dragging me back by the arm. I was surprised by this. What does she really want again after an apology. "Pick it up"she said looking at the notebook on the floor. "What?"I said looking at her. "You heard me. Your ears are not blocked. I said you should pick it up"she repeated again. I looked around and saw the students who were watching. It would be better to avoid this witch trouble but she's way too much and getting on my nerves.

To be continued..


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