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COLD HEARTED Episode 11-12

It went off the started ringing again. I was think of what to say and at last, an idea got into my head. I took my phone and picked the call. "Hello. Good morning young master."I greeted him. "Come out here now"he said and cut off the line. I dropped the phone and fell back to the bed tapping my feet violently on the sofa. "What should I do he want me to come out. Will he scold me for what I did last night?"I thought to myself. I stood up and went to the bathroom to wash my face and brush my teeth. I went back into the room and changed from my pajamas.
On getting to the compound, he was standing by his car already in school uniform. I took a deep breath before walking up to him. "You called me"I said when I got to him. "Yes I did because I have something to say. A lot to say"he replied looking at me. What's that? It's like he wants to talk about last night. Let's just pretend I didn't remember. that'll do"I thought to myself. "You. You know what you did last night right?"he asked staring at me. "Me? I don't remember. Did I do something bad. What did I do?"I asked acting innocent. He nodded his head staring at me. "You're lying right? I know you remembered."he said. "I can't remember. Did something happen?"I asked scratching the back of my head not looking at him. "Fine. If you say you can't remember, I'll let it go but"he said and stopped, staring at me. But what? I thought to myself. "But don't get drunk again when no one is around. You might get yourself into trouble"he said and opened his car. He sat down and closed the door then drove down towards the gate. I stood there staring at his car until he left the compound and the gate was closed back. I breath out feeling relieved. "Ellie you did a good job"I said smiling. But, did he actually brought me home or David did? How? When? Oh my God. I can't even remember how I got home. Just as I was thinking hard on how I got home, I remembered when he carried me on his shoulder towards his car and how I was hitting his back and cursing him to let me down. I closed my face with both hands and bent down feeling embarrassed even though he's not there again. "I deserve to die. I did that much? I swear I will never drink again."i said almost crying.
Later that evening, I was in the store preparing to go home and a man came in. "Good evening ma'am"he greeted. He was dressing in black suit and had glasses on. I replied his greeting and asked what he needed. He gave me a brown envelope and told me it was from someone to me. "What's this?"I asked him looking at it. "I was asked to give that I have no idea what's there. Since I delivered it, I'll take my leave now"he said and left the store. I wonder what's in the envelope. I unsealed it and brought out some papers from it. Guess what I saw on the paper? Mc Donald high scholarship form. It was a total surprise to me. Who gave such an offer to me? I thought to myself looking at it. "Sister ellie"I heard Betty's voice and I looked up. My boss's daughter."Oh Betty you're back. What of mum?"I asked trying to keep the paper back into the envelope but it dropped and slide to where Betty was standing. She picked it up and looks at it closely. "Wow you actually got our school scholarship form."she said smiling. I walked to her and collected it. "I didn't get it. A man just brought it now saying it's from someone. But I have no idea of who sent it?"I said and put them back into the envelope. "Really? You have to be happy. This is a big opportunity for you to go back to school Ellie. It's a scholarship. You're brilliant and smart too. If you pass the scholarship examination very well, you'll be qualified to be a student at mc Donald high. Am so happy for you sis"Betty said smiling. "But I don't know where this come from. What if the man got the wrong address. Am not expecting this from anyone. And the name of the person is not even written anywhere on the envelope."I said feeling bad. "The person is a good Samaritan. You have to fill the form before it's too late."Betty said smiling and went in to drop her bag.
She was actually the third child of my boss Mrs Mary. She attends mc Donald high school still in junior class. Am 5 years older than her because I'll be 18 soon and she's just thirteen. She likes and respect me a lot even though I only work for her mum. I looked at the envelope I was holding once again wondering who the sender might be.
After closing, I broke the news to my mum and she was so happy about it even though we still don't know the sender. "Mum. We can't fill this yet. I don't know where it come from. And the school. I can't attend that school"I said to mum. "Why? Why won't you attend the school? Do you want the form to waste? Remember it's a scholarship. If you pass, I don't have to pay school fees or other fees like that. Don't you want to go back to school ellie? This is what you always wanted. To go back to school and further your education. why are you now saying this again. I'll also be happy if you quit that stressful work and focus on your education just like other kids of your age."she said looking at me. I sighed and dropped the envelope. It's a good thing for me to go back to school also but the question is who sent this? I thought to myself staring at the envelope
Noah's pov
After closing hour, I was heading towards the garage where I packed my car to leave for home. What I saw in front of my car surprised me. "Senior Noah this is for you"a girl said stretching some flowers to me. They were four in number. All holding one gift or the other. But today's not my birthday why are this things standing in front of my car with presents? I thought to myself staring at them. "This is a welcome gift from us. We know you're the mr Williams only son who just got back from new York. And we also heard you're senior David's best friend. We brought this gifts to welcome you to our school hope it's not too late though. "Welcome Noah Williams"the four of them said in unison. "Jeez. Who are this annoying things"I said murmuring to myself. I cleared my throat putting both hands in my pockets and moved closer to them. "Who are you? Were you guys stalking me?"I asked staring at them. "No we are not stalking you. We got the information from internet. Don't look at us that way. We are not bad people. Just accept our gifts and that's all." One of them said and the rest nodded their heads in agreements staring at me. "Oh wow. You guys are interesting. But you know what?"I said laughing. I moved closer to them and tilted my head a bit. "I think you guys should be more serious on your studies instead of stalking someone's personal information's on internet and staying in front of someone's car with useless gifts."I said looking at them one after the other. I raised my head and wanted to leave but turned back and collected the flowers from the first girl. "I'll collect this because you're cute"I said with half smile and pressed the remote of my car to unlock it. They all turned back staring at me until I got into the car and drove out.
I was in the compound with jullie(my dog) playing with it. "Jullie. I think am strange these days. Why does my heart flutters anytime am with one particular person? Don't you think am sick and need to see the doctor?"i asked stroking the body of my dog. "But the problem is that person said she hates me. I think my heart is faulty. Let's see my doctor tomorrow ok. I have no one to tell this except you"i said and hug the dog rubbing it's back. I heard some foot steps behind me and I turned back. It's ellie. She was moving the trash to the waste bin. She didn't see me because where I was sitting is a bit dark. After she dumped it, she walked to the bench and sat down. With the pale look on her face, I think something is bothering her. "Why's she down? Is anything the problem?"I said looking at her. I brought out my phone and called her number. She saw it ringing but refused to pick up. I called again and this time, she cleared her throat before picking it. "Hello where are you?"I asked staring at her from where I was. "Hello. Am not around right now. I went out to get something"she said sounding energetic. "Really?"I asked and stood up from where I was sitting. I started walking towards her silently. "Yes. I'll be back in an hour"she said.
"In an hour?"I asked and stopped before her. She was surprised to see me. Her hand dropped slowly from her ear staring at me. Probably She didn't expect to see me around by that time.

Ellie's pov
When I saw him before me, I was so surprised that I don't know what to say. I lied to him that I went out and he saw me here. I didn't know he would be around. I kept my face down not saying anything. "Is this where you're buying something?"he asked. "I.. I was about to leave when you called"I said still not looking at him. I was expecting him to nag and scold me for it as he normally do but he came to sit beside me instead. I raised up my head and look at him. "Why are you down? Is anything wrong?"he asked. That question surprised me. Was he the one asking or another person? He never spoke so softly to me before. I was staring at him not saying anything. "Why are you staring at me that way? Shouldn't the master care after his errand girl well being?"he asked. "It's nothing I just wish to sit here for a while"I replied. "Are you sick? Why is your face so pale?"he asked and placed his hand on my forehead. I can't believe he's the one doing this. He just touched me? "You're ok."he said and removed his hand. "Yes I am. I think my face just chose to be this way tonight. It use to happen like that at times"I said with a fake smile. "What? Is there a thing like that?"he said. I nodded my head.
"Why did you call me? Do you need anything I have do for you?"I asked. "No. I just called"he replied.
"Hmm. Have you eaten?"he asked. Another strange question again. This is unlike him. When did he ever care if I had eaten or not? is he drunk. I think something is wrong."I thought to myself staring at him. He smiled and stood up from my side. "You should learn to eat early if you don't want to get sick. Good night see you tomorrow"he said and left with his dog. I was staring at him in wonder. "Wow. I think he ate something bad today. Was that really that rude and arrogant Noah I know?"I said in disbelief. I stood up from the bench and also went inside.
I finally filled the scholarship form and submitted it to the school. We took the exam following week and we were waiting for results.
I was in the store browsing on my phone. I kept going to the school website to check if the results were out. I was a bit nervous because many people took the exam and only few will be admitted according to the news 20 candidates out of 200 would be admitted. I just pray it will turn out great. Betty got back from school and quickly came to me. "Ellie have they sent any message to you?"she asked looking at my face. "No. I haven't receive any. I keep going to the school website but still don't see anything"I replied. "Not the website. A message would be sent to you directly. I heard they are sending it already"she said. "Really? Are you serious?"I said and quickly went to my phone messages. I scrolled it up and even checked my spam box but didn't see any message. "I didn't see anything here. Does that mean I failed?"I said looking at Betty. "No that can't happen. You must to pass. It's like something is wrong or the message was yet to be sent to you. Let's wait for sometimes"she said and I kept calm but my heart was beating fast. 30 minutes later, no message. 1 hour later, no message. I became tired and concluded I failed the scholarship exam. "Betty I think I failed."I said feeling bad. "But how can that happen. You said you did the exam well."she said also feeling bad. "Even though am bright and always came first in my formal school, there are still lot of students who are smarter than me out there. 200 candidates participated in the exam. You think there won't be students who are 10x brilliant that me? They chose only 20 out of 200 which made my chance a very slim one. Don't worry about me. I'll go to school when it's time"I said and patted betty by her shoulder. "Ding ding!"the sound of message notification came into my phone. I took it and checked. "Congratulation ellie Daniels. You've are one of the 20 candidates chosen for mc Donald high scholarship. Rank: top 8"I read the message with my heart filled with joy. "Wow! wow!! wow!!! Betty I passed the exam. I did it betty"I said and we both screamed and hugged each other. "Congratulations ellie. Am so much happy than you right now"she said jumping in joy.
"I know you will pass. I believe in you. Now welcome to mc Donald high ellie"she said smiling happily.
After work, I broke the news to my mum. She was so happy on hearing that. "Whosoever gave this important opportunity to you will be blessed abundantly. How I wish I could know the person and thank them properly."my mum said happily.
I was also happy I'll finally be going to school after a long day at home.
My mum's phone rang and she picked it still smiling. "Hello."she said. I don't know the respond the person gave her but she stood up from the coach and said she'll be outside now. She ended the call and took her apron and cap. "What's wrong mum?"I asked. "Ellen would arrive home today. Mr Williams first child. I was asked to resume to kitchen now."she replied. "Ok"I said and she went out.
Mr Williams daughter. Hope she won't be as rude as Noah. Hope she won't also give us hard time like that guy do? I wonder what type of person she is.

To be continued..

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