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Robert McKenzie jnr. Was the only child to the wealthiest and most industrious man in the whole eastern Nigeria, Chief Robert McKenzie, CEO mac-elephant group.
Mac-elephant group was the third biggest Agro-investment in the whole west Africa. Robert jnr. Lived a life of affluence with everything he needed at his disposal, cute little boy with an already mapped future.
While Christopher Aladdin was an orphan living with an old poor widow who adopted him after the death of his parents, Chris was a poor hardworking lad with big dreams, but little or no chances of achieving the dreams.
Now Chris and Robert were friends, they shared common interest in art and adventures, a friendship between a low-life and the son of wealth seemed impossible but in their case it was different, Robert though from a wealthy family respected Chris a lot because he was very brilliant and intelligent, even with the fact that he wasn't going to school, but from his choice of words and speculation, there was no doubt he had a brain that needed refining.
Chris will hang around and wait for Robert to return from school, so they will either go for an adventure exploring the wild life or visit an art exhibition shop to talk with artist and sculptors or maybe sneak up into the McKenzie mansion to play video game.
One faithful Saturday evening, on their way back from a river bank, Robert summoned courage to question his friend to know why he wasn't going to school
''I've been wondering" Robert said with a very serious look ''is it that you don't like going to school of you've got a phobia for school?"
''Actually I dream of going to school everyday and night, I have dreams of becoming a lawyer someday, but since granny can't afford to buy me a single book, am even the person working the little I can, selling my artworks to make sure we don't starve'' Chris explained with nothing but sadness in his pale blue eyes ''but one day when am grown, I will register for an adult class and make sure I become a lawyer''
His words touched Robert to his bone, and Robert moved, it seemed the grasses stopped dancing and the birds stopped singing and the only sound audible around them was the voice of his very intelligent and only friend waisting in the street and farms because of money while he had more than enough.
He thought to himself 'its time to step up from giving his used cloths and shoes to his friend, maybe it was his destiny to make an impact in the life of his friend'
"You know what?" Robert asked ''I will talk to my dad and see if he will give you a scholarship, he's doing it for so many other people so I believe he can do it for you"
"I don't think he'll take me serious, all the kids on his scholarship scheme are in one way or the other related to him" Chris retorted
"You are related to him, as my friend'' the look on Chris' face showed a sign of disagreement "okay, if you really want to go to school then I have another idea"
''Which is?" Chris asked looking uninterested
''I've got a trust fund, a bank account which my Dad's company pays salary into every month end, we can use money from there and make you a lawyer, even if we can't afford my kind of school, buy believe me all schools teach the same thing, the difference is just the building''
Chris listened with exasperation as his friend narrated his plan to him, he was so bewildered that his lost words to say.
''Wait, Rob, are you seriously gonna do that for me?" He asked amidst his mixed feelings, it seemed unbelievable to get such a help from someone a year younger than himself. Robert only nodded to his question ''you're going to utilize a money being stacked for your future just for my education?, what if your Dad finds out?"
''One question at a time bro" Robert smirked "first about my future, I won't be needing the trust fund since am going to inherit my Dad's company, secondly'' he let out a wide grim before saying ''look here young man, the account is mine and so is the money in it, my Dad won't find out except I tell him, and that I won't consider necessary, even if he finds out I believe he would be proud of me because am not wasting it on women and useless things, but if he tries to stop me, I will threaten to stop schooling, oh I imagine how that will break his heart''
The question was will chief Robert find out about his son's selfless decision?
Oh yes he did
And yes he was proud of his son
Robert and Chris did all they could and made sure Chris got admitted into JHS3 which was Roberts class, even though he never completed his primary education, but all things was answerable to money .
Their friendship became a bond, old Granny 'Louis' passed away and Chris moved into the McKenzie's mansion, Robert had no other sibling so Chris filled that gap and in less than a year, the whole McKenzie family took him as part of the family.
Days passed, weeks ran, months flew, years vanished and they both finished senior high school same time with beautiful results from which Chris proved to be more intelligent than Robert was.
Senior Robert wanted to send his only son to Princeton university in new Jersey for his tertiary education, but trust junior Robert he opposed insisting that he wants to school in Nigeria so he can be fully accustomed to the tradition and norms of business in Nigeria, Chief Robert who so respected his son's opinion obliged, meanwhile he knew his son's reason was just to keep an eye on his friend in case he has needs.
Chris and Robert got admitted into eagle heights university, a private university, Chris was doing his law stuff while Robert was studying business administration and management with a sole aim of taking succeeding his father in the family business when its time. They were both doing well in school, but they had one single problem -pretty ladies- and they both had a bigger problem in common too, no one can stick to a single girl for long, they both enjoyed changing girls like babies changed diapers, and since nobody was in the right sense to advise the other person, they both became PLAYERS and they were the biggest players in campus.
Five years passed and they both graduated with first class results, Robert went to Oxford university in London for his masters degree while Chris went to Victoria island in Lagos for his law school.
From London, Robert travelled to Italy to acquire his PhD.
Thesame year he came back too Nigeria was the same year Chris was called to Bar, they both achieved their dreams at the age of twenty four and twenty five respectively but the whole credit went to Robert, Even though Chief Robert had quadrupled his son's monthly dropping in his child trust fund so as to enable them achieve their dreams, no one seemed to have noticed his effort in Chris' educational career -he was a successful lawyer all thanks to his friend and brother Robert McKenzie.
Chris respected and owed his life to his friend, who was now the chairman board of trustee to his father's business -the Mac-elephant groups- and Chris was his personal lawyer and also the personal lawyer to the entire business, that alone was a true definition of being a successful lawyer adding to the fact that he had also set up a very big law firm for himself and was doing well.....
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