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********WEEKS LATER*******
Naturally, Amanda was made to believe illness was for the weak and feeble minded, but that changed when Robert McKenzie and Doctor Ken broke down the same period, Doctor Ken's illness could be attributed to his nonchalant drinking habit, while Robert had a very severe Pneumonia.
Yes pneumonia it was, there was no doubt about it Amanda had seen the symptoms too often to be mistaken, as if his dangerously high fever and pulse rate wasn't enough, he was complaining of severe pain on both sides of his chest, and he had started the telltale coughing. Double pneumonia, though her heart ached at the thought that the man she loved above all others was so ill, she tried to make her hand steady as she pulled quinine out of her bag and began to measure it. There was no time for emotion, a man's life depended on her skills.
Initially when Amanda was sent for, concerning Robert's health, she had this lump of fear in her throat and it would be so unprofessional to admit that he was more than a patient to her, that, though he had never asked for it, she had given him her heart months ago.
''Am not going to let you die'' she said slowly
''Am not gonna die'' Robert replied as he opened his eyes, she managed a smile and he smiled too, then closed his eyes again.
His breathing was shallow but at least he was still alive
''He's gonna be fine'' Chris entered the room unannounced
''I hope so'' somehow her voice sounded normal
''Don't let him die please''
''He's not going to die'' Amanda had this fear in her, back in Med. School, she was taught that when a doctor is emotionally attached, she was supposed to hand the case over to another doctor, but Doctor Ken was ill and incapacitated, there was no one else and that frightened Amanda almost as much as Roberts's pneumonia
''He's a strong man and he's got reasons to live'' she couldn't tell Chris about her fears.
Chris stared at the floor, his expression grim ''do all you can to save him, he's the only family I have'' tears rounded his eyes, the truth was Chris had never seen Robert this sick before.
''I will'' she smiled then reached for a piece of paper that she had left on the table ''would you mind taking this to Ella for me?"
Half an hour later, Ella arrived with the drugs Amanda had requested with a frown on her face.
''It was just to difficult to sort out these drugs'' she announced
''Good thing you brought the right ones, I'll need you to do something else for me please''
''Not a difficult task this time please'' Ella grunted
Amanda suppressed a smile, if the situation had not been so serious, she would have laughed at Ella's tone
''I really need you to go take care of Dr. Ken for me'' she said slowly
''But I don't know how'' Ella protested, her lips pursed in disapproval.
''The only thing you need to do is make sure he stays in bed, eats his food and takes his drugs'' not that Ken had any alternatives
''Amanda....'' The anguish on Ella's face almost made Amanda relent
''I'm desperate Ella, I can't be in two places at the same time, Robert's condition is critical, but I can't concentrate on him if am worried about Dr. Ken, that's why I need you to help me with him''
''You're not giving me much choice are you?" Ella listened as Amanda described what needed to be done, then with a surprising bounce in her step, she headed to Dr. Ken's house.
Amanda turned to Robert, even without a thermometer she could see that his temperature was still rising and his breathing shallow, she wondered if he was getting enough oxygen to his lungs. She mixed a dose of quinine
''Drink it all'' she said as she put her arm around his shoulder to keep his head upright, while she held the glass to his lips
Robert swallowed it all without uttering a single word.
''What are you doing here?"
Ella stared to the doctor who just became her patient, her hands on her hips in her best disapproving stance ''that's not a good way to welcome a lady''
''Please Leave'' as Dr. Ken jerked his head towards the door, Ella felt a pinch of sympathy for him for him, it couldn't be easy lying helplessly on a bed, she knew he was just ashamed of being seen in his present predicament, no wonder Amanda sent the only person she could trust.
''Leaving is a tempting thought'' she agreed ''but I can't, I promised Amanda I'll make sure you're okay''
''Well, miss Ella, you sure failed the assignment, any fool could see that am not okay, and your presence is only making things worse''
''Well, I cant fail an assignment that am just about to start, now you are going to take your tablets, or do I have to force them down your throat'' Ella said as she presented a glass of water and some tablets
''You wouldn't do that'' Ken grunted
''Oh, I would''
''OK, how about you give me some whisky first'' he demanded
It was obvious the man doesn't even know what was wrong with him. What a pity!
''If that's what you want, fine, no problem, but I will like you to take a look at the tablets first, I believe as a doctor, you'll recognize them''
She took a step closer to the bed and handed the saucer containing the drugs to him.
''What that.... Did she diagnose hepatitis?" Ken shouted
''Something bigger actually'' Ella said ''its called hepatic steatosis or fatty liver and its caused by excess intake of Alcohol and obese....''
''Hello, am a doctor'' Ken smirked ''I know about steatosis, I know more than what she told you''
''No doubts, Dr. Ken'' Ella said and took out a small bottle of his favorite whisky from her hand bag ''do you still need the whisky?"
''Jesus Christ Miss!" Ken shouted ''are you taunting me psychologically? You just told me that I've got fatty liver and you're are offering me whisky? Are you here to help me or otherwise?"
Ella couldn't help but laugh out loud as Doctor Ken instantly got scared of whisky, it was obvious he was going to totally quit alcohol once he gets well.
''Well, you're my patient now, but am going to let you decide, I can help you get well soon, if you actually wants to get well, and I can assist in your suicide if you wanna try that too, so decide Doctor Kenneth''
Without a single word, doctor Ken opened his mouth wide and she emptied the saucer into his mouth. Ella smiled, it felt so good giving Ken orders.

To be continued..


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