Saturday, 9 June 2018


''Rob, what tha hell was that back at Ella's place?" Chris ranted as he stormed Robert's garden which was like a center for the rich men of Isshangbo village, just like he expected, the five men; Robert, Dr. Ken, Chief Ikedi, Sammy and Frank were seated around the garden drinking, smoking and laughing to what he believed be the ordeals from Amanda's party
''What tha hell is this mad man talking about?" Robert joked as all the men laughed loudly
''No, am serious here, your nonchalant attitude cost me a million naira couple of hours ago''
''You should thank Ella, because if she hadn't declared you 'the man for the night' when she did, believe me you would have spent more than that''
Chris sat down on the last vacant seat which was reserved for him and they completed the circle of six men who ran the town. He collected the glass of whisky from Robert and emptied it into his mouth then said ''so all that drama was just to get at me?"
'Yea, you thought spending money on a lady's birthday will buy you a ticket to her pants, so I decided to help you spend more, so as to get you a speed ticket instead'' Robert concluded and joined the other men in the mockery laughter.
''This isn't funny at all'' Chris said ''but thanks anyway, I believe in due time, I will get my money back from you'' only Robert understood where he was pointing at, the other men were puzzled, Robert quickly changed the topic to avoid random questions
''The lady doctor looked prettier than I actually expected'' he said
''Yea, Sammy pointed out ''thanks to Dr. Ken and Ella, they just brought a pretty bride for our handsome barrister here'''
''Seriously, they looked good together'' frank added
''That means Chris owes me a lot for hiring her'' this statement by Dr. Ken aroused another round of laughter, while Robert knew his friend was already ahead of him in their race.
''Actually I was thinking of inviting her over for dinner, so she can get to know my son John, but since Barrister is already interested, I think I will just stay clear''
Everybody had concluded that a relationship between Chris and Amanda was a sure thing, but Robert wasn't going to give up, not until it was certified that Chris had taken Amanda to bed.
To ease himself from the thought of loosing ten million naira to his friend, because of a girl he was actually beginning to develop feelings for, yes, he was already beginning to like Amanda, she wasn't just beautiful but well shaped and well cultured too, some girls in her shoes back at the party would have mistakenly let out a word of insult but she didn't, her eyes staring directly at his, something only a few courageous women can do.
He called Stephanie and asked her to come over to his place immediately. The young secretary was his place of solitude when ever he felt distressed, at least she could make him forget his worries and sleep well for the night.
Amanda washed the glasses with an anger out of proportion, if the glasses were her own, she might have thrown one against the wall, she vented her anger by waisting time in washing each glass until it was spotless and shone brilliantly.
How infuriating that one man could be so narrow-minded, if Chris hadn't intervened, he would have taken her cake home to his maids and dogs just for what exactly, he barely knew her and he was just bent on embarrassing her, that was total prejudice.
It was incomprehensible that a man who was intelligent and well educated to a PHD and one who had also made such a success in life, could be so naive. How could he decide to disgrace a stranger for no reason.
Then came the memory of those first moment when she had first seen him, when that pulse of awareness, more powerful than an electric current had flown between them. What was she even thinking then.
As Amanda's hand tightened on a wine glass, once again she resisted the urge to fling it, the truth was she wanted to throw something hard and sharp at Robert McKenzie, something that would leave a scar on that handsome face of his.
It was absurd, really absurd to care what Robert thought, she didn't, only a fool would waste her time even thinking about him, when it was obvious that he was a big bundle of prejudice. And she certainly wasn't that fool.
She took a stack of plates, then began scrubbing them as I'd she was scrubbing off the memories of his smiles and the amusement she had seen in those blue eyes. Robert McKenzie might be the wealthiest man in the world but that was only a veneer over a barbaric core, though he might be attractive on the surface, there was nothing definitely attractive once one peeled off the outer layer
He want like Chris.
Amanda smiled as she thought about her new attorney friend. He had stayed by her side through out the rest of the evening, his gentle humorous speeches kept her laughing, had it not been for Chris she might have lost her temper, but he had offered a million naira to save her the shame, if not, she would have experienced the worst birthday of her life. They had discussed about books and concerts, things that would have being strange to Robert, anyway, reading was a common factor between lawyers and doctors. Chris had been the perfect companion, he was the friend she needed, buy why was she seeing another man's handsome mockery face whenever she closed her eyes.
''No, no, no, no, what do you think you're doing'' Ella called out as she barged into the kitchen
''Cleaning the ditches of course'' Amanda replied
''Then what do I pay the girls for, I've been searching everywhere for you, please come, the girls will take care of that in the morning''
''But it was my....''
''Forget that dear, let's go upstairs
She did her best to hide her worries and the fact that thoughts of Robert McKenzie was still troubling her.

To be continued


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