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If Ella was happy, Amanda was not. Days passed and Robert's condition worsened. His lucid period grew shorter as the pain intensified. Though he rarely slept. Amanda was certain she was doing her best, but it seemed her best was still not enough.
She laid her hand on Robert's forehead, gently, pushing him back onto the pillows she had arranged so that he could lie half-inclined. With his lungs congested as they were, that position was his only hope for sleep.
''Don't you dare die, Robert'' she told him, her voice low but fierce ''I won't have it, did you hear me? I'm not going to lose you''
Though he gave no sign of hearing her, for a few moments, his limbs stopped thrashing, and he seemed calmer.
Amanda remained by his side, regulating the drip she injected intravenously to his vein, giving him injections and tablets whenever He was awake to swallow, pressing a damp towel onto his head to reduce his fever.
He was strong, she repeated the word so often they became a song. But as the days passed, his strength dropped, and Amanda knew that Death would have little difficulty in harvesting Robert. Even the world strongest man would be weak and feeble when a disease as virulent as pneumonia comes for him.
She splashed cold water onto her face in a vain attempt to rinse away her fatigue. Robert's place was the first place she visited in the morning and that was any day she had the courage to leave him and go home, thanks goodness there had been no serious cases at the clinic, that would have been a big problem, because she wouldn't afford to leave Robert unattended for anything or anybody. The horrible, racking cough continued to sap his strength and the fever dried his skin and left his eyes glassy.
''No!" Robert sat up and starred at the opposite wall ''ooh, ooh ooh'' he continued to wail.
Amanda placed her hand on his forehead, it was extremely hotter than before and there was nothing she could do, she'd done all she knew and all that could be done. Robert's fate was obviously out of her hands.
''Please God, don't let him die'' she joined her hands to Robert's hand; holding it tight as she prayed in her heart. It will only take a divine intervention to save him now.
Amanda could not have said how long she sat there, Robert's big hand clasped between both of hers, staring at the face that had haunted her dreams for so many months.
Suddenly the room seemed to have grown colder and the hand she held was no longer burning with fever. Fearing the worst, Amanda turned Robert's hand upward and pressed her finger to his pulse. Tears filled her eyes and began to leak onto her cheeks.
It was over!
''Oh Amanda'' when Ella entered the room, she saw Amanda seated on a sofa, not trying to disguise her tears. Robert lay on the bed, his eyes closed, his face peaceful. Ella knelt in front of her friend and grabbed her hands ''I'm sorry''
Amanda blinked her tears away ''its not what you think'' she said ''the worst is over, Robert's fever broke. He's going to be okay'' though her voice was shaky, Amanda smiled ''call the tears, byproduct of stress and fear''
''Talking of stress'' Ella led Amanda out of the sick room ''you haven't had a sound sleep in days. Let me help you'' she led Amanda to the kitchen ''sit down, am going to help''
Amanda didn't know if it was tiredness or sheer relief that made her legs so shaky. But she did know that it felt good to sit at the table and watch the sun stream onto the floor, all the while knowing that in matter of days Robert would sit in the same chair and watch the same sunshine.
Amanda accepted the cup of tea that Ella offered her ''you are helping'' she told Ella ''taking care of Dr. Ken is an enormous responsibility''
''Ella's braid bounced as she shook her head ''that's why I came here this afternoon, to tell you, that I.... I just can't do it anymore. Today that obnoxious and ungrateful old man tried to spit food on me''
Amanda couldn't help it, she laughed. Ella tightened her lips ''am not laughing at you'' Amanda was quick to reassure her ''I thought you expected the worst reactions from him?"
''He's worse than I assumed, he's less matured compared to his age, and his manners....''Ella shuddered
''Please, Ella... It will only be a few more days, now that Robert's fever has broken, he'll start to mend and I'll be able to leave him and attend to both Dr. Ken and other patients" when Ella nodded reluctantly, Amanda said ''there's just one more thing I need you to do"
How on earth was she going to do it? Amanda had been so calm when she had told her. A bed bath. She made it sound like the easiest thing in the world, easy my flat Ass, Amanda had been to medical school, she had been trained to do stuffs like that and more, but Ella had not, but it was also Ella who was going to have to look at that man and touch him... All of him, she couldn't, no! She wouldn't.
Doctor ken greeted her as if he hadn't tried to spray food at her the day before ''from the look on your face, I can tell that you came with a different game in mind today''
Ken looked as cantankerous as ever determined to annoy her. Unfortunately for Ken, he picked a wrong day to employ that caustic tone with her.
Amanda was right, she could do this. She would do it, and doctor will have to learn not to underestimate her
''If I were you, I'd be careful or I might just add enough Ghana pepper to the water am going to bath you with''
The look on Ken's face gave Ella great joy
''Bathe?" He pronounced the word like it was a curse
Ella nodded ''that's exactly what I said, personal hygiene, cleanliness. I believe you were taught those concepts in medical school'' she smirked ''and tell you what, you haven't washed for like five or six days now and the truth is you're smelling badly''
She turned to the kitchen and started to heat water.
''I don't need a bath'' Dr. Ken shouted from the room
Ella brought her head out of the kitchen door ''oh doctor Kenneth, not only that you need it, you're getting it right away'' if she admitted that she was dreading the whole experience as much as he was, that would be a lie. The only hope was to show doctor ken that she's not as cold as he thinks. On at least one occasion, doctor Ken had accused her of being coldblooded, now she could just show him how cool she could be.
She ignored him. With the hot water in one hand and towels in the other hand, she marched back into the room.
She stared at him, deciding where to begin. The feet. At least they could spill nothing on her. At a point, she wished Ken's mouth was unable to move like the rest of his body.
Uncovering the feet, she cleansed each one carefully. To her amazement, he said nothing until she had put clean socks on him.
''Are you finished?'' He demanded
Rather than reply. Ella pulled the bedsheets up so that his legs and half of his thigh were exposed. Ken hissed
''Stop right now''
''Sorry, you have no choice and you can't stop me'' Ella cleaned his both legs with her wet towel. She ought to continue working up his body, but that would mean looking at and touching... Refusing to complete the thought, she moved to the head of the bed
''Close your eyes'' she cautioned ''or I'll drop soap in them''
She cleaned his face, then pulled the sheet Down a few inches so she could wash his neck and shoulders.
Lowering the sheet to his waist, she turned her attention to his chest.
The bare chest were actually nice to look at.
She drew the cloth downward until she reached his navel. All that was left was.... Surely she didnt have to wash that
Apparently Ken agreed ''satisfied?" He demanded ''I feel as clean as a newly born baby''
''I'm not finished'' Ben's complaint stiffened her mind
''Yes, you are''
''Am sorry, but Amanda instructed that I wash everything'' Ella repeated ''Everything'' to taunt him more
''You're saying indirectly that you have to wash my D*ck?"
''Whatever you call it''
Quickly before she could lose her nerve, she pulled the sheet aside, immediately replacing it with her towel. There! She swirled the cloth, then picked it up again, and as she did, she sneaked a look. She felt colours rise to her cheeks, her body was over reacting out of her control --actually she was still a virgin at the age of 29 (somebody will tell me its not possible, especially in Nigeria, even me the writer don't believe it Virgin! 29 years? Na lie, well, na story be dis, let's continue).
She had never seen an adult penis before, she thought it was going to be a terrifying piece off flesh, but it wasn't, initially it was soft, but as she cleaned it, it grew harder. She had to stop before it turns into something else.
But the point is, she had bathed him, and she washed 'everything' as Amanda instructed.

To be continued..


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