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'' I actually planned on coming over before you called'' Chris said as he made his way through the door to the back of Robert's house ''and guess what, I have two good news and a bad news'' he announced
''Let's start with the bad news'' Robert said without turning to look at him.
Chris sat down, grabbed the bottle of whisky from the table, drank straight from the bottle before saying '' I lost the Abiodun's case, the old man was guilty anyway''
''That's not a bad news'' Robert teased ''anybody who violates the law should face its consequences, you lawyers are fond of turning black to white, thank God, this time you failed, the old brat deserves what ever punishment he got'' they both laughed at the statement then he added ''what are the good news?"
''First, I've concluded arrangements for an empty land in port Harcourt, get the cash ready and its all yours''
''How many plots''
''Sixteen, four million per plot, the environment is already developing and the roads are okay, its even.....''
''Stop the preaching bro, I know you won't settle for something bad, we'll go see the land this weekend, what's the second good news ?"
''Amanda'' hearing the name alone caused a serious boiling inside Robert's stomach
''Don't tell me you've slept with her please'' he said in his heart
''She's mine'' Chris announced '''get your cash ready because this weekend am gonna crush her like candy crush''
''Oh! How so?" Was all Robert could utter
''Am not going to tell you how, am only going to show you proofs''
Robert's countenance changed automatically, its obvious this fool had no clues at all about his feelings for Amanda, he's here talking about crushing her like candy crush, how's he suppose to explain things to him, that will require a ton of courage
''Okay....let's say that brings us to the reason I invited you over'' Rob said slowly
''Don't tell me its what am thinking right now" Chris said sarcastically
''I don't know what you're thinking, you're thinking, but I'll appreciate if you give me audience''
''Okay...'' Chris grabbed the bottle of whisky again, in him, he knew what his friend was about to say, he relaxed as he listened to his cock-and-bull-story.
''Let's say, you've won the race'' Robert explained so I'll pay you, the ten mil we wagered, so back out of your plans''
''Seriously! Bro am lost here'' Chris retorted
''Chris am in love with that lady doctor, and I mean it, so I don't mind paying you off, like you've won the race, so you can leave her for me''
''Oh Rob. That's where the problem comes in'' Chris said slowly ''I had no intention of letting her go, I was planning on keeping her, this is not just about the race anymore''
''What are u saying in essence?" Robert asked looking puzzled
''You gave me the sermon about getting married, well I think am gonna have to settle down with Amanda''.
It was obvious that no amount of preaching can buy Chris out of this, Chris was a man of his words and Robert needed no evangelist to tell him that Chris never changes his mind whenever he sounds just the way he was sounding. So there was no point talking, that's probably going to be a wasted effort
''So does that end the race?" Chris asked smiling, everything was a joke to him, even when it meant jeopardizing Robert's feelings or maybe he never saw it from that anger
''No'' Robert said slowly ''we race till the end''.
**** ***** ***** *****
Amanda heard footsteps approaching, they were too heavy to be the children playing in the river, and ever since she made that spot her favourite spot behind the river, she've never encountered anyone there, except one person.
She couldn't stop her pulse from racing with anticipation, she turned slowly, happiness sweeping through her as she recognized the visitor. He was here. The chemistry was STRONG
Robert had not for once told her how he felt about her, but she needed no psychologist to tell her, that they are both having the same secret feelings for each other, her heart, her lips and her entire body knows that too.
''I wasn't expecting a visitor'' she said, irrationally glad that he came.
Robert shrugged. Though the light was quickly fading, she could see the spark mixed with confusion in his eyes ''I had nowhere else to go, plus I have a sweet attachment to this particular spot''
Amanda's happiness turning into a bubbling smile ''one little kiss, means that much to you?"
''Oh yes'' the words came faster than lightening on a cloudy day ''it might be just a little kiss to you, but it means so much to me''
''How so?" She asked staring straight into the river, as the children vacated the river in small groups
''I can't explain, but I've never had and experience like it before'' she folded her arms,' a sign that she was paying attention to him, it was like sparks flying...''
'' about we talk about, why you were looking moody earlier'' Amanda changed the topic
''You!" Robert blurted out
''I had that feeling, so what exactly did I do?"
''I don't know how to explain, just that seeing you and Chris....''
''Makes you jealous?" She helped him finish his statement, he couldn't open up to her about the race with Chris, that will mean breaking three hearts at a time ''I treat my friends equally, so you ought not to be jealous, except you have something else in mind'' in real sense, Amanda was lying to herself, how can she treat Robert and Chris equally when her heart is not ranking them equally, but she couldn't just let him know how she felt, well, he too hasn't confessed if he had feelings even though she already knows ''and am sorry for the way I acted the other day, I was really stressed mentally'' she said slowly
Robert turned to face her properly ''if you mean it, how about a real apology?" He pulled her into his arms, drawing her close to him. For a second they stood there staring at each other like two confused kids, he was waiting to get a 'stop' signal from her, but got none. Then he lowered his mouth to hers.
This time it wasn't the gentle, exploratory kiss like the first one which was warm and passionate. This one was real-hot, like a fire burning out of control, wild and extravagantly passionate, it felt to good to be bad.
Ever since the other day, she had longed for another experience, but she never expected it this way. Amanda's pulse raced and she could feel heat radiate through every fibre of her body as Robert kissed her.
Robert was a mind reader. It was the only explanation. How else would he have known her secret cravings, the ones she had been afraid to voice out, he must have read her thought, or how else would he have known that she wanted to be in his arm, that she longed to be kissed again.
It was perfection, pure and simple. Not that there was anything simple about the way Robert made her feel, he aroused a great tons of emotions filling with longings at the same time, this time it was obvious he was enjoying the kiss too. She wished she could stop him, but her body was betraying her.
It was perfect being kissed by the man she loved. Amanda froze at her own thought, she couldn't love him and yet she did.
''Amanda, I love you' Now he just proved her to be right, he was obviously a mind reader, she couldn't even utter a single word, she just stood still staring at him, not sure of the right words to say to him.
She couldn't let him know how she felt, on a second thought, why was she allowing him to kiss her, if she can't let out her feelings.
This man was an epitome of her dream man
There were some buts,
Things she needed to confirm first to avoid making mistakes. She wished her sister Amaka was around, at least with her experience she would offer some useful lectures.

To be continued


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