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''I told you she'll turn him down'' the man who said his name should be changed from Emeka to Ojukwu said to his friend David.
Few inches away, Robert was discussing with the mill supervisor, but was paying attention to the gossip going on inside the mill by his staffs
''The way I heard it'' Dave pointed out ''she didn't turn him down, she rejected him'' the two men laughed as Kachi joined the conversation.
''This could be just a rumor'' Kachi said ''because I cant still believe it myself''
what kind of reasonable men gossips like women? Robert was about to get irritated by their conversation, just then Ojukwu said; ''they didn't have dinner together, I saw the barrister drinking at Shadys''
As he recognized the topic of their gossip, he smiled then got closer to them ''what's going on guys'' he asked
Without looking up, Ojukwu said ''we are actually talking on what's no longer going on''
''Okay, so, what's no longer going on'' Robert repeated to make his men realise how how interested he was in their tale.
''I heard the Almighty Aladdin dropped the big question'' it was Dave who answered, but Ojukwu finished the explanation
''But doctor Amanda told him, he was not her type, she turned him down''
Robert bent his head, so his men wouldn't see him smiling, before they'll start questioning him, the men were naturally talkatives, sometimes he wondered where he got such men from
''That's real shame'' he finally said
''You can say that again'' Kachi said ''but am still wondering why the lady doctor turned him down''
''Any courageous man could walk up to the lady doctor and say to her 'so tell me doctor, why did you make that miserable excuse of a lawyer more miserable than normal misery' ''
''Hey, watch it'' Robert sparked ''you are talking about my brother here, and a lost love doesn't make a man miserable, now get back to work''
****★**** ****★****
That evening Robert paid Chris a visit. Chris was in the kitchen when be came in, and something sure smells good, Chris was a good cook, and cooking helps him get over things easily...could it be why he's cooking?
''Wish I had delayed a little, so I will land when the food is ready and served'' Robert said as he entered the kitchen and Chris was almost startled
''Maybe you'd have met dirty plates in the sink''
The two men laughed. Robert was surprised, Chris wasn't showing any sign of heart break, could it be his men were just broadcasting another false rumour???¿
Robert went straight to the fridge, he was searching for his favorite whisky when Chris called ''Rob!"
"Yea" he said still searching the fridge
''I think am out of the race'' Chris said slowly
''The rumour is all over the town, that the Lady doctor turned down your proposal'' Robert said bringing out a cold bottle of whisky from the fridge ''that's a bad news actually'' he drank straight from the bottle and handed it to Chris whom also drank from the bottle before saying;
''Bad news for me, but turns out to be a good news for you''
''Am not concluding yet, because my previous conclusion was that you had it all in control, but now that you are out of the race like you said, who know what my fate will be''
Chris took a long swallow from the bottle, coughed like he was choking ''Rob, I messed up, it was all going well, till the stupid idea of love and marriage somehow crept into my head, if I had a played a straight game, I think by now I might have grown tired of b@nging her''
Robert wanted to laugh, yea, it was hell funny, but laughing will seem like he was mocking his friend
''That's the irony of life bro'' he said ''things will never go exactly the way you want it always'' it was obvious that Chris was only trying to hide his heartbreak and Robert knew that talking about Amanda would only add to his pains, so he changed the topic ''talking of irony of life, I've been thinking about drafting my will recently''
''Are you planning on dying very soon'' Chris asked with a broad smile
''No, you see, that period when I has pneumonia, I realized that the 'Grand Reaper' is no respecter of man, money, fame or anything. Man is vulnerable to death and death can come knocking at anytime''
''So you serious about drafting your will?"
''Am still thinking''Rob said looking straight into the pot
''Make up your mind, then you let me know''
''Yea, sure..,and I think the food is ready to be served too''.
As soon as Robert left Chris place, he sent Amanda a text message ''I need your help on something, please come over to the house later''
Then he went shopping, buying different kind of local dishes, he had a plan in mind, not really a perfect plan, but he needed to know why Amanda had refused to marry Chris.
He was seated on his couch going through some of his office files, when the door opened and Amanda appeared, she was fearing a fitted red gown, her eyes were as blue as ever and her cheeks as rosy as could be. As for those lips... Robert pushed that thought firmly aside
''I was hoping you'd take pity on me''
Just as he had planned, Amanda laughed ''pity is the last thing you need, young man''
He shook his head ''save your conclusion till you hear my story'' he led her to the kitchen ''the women of Isshangbo, I believe that they had a meeting about me, that am malnourished, because since yesterday, food just keep appearing at my door. Good foods, judging from their aroma, but it will all spoil before I can eat it all, and you know, I can't insult the old women by throwing a meal that took them time to prepare to the trash can'' he smiled ''so I was thinking maybe you could help me eat some''
--that was his style of asking a lady to dine with him? Quite Romantic-- Amanda thought
''I suppose its pure coincidence, because am really hungry right now'' she chuckled.
''Well, that makes a perfect evening for us''
They were in the middle of the meal she he summoned courage to ask her the main question of the night.
''I heard a rumour'' he said ''and I wondered if it was true''
''What rumours?" Amanda said
''That Chris asked you to marry him, and that you said no''
Without a single thought Amanda said ''its true''
She was not going to marry Chris! And yet her voice had sounded like she regrets her decision.
She had answered one of the question, remaining two, softly Robert asked ''why won't you marry him?"
Initially he believed she might not tell him, a lady's reason ought to be a secret, but no. Amanda's cheeks turned red and clearly she agitated.
''Don't tell me you stand with everyone else telling me that Chris is the perfect husband for me''
Immediately a beautiful flower started to grow fast inside Robert and slowly but loudly he said ''that's the last thing I'd tell you, Amanda. I don't believe he's the right man for you''
She looked at him for a moment trying to get the meaning behind his words. He was excited inside and she could see the excitement all over his face.
''So you refused his proposal because he wasn't the perfect man for you?"
At a point she wanted to believe his question was just to satisfy his curiosity, not knowing how important her answers were to him.
''Am not looking for perfection, Chris is a wonderful person''
''Then why....''
Robert saw the confusion in her eyes and was sure she was battling with herself, whether or not to give him the answers he seek.
''If you must know'' she said firmly ''I can't marry Chris when my heart is longing for someone else''
Robert automatically knew his instincts were right, they were both on the same track and this was his chance to make his declaration, or he might never get another chance.
He grabbed her hands and said ''how I wish you know how much that someone else really wants to be with you. I love you Amanda. And it would have been a thing of great pain for me to watch you get tied in a wedlock with another man.
''I love you Robert, its hard for me, but you were the last person I planned to fall in love with''
Amanda loved him! Certainly Dreams comes true!!!
Robert stood up and went behind her seat, he wrapped his big arm around her, and slowly lowered his lips to meet hers.
When they were both breathless, he ended the kiss then said
''So will you marry me?"
Amanda shook her head slowly ''am sorry Robert,
but I can't

To  be continued


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