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★★★ ★★★
''Its all your fault''
With an effort, Dr. Ken raised his eyes to look at the woman who stood inside his office. Damn it! Why did she come to his office today, couldn't she see that his head was throbbing as though someone was pounding yam on his head.
Wearily Ken forced his eyes open ''what do you want?" She stood there like she was some avenging angel ready to slay him.
''I want you to admit that it was all your fault'' was all she replied
''What's my fault?" Ken stretched his hand to grab a whisky bottle, but she was faster,she took it first
''Whisky'' she shouted ''that's what started all this troubles''
Dr. Ken clasped his hand to his head ''look woman, just say what you want to say, then get out of here''
She stared at him for a moment, her tilted lips signalling disapproval more effectively than words ''you're pathetic'' she announced ''you call yourself a doctor, but what you really are, is a drunken old man, what in the devil's name makes you drunk whenever you ought to be useful?"
Her words penetrated his brains, Dr. Ken's eye snapped open, and he stared at the woman who stood in front of him, like we was just seeing her for the first time, why was she here? She was the last person in Isshangbo he would have expected in his office.
''She sent you, didn't she?" He demanded
''Amanda your friend of course; you wouldn't have enough courage to come here by yourself''
Ella Godfrey placed her hands on his desk and lowered her face few inches away from his ''see who's talking of courage, the only courage you have is the one inside a whisky bottle'' she moved away from the desk and faced the door ''Amanda didn't send me'' Ella announced ''she is not even aware that am here, I simply realized it was time someone in this town told you to your face what a despicable doctor you are''
''Despicable huh? Who taught you that word?"
Far from shutting her up, his sarcasm appeared only to fuel Ella's anger ''would you like to hear a few moire words like irresponsible and reprehensible, or how about culpable? Because that's what you are, if there's any blame to be attributed in the death of that young woman today, then its to you and you alone"
She certainly was upset
''I suppose you think we doctors are gods'' Ken laughed, an act he immediately regretted, for heaven sake the woman is talking about the death of his patient, that wasn't something to laugh about. ''Even though I should be flattered that you think am capable of doing superhuman stuffs, I'm afraid I can't accept that compliment, try again Ella''
''If you were available at the clinic, Dr. Ken, that woman would've been with her baby right now'' Ella's dark eyes flashed as she stared at him angrily ''it wasn't fair to leave Amanda alone in the clinic, you're over labouring that young lady, she's supposed to be your assistant not the other way round, that's unfair and inhumane, a real doctor wouldn't be drinking like you do - Doctor Kenneth''
Dr. Ken lowered his eyes, unable to meet her clear gaze, the accusations were true. Actually he had spent the last few hours berating himself for the casualties in his clinic but how could Ella know that, she was accusing him of impotence and negligence of duty and she was right too.
★★★★ ★★★★
''Hey'' a familiar voice called out as Amanda was still relaxing on her desk thinking about the recent activities. The workload was much on her, she has to quit the job or die of stress and strains, on the contrary lives, hundreds of young and old people's lives depended on her, she only needs a divine strength from above.
Slowly, she looked up, and the big man 'Robert McKenzie' was standing, legs crossed at her office door ''would you mind having lunch with me?"
True. All she needed was a seat out to ease the depression in her head, but lunch with Robert? No, that sounds unreasonable.
''Why?'' She asked.
Robert had not exchanged a single civil word with her since she arrived Isshangbo, now he wants to have lunch with her, it made no sense. What even made less sense was the way her body responded to him, and that was exactly something she saw in a romance novel called 'animal attraction'
''Why, as in why should we have lunch together?" As Robert repeated the question his eyes sparked with more than a trace of amusement ''its a free world, its a reasonable thing to be friendly with as many people as possible''
Did he just say 'friendly' this man must be a joker
When Amanda did not respond, he continued ''I know you are upset about my behavior that other night at your birthday, but believe me, if you hear the reason why did what I did that night, you'll be thanking me, plus you are over working yourself, you need to relax, all work and no play makes Amanda a.....''
''I'll love to hear the reason for your actions that night'' she cut him short
''Then join me for lunch"
Amanda was really interested in finding out the reasons behind his nonchalant attitude that night
''So what was the drama that night all about?" Amanda asked as they got seated in a restaurant two poles away from her clinic
''Okay, here's the dealio..'' Robert stressed the last word ''promise me you won't laugh''
''Why would I?" She retorted
''Just make the promise already''
''Am not in that mood seriously''
''Look here young lady doctor, you need to cheer up, I come as a friend, here's the summary of my reactions that night'' he paused as he took his order from the waiter, a bottle of Andre rose and two wine glasses ''thank you'' he said as he discharged the waitress then back to Amanda ''I know I sounded or rather acted awkward, but the truth is, I wanted you to make a lot of cash from your little cake"
''Don't be ironic Mister, you.....''
''You didn't get it from my point of view I understand, Chris is like a brother to me, we grew up together in the same house, so I've known him for approximately thirty years or less now, am not saying he's bad, but he likes to stand out as number one no matter the costs and sacrifices, I knew he was gonna counter me so I....."
''So you deliberately humiliated me, just to make him spend more, is that it?"
''Am sorry about the humiliation, but it paid off''
''So assuming he never reacted, what would have been your reaction?"
''Don't assume, I knew he will, and he did, so you ought to thank me for doing what I did rather than hate me for it''
Amanda managed to smile ''you're a character seriously''
''I will take that as a 'thank you', you are most welcomed''
Amanda couldn't help but laugh ''you know next time, before you...''
''Hey, can we just drink and forget about next time, your next birthday is still too far to talk about''
Amanda was wrong about Robert, yes he was weird, but he was romantic in a way and most importantly fun to be with.

To be Continued


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