Wednesday, 13 June 2018


"What do you mean?" As she watched, Robert's face turned white immediately, and confusion clouded those grey eyes that she loved so much "you've just told me, you loved me" Robert slowly shook his head "then why won't you marry me?"
This was totally a different case from Chris' predicament, Amanda was bold in her response
"I won't marry you, because am not sure of your intentions" she said simply.
Robert stared at her, clearly confused by her statement finally, he asked "what intentions other than normal marriage and child bearing could a man have?"
"Maybe to win a bet" Amanda looked straight into his eyes in search of reactions, and reactions she did see.
Robert looked betrayed, confused and worried the same time, he slowly took a seat next to her before asking "what exactly are you trying to say?"
Amanda forced herself not to smile, she needed to be serious if she wanted answers, she maintained her composure "I have this belief that you and Chris had your usual bet on me" she tightened her face and pretended to look angry "a bet on who's going to sleep with me first"
Amanda blinked three times, trying to hide her fears.
What if she was making a mistake right now.
Robert managed a false smile, he knew Chris will never tell Amanda about their race "that's ridiculous" he said "where did you get that from?"
"This is no game, Robert" she said slowly "the only reason I can't marry you, is because I don't want to be a trophy to any man, I want to be a wife -a real wife-"
"Okay, enough of these, who's feeding you with these Bullshits, I honestly need to know where this is coming from"
If Chris actually betrayed him by telling their secret to Amanda, then he was going to regret it, the one thing Robert hated the most in his life was betrayal, and Chris of all people should know what he could do.
"Okay' Amanda said "am going to tell you a little about your past, before I tell you who fed me with the bullshit"
"Am sorry I used that word on you" Robert apologized immediately
"It's fine, several years ago, when you were still in the university, there was this restaurant called 'sleek spice' remember?"
Robert only nodded then she continued "yourself and Chris always go there to celebrate whoever slept with your mark first" she chuckled "well, the world is a small place, I have a friend who used to be a staff there then"
"I hate to admit that, but I can't say its a lie either, but that was like centuries ago, its all in the past" Robert explained
"Am not done yet" Amanda looked straight into his eyes as she said "from the way you and Chris entered my life the same period with the same intentions, Robert give me one good reason to believe everything is not about gamble"
The last statement weakened Robert to the bone.
Should he tell her the truth now?
No need!
She will never find out
"I love you Amanda, and that's the only reason I can think about now"
He sounded so sure of himself, but that was Robert, supremely self confident and convinced that he knew best. It would be wonderful if it were true. For further confirmation, Amanda needed persist a little
"Chris also said the same thing" she said
"See" Robert had fatigue written on his forehead now "I can't replace you for anything, even if there was a gamble, I will freely give away any prize just to win you and keep you by my side forever"
Oh! How romantic! The spark of hope that had refused to be extinguished flared again.
"You say that now" she said
"And I'll be saying it for the next twenty years, marry me Amanda"
"I don't want to make a hasty decision because I hate regrets" Amanda said "so this us how we are going to do it" she smiled broadly "if nothing changes after one year, then I'll marry you"
"Nothing is...gonna...change" Robert stammered
Amanda smiled, the man was incorrigible and utterly lovable.
"I insist" she argued
"Believe me, I can wait for as long as whatever, nothing will change, I will be right here for you"
"Then let's wait"
"How about six months"
"A year"
"Nine months?"
"A year!"
"I can see, you won't give up" Robert grinned "well, I have another plan in mind"
"What could that be?" Amanda met his smile with hers
"We get engaged, throw a big engagement party, so that all the men in the world will know that you are mine, then can I patiently wait for as long as my Queen wishes"
Amanda laughed at the humour in his statement "Deal!" She said.
Robert pressed his lips against hers, sealing their engagement with a kiss. This was no gentle kiss but rather a fierce declaration if their decision. His lips plundered hers, his tongue invading the sweet recesses of her mouth, sending waves of warmth coursing through her veins. Amanda stretched out one arm around his waist and pulled him closer, while the other hand traced the edges of his face.
She was with her beloved, the man who had haunted her dreams for months, she felt the attraction on the first sight of him. Though she had no believed it possible, but somehow despite everything, it looked like those dreams will sure come true.
"I love you Amanda" Robert said "I will always love you forever"

To be continued..


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