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Months passed and things continued to go on normally in the town. Chris was regularly spotted with Dr. Amanda at different eateries and events. It was generally concluded that the duo were in a relationship, everyone was waiting for them to make it official. Robert was on a low-side but him and Amanda were now friends, she was no longer mad at him about the birthday crisis.
Dr. Ken was still drinking to stupor especially on Fridays and will be totally sober on Saturdays.
But this Saturday was different. There was an accident at Ella's restaurant, one of the girls were burning some twigs behind the main building and unluckily for her, there was a pressure gas can amongst the other trash and it went -kaboom- and struck her.
The sound of the explosion followed by the cry of the young lady jolted everyone inside the restaurant up. Ella was the first to get to the scene
''Oge!' She shouted as she saw the blood all over the girl's face ''quickly! We need to get her to the clinic'' she commanded nobody in particular just to regain her composure as her neighbors and customers helped in carrying Oge into her car.
Amanda wasn't in office when they got there, Ella met what she least expected -Dr. Ken- he was smiling with a little boy who seems to be suffering from chicken pox ''Ken. Dr. Ken!" She shouted ''we need you!"
Doctor Ken covered the distance in seconds and let them into the emergency ward ''what do we have here?" He lifted the piece of cloth Ella had used in curbing the bleeding
''Is it bad doctor?" Ella asked, her voice as shaky as Dr. Ken's own whenever he was drunk, but today Dr. Ken was bright and sharp
''I won't lie to you miss'' Ken said, his face emotionless ''this is a serious laceration, its going to require stitching''
''What's a lass,...lasso...what did you say again?"
''Laceration, I thought you've upgraded your vocabulary'' ken joked ''well its simply a fancy way of saying 'a deep cut' now let's talk about stitching her up''
''Go ahead, do whatever you have to do'' Ella said humbly
Dr. Ken cleansed the wound on the face of his patient lying on the examining table as Ella watched every single thing he did carefully. After injecting two different drugs into the girls left arm, he began suturing the wound
''Is she going to have a scar on that cheek?" Ella asked
''If you and her will follow my instructions duly then there won't be a scar, but if you don't the reverse is the case'' his statement assured Ella that the injury won't leave a scar on that young pretty face of her waitress
''All done'' ken said a few minutes later, his eyes glowing as they met Ella's ''you can keep her here till three days time, so I can remove the strings before discharging her or you can go with her and bring her back in three days time''
''Which is a better choice?" Ella questioned
''Better choice for me, keep her here because that will increase the bill, better choice for you, go with her, because its not a serious case''
''Any casualties if I go with her?"
''Ughmmmmm, she's going to be having mild migraine, but if she takes her pills accordingly, then its going to help in curbing the aching''
''Sorry, what's migraine?"
It was not an exaggeration, Ella thought. Ken was definitely a skillful doctor no doubts, it took him just few minutes to stitch a deep cut, he did it perfectly and neat, his only problem was whisky. Ella had this thought that Ken doesn't just drink because he loves whisky, something was definitely troubling his mind, and she made up her mind to figure out what the problem was --second thought-why was she beginning to care so much about doctor Ken?.
Amanda stopped by the river bank after she'd finished her home service check ups. She was enjoying the view as the kids played in the river, laughing and playing games, she loved children, she was beginning to wish she had her own kids when she heard his voice
''Doctor'' he called to draw her attention
''Excuse me young man, are u stalking me?" She said without looking back the voice had no duplicate
''Why would I wanna do that? I would leave if you'd rather be alone'' Robert said as he came a bit more closer to her
As Amanda turned, she gave him a warm smile, a smile like that could be a dangerous inspiration to a man.
''Don't go'' she said, her voice raising his temperature another degree ''I just needed to clear my thoughts, you know think about the future''
He could understand that. He had been thinking about the future lately. He looked at the kids in the river. Anything to cool his blood, but if Amanda kept smiling that way, even a swim in the river wouldn't be able to cool his rising temperature
''So what exactly was on your mind?" Robert asked as he tucked her hand into the crooks of his arm, and it felt good, for the past weeks his best moments were the moments with Amanda, she could make him laugh, and her scent, oh that was even sweeter than anything he could remember, making him want to draw her closer.
He couldn't,
But he wished he could,
He needed more than just courage to do that
''I was thinking about Isshangbo, this place is so incredibly beautiful and so is the people living in it, I keep wondering if one day I might just wake up and everything will just be a dream'' they were standing at the quiet part of the river before it bent southward into Enugu creeks ''Robert, I truly love this town, but there are times am reminded of home, and I wonder if I made the right choice coming here''
''I think we all have doubts'' Robert said slowly ''its part of what makes us humans''
She shook her head in disagreement ''not you Robert, I can't imagine you ever questioning your decision''
Robert starred at her for a long moment, if only she knew, he was standing right next to her, wanting so badly to pull her into his arms, to discover whether her body was as soft as it appeared, whether her lips taste as he had imagined. And yet he couldn't
He shouldn't
Or maybe he should
Oh yea, he did

To continued..


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