Saturday, 9 June 2018


''Amanda! Wait for me!"
She was on her way home, still thinking about Doctor Ken and his drinking habit, she was optimistic that one day, there would be two or more cases of emergencies that she cant handle at the same time, and she'll have to lose one patient, the street felt empty and deserted to her until she heard his distinctive voice.
''Good afternoon Doctor Owelle'' Chris tucked her hand in the crooks of his arm, she smiled again, feeling the the tension begin to drain from her body
''Good afternoon Barrister Aladdin'' she replied
''I've been waiting for you here, for the past'' he checked his watch ''twenty three minutes, I didn't want tho come inside because my instincts told me that you might be busy''
''Yea, your instincts were right''
''You look pretty exhausted, let me buy you a meal'' Chris offered
''Thanks, buy I will rather eat at Ella's place''
''Well, then we can drive down to Ella's and I will still buy you the food there''
What she actually needed was the ride home, because obviously she was really exhausted.
Robert was coming back to the clinic with a beautiful thought of how to appreciate Amanda for the job she did earlier. His eyes narrowed, a man and a woman laughing beside.....that was Chris' car, they were so engrossed in whatever they were saying, they looked like lovers ''Damn it!" He screamed as he recognized them, he stood still and watched as they both got into the car, he bowed his head inside his own car as they drove past him, slowly he was getting jealous, this wasn't just a race to him anymore, he was slowly falling in love with this strange woman and he must have her.
Robert had never met anyone his heart longs for just like this woman, why did he even accept the racing idea before meeting her, and there was no way he could talk Chris out of it all.
The only person that can at least make him forget Amanda for the moment was Stephanie and she was just a phone call away.
Stephanie was no taller than a seventeen year old teenage girl, even though she was twenty one, her head barely reaching Robert's shoulder, but no one would mistake her for a child. Her breasts and hips were well curved and voluptuous, something her daily cooperate dressing couldn't hide.
But recently whenever Robert slept with her, he couldn't help but imagine how Amanda's naked body will feel like under His.
Chief Ikedi's pregnant wife was in labour, Amanda was attending to her, for the past four hours, the woman had had six contractions and she had pushed all she could but the baby wasn't coming out and the woman was very close to exhausted.
''Am sorry ma, but am going to have to perform a Cesarean section on you'' Amanda suggested
''You're going to cut me open?" Becky asked with her eyes filled with tears
''That's obviously the only way to save both you and the Babies'' Amanda assured her.
The nurses helped transferred the woman to the theatre for the cesarean section. Amanda dropped a drug containing chloroform on a pad, then laid it over Becky's nose. When the woman was unconscious she injected some drugs into her veins. Then she pulled a scalpel from a sterilizer. Then she disinfected Becky's abdomen, with the scalpel, she started the incision.
Her hand had already reached Becky's womb when the theatre door was flung open and a nervous looking nurse barged in
''Sorry to disturb you doctor'' she said very quickly ''but the patient in ward seven needs your attention as soon as possible''
''What's her conditions'' Amanda said as she managed to concentrate on the job she had in progress
''The infant's head is almost out but the mother is loosing consciousness, if nothing is done urgently we might lose them both.
Amanda at this point almost lost concentration, but if that happens she might lose two women alongside three babies ''Do what ever you can to keep her conscious, I'll be there in few seconds''
The nurse ran out, and a flush of strength ran into her veins and within seconds she brought out two pretty looking babies covered in blood, handed them over to the nurses while she quickly engaged in suturing the unconscious woman.
Once done, she ran as fast as she could to ward seven, but she was late, the patient had already given up, she did all she could and brought the big baby boy who was miraculously breathing, the baby's crying melted her heart, she wanted to rejoice at the same time weep for the dead patient.
This was the kind of case she was telling Dr. Ken about, if the drunk doctor was available to take care of that woman, the poor woman would still be alive smiling at her baby.
A man barged into her office as she was still sort of mourning the dead woman
''You killed my wife'' the man lamented ''I'll get a good lawyer, someone better than your lily-livered lawyer boyfriend Chris and I will sue you for her death''
The the colour drained from Amanda's face, she tried all she could to hide her emotions ''A suit on what ground sir?" She asked gently
''Negligence of duty, my wife was brought here and you didn't bother to come to her ward, not until she'd passed away, that's total negligence of duty and prejudice'' the man sounded like he was well educated, she'd thought the only educated men in Isshangbo were just; Robert, Chris, Frank, and Sam.
''With all due respect sir, I was in the theatre when I was told about your wife's case''
''My wife needed urgent attention, what did you do?'' The man broke down in tears
''Another woman's abdomen was cut open inside the theatre, I couldn't just abandon her, she's also somebody's wife'' the man slumped onto a seat and sobbed like a child ''am sorry for your loss sir'' she added
''No, you are not, who's going to take care of that little boy, who's going to breastfeed him?"
''On the contrary sir, you should be blamed for your wife's death'' the man's face turned red on hearing Amanda's speech ''oh yes! You are, if you had registered your wife for antenatal, we would have examined her properly and the casualties would have been avoided''
The man became mute - But Amanda was just defending her career and that of Dr. Ken's, she knew apportioning blames on the man was a nice idea, but she had no choice, the clinic's image was also at risk.

To be continued..


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