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†★★ ★★†
She was in the general store the next afternoon, slowly picking some items she lacked at Home, when two women came in.
''I heard Robert was seen kissing the lady doctor yesterday by the river banks'' the first lady said, her hand demonstrating disgust.
''My son told me the same too, I have to tell you, Oluchi I was really surprised too, I never thought those two had anything in common.
''I wonder what Chris will say about it'' the woman named Oluchi seems more interested in the topic. ''I am sure he has been dating her''.
The second woman's voice was more audible, ''I don't think Chris will be worried. A lady like Dr Amanda wouldn't be interested in Robert, even if he is richer than two men have right to be''.
''She wouldn't if she knew Robert has sex with his secretary every night''.
''Hey, Oluchi'' the second woman corrected, ''those are rumors and nothing more.
''Not when it is coming from the horse's month directly, Robert's secretary is Ada's best friend, she tells ada everything''.
It was gossip' nothing more. In all likelihood, there was no more truth to it than to the story that Chris was dating her.
''Dating? Didn't the people of Isshangbo recognize simple friendship when they saw one? Besides it didn't matter, even if it were true. Amanda didn't care whether Robert sleeps with his secretary or all his female staffs. He was her friend. That was all.
* * *
Robert folded his fist, he never thought it would be so hard, he had prided himself of self-control, but lately there hadn't been much to be proud of. After the way he had kissed Amanda that other night, drawing that delectable body close to his,tasting the sweetness of her lips, he had expected a bolt of lightning to strike him dead. For Christ sake, that wasn't the way to treat a lady, it was wrong to Sully a good and innocent woman like Amanda.
It was plain that he had offended her, she hadn't said anything but a lady like Amanda didn't need words to express her displeasure. Ever since that night she had been cool like spring water. She smiled when she talked to him, but make no mistake, she had hung a 'don't touch' sign around her neck
★★★★ ★★★★
Ella was at the clinic to see how Amanda was doing, but unfortunately for her Amanda was super busy, so she decided to check on Dr. Ken.
Just as she expected, the man was drunk and snoring on his desk, the place was messed up, a sign that Amanda had not visited Dr. Ken's office today, because Amanda had told Ella how she always helped in tidying Dr. Ken's office herself, so that people won't get to see him messed up, just to save his career and reputation which he was personally destroying.
Slowly Ella sat down across the desk, softly she touched Dr. Ken to wake him from his slumber, today she didn't come for a fight
Ken was shocked when he lifted his eyes and saw Ella seated, at a point, he thought it was a dream, till she pushed his bottle of whisky closer to him. Odd! She's encouraging him to drink more?, that's unlike Ella.
''Doctor Kenneth'' she called out gently ''I've done a background check, and I've figured out that your drinking habit is caused by your inability to let go of a bad memory from the past'' she sounded like a pastor and more like a soothsayer, but which ever it was, she was one thing --right--
Ken's eyes nearly popped out of its shell as he glared at her in amazement while she continued ''I want to help you, but I can't help unless you tell me what's really eating you up''
This was the first time ever since he came to Isshangbo, that someone thought his drinking wasn't just a bad habit, but a reflex action to calm himself down, and for the past six years whisky was the only thing that calms his nerves.
''First you'll need to trust me with your problem, then we can tackle it together'' the last statement soothed Dr. Ken that he couldn't help but break down in tears.
Ken pushed his spectacles up and looked directly at Ella
''I was married once, before I came to Isshangbo'' it took a moment for Ella to digest the statement, when she finally nodded, he continued ''Adaugo -that was my wife's name-- beautiful, innocent girl. But that's no longer valid'' he paused for a moment trying to brace himself for the next part of the story ''I loved Adaugo with all that I am'' slowly he poured a good quantity of whisky inside his mouth, then wiped the tears off his cheek ''We dreamed of having three children two girls and a boy, but months after months passed and Adaugo never conceived, then after five years she became pregnant'' he smiled amidst tears ''I was sure were the happiest people on earth, but just when things were getting better. It ended. Ada died in childbirth, taking the baby with her'' ken wasn't ashamed of his weakness as he wept like a little child, as the memories swept through him.
Ella stared at him, tears in her eyes ''I'm so sorry Ken''
Yes, she was expecting a bad news, but she never thought the story will be this bad.
''I understand your pains, Ken, but you're too good a doctor to waste yourself like this, I....I know its difficult, but you've got to let go of the past and move on, whisky is not the cure you need right now''
Ken had never told anyone in Isshangbo his story, and Ella was the last person he'd planned to share his problems with, well, he couldn't help it, she touched his emotion box, and she was obviously trying to help him
''Doctor Ken, believe me, you can remarry, have kids and live a happy and fulfilled life, but first you need to let go of your past

To be continued..


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