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★★★ ★★★
Amaka had told her it was like fireworks when a man kisses you -- as in really kisses you-- her older sister had insisted, you'll see shooting stars. Amanda had laughed, she had been kissed more than once and while the kisses hadn't been bad, they certainly never generated no spark. As for fireworks, they were obviously Amaka's imaginations, or maybe a false phenomenon.
Now she knew the truth. Amaka had not exaggerated, only that she had failed to explain just how wonderful, how powerful, a man's kiss could be. When Robert gently lowered his lips on to hers, the stars she saw were brighter than the ones in the sky. The roaring in her ears drowned the noise of the fireworks. And the warmth that went rushing through her head, running through her veins until it reached her extremities was hotter than the sun.
When he wrapped his big arms around her, she felt safe, protected and cherished. For the first time in her life she felt like a woman ~areal woman~ and oh! What a glorious sensation!
Nothing mattered except the wonder of being in Robert's arm, the pain, the anguish of dreams that might never come true disappeared, vanquished by the touch of his lips on hers. And somehow the simple action of being held so close that she could hear Robert's heartbeat banished her stress. She made the right decision, coming to Isshangbo was her destiny. Being held in Robert's arm convinced her of that.
It felt so good.
And then when she feared she might explode from the heat and the pleasures he was generating in her, he dropped his arms and took a step backward.
''I shouldn't have done that'' Robert said, his voice harsher than she had ever heard it ''I'm sorry Amanda'' his grey eyes reflected pain and something else, something Amanda might have called confusion, he took another step backwards.
Amanda looked around, the kids were still playing in the river and the environment was still calm. Nothing had changed. Yet everything had changed all in the space of a kiss.
Why did he stop? Hadn't he enjoyed the kiss as much as she had? Of course he hadn't, if he had, he wouldn't stop just like that, men don't just end a kiss with no reason, not if it was a pleasant experience. Lust was too strong an emotion to be turned off so quickly.
The reason was obvious she had done something wrong, she was enjoying the wondrous sensation. Robert was sending through her and she never reciprocated, that was the problem,he didn't enjoy the kiss.
What a fool she was! For a moment she had deluded into believing that she had done something wrong while Robert was feeling guilty of his actions. To him this was no longer a Race, he was in love with this woman, he's literarily no longer striving to take her to bed, but he wants her as his wife and kissing her like that didn't show respect for a woman. What could be running through her mind now?
She might hate him for doing that
Or maybe not.
Chris on the other side was the guy the whole city sees around with Amanda, at different occasions, parties, restaurants, bar and everywhere couples went to. They had lunch together everyday, he showed her love like no man can and slowly Amanda was beginning to fall in love with him, for god's sake the young man was a husband material, he dedicates time in listening to all the nonsense a woman had to say and that was what women enjoyed the most, plus he makes her laugh, the guy was naturally jovial and caring. There was no doubt Amanda enjoyed his company more than anything in the world and he would make a good husband for any woman in Isshangbo. But there was a problem.
Amanda was confused on the inside, she knew clearly too well that Chris and Robert were like brothers and she had no intention of creating problems between them, two bond friends making advances towards her, maybe she should just ignore the both of them, after all she didn't come to Isshangbo to look for husband.
***** ***** ******
''What a fascinating woman she was'' Robert paced through the locker room in his mill, yes, the production rate is turning out nicely, the records in his office can prove that, his clients and staffs are overly satisfied. But recently things are beginning to change. No matter what he did, he thought of Amanda, no matter how he tried, he could no forget the kiss they had shared by the river. Lord! Who would have believed that a man of his experience could learn something new from the lady doctor? But he had. Though he had kissed more women than he could count, there had never been a kiss like the one he and Amanda shared. Just the thought of it sets his blood to boiling......
It had been crazy, of course, kissing her out there where anyone could have seen them. Thanks goodness he had stopped when he did, before a wanderer could have wandered by and Amanda's name would've been on the lips of every gossip in the town. That would have been a disaster. It took strength and courage to pull away from the lips that were sweeter than strawberry.
She had looked surprised, who could blame her? But she was a real woman and had said nothing either then till today. And a real man ought to show restraint. After all, Real men don't make love with a good woman until they were married.
Marriage! It was odd, how often he had thought about marriage since he met Amanda. A man needed a wife. Amanda would make a mighty fine wife, there was only one problem, it was only a matter of months and Amanda would pick a man, and she'll definitely settle for a man like Chris.
Hell, she would probably pick Chris, she would want a man who talks about Opera and books, the way Chris did. He had never been to an Opera before and the only book he opens recently were records and farm account registers.
It wasn't fair! Life's not fair, he had fallen in love with that woman, he had set out to make her his friend and it looked like the plan was working but that was not just enough, she looks happy and overwhelmed, whenever she was with Chris, not knowing that Chris was doing all that just for the race sake --life is literarily not fair.

To be continued


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