Tuesday, 19 June 2018

AFTER ROMANCE 2 Episode 56-60

"What a way to begin the new year." Harry says when he pulls away from our kiss. He rests his forehead against mine.
"Yeah." I say quietly.
I am happy that we are getting better at communicating with one another and managed to resolve a huge conflict without screaming at one another, when sober at least. I am not including last night in my praise.
"I really am sorry, so sorry for saying some of the things that I said." He tells me.
"So am I." I want to tell him how much I love him and how much he means to me, how sorry I am for what I did and that he has no reason to be so insecure but what if I have it all wrong? What if he isn't as insecure as I think he is?
"Are you ready to go back to classes Monday?" He asks.
"Yes, I haven't been in a while. Well not to an actual class so it will be strange to not just drop my work off and leave."
"I would much rather drop my work off than sit in a boring as lecture." He leans against the counter but keeps one hand on my hip.
"Not me."
"Yeah I know, you only miss being the smart one, the show off." He smiles.
"Show off?" I try my best to sound appalled.
"You like to be the one answering all the questions, don't try to deny it. I know you Tess." Harry's brow raises and he chuckles.
I love this side of Harry. This playful Harry is so different than the angry Harry who smashes things against our wall.
"Whatever." I immaturely answer and laugh with him.
He pulls me closer and brushes his nose gently against mine.
"You put up with so much shit from me." His voice is soft.
"This time it was my fault, stop taking the blame." I say and he shakes his head.
"It was huh?" He smirks and I swat at his arm.
"What did Dan's sister say after you apologized?" I stare at the wall behind Harry when I ask.
"Nothing really, she really didn't care or even really remember when we fucked..our time together I mean." I cringe at the thought of him touching her and her annoyingly shiny hair. Seriously how is it possible to have that shiny of hair? Maybe it is a wig, I hope it is and someone pulls it off..
"Tess?" Harry interrupts me.
"Did you hear me? What has gotten you so distracted?" He inquires.
"Nothing.." Only being insanely jealous and crazy.
"Tessa it was nothing with her, it was one night.. well two but she meant nothing. to me. I only fucked her to piss Dan off. It was nothing like this." He assures me and runs his fingers down my arms slowly.
"I know it wasn't." I say and mean it.
Regardless of the terrible things he says out of anger, he is mine and I am his. We are not good for one another but we are even worse for anyone else.
"You are everything to me, you know that don't you?" He whispers.
I bring my hand up to his jaw and run my thumb along his bottom lip, focusing on the metal ring.
"I do." I tell him.
"I hope you do, last night was not a good night." He sighs before I press my index finger to his lips to silence him.
"It's over now, everyone has bad nights." I tell him.
You just seem to have many more. My annoying subconscious adds.
"I guess." He shrugs. His eyes are still red and the skin underneath has a blue tint. He looks exhausted.
"Maybe we should get a little sleep before we have to get our things ready for tomorrow." I suggest.
"What things? It's only books."
"I still need to get them together, and write out my schedule in my planner. Oh, and I need to map out how far my classes are from one another. I can't believe I haven't done that yet! I almost forgot!" I am beginning to panic.
I have been so distracted lately that this entire winter break has went way too fast and I haven't properly prepared for my new classes.
"You don't need to map out your classes." He laughs.
"Yes I do! I have no idea how long it will take to get from one to the other, I don't know how the parking lot will be! I don't even know what time I should leave in the morning!" I have forgotten how stressful college can be because I have been dealing with so many adult problems that most of the time I don't feel like I am still a college student.
The entire month has been a blur. Has it really only been a month since I found out about the bet? It seems so much longer.
"Earth to Tessa.." Harry waves his hand in front of my face.
"Ready for the nap?" He asks.
"No! I don't have time. I have too much to do. I haven't even gotten a parking pass, I need to know how far the café is from my first class so I can make sure to get my coffee before. I need to call Liam!" The list of things that I need to do keeps growing in my mind as I turn away from Harry to go get my phone.
"I forgot how OCD you can be." He says.
"I am not OCD, I am responsible." I call back down the hall.
When I get to the bedroom I attempt to call Liam but he doesn't answer. Great. I open my planner and sit it down on our desk to begin to copy my schedule. I have less than forty-eight hours to prepare myself for my new semester and I have barely done anything.
I feel Harry's hand on my shoulder and it startles me, my phone begins to vibrate at the same time.
"Liam! Have you went over your schedule? Do you know how far the café is from our World Religion class?" I ask him as soon as I answer the phone.
"Yeah, it's only about a block. If we meet there at eight we can walk to religion and make it at least twenty minutes early." He replies.
Thank god Liam and I seem to share a brain.
Harry's large hand begins to rub my shoulder and it feels amazing.
"Okay great, I am going to see how long it will take to get to my yoga class. I am pretty sure it's on the other side of the campus." I groan.
"Yeah, I think it..." Liam is cut off when my phone is pulled away from my ear.
I turn around to see Harry pressing the phone to his ear. When I get to my feet to try to take it back from him he steps back.
"Give me the phone." I whisper but he shakes his head.
"Liam, Tess will have to call you back." He says into the small speaker.
His free hand grips my wrist and he pulls close to him, my back to his chest.
Seconds pass before he says, "She is otherwise occupied."
His lips brush my neck and I shudder. Oh.
"Stop being annoying, you two need medication." Harry says and ends the call before sitting the phone on the desk.
"Why did you do that, I barely have any time to get my things ready." I say, my voice betrays me when he licks and sucks at the skin on my neck.
"You need to relax baby."
"I can't, there is so much to do."
"I can help you." His voice is slow, slower than usual.
His grip on my hip tightens when he places his other hand across my chest to hold me still.
"Remember that time when I fingered you in front of the mirror and made you watch yourself come?" He asks.
"Yes." I gulp.
"That was fun wasn't it?" He purrs.
Heat is making it's way through my body from his words. Not heat. Fire.
"I can show you how to touch yourself the way that I touch you." He sucks harshly at my skin.
'Whh..at?" The word breaks halfway through because I have now turned into a ball of electricity.
"Do you want me to?"
The dirty idea sounds somewhat appealing but way too humiliating to admit.
"I will take your silence as a yes." He says and lets go of my waist but takes my hand.
I stay silent, nervously going over his words in my mind. This is beyond embarrassing and I am not sure how I feel about it.
He guides me to the bed and gently pushes me back onto the soft mattress. He climbs on top of me and straddles my legs. I assist Harry in taking my sweats off and he places a kiss on the inside of my thigh before sliding my panties off.

"Stay still Tess." Harry instructs.
"I can't." I mewl as he softly bites my inner thigh.
There is no way that I can stay still. He chuckles and if my brain was connected to the rest of my body right now, I would roll my eyes at him.
"Do you want to do this here or would you like to watch?" He asks and my stomach flutters.
The pressure continues to build between my legs and I attempt to squeeze them together to get some relief.
"No, no, baby. Not yet." He is torturing me. He pushes my thighs apart and puts more of his weight on me to keep them separated.
"Here." I finally answer, I had almost forgotten he asked a question.
"Thought so." He smirks.
He is so cocky but his words do things to me that I never thought possible. I can't get enough of him, even when he has me pinned to the bed with my legs spread open and we are planning to do something I had never considered doing before.
"I had thought about doing this before but I was too selfish. I wanted to be the only one to make you feel this way." He leans down and swipes his tongue only inches from the thin indent pushed into my skin from my panties that now lay on the floor.
My legs involuntarily try to stiffen but he doesn't allow it.
"Now since I know exactly how you like to be touched this will not take long."
"Why do you want to?" I squeak when he bites down on my skin again, then licks the sensitive skin.
"What?" He looks up at me.
"Why do you want to show me if you want to be the only one?" My voice is thick and shaky.
"Because as much as I want to be the only one to be able to get you off, the thought of you doing it to yourself, in front of me.. just, fuck." He breathes.
Oh. I need relief and soon, I hope he doesn't plan to torture me long.
"Besides, you can be a little uptight sometimes and maybe this is just what you need." He smiles and I try to hide my face in embarrassment.
If we weren't doing.. this.. I would say something back about him calling me uptight but he is right and like he said earlier, I am otherwise occupied.
"Here.. this is where you start." He suprises me by placing his cold fingers against me. A hiss escapes my lips from his cold touch.
"Cold?" He asks and I nod.
"Sorry." He chuckles and slides his fingers inside of me without warning.
My hips buck off of the bed and I clamp my hand over my mouth to silence myself.
"I just need to get them nice and warm." He smirks and moves them slowly in and out before removing them, making me feel empty and desperate.
He places them back where they previously were and I bite down on my lip.
"Now don't go and do that or we won't be able to finish your lesson." He says referring to my lip between my teeth.
I can hear the smirk in his voice but I don't look at him.
Instead I decide to swipe my tongue across my bottom lip and bite down again.
"You are very testy today, not a very good student." He teases.
Even while teasing he drives me crazy, how is it possible to be so seductive without even trying? This is surely something that only Harry has mastered.
"Give me your hand Tess." He instructs.
I don't move, I feel the embarrassment pooling in my cheeks and feel his hand grip mine and he brings my hand and his down my stomach and between my legs.
"If you don't want to do it you don't have to but I think you will like it." Harry says softly.
I lift my head up slightly to look at him. I want to, sort of. Well I do want to but the whole process seems humiliating. Isn't this supposed to be a private thing? Nothing is really private between Harry and I and hasn't ever been but this is just so intimate.
"I do." I decide.
"You're sure?"
"Yeah, I am just... nervous." I admit.
I feel much more comfortable with Harry than anyone in my entire life and I know he won't do anything to make me uncomfortable, not in a malicious way at least. I am just overthinking this, people do it all the time. Right?
"Don't be. You'll like it." He bites down on the corner of his mouth and I smile nervously.
"Don't worry, if you can't get yourself off I will do it for you." He shrugs.
"Harry!" I groan in embarrassment and plop my head back down on the pillow.
I hear him laugh lightly before he clasps his hands around mine again.
"Like this." He says and presses his hand against mine to spread my fingers.
My heart beat increases dramatically as he brings my hand ..there. It feels so strange. Foreign and just strange. I am so used to the way Harry's hands feel on me, the way his fingers are rough and callused, not soft and smooth, the way they are long and slender, the way they know exactly how to touch me, how to..
"Just do this." Harry's voice is thick with lust as he guides my fingers to the most sensitive spot.
I jam trying not to think about what we are doing.. what I am doing.
"How does it feel?" Harry asks.
"I.. don't know." I mutter.
"Yes you do. Tell me, Tess." He half demands and removes his hand from over mine.
I whimper at the loss of contact and begin to remove my hand.
"No, keep it there." His tone makes me snap my hand back to his previous spot.
"Continue." He command lightly.
I gulp and close my eyes, trying to repeat what Harry was doing. It doesn't feel nearly as good as when he does it but it most certainly doesn't feel bad either. The pressure in my lower stomach begins to build again and I screw my eyes shut, trying to pretend that it is Harry's fingers that are making me feel this way instead of my own.
"You look so hot touching yourself in front of me." Harry says and I can't help but moan and continue to trace the pattern that Harry has shown me with my fingers.
When I open my eyes slightly, I see Harry's hand palming over his jeans. Oh my god. Why is this so hot? This is something I thought people only did in naughty films, not real life. Harry makes everything so hot, no matter how strange it is. His eyes are focused between my legs and his teeth are digging into his bottom lip.
The second I feel he may catch me looking at him I snap my eyes shut and I shut off my subconscious. This is a normal and natural thing, everyone does it.. just not everyone has someone watching them but if they had Harry they surely would.
"Such a good girl for me, always." Harry says into my ear, nipping at my earlobe. His breath is hot and smells of mint and it makes me want to scream and melt into the sheets at the same time.
"Do it too." I breath, barely recognizing my voice.
"Do what I am doing.." I say, not wanting to use the word.
"You want that?" He sounds surprised.
"Yes, please Harry." I am getting so close and I need this, I need to take some of the focus off of me and honestly seeing his hand rubbing over the fabric of his jeans did wicked things to me and I want to see him do it again, and more.
"Okay." He simply answers. Harry is so confident when it comes to sex, I wish I was the same way.
I hear the zipper of his jeans and I try to slow down the movements of my fingers, if I don't this will be over very, very soon.
"Open your eyes, Tess." He demands and I oblige.
His hand wraps around his length and my eyes go wide at the perfect sight next to me as I watch Harry do something I never thought I would see anyone do.
He leans his head down again, this time he plants a single kiss on my neck before bringing his mouth back to my ear.
"You like this don't you? You like to watch me pleasure myself, you are so dirty Tess, so fucking dirty." My eyes never leave his hand between his legs. His hand moves faster as he continues talking to me.
"I am not going to last long watching you baby, you have no idea how fucking hot this is." He groans and I do the same.
I love the way he talks to me and even more so right now, I no longer feel uncomfortable. I am close, so close, and I want Harry to be close too.
"It feels so good, Harry." I moan, not caring how stupid or desperate I sound. It's the truth and he makes me feel like it's okay to feel this way.
"Fuck. Say something else." He grits out.
"I want you to come Harry, just picture my mouth around you.." the filthy words tumble from my lips and I feel the warmth from him finishing as it hits my flaming skin. That does it for me and I come undone from my own doing and close my eyes as I repeat his name over and over.
When I open my eyes Harry is leaning up on his elbow next to me and I instantly bury my face in his neck.
"How was it?" He asks, wrapping his arms around my waist to pull me close to him.
"I don't know.." I lie.
"Don't be shy, I know you liked it. So did I." He kisses the top of my head and I look up at him.
"I did, but I still like it better when you do it." I admit and he smiles.
"Well I would hope so." He says and I lift my head up to plant a kiss over the indent of his dimple.
"There are a lot of things I can show you." He adds and I flush again.
"One step at a time." He assures me.
My imagination runs wild at the thoughts of all the things Harry could show me, there are probably so many things I have never even heard of that he has done and for some reason, I want to learn them all.
"Let's get you a shower since you were my star pupil." He breaks the silence.
"You mean your only pupil?" I lower my eyes at him.
"Yeah, of course. Maybe I should teach Liam next, he needs it just as bad as you." He teases and moves to climb off the bed.
"Harry!" I shriek and he laughs, a real laugh and it is such a beautiful sound.
When my alarm goes off early Monday morning, I fly out of bed the moment my alarm rings. Harry groans and tries to wrap his arm around my waist to keep me in bed but I wiggle from his grasp and head to the bathroom to take a shower. The water gives me energy and my thoughts begin to travel back to my first semester at WSU. I had no idea what to expect but at the same time I felt very prepared, I had every detail down. I thought I would make a few friends and focus on extra circulars, maybe join the literary club and a few more. I would spend my time in my dorm or at the library studying and preparing for my future. Little did I know I would be living in an apartment with my boyfriend who is not Noah. I had no idea what was coming when my mother pulled into the parking lot at WSU, even when I met the rude boy with the curly hair I never imagined what was to come for him and I. I wouldn't have believed it if someone told me and now I can't imagine my life without that rude boy. Butterflies begin to dance in my stomach as I remember the way it felt to catch a glimpse of him on campus, to try to glance around the room to look for him in Literature, the way I would catch him looking at me while the professor was speaking, the way he would eavesdrop on Liam and I. Those days seem so long ago, ancient really.
I am startled from my nostalgic thoughts as the shower curtain is pulled back to reveal a shirtless Harry. His hair messy and falling down his forehead, as he rubs his eyes.
"What are you doing in here? Practicing what I taught you yesterday?" He smiles, his voice is thick from sleep and drawn even slower.
"No!" I squeak, flushing as the image of Harry coming by his own hand floods my mind.
"Sure babe." He chuckles.
"I wasn't! I was just thinking." I admit.
"About what?" He sits down on the toilet and I close the curtain back.
"Just about before.."
"Before what?" He tone full of worry.
"The first day of college and how you were so rude." I tease.
"Rude? I didn't even speak to you." He defends.
"Exactly." I laugh.
"You were so annoying with your dreadful skirt and your loafer wearing boyfriend. Your mum's face was priceless when she saw us." I know he is rolling his eyes despite the curtain blocking my view of him.
My chest tenses at the mention of my mother, I miss her but I refuse to take the blame for her mistakes. When she is ready to stop judging Harry and I then I will talk to her but if she doesn't do that then she doesn't deserve my time.
My poor mother has no idea that the worry she felt for me that day would turn out to be her worst nightmare, the worst possibility for her "perfect" daughter. It's ironic and I find it quite humorous. I don't want to think about her anymore, not right now at least. I have a busy day and that will add to my stress.
"You were annoying with your.. well.. your attitude." I can't think of what to say because he didn't speak to me the first time I met him.
"Remember the second time I saw you? You were in a towel and you were carrying those wet clothes."
"Yes, and you said you wouldn't look at me." I recall.
"I lied. I was certainly looking at you."
"It seems so long ago doesn't it?" I ask.
"Yes, very long ago. It doesn't seem like those things actually happened, now it seems like it's always been us, you know what I mean?"
"I do actually." It's true, it is odd to think about Noah being my boyfriend then instead of Harry. It doesn't sit right. I care for Noah so much but him and I wasted years of our lives dating one another.
I turn off the shower and push Noah to the back of my mind.
"Can you.." I begin to ask but before I finish Harry tosses a towel over the top of the curtain.
"Thanks." I say while wrapping the cloth around my wet body.
Harry follows me into our bedroom and I get dressed as fast as possible while he lays on his stomach on our bed, his eyes never leaving me.
I towel dry my hair and apply my makeup before putting my white dress on.
"You are wearing that? To class?" Harry asks as I pull it off the hanger.
"Yeah, I want to look nice." I shrug. It is my favorite dress, and I thought it was his.
"I don't know if that is.. appropriate."
"Why not? I wear it to Vance all the time."
"Yeah, I know but it's just college. Couldn't you wear jeans? Or maybe one of your old skirts?" He suggests.
"You hate those skirts."
"No.. I don't hate them. I am actually very fond of them." He lies.
"What is this about? This dress isn't revealing or anything." I slide the silky material over my head and tug the bottom to adjust it.
"I know. I just.. I don't know, I think you may look weird." He says. Ouch.
"Look weird? I thought you liked this dress?" I stare into the mirror, my confidence deflating by the second.
"I do."
"So why shouldn't I wear it?" I debate whether or not to take it off or not.
"I didn't mean it like that.. I just mean.. I don't know, maybe you should be a tad more casual. You don't want to draw so much attention to yourself."
"I am wearing the dress." I stand my ground now that I know he is just being jealous.
"Fine." He huffs and I grab my tallest heels just to annoy him. Childish yes, but he is acting like a caveman.
"I am driving you." He says and climbs off of the bed to get himself dressed.
"We already had that established remember? We would ride together Monday, Wednesday, and Friday since I will only be at Vance Tuesday and Thursday." I remind him.
"Shut up Tess." He shakes his head playfully and I smile a mock innocent smile before heading back into the living room.
I decide to wear my hair straight for once and I actually sort of like it. I like it better when it is curled but it looks nice this way too. After I apply light makeup I grab my bag and take another look inside to make sure everything I need is inside before meeting Harry by the front door. Harry carries my tennis shoes for yoga class and I carry my bag full of everything else that I could possibly need.
The twenty minute car ride is silent for the first few minutes as I defrost from the winter air and text Liam to make sure he will be meeting me at the coffee house at eight.
"Go ahead." Harry says when he pulls onto the freeway.
"What?" I turn to look at him.
"Go ahead and spaz." He sighs and rests his hand on my thigh.
I smile at him and tell him my plan for the day for the tenth time in twenty four hours. As he pretends to listen carefully, I promise him and myself I will be much more relaxed tomorrow.

Harry parks in the lot closest to the coffee house as he can manage so that we can limit the exposure to the weather but the campus is crowded since everyone has returned from Christmas break. He curses the entire time he circles each parking lot and I try not to laugh at his annoyance. It is quite adorable.
"Give me your bag." Harry says when I get out of the car.
I hand it to him with a smile and thank him for the thoughtful gesture, it is heavy, manageable but heavy. It feels strange being back on campus, so much has changed and happened since I have last been here. The cold wind whips against my skin and Harry pulls a beanie over his head before zipping his jacket up all the way while we rush through the parking lot and down the street. I should have brought a thicker jacket, and gloves, and even a hat for myself. Harry was right when he said I shouldn't wear the dress but there is no way I am admitting that.
Harry looks adorable with his hair hidden under the beanie and his cheeks and nose are red from the cold. Only Harry would look even more attractive in this harsh weather.
"There he is." He points to Liam as we walk inside.
The familiarity of the small coffee shop calms my nerves and I smile as soon as I see my closest friend sitting at a small table waiting for me.
"Good morning." Liam smiles when his eyes rest on Harry and I.
"Morning." I chirp back.
"I'll get in line." Harry mumbles and heads to the counter.
I didn't expect him to stay or get my coffee but I am glad he is. We don't have any classes together this semester and I will miss seeing him since I have gotten used to seeing him all day, every day during the second half of Christmas break at least.
"Ready for the new semester?" Liam asks when I take a seat across from him.
The chair squeaks across the tile floor, drawing attention to us and I smile apologetically before taking a good look at Liam.
He has tried a new hairstyle, pushing his hair up off of his forehead and it looks very good on him. As I look around the coffee shop, I begin to realize I probably should have just worn jeans and I sweatshirt, I am the only one dressed this way, except Liam in his light blue button down shirt and khakis.
"Yes, and no." I tell him and he agrees.
"Same. How are things.. you know between you two?" He leans across the table to whisper.
Harry's has his back to us and the barista's face is in a deep scowl. She rolls her eyes as he hands her his debit card and I wonder what he did to her to irritate her so much this early in the day.
"They are good actually. How are things with Danielle? It feels much longer than a week since we have seen each other."
"Good, she is preparing for New York."
"That is so amazing, I would love to go to New York." I can't imagine how the city is.
"Me too." He smiles and I want to tell him not to go but I know that I can't.
"I haven't made my mind up yet." He answers my thoughts.
"I want to go and be close to her, we have lived so far for so long but I love WSU and I don't know if I want to be away from my mum and Ken to go to a huge city where I know absolutely no one, except her of course.
"You would do amazing there, you could go to NYU and the two of you could get an apartment." I say.
"Yeah, I just don't know yet."
"Know what?" Harry interrupts.
He sits my coffee in front of me but doesn't sit down.
"I've got to go, my first class begins in five minutes on the opposite side of campus." Harry says and I cringe at the thought of running late on the first day of new classes.
"Okay, I will see you after yoga. It's my last class." I tell him and he surprises me by leaning down and planting a kiss on my lips then my forehead.
"I love you, be careful." He says and I get the feeling that if his cheeks weren't red from the cold they would be now, his eyes shift to the floor when he remembers Liam is sitting across from us.
Public displays of affection are definitely not Harry's thing.
"I will. I love you." I tell him and he gives Liam an uncomfortable head nod before walking towards the door.
"That was.. weird." Liam lifts his eyebrows and takes a drink of his coffee.
"Yeah it was." I laugh and rest my chin on my hand and sigh happily.
"We should get going to religion." Liam says and I grab my bag from the floor beside me before following Liam outside.
Luckily we don't have a long walk to our first class. I am excited for world religion, it will be very interesting and thought provoking, and an added bonus is having Liam in class with me. When we enter the room, we aren't the first students to arrive but the front row is completely empty.
Liam and I sit down in the front center and take our books out. It feels good to be back in my element, academics have always been my thing and I love that Liam feels the same.
"There is our professor, the one I told you about." Liam points across the lecture room.
The young man walking toward us looks very familiar, his black hair and tan skin register in my mind.
"I think I know..oh! He was at Connor's!" I whisper too loud to Liam.
"The store by our house. He was there." I explain.
"Oh, that is random." Liam says.
"Yeah it is. He is so young." I add and Liam nods in agreement.
What a coincidence that the guy on the motorcycle at Conner's ended up being my religion professor. He barely looks old enough to be one and I wouldn't connect motorcycle riding to teaching world religion, that is what I get for judging him by his rugged appearance.
Liam and I wait patiently as the room fills with students, most of them are obnoxiously loud, it doesn't help that this classroom seems smaller than most and there are only about thirty chairs.
"Good morning everyone, as most of you know by now my name is Professor Soto. This is World Religion, you may get bored a few times and I can promise you that you will learn a heap of facts that you will never actually use in the real world but hey, what is college for?" He smiles and everyone laughs.
This is different.
"So let's get started, there is no syllabus for this course. We will not be following a strict outline, that isn't my style.. but we will learn all that you need to know by the end date. You will have one large project but I won't be telling you what it consists of until halfway through the course. Seventy-five percent of your grade will come from a journal that you will be required to keep. I know you are thinking what does a journal have to do with religion? It doesn't per say but in a way it does. In order to study and really understand any form of spirituality you have to be open to the idea of anything and everything. Keeping a journal will help with that and some of the things I will have you write about will involve topics that people are not comfortable with, topics that are very controversial and uncomfortable for some but I have high hopes that everyone will leave this class with an open mind and maybe a little knowledge." He beams and unbuttons his jacket.
Liam and I both turn to look at one another at the same time.
"No syllabus?" Liam mouths.
"A journal?" I reply silently.
Professor Soto takes a seat at the large desk in the front of the room and pulls a bottle of water from his bag.
"You can talk amongst yourselves until the end of class, or you can go ahead and go for today and we will begin the real work tomorrow. Just sign the roster so I can see how many flakes we had that didn't show for the first day." He announces with a playful grin.
The class howls and cheers before departing quickly, Liam shrugs at me and we both stand up after the room is empty. We are the last to sign the attendance roster.
"Well I guess this is cool, I can call Danielle for a little while between classes." He says and packs his things.
"I am going to talk to the professor for a minute so you can go ahead." I tell him and he nods before leaving me alone.
As I approach Professor Soto's desk I notice that he now has headphones in his ears and his fingers are tapping against his desk.
He doesn't seem to notice me standing in front of him as he hums along to the music in his ears.
"Uhm..Could I talk to you for a second?" I ask but he doesn't acknowledge me.
I awkwardly wave my hand towards him which catches his attention and his head snaps up as he pulls the ear buds from his ears.
"Sorry! I didn't see you there, I figured everyone was gone." He smiles and stand up in front of me.
"It's okay.. I was just wondering if I could ask you a few questions?" I shift my bag to my other shoulder and mentally curse at myself for wearing this stupid outfit.
"Yeah sure.. wait.. you are the woman from Conner's aren't you?" He asks and pulls his jacket from his shoulders and down his arms to lay it across the back of his chair.
"Yeah, that's me." I tell him with a smile.
"Thought so, you owe me for that. That Gloria is a tough woman, I had to take her to dinner for that." He says and I try not to laugh.
"Do you work there? You had a name tag on." I blurt.
"No, I was coming from a gig before that. I did work there while I was finishing college though. You really pay attention to detail." He smiles.
"Yeah, I guess." I respond, embarrassed by my lack of boundaries.
"So what did you need, Miss...Young is it?" He sits back down in his chair after running his fingers over what appears to be the roster that was signed by each student.
He doesn't act or look like any professor that I have had before.
"I just have a few questions about the course. You said there is no syllabus.."
"So how will we know when do have the assignments finished by?"
"I will tell you." He shrugs.
"Okay.. but how will we know what the assignments are?" I ask.
"I will tell you." He repeats.
"But what if we want to do the assignments early?"
"You can't."
"But what.."
"No early assignments. No syllabus. That's just the way it is." He interrupts with a smile.
"But I.." I begin.
"Don't overthink it, I am sure you will do that enough in your other courses." He laughs.
"I.. okay." I don't know what else to say.
This class is going to be hell for me, I know it.
"Well if that is all you wanted to know, I am going to get going." The young professor stands and grabs his things.
"Okay.." I say quietly and walk toward the door.
"Oh and Miss Young?" He calls after me.
"Don't forget to buy a journal." He says when I turn back around.
The rest of the day goes by quickly and I am eager to see Harry. I have sent him a few text messages but he has yet to respond. My feet are killing me as I make my way to the athletic building, I had not realized how far of a walk it would be. The smell of sweat invades my nostrils as soon as I open the door and I hurry to the locker room labeled with a stick figure in a dress. The walls are lined with thin red lockers, the metal showing threw the chipped paint job.
"How do we know which locker to use?" I ask a short brunette wearing a bathing suit.
"You can just pick one as long as you brought your own lock." She informs me.
"Oh." Of course, I didn't think to bring a lock.
"I have an extra." She smiles and digs in her bag before handing me a small lock.
"The combination is on the back, I haven't removed the sticker." She says and I thank her as she walks out of the room.
After I am changed into a new pair of black yoga pants and a white t-shirt, I head out of the locker room. The pants look and feel more like leggings since they are tight on my ankles but I am sure everyone else will be wearing the same so I won't be so uncomfortable.
When I walk down the hall to the yoga room a group of lacrosse players pass by, each of them making a vulgar remark that I choose to ignore. All of them except one keeps moving.
"You trying out for cheer next year?" The boy asks. His eyes are a deep brown, almost black.
"Me? No, I am just on my way to yoga class." I stammer. We are the only people in this hall.
"Oh, that is too bad, You would look phenomenal in a skirt."
"I have a boyfriend." I announce and try to move around him, he blocks me.
"I have a girlfriend.. what does that matter? I would easily drop her for you." He smiles and takes a step, corning me.
He doesn't appear intimidating at all but something about his cocky smile makes my skin crawl.
"I need to get to class." I say.
"I can walk you.. or you can skip, I could show you around." He puts his arm up on the wall next to my head and I step backwards with no where to go.
"Get the fuck away from her or I will fucking kill you." Harry's voice booms from behind me and the creep turns his head to look at Harry.
He looks more intimidating than ever in long basketball shorts and a black t-shirt with the sleeves cut off to reveal his tattooed arms.
"I'm..sorry man, I didn't know she had a boyfriend." He lies.
"Did you not hear me? I said get the fuck away from her." Harry walks toward us and the lacrosse player backs away quickly but Harry grabs ahold of his shirt and slams him against the wall. I don't stop him.
"Come near her again and I will crack your skull against this wall. Do you understand me?" He growls.
"Ye..yess.." The guy stutters and rushes down the hall.
"Thank god." I say and wrap my arm around his neck.
"Who was that?" He asks, removing my arm and taking a step away from him.
"I don't know, he just walked by me."
"You sure?" He is beyond angry, I can tell.
"Yeah, I don't know him. I am so glad you came.. why are you here? I thought you didn't need anymore P.E classes?" I ask.
"I decided to take one, good thing I did." He sighs and takes my hand into his.
"Which one?" I ask, I can not imagine Harry being athletic at all.
"You didn't." I gasp.
"Oh, yes I did." His anger seems to be dissolved as he smiles at my horrified expression.

"What are you wearing?" He asks and takes a step backward to look at me.
"Yoga clothes." I shrug.
I remember the last time I wore yoga pants in front of Harry and the crude remarks he spoke and those yoga pants weren't as tight as these.
"Turn around." He says and looks around the hall to make sure we are alone.
'What? No."
"Tessa, turn around." He says again.
"I am not doing that." A group of basketball players walk through the door to our right and Harry rolls his eyes in defeat. I can't help but smile at his annoyance.
"Well what are you waiting on? Lets go." Harry says, pulling me down the hallway.
He makes it a point to walk slightly behind me and I suddenly want to go back to the tenth grade when I would tie a sweater around my waist to hide myself.
"You are going to need to get more of these pants." His voice is quiet.
I laugh lightly and grab his hand to force him to walk next to me instead of behind me.
"You aren't seriously taking yoga." No matter how hard I try to picture Harry posing, the image just won't come.
"Yeah, I am."
"You do know what yoga is don't you?" I ask him as we walk into the room.
"Yes, Tessa. I know what it is and I am taking it with you." He huffs.
"It doesn't matter why, I just want to spend more time with you." Harry says.
"Oh." I am not convinced by his explanation but I am looking forward to seeing him in yoga class and the extra time with him doesn't hurt either.
The instructor is sitting on a bright yellow yoga mat in the center of the room. Her curly brown hair piled on top of her head and her flower print shirt make a good first impression.
"Where is everyone?" Harry asks me as I grab a purple mat from the shelving unit on the wall.
"We are early." I hand him a blue one and he examines it before tucking it under his arm.
"Of course we are." He smiles sarcastically and follows me to the front of the room.
I begin to lay my mat down directly in front of the instructor but Harry grabs my arm to stop me.
"No way, we are sitting in the back." He says.
"What? No, I always sit in the front." I argue.
"Exactly. We are sitting in the back." He repeats and takes my mat from my hands to head to the back of the room.
"If you are going to be grumpy you shouldn't stay." I whisper to him.
"I am not grumpy."
The instructor introduces herself to Harry and I when we take a seat on our mats and Harry claims that he knows she is high which makes me giggle.
I begin to grow annoyed as the room fills with girls in tight yoga pants and tiny tank tops that all seem to glance or stare at Harry. So far he is the only male and if another doesn't show it will be rather irritating. Luckily Harry doesn't seem to notice the heaps of female attention he is receiving, either that or he is just very used to it, that has to be it. He gets attention like this all of the time. It's not like I blame the girls but he is my boyfriend and they need to look elsewhere. I know some of the girls are looking at him because of his tattoos and piercings, they must be wondering why the heck he is taking a yoga class.
A thin blonde lays her mat directly next to Harry and she smiles at him when he looks over at her. She blinks a few times and looks down, obviously smitten by him.
"So what do you want to do tonight babe?" I ask loudly, making sure she can hear me.
"What?" Harry asks.
"What are we doing tonight when we get back to our apartment?" I emphasise the words to try to get my point across.
He glances over at the girl and looks back to me with a smirk covering his face.
"Hmmm.. I don't know, I may be busy." He taunts me and I scowl.
"Teasing." He smiles and shakes his head, obviously amused by my jealousy.
"Okay everyone! Let's get started!" The instructor calls through the room.
She introduces herself as Ms. Laney and gives a short speech about why and how she got into teaching yoga.
"She is never going to shut up is she?" Harry groans after a few minutes.
"Eager to pose are you?" I raise my brow.
"Pose what?" He asks.
'We will begin with a few stretches." Ms. Laney instructs.
Harry sits still on the floor while everyone else mimics the instructors actions. I can feel his eyes on me the entire time.
"You are supposed to be stretching." I scold him and he shrugs but doesn't move.
"You in the back, join us." The instructor calls Harry out.
"Erm.. sure." He mumbles and uncrosses his long legs and stretches them in front of him before attempting to reach his toes.
I force myself to look towards the front of the room and away from Harry to prevent the laughter that is fighting to surface.
"You are supposed to touch your toes." The blonde girl says to Harry.
"I am trying." He smiles at her.
Why did he even respond to her and why am I so jealous? She giggles at him while the image of me slamming her head against the floor plays through my mind. I always lecture Harry about his temper but here I am planning this whores murder... and calling her a whore even though I don't know her.
"I can't really see clearly, I am going to move up." I tell Harry.
He looks surprised as he speaks.
"Why? I wasn't.." He begins.
"It's nothing, I just want to be able to see and hear what is going on." I explain and drag my mat a few feet, stopping directly in front of Harry.
I sit down and finish stretching with the group. I don't have to turn around to see the look on Harry's face.
"Tess." He hisses, trying to get my attention but I don't turn around.
"Let's begin with the downward dog pose, it is very simple and easy to do." Ms. Laney tells us.
I bend down and place my palms against the mat and look at Harry through the space between my stomach and the floor. He is standing still with his mouth open.
"Are you going to join us?" Ms. Laney calls Harry out once more.
If she does it again I won't be surprised if he curses her out in front of the entire class.
I close my eyes and shift my hips so I am bending over completely.
"Tessa." I hear him say again.
"Theresa." He pesters.
"What Harry? I am trying to concentrate." I say, looking at him again.
He is now bent over attempting to do the pose but his long body is bent at an awkward angle and I can't help but burst into laughter.
"Shut up would you." He snaps and I laugh louder.
"You are terrible at this." I tease.
"You are distracting me." He says through his teeth.
"I am? How?" I love having the upper hand with Harry because it doesn't happen often.
"You know how." He whispers.
I know the girl next to him can hear us but I don't care, I hope she does.
"Move your mat then." I purposely stand up to stretch and bend back down into the pose.
"You move.. you are the one toying with me."
"Teasing." I correct him using his words from minutes ago against him.
"Okay, lets move into a halfway lift." Ms. Laney says.
I stand again then bend at my waist, putting my hands flat on my knees and making sure my back is at a ninety degree angle.
"You've got to be kidding me." Harry groans at my bottom practically right in front of his face.
I turn around to look at him and he isn't doing the pose correctly, he has his hands on his knees but his back is almost straight.
"Okay! Now for the forward fold." She calls and I bend down, folding my body.
"It's really like she wants me to fuck you right in front of everyone." He says and I snap my head up to make sure no one heard him.
"Shh.." I plea and hear him chuckle.
"Move your mat or I will say everything that I am thinking right now." He threatens and I quickly stand up and move my mat back to it's previous spot next to him.
"Thought so." He smirks.
"You can tell me those things later." I whisper and he tilts his head to the side.
"Trust me, I will." Harry promises and my stomach flutters.
He doesn't participate in much of the remainder of class and the blonde ends up moving halfway through, probably because Harry won't stop talking.
"We are supposed to be meditating." I whisper back to him and close my eyes.
The room is silent except Harry's quiet whispers.
"This is so fucking lame." He complains.
"You are the one who signed up for yoga."
"I didn't know how lame it was. I am literally about to fall asleep right here."
"Stop whining."
"I can't. You had to go and get me all worked up and now I am stuck sitting cross legged, meditating, with a hard on in a room full of people."
"Harry!" I hiss, louder than intended.
"Shh.." Multiple voices attempt to silence me.
Harry laughs and I stick my tongue out at him, earning a dirty look from the girl to my right. Harry and I taking yoga together is not going to work, I am going to get kicked out or fail.
"We are dropping this class." He says when the meditation is over.
"You are, I am not. I need a P.E credit." I inform him.
"Great first day everyone! I look forward to seeing you later this week." Ms. Laney says, dismissing us.
I roll my mat up but Harry doesn't bother, he just shoves his onto the shelf.
"There are plenty of other P.E classes you can take."
"I am already in this one."
"Please?" He says and I am taken aback. It is not like Harry to ask this way so it must be important to him to have a class together.
"Fine, you pick the class then but you know it is going to be stressful going into a new class the second day, if we can even get a slot."
"I may know someone who can help." He teases, referring to his father.
"Name dropper." I smile.
"You've called me worse." He chuckles.
My eyes travel down to his lower region and I can not bring my eyes to leave the prominent bulge in his baggy basketball shorts.
"No more yoga. It's not good for my health." He says, looking down at himself.
I laugh as we walk out of the room and head to the locker rooms.
"But you will need to still get more of these pants." He adds and wraps his arm around my waist and squeezes my bottom making me yelp in surprise.
"Get changed so we can go home." Harry instructs as we reach the women's locker room.
"Unless of course you want me to join you in there." He smirks, groping me again.
"No, but I am going to wear this home. That dress and those shoes were so uncomfortable all day." I admit.
"Really? Hmm.. what did I tell you?" He boasts.
Instead of answering him, I roll my eyes and walk into the locker room to get my things.

The girl who gave me her extra lock is no where to be found when I return to the locker room so I just put the lock back on the handle and if she doesn't claim it back tomorrow then I will continue to use it.
When I finish collecting my things, I meet Harry back in the hall. He is leaning against the wall with one foot perched on the wall behind him.
"If you would have taken any longer I would have came in there." He threatens.
"You should have, you wouldn't have been the only guy in there." I lie and watch as his features change.
I turn away from him, taking a few steps before he grabs onto my arm and spins me back around to face him.
"What did you just say?" His eyes lower.
"Teasing." I smirk and he huffs and lets go of my arm.
"I think you have done enough of that today."
"Maybe." I smile.
"You are something else today." He shakes his head.
"The yoga relaxed me and cleansed my aura." I laugh.
"Not mine." He reminds me as we walk outside.
"What do you want for dinner?" I ask Harry when we reach the car.
The first day of the new semester went very well, even yoga which ended up being amusing. Amusing is not my usual preference when it comes to academics but having Harry there was nice. My religion class may be a problem because of the lack of structure but I am going to try not to focus on that right now because it will drive me insane.
"I don't know, I have some work to do for a few hours but I will be finished by dinner time." Harry replies.
"Okay, I will come up with something." I tell him.
"That hockey game is tomorrow right?" He asks.
"Yes, you are still going aren't you?"
"I don't know.."
"I need to know because if you flake then I am going to go with him." I respond.
Liam would probably much rather I go with him but the two of them could use some bonding time together. I know they will never be friends.. or brothers but Harry doesn't really have any friends and Liam is my best friend who just so happens to be Harry's step brother so it would help tremendously if they got along better.
"I am going." He sighs and climbs into the car.
"Thank you." I smile and he rolls his eyes.
The leather seats are freezing and my yoga pants are paper thin, maybe I should have put the dress back on. My body shakes and shivers, drawing Harry's attention. He turns the heat to its maximum setting and pulls out of the parking lot.
"So what P.E class do you want to take?" I ask him.
"I don't know, I will tell you after I see what the options are. What would you like to take?"
"Yoga." I reply.
"Besides yoga."
"I don't know.. I am not very athletic. At all."
"Neither am I." He moves his hand from the gear shift and places it on my thigh.
"Tennis?" I suggest.
"Areboics?" I smile.
"Hell no."
"Then you choose and I will try to go with it." I say.
"You? Go with it?" He laughs.
"I said I would try, if it doesn't work then I will take an extra Literature and do yoga again next semester. You are lucky that I love you so much." I laugh. Harry turns his head quickly to look at me with wide eyes.
"What?" I ask him, unsure why he looks so surprised.
"Why did you look at me like that?" I place my hand over his on my thigh.
"I don't know, I just liked how you said that." He says quickly and quietly.
"Okay.." I tell him I love him all the time, don't I? I know I could be more expressive when it comes to my feelings for him but I do my best to walk the dangerous line between protecting myself and letting him know how I feel about him.
"Should I just drop you off at the apartment?" Harry changes the subject.
"Yeah, that's fine. I need to get a start on my coursework anyway. I already hate my religion class." I sigh.
"Why is that? How is the professor?" Harry's tone changes.
"He's nice, I guess. I met him before."
"At Conner's, only briefly. He is young and seems unorganized." My head begins to throb thinking of his 'no syllabus' rule.
"Hmm..." His eyes stay focused on the road.
"Yeah, so how are your classes?" I feel uncomfortable talking to Harry about Professor Soto for some reason, maybe it is the way he seems to have an issue with him already.
"Boring as fuck."
Harry's car pulls into the parking lot of our apartment and he pulls into his usual spot.
"Except yoga?" I try to lighten up the mood.
"Yes, except yoga. Yoga was certainly.. interesting." He turns to look at me.
"Really? How so?" I chew on my bottom lip in an attempt to appear innocent.
"I think it has something to do with a blonde." He smirks and I tense.
"Excuse me?" I bark.
"You didn't see the hot blonde next to me? You are really missing out babe, you should see the way her ass looks in those yoga pants."
"You better not be serious." I scowl.
"I am though. You aren't mad are you?" He smiles, I am pretty sure he is teasing me but it's irritating me.
I reach for the door handle and open the door.
"Where are you going?" He asks.
"Inside. It's cold."
"Aww.. Tess are you jealous of the girl in yoga?" Harry teases.
"Yes you are." He challenges me and I roll my eyes while I climb out of the car to head inside. I am surprised when he turns the car off and I hear his boots clambering on the concrete behind me.
I pull the heavy glass door open and walk inside, when I reach the elevator I remember that I forgot my bag in the car.
"Admit that you are jealous of the blonde in class." Harry taunts me as he steps inside the elevator and presses the button.
"Fine, I am. Only because she was gawking at you and now you are saying she is hot." I try not to whine.
"You are an idiot." He chuckles.
"Excuse me?" I look up at him.
"You think I would be looking at some random blonde when you are there.. when I can look at you? Especially in these pants, I am not and literally can not look at anyone else. I was reffering to you." He takes a long stride toward me and I step back against the cold wall of the elevator.
"Well I saw her trying to flirt with you." I practically pout.
I don't like the way jealousy feels, it is the most obnoxious emotion possible.
"You silly girl." He takes one more step to bring his body to mine and his hand cups my cheek, forcing me to make eye contact.
"How can you not comprehend what you do to me?" He breathes inches away from my mouth, I can taste his breath.
"I don't know." I squeak when his free hand grabs mine and leads down to his shorts.
"This is what you do." He shifts his hips so his erection fills my hand.
"Oh." My head is swimming.
"You will be saying much more than Oh.." He begins to say but he is interrupted when the elevator stops before our floor.
"You've got to be kidding me." Harry groans when a woman and her three children step into the elevator.
I try to step away from him but he wraps his arm around my waist refusing to let me move. One of the children begins to cry which makes Harry huff in annoyance. I begin to imagine how humorous it would be if the elevator stopped and we were trapped inside with the crying child. Fortunately for Harry, the doors open moments later and we step out into the hall.
"I literally despise children." He complains as we reach our apartment.
When he unlocks the door, cold air flows out from the apartment.
"Did you turn the heat off?" I ask him when we walk inside.
"No, it was on this morning." Harry walks over to the thermostat and curses under his breath.
"It says it's eighty degrees in here when it's clearly not. I will call maintenance." He tells me and I nod.
I grab the blanket from the back of the couch and wrap it around myself before sitting down.
"Yes.. it isn't working and it's cold as fuck in here." Harry speaks into the receiver.
"Thirty minutes? No, that won't work." He snaps moments later.
"I don't give a shit, I pay a small fortune to live here and I won't have her freezing to death.. I won't have it freezing in here." He corrects himself but it's too late. I heard him.
He glances over at me and I look away. careful not to embarrass him.
"Fine. Fifteen minutes. No longer." He barks into the phone and tosses it against the couch.
"They will be here in fifteen minutes to fix it." He tells me.
"Thank you." I smile at him and he sits down next to me on the couch.
I open the front of the blanket and reach for him. When he scoots closer I climb onto his lap and thread my fingers through his hair and tug lightly.
"What are you doing?" His hands rest on my hips.
"You said we have fifteen minutes." I brush my lips along his jaw and he shivers.
"Are you coming onto me, Tess?" I can feel his jaw move into a smile.
"Harry..."I whine to prevent him from teasing me further.
"I'm joking, now take your clothes off." He demands but his hands lift the bottom of my shirt, contradicting his words.

To be continued..
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