Monday, 4 June 2018

AFTER ROMANCE 2 Episode 11-15

"That w:as so amazing, thank you so much for bringing me along." I tell Christian as we step into the elevator.
"It was my pleasure really, you're one of my best employees. Intern or not, you're very bright." He compliments and I smile.
"This was beyond incredible. I really believe that digital publishing is the biggest thing in publishing and it will continue to grow, its so much convenient and easy for readers to access. This is huge, and it keeps expanding." I ramble.
"Yea, I agree. We can use a lot of the information we got tonight to help Vance grow even further, imagine how many new customers will come of this." Mr. Vance agrees.
"Okay are you two done?" Kimberly teases and wraps her arm through Christian's.
"Let's get changed and hit the town! This is the first weekend in months that we have had a sitter." She pouts playfully.
"Yes ma'am." He smiles down at her. I am glad he found her after his wife passed away, he got a second chance at happiness. I look over at Trevor and he gives me a small smile.
"I need a drink." Kimberly says.
"Me too." Christian says.
"Okay so everyone meet in the lobby in thirty minutes and the driver will pick us up out front." Christian says and I nod.
When I get back to my room I turn my curling iron on to touch up my hair and add more makeup to my face. I brush the dark shadow over my eyelids and look into the mirror. It looks heavy for me but not too heavy. I line my eyes with black liner and add some blush to my cheeks before fixing my hair. I check the time and I have to be down in the lobby in ten minutes. The navy dress I wore this morning looks even better now with my darker makeup and fuller hair. I wish Harry.. no I don't. I don't. I repeat to myself and slip my black heels on. I grab my cell phone and purse before leaving the room to meet my friends, are they my friends? I don't know but I feel like Kimberly is and Trevor is very kind, I just don't know about Christian. He is my boss after all. Vance is Ken's friend so he is much older than me, I know he is younger than Ken but I am not sure how much younger. I am not sure Kimberly's age either but I know that Trevor is twenty four. I have always been mature for my age, a trait that always made it hard for me to make friends my own age. On the elevator ride down to the lobby, I text Liam to tell him that I am having a great time in Seattle. I miss Liam and I hope we can still remain close since Harry and I aren't together anymore. I am not even sure if you could count our relationship as an actual relationship since it was all based on a lie.
When I step off of the elevator, I spot Trevor's black hair near the door. He is wearing black dress pants and a cream sweater. It reminds me of something Noah would wear. I take a second to admire how handsome he looks before I make my presence known. When his eyes find me they go wide and he makes a noise between a cough and a squeak. I can't help but laugh a little as his cheeks flush.
"You look.. you look very beautiful." He says and I smile.
"Thank you, you don't look so bad yourself." I compliment him and the redness on his cheeks deepens.
"Thanks." He murmurs nervously. It's an odd thing to see him so put-off. He is usually so collected and in order.
"There they are!" I hear Kimberly call.
"Wow Kim!" I say and wave my hand over my face. She looks stunning in a red halter dress that only reaches half way down her thighs. Her short blonde hair is pin straight and she looks classy yet sexy.
"I have a feeling we will be fighting men off all night." Christian says to Trevor and they both laugh.
When we get to the nightclub I am blown away by the three story building full of flashing lights and swaying bodies. It is much like what I envisioned it to be but much larger and a lot more people.
"We will go to a much more laid back place tomorrow, some of the guys from the conference wanted to come here so here we are!" She laughs.
The very large man guarding the door and allowing access to the club holds a clipboard in his hands. A line of expectant party goers fills the entire walk way and reaches around the corner of the street.
"Will we wait long?" I ask Trevor.
"Oh no, Mr. Vance doesn't wait." He laughs.
I soon find what he means when Christian tells the bouncer his name and the man removes the rope to let us through immediately. The music pounds through the large club and the lights dance across the smoke filled club. I don't think I will ever understand why people like to pay to get a headache and inhale synthetic smoke while they grind on strangers. A woman in a short dress leads us to a small room with thin curtains for walls. There are two couches and a table in the middle of the area.
"This is a VIP section Tessa." Kimberly tells me as I look around with curious eyes.
"Oh." I simply answer and follow their lead by sitting on one of the couches.
"What do you usually drink?" Trevor asks me.
"Oh, I don't usually." I answer.
"Me either, well I like wine but I am not much of a drinker." He tells me.
"You are drinking tonight Tessa. You need it." Kimberly says loudly.
"I.." I start to say.
"She will have a sex on the beach, so will I." She tells the woman who escorted us.
She nods and Christian orders a drink that I have never heard of while Trevor orders a glass of red wine. No one seems to question whether I am of legal drinking age or not, maybe I look older than I am, or maybe Christian is known well enough here not to think twice about his company. I have no idea what a "sex on the beach" is but I prefer to keep it that way. When the woman returns she hands me a tall glass with a piece of pineapple and a small pink umbrella sticking out of the top. I thank her and take a sip. It tastes very good, sweet but a little kick of bitterness appears as I swallow.
"Good?" Kim asks and I nod, taking another sip.
Harry's POV.
"Aww come on Harry, one more." Molly says in my ear.
I have already had three shots and I know if I take another, I will be drunk. I haven't decided yet if I want to get drunk or not. On one hand I want to get as plastered as I can to forget about everything going on but on the other hand, I need to be able to think clearly.
"Do you want to get out of here?" She slurs. She smells like pot and whiskey.
Part of me wants to take her in the bathroom and fuck her just because I can. Just because Tessa is in Seattle with fucking Trevor and I am three hours away sitting on a couch half drunk.
"Come on Harry, you know I can make you forget all about her." She says and scoots onto my lap.
"What?" I ask her as she wraps her arms around my neck.
"Tessa. Let me make you forget her, I will let you fuck me until you can't even remember her name." Her hot breath touches my neck and I pull away from her.
"Get off me." I tell her but lift her off before she can move herself.
"What the fuck Harry?" She snaps. Her ego obviously wounded.
"I don't want you." I tell her, equally as harsh.
"Since when? You didn't have a problem fucking me any other time."
"Not since.." I start to say.
"Not since what? Since you met that stuck up bitch?" She says.
I have to remind myself that she is a female before I do something stupid.
"Don't talk about her like that." I stand up.
"It's true, and now look at you. You're like a fucking lost puppy over some virgin mary turned skank who doesn't even want you obviously!" She yells.
I clench my fists as Jace and Zayn appear next to her.
"Tell him guys, tell him that he's a fucking snore ever since we outed him to her." She looks at them.
"Not we, you." Zayn corrects her and she glares at him.
"Same thing." She says and he rolls his eyes.
"What's the problem?" Jace asks her.
"Nothing, she is just pissed because I don't want her." I answer for her.
"No, I am pissed because your an asshole. No one wants you around anyway, that's why Jace told me to tell her in the first place." She says and all I see is red.
"He what?" I say through my teeth, my vision slowly returning to normal. I knew Jace was a dick but I thought for sure it was Molly's jealousy that drove her to make me tell Tessa the way she did.
"Yea, he told me to tell her. He had it all planned, I was going to tell her right in front of you after she had a couple drinks then he was going to chase after her and comfort her while you were too busy crying like a fucking baby." She laughs.
"What was it that you said Jace? You were going to "fuck her brains out'? " Molly says using air quotes.
"It was a joke man." He says when I take a step towards him. If I am not mistaken I see a smirk playing on Zayn's lips as my fist connects with Jace's jaw.
I feel nothing from the repeated blows to his face on my knuckles , my anger overpowers everything as I climb on top of him to continue my assault. Imagies of him touching her, kissing her, undressing her, flash through my mind making me hit him harder. The blood on his face only pushes me further, wanting to hurt him as much as I can.
His black framed glasses are broken and shattered next to is bloody face as Zayn and Louis pull me off of him.
"You're going to kill him if you don't stop!" Louis yells in my face, snapping me out of my aggressive state.
"If any of you have anything to fucking say to me you need to say it now!" I yell to the group I had once considered the closest things to friends I had.
Everyone stays silent, even Molly.
"I mean it! If anyone says another fucking word about her I won't hesitate to repeat what just happened!" I take one last look at Jace who is trying to get up off the floor and walk out of Zayn's apartment.
Tessa's POV.
"These taste so good!" I tell Kimberly as I suck down the remainder of my fruity drink. I greedily move the straw around the ice to try to get as much as I can out of it.
"Want another?" She beams. Her eyes are a little red but she is still composed. I feel funny and light. Drunk is the word I am looking for. I nod eagerly and find myself tapping my fingertips on my knees to the beat of the music.
"Are you feeling okay?" Trevor laughs when he notices.
"Yea, I feel really good actually!" I yell over the music.
"We should dance!" Kimberly says.
"I don't dance! Well by don't I mean can't, not to this type of music anyway!" I have never danced the way the people inside the club are dancing and usually I would be terrified but the alcohol buzzing in my veins gives me courage like never before.
"Yea.. Let's dance!" I tell her and she smiles. She gives Christian a kiss on the lips, lingering longer than normal, before standing up and pulling me off of the couch.
Kimberly pulls me onto the crowded dance floor and I look down at the two stories below us filled with people dancing. Of course Kimberly moves expertly so I close my eyes and let the music take control of my body. After dancing through an unknown number of songs and two more drinks, Kimberly is ready for a break. I excuse myself to go to the bathroom after grabbing my purse and push through the sweaty bodies to find my way. I pass a couple making out in a booth and I wink and laugh at them. Did I just wink? I am really drunk. My phone vibrates in my bag so I dig it out. It's my mother, I am not answering I am too drunk to talk to her right now. She shouldn't be calling this late anyway. Something makes me scroll through my inbox and I frown at the thought that Harry hasn't text me today. Maybe I should see what he is up to? I know it's the alcohol making me do it but I dial his number anyway.

Holding my phone between my shoulder and cheek, I tear off a piece of paper towel from the dispenser on the wall and place it under the sensor on the sink. The water doesn't come until I wiggle the towel around, I hate these automatic sinks. My eyeliner has ran a little under my eyes but for as sweaty as I am, I look much better than I thought I would. After the third ring, I hang up and sit my phone on the edge of the sink. Why the hell isn't he answering? He calls me phone vibrates and almost falls into the water which makes me laugh. I have no idea why but I find it amusing. Harry's name appears on the screen and I swipe my wet finger across the screen.
"Harold?" I say into the phone. Harold? Oh lord I drank way too much.
"Tessa?" He breathes. He sounds funny.
"Is everything okay? Did you call me?" He says. God his voice is heavenly.
"I don't know, does your caller i.d say that I did? Because if so there is probably a good chance it was me." I laugh.
"Have you been drinking?" His tone changes.
"Maybe." I squeak and toss the makeshift wipe into the trash.
Two drunken girls enter the bathroom and one of them trips over her own feet making myself and her friend laugh. They stumble into the largest stall and I focus my attention back on my phone call.
"Where are you?" He asks harshly.
"Oh calm down would you?" I say into the phone. He always tells me to "calm down" so now it's my turn.
"Tessa..." He sighs, I can tell he is angry but my thoughts are too fuzzy to care.
"How much did you drink?" He asks.
"I dunno.. like five. Or six. I think." I answer and lean against the wall. The cold tile feels amazing on my hot skin through the thin material of my dress.
"Five or six what?"
"Sex on the beach.. we never had sex on the beach... That could have been fun." I say with a smirk. I wish I could see his stupid face right now. Not stupid..beautiful, but stupid sounds better right now.
"Oh god, you are trashed." He says. Somehow I know that he is running his fingers through his hair.
"Where are you?" He asks again.
"Somewhere you're not." I answer immaturely.
"Obviously. Now tell me. Are you at a nightclub?" He barks.
"Ooohh.. someone is a grumpy gills." I laugh. I know he can hear the music in the background.
"I can easily find out where you are." He threatens.
"Why didn't you call me today?" The words are out before I can stop them.
"What?" He is clearly thrown off by my question.
"You didn't try to call me today." I sound pathetic.
"I didn't think you wanted me to."
"I don't but still."
"Well I will call you tomorrow." He says calmly.
"Don't get off the phone yet."
"I'm not.. I was just saying that I will call you tomorrow, even if you don't pick up." He explains and my heart leaps.
"Okay." I try to sound neutral. What am I doing?
"So now can you tell me where you are?"
"Is Trevor there?" His tone serious.
"Yea, but Kim is too.. and Christian." I defend. I don't know why I am explaining myself to him.
"So this was the plan then? To take you to the conference and get you wasted and take you to a fucking club?" He raises his voice. "You need to go back to your hotel."
"You don't get to tell me what to do!" I yell into the speaker. Well this took a turn for the worst.. quickly.
"You aren't used to drinking and now you're out and Trevor.." I hang up before he can finish. Who does he think he is? He is lucky that I even called him, drunk or not. What a buzz kill, I need another drink. My phone vibrates repeatedly but I press ignore each time. Take that Harry.
I find my way back to our VIP section and ask the cocktail waitress for another drink.
"Are you okay you look pissed." Kimberly asks.
"Yea, I am fine!" I lie and down my drink as soon the waitress brings it back. Harry is such a jerk, he is the reason that we aren't together and he has the nerve to try to yell at me when I call him? He could be here with me right now if he wouldn't have done what he did., instead Trevor is here. Trevor is sweet and very handsome.
"What?" Trevor smiles at me when he catches me staring.
"Nothing." I laugh and look away.
After I finish another drink and we talk about how great tomorrow will be, I stand back up.
"I am going to dance again!" I call to them. Trevor looks like he wants to say something, maybe even offer to dance with me but his cheeks flame and he stays quiet. Kimberly looks like she has had enough dancing but I don't mind going to dance on my own.
"Be careful." Christian says and I smile. I find my way to the dance floor and start to move. I probably look ridiculous, but it feels good to move to the music and let everything else go. Like my drunken phone call to Harry.
"Can I join you?" A tall figure appears behind me. He is wearing dark wash jeans and a white shirt.
"Uhmm.. sure." The alcohol speaks for me.
His brown hair is shaved into a buzz cut and his waiting smile is handsome enough. He's no Harry, but no one is. Stop thinking about Harry..I remind myself as my dancing partner puts his hands on my hips.
"You're very beautiful." He says in my ear and closes the gap between us, my back against his front. This isn't as uncomfortable as I thought it would be, it's actually fun. I move against him, unsure if I am doing this whole dirty dancing thing right or not but by the way he pulls me even closer, I assume that I am. After the song ends, he turns me around to face him,
"Another song?" He asks with a smile. Beads of sweat litter his forehead. I nod and his smile grows.
The beat to the second song is slower, more sensual which makes my hips move slower. He brings my hand to his mouth and touches his lips to my skin. His eyes meet mine and the next thing I know he has his tongue in my mouth. My heart screams for me to push him away, almost gagging at the unfamiliar taste of his mouth. But my brain, my brain says something entirely different. Kiss him and forget about Harry. Kiss him. I close my eyes and move my tongue along with his. I have kissed more guys in my three months at college than I have in my whole life. The strangers hands move to my back and keep inching down further.
"Do you want to come back to my place?" He says as our mouths disconnect.
"What?" I heard him but I hope I heard him wrong.
"My place, lets go to it." He slurs.
"Oh.. I don't think that's a good idea."
"Oh it's a good idea." He laughs but I am offended.
"What makes you think I would go home with you? I don't even know you!" I shout over the loud music. The multi-colored lights dance across his face, making him look odd and much more threatening than before.
"Because you were just all over me and making out with me ten seconds ago?" He says like its obvious.
Just as I prepare myself to scream at him, or knee him in the crotch, I try to think clearly for a second. He is right, I was just grinding on him and then I kissed him. What the hell is wrong with me? I just made out with a stranger in a club, this is not me. I had fun dancing with Kim but kissing random men in clubs is too much for me.
"I'm sorry, but no." I say and walk away from the stranger.
When I get back to our VIP section, Trevor looks like he is about to fall asleep on the couch. I can't help but smile at his adorableness. Is that even a word? God, I drank too much.
I take a seat and grab a bottled water out of the ice bin on the table.
"Have fun?" Kimberly asks me and I nod.
"Yea, actually I had a really nice time." I say, despite what happened a few minutes ago.
"Are you almost ready honey? We have to get up early." Christian says to Kim.
"Yea, I'm ready when you are." She beams back at him, running her hand up his thigh. I look away and feel my cheeks flush.
"Are you coming or are you going to sleep here?" I tease Trevor.
He laughs and sits up straight. "I haven't decided, this couch is comfortable." He smiles.
"I'll call the driver." Christian says and we all stand up.
Kimberly gets one last drink and I debate whether to have another while we wait but I think I have had enough. If I have another I might pass out, or throw up. Neither of which I want to do.
"He will be here in a few minutes." Mr. Vance says and we all move towards the exit.
I welcome the cold air on my hot skin, I am thankful there is only a light breeze as we climb into the car.
When we get back to the hotel it is almost three in the morning and I am drunk and starving. After raiding my mini fridge and eating almost everything inside, I stumble over to the bed and plop down without even removing my shoes.
"Shhh." I grumble aloud when an obnoxious noise wakes me from my drunken slumber. It takes me a few seconds to realize the noise is someone banging on my door.

"God, I am coming!" I shout on my way to the door.
I glance at the clock on the desk, it is almost four in the morning. Who the hell is it? Even in my drunken state, my mind begins to race. What If it is Harry? Its been over three hours since I drunk dialed him but how would he find me? When I swing the door open, I find Trevor standing at the door. Disappointment stings in my chest and I wipe my eyes. I feel just as drunk now as I did when I laid down.
"Sorry for waking you but you but do you have my phone?" He asks. What?
"Huh?" I say and back into the room so he can enter.
"I think our phones got switched, I have yours and I think you grabbed mine on accident." He tells me and holds my phone out in his palm.
"I was going to wait until the morning but yours just wouldn't stop ringing and ringing." He tells me.
"Oh." Is all I say, I walk over and open my purse. Sure enough Trevor's phone is sitting on top of my wallet.
"I'm sorry I must have grabbed yours in the car." I apologize and hand it to him.
"It's okay. I am really sorry for waking you up. Your the only woman I know who looks just as beautiful when she wakes up as she did.." He is cut off by banging at the door.
"What the hell is this? Party in Tessa's room?" I yell and stomp to the door. It's probably a hotel employee complaining from the noise of Trevor banging on my door so late.. then again I don't think he was actually banging as loud as I thought.
Whoever is at the door begins to pound their fist on the door, they aren't happy.
"Tessa! Open this damn door!!" Harry's voice booms through the barrier and I stop in my tracks.
Trevor's face pales slightly and I actually feel bad for him. Harry finding him in my room won't go over well, regardless of what he came for.
"Hide in the bathroom." I say to Trevor and his eyes widen.
"What? I can't hide in the bathroom." He says and I realize how ridiculous that idea is.
"Open the fucking door!" Harry yells again and I hear his foot hit the door. repeatedly.
I look at Trevor again before opening the door, trying to memorize his handsome face before Harry mutilates it.
"I am coming!" I yell back at him and open the door halfway to find a fuming Harry, dressed in all black. Instead of his thick boots he is wearing plain black converse. I've never seen him in any shoes except his boots, I like these new shoes. I am getting distracted.
He pushes the door open and goes right for Trevor but I grab his shirt to stop him.
"You think you can get her drunk and come in her fucking hotel room!" Harry screams at him and tries to move forward. I know he isn't trying as much as he could because I would surely be on the floor, not holding him by his thin shirt.
"I wasn't.. I" Trevor begins.
"Harry stop it! You can't go around beating people up!" I shout and tug at his shirt.
"Yes.. I can though!" He says loudly.
"Trevor, go back to your room so I can talk some sense into him. I am sorry for his crazy ass behavior." I say and Trevor almost laughs at my word choice but one look from Harry silences him.
"Crazy ass behavior?" Harry turns to me as Trevor leaves the room.
"Yes crazy! You can't just show up here and barge in my room trying to beat Trevor up." I tell him.
Gg"He shouldn't have been in here. Why was he in here? Why are you still dressed? And fuck where did that dress come from?" He says eyeing my body. I ignore the heat stirring in my belly.
"He came to get his phone because I took it on accident. And.. I can't remember any of the other questions you just asked." I admit.
"Well maybe you shouldn't have drank so much." He scolds me.
"I will drink what and when I want. Thank you." I challenge him and he rolls his eyes.
"You're annoying when you're drunk." He says and sits down on the chair.
"You're annoying when you're ..everything. And who said you could sit down?" I huff, crossing my arms.
"I can't believe he was in your room." Harry says.
"I can't believe you are in my room." I counter.
"Did you fuck him?"
"What? How dare you even ask me that!" I shout. God Harry looks so hot right now.
"Answer the question."
"No, you asshole. Of course I didn't."
"Were you going to? Do you want to?"
"Oh my god Harry! You are insane!" I shake my head.
"Well then why are you still dressed?"
"Because I didn't feel like getting undressed.. and don't you think if I would have had sex with someone I wouldn't be fully dressed?" I roll my eyes.
"Besides, it's none of your business who I have sex with. Maybe I did have sex with him, maybe I had sex with someone else? You will never know." The corners of my mouth threaten a smile but force a straight expression.
My words have the intended effect and Harry turns the chair to face me head on and glares at me.
"What did you just say?" He barks.
This is much more fun than I thought it would be. I like being drunk around Harry because I say things without thinking and everything seems funny.
"You heard me.. maybe I let the guy at the club take me into the bathroom." I say and stand up from the bed, moving towards Harry. His chest rises and falls rapidly and if looks could kill, I would be dead.
"Maybe Trevor took me on this bed." I say and look back at the bed.
"Shut up. Shut up now Tessa." Harry warns me and I laugh. I feel empowered, I feel strong and I feel like ripping Harry's shirt off of him.
'What's wrong Harry? You don't like the idea of Trevor's hands all over my body?" I don't know if it's Harry's anger, the alcohol or the fact that I miss him but without letting myself overthink my actions, I climb onto his lap on the chair. My knees resting on both sides of his thighs. He is completely taken back by my forward action and if I am not mistaken, he is shaking.
"What are you..what are you doing Tessa?" He stutters.
"Tell me Harry, do you like the idea of Trev.."
"Stop it. Stop saying that!" He begs and I oblige.
"Oh lighten up Harry, you know I wouldn't do that." I wrap my arms around his neck. The nostalgic feeling that washes over me from being in his arms almost takes my breath away.
"You're drunk Tessa." He says and tries to move my arms from around him.
"So..I want you." I surprise both of us by saying. I decide to shut my thoughts off, my logical thoughts anyway.
I grab two fistfuls of his hair, I have missed the way it feels between my fingers.
"Tessa.. You don't know what you're doing. You are wasted." He says, but there is no conviction behind his voice.
"Harry.. stop overthinking this. Don't you miss me?" I say against his neck, sucking lightly. My hormones have completely taken over and I don't know if I have ever wanted him so badly.
"Yesss.." He hisses as I suck harder, sure to leave a mark. "I can't Tess.. please." He begs me to stop but I refuse, instead I rock my hips on his lap and he groans.
"Tessa. No." He whines and grips his large hands on my hips stopping my movements.
"You have two options here, you fuck me or you leave. You decide." I snap. What the hell did I just say?
"You will hate me tomorrow if I do this while you're in this .. state." He says and looks into my eyes.
"I already hate you." I say and he flinches from my words. "Sort of." I add.
"Can we at least talk about this all first?" He asks, loosening his grip on my hips, allowing me to move.
"No, stop being such a Debbie downer." I groan and rub myself against him.
"We can't do this.. not like this." He says again. Since when does he have morals?
"I know you want to Harry, I can feel how hard you are for me." I say in his ear.
I can't believe the dirty words falling from my drunken lips but Harry's lips are a deep pink and his eyes are wide, almost black from being dilated.
"Come on Harry, don't you want to bend me over this desk? Or the bed? The sink? So many possibilities." I whisper into his ear and gently bite his earlobe.
"Fuck.. Okay. Fuck it." He says and wraps his hands in my hair, pulling my mouth to his.

The moment Harry's lips touch mine, my body ignites. I moan into his mouth and I am rewarded with an equally feverish moan from Harry. My fingers thread through his hair and tug harder, not able to control myself or my need for him. I know he is holding back and it's driving me crazy, both in a good way and bad. My hands move from his hair down to the hem of his black t-shirt, gripping the fabric and pulling it up and over his head. The second the kiss breaks, Harry leans back slightly.
"Tessa.." He pleas.
"Harry.." I counter and run my fingertips over his inked skin. I have missed the way his hard muscles strain against his skin, the way the intricate black ink swirls and decorates his perfect body.
"I can't take advantage of you." He moans as I swipe my tongue over his bottom lip.
"You aren't. Just stop talking." I half laugh and he groans as my hand reaches down to palm him through his jeans.
I know that he can't resist me and that pleases me more than it should. I never thought I would be in a situation with Harry where I have all the control, it's amusing really the way we have switched roles. He is so hard and so turned on, I climb off of him and reach for his zipper.
Harry's POV.
Her small hands reach down to unbutton and unzip my jeans. My mind is racing and I know how wrong this is but I can't help it. I want her, need her. Long for her. I have to have her and she gave me to option to leave or fuck her and there is no way I am leaving her if I have another option, any other option. The words that came out of her mouth sounded so unnatural falling from her full lips, so strange but so hot.
When my pants reach my ankles I shake my head. I am not thinking clearly, I am not thinking rationally. I am wasted, completely gone for this usually sweet, now wild woman that I love more than I can stand.
"Wait.." I say again. I don't want her to stop but I have to at least put up a little fight so I can ease my guilt.
"No.. no waiting. I have waited enough." Her voice is soft and teasing as she pulls my boxers down and grips me in her hand.
"Fuck Tessa.. " I can't stop her. I am not sure if I could even if I wanted to. She needs this, needs me, and drunk or not I am selfish enough to take it if this is the only way I can have her want me.
She drops to her knees in front of me and takes me into her mouth. "I.." I can't even form a sentence.
When I look down at her she looks up at me, batting her lashes. Fuck she looks like an angel and the devil at once, so sweet and so god damn dirty as she works her tongue around me, swirling and flicking.
"Does that feel good?" She smirks and I almost come from her words.
I nod, unable to speak, as she hollows her cheeks and sucks harder. Taking more of me into her sweet mouth.
I don't know when she will stop, and as much as I don't want her to stop, I want to touch her. To feel her.
"Stop." I beg and gently push her back by her shoulder.
She shakes her head and tortures me by moving her head up and down at a dangerous speed.
"Tessa.. please." I moan and she laughs, sending a deep vibration through me and luckily she stops. If she wouldn't have, I would have came down her throat.
"You just taste so good." She smiles and wipes her now swollen lips with the back of her hand.
"Fuck, where did this dirty mouth of yours come from?" I ask her as she gets up off of her knees.
"I don't know.. I always think these things I just never have the balls to say them." She says and moves towards the bed.
I almost laugh from her saying the word "balls" it's so unlike her but tonight she is in charge and she knows it. I can tell she is enjoying this, having me at her complete and utter mercy.
This dress she has on is enough for any man to be at her mercy. The way the fabric clings to her every curve, every dip in her flawless skin, is the sexist thing I have seen. That is, until she pulls it over her head, tossing it at me playfully. I can literally feel my eyes trying to pop out of my head when I take her body in. The white lace of her bra is barely holding her full breasts inside and her matching panties are bunched up on one side, revealing the soft skin between her hip and pubic bones. She loves to be kissed there, even though I know she is embarrassed by the thin almost transparent white lines on her skin. I have no idea why, she is flawless to me, marks and all.
"Your turn." She smiles and lets her heels hit the end of the bed before she falls backwards onto the mattress.
I have been dreaming of this since the day she left me, I didn't think it would ever happen again and now that it is I know that I need to pay attention to every detail because it probably won't happen again.
"Do I need to start myself?" She teases and raises her brow at me. Christ she is insatiable right now.
I don't answer her, instead I join her on the bed. I sit next to her legs and she impatiently tugs at her panties. I move her hands away and pull them down for her.
"I have missed you so much." I tell her and she grabs my hair in her hand and pushes my head down where she wants it. I shake my head but give in, pressing my lips against her. She whines and squirms under my tongue as I pay extra attention to her most sensitive bundle of nerves. I know how much she loves this, I remember the first time I touched her she had asked "What is that?" Her innocence was and still is such a turn on for me.
"Oh my god, Harry." She moans. I have missed that sound. Normally I would say something about how wet she is, how ready, but I can't find the words. I am too consumed by her moans and hands gripping the sheets from the pleasure I am giving her. I slip one finger inside of her, sliding in and out and she whimpers.
"More Harry, please more." She begs and I give her what she wants. I circle and curl both fingers inside of her before pulling them out and giving her my tongue. I notice her legs stiffening, the way they always do when she is close. I pull back to watch my fingers rub over her, quickly from side to side and she screams, literally screams my name as she comes all over my fingers. I stare at her, taking in every detail, the way her eyes screw shut, the way her mouth forms and almost perfect O, the way her chest and cheeks flush a light pink as she comes. I love her, fuck do I love her. I can't help but slide them into my mouth after she finishes, she tastes so good, so much better than anyone else.
The rapid rising and falling of her chest distracts me and her eyes fly open. Her beautiful face holds a huge grin and I can't help but smile as she hooks her finger to tell me to come closer.
"Do you have a condom?" She asks in my ear as I lean onto the bed.
"Yea.." I answer lowly. A frown takes over the smile and I hope she doesn't think too much into this.
"It's just a habit." I admit truthfully.
"Don't care." She mumbles and looks over at my jeans on the floor. She sits up and grabs them, digging in the pockets until she finds what she is looking for. She tosses the jeans back on the floor and hands me the condom.
I reluctantly grab it from her and make eye contact.
"You're sure?" I ask for the twentieth time.
"Yes, if you ask again I will go down to Trevor's room with your condom." She barks and I lower my eyes at her. She is ruthless tonight but I know if I argue with her, she will send me packing.
I know she wouldn't actually do that.. well I don't think she would at least. I can't imagine her with anyone but me. Maybe because it would kill me. My heart begins to race as I picture her with Trevor, my blood heating and my temper rising.
"Have it your way then, he wil.." She starts to say but I cut her off by placing my hand over her mouth.
"Don't you dare finish that." I growl at her and feel her lips pull into a smile under my hand. I know this isn't healthy, her antagonizing me this way and me fucking her while she is drunk but I can't help it. I can't deny her when I know she wants me, and there is the chance.. the small chance that if she is reminded of what we have together she will give me another chance. I remove my hand from her mouth and tear open the condom. As soon as I slide it over me, she climbs onto my lap.
"I want to do it this way first." She suggests, gripping me again before she lowers herself onto me. I let out a sigh full of defeat and pleasure as he rolls her hips against mine. She moves herself slowly in circles, creating the sweetest rhythm. I know I won't last long, I have been deprived from her for too long. The only relief I have gotten is from myself while imagining it was her.
"Talk to me Harry, talk to me like you used to." She moans and wraps her arms around my neck, pulling me closer to her. I hate the way she says "used to" like it was so long ago.
I lift off the bed slightly to meet her movements and bring my mouth to her ear.
"You like when I say filthy things to you don't you?" I breath and she moans.
"Answer me." I say and she shakes her head yes.
"I knew you did, you try to act all innocent but I know better." I say and nip at her neck. My self control has diminished and I suck her skin harshly, making sure to leave a mark for everyone to see. For Trevor to see.
"You know I am the only one who can make you feel like this.. you know no one else can make you scream the way I can.. no one knows exactly where to touch you like I do." I say and reach down to rub her where our bodies are connected.
"Oh god.." She purrs.
"Say it Tessa, say that I am the only one." I rub harsher and move my hips to thrust into her while she is still moving on her own.
"You are."
"I'm what?" I ask her. I need to hear her say it, even if she is lying. My desperation for her terrifies me.
I grab her hips and flip us over, me hovering over her and she shrieks as I pound into her. Harder than ever before. Her soft skin is glistening with sweat and she looks absolutely delicious.
"You're the only one..Harry.. the only.." She says and I watch her come undone beneath me. Her words are all I needed to find my own release and she rakes her nails down my back as I spill into the condom and collapse on top of her.
"I love you." I tell her and try to look at her but she looks away.
"Shh.." She says and touches her fingers to my lips.
"I can't just shhh." I tell her as I roll off of her.
"We need to talk about this." I say and she groans.
"Not right now, I have to be up in three hours. Let's just sleep." She requests.
"Sleep?" I ask her.
"Yes, sleep. Please." She says and wraps her arm around my waist. Her holding me feels better than the sex we just had and the idea of sleeping in the same bed as her thrills me, it has been too long.
"Okay." I give in and kiss her forehead. She flinches slightly but I know she is too exhausted to fight me.
"I love you." I tell her again but she ignores it.
Our relationship or whatever this is has done a complete turn around in just one night. I have suddenly become everything I was terrified of being and she has complete control of me. She could make me the happiest man on earth, or she could crush me with one word.

My alarm shrieks through the room and my head immediately begins to pound. When I try to sit up I am weighed down by something...someone. Oh no. I snap my eyes open to find the familiar tattooed skin of Harry sprawled across me. He has his head on my stomach and his arm wrapped around me. Oh my god. What the hell?!
I try to push him off without waking him but he groans and slowly opens his eyes. He closes them again and lifts himself off of me, untangling our legs. When he opens his eyes again he doesn't say anything, he just watches me like I am some sort of predatory animal. The image of Harry thrusting into me relentlessly and me calling out his name play through my thoughts. What the hell was I thinking?
I want to say something but honestly, I have no idea what to say. I am freaking out inside, having a total meltdown. As if he senses my struggle he climbs off the bed, taking the sheet with him to wrap around his naked body. Oh my god. He sits in the chair and looks up at me standing by the bed, dressed in only a bra.
"Say something." He instructs.
"I.. I don't know what to say." I admit. I can't believe this happened, I can't believe Harry is here in Seattle. In my bed, naked.
"I'm sorry." He says and his head falls into his hands.
My head is pounding from the excessive alcohol I consumed only hours ago and the fact that I slept with Harry last night.
"You should be." I say and he tugs at his hair.
"You called me."
"I didn't tell you to come here." I say, I haven't decided how to handle this. I haven't decided if I want to fight with him, to kick him out or try to handle this like an adult.
"You were drunk and I thought you were in trouble or something, and Trevor is here." His voice travels with me as I walk into the bathroom.
I turn the shower on and look into the mirror. On my neck is a deep red bruise. Freaking hell. As my fingers run over the sensitive mark, my mind travels to Harry's tongue on my skin. I must still be a little intoxicated because I can't think straight. I thought I was moving on and here he is in my room and here I am with a massive hickey on my neck like some wild teenager.
"Tessa?" He says and enters the bathroom as I step into the hot water.
I stay quiet as the scolding water rinses off my sins.
"Are you... are you okay with what happened last night?" His voice cracks.
Why is he acting so weird? I had expected a cocky smirk and at least five snarky remarks the second his eyes opened.
"I.. I don't know. No, I am not okay with it." I tell him.
"Do you hate me.. you know even more than before?"
The vulnerability laced through his voice tugs at my heart but I need to stand my ground. Everything about this situation is a mess, I had just started to get over him. No you didn't. My subconscious mocks but I ignore her.
"No, it's about the same." I tell him.
"Oh." He says and I rinse my hair one last time before turning the water off.
"I didn't mean to take advantage of you, I swear it." He says. I grab a towel off of the small rack and wrap it around my body. He is leaning in the doorway in only his boxers, his chest and neck littered with red spots, just like my neck. I am never drinking again.
"Tessa, stop ignoring me. I know you're probably pissed off but we have a lot to talk about."
"No we don't. I was drunk and called you, you came here and we had sex. What else is there to talk about?" I am trying to stay as calm as I can. I don't want him to know the effect that he has on me. That last night had on me.
"What happened to your hands?" I ask when I notice the scabs on his knuckles. They are always busted it seems but I didn't notice last night.
"Oh my god Harry! You beat Trevor up didn't you!" I yell then wince from the shooting pain in my head.
"What? No, I didn't." He raises his hands in defense.
"Then who?" I ask and he shakes his head.
"It doesn't matter. We have more important things to talk about."
"No we don't. Nothing has changed." I tell him and open my makeup bag. I apply a generous amount of concealer to my neck first and Harry stands behind me silently.
"This was a mistake, I shouldn't have even called you." I tell him, annoyed when the third layer of concealer doesn't cover the spot.
"It wasn't a mistake, you obviously missed me. That's why you called."
"What? No, I called because..because it was an accident. I didn't mean to call you." I lie.
"You're lying." He knows me too well.
"You know what, it doesn't matter why I called. You didn't have to come here." I snap and line my eyes with eyeliner.
"Yes I did. You were drunk and god knows what could have happened if I didn't come here."
"Oh like what? I could have slept with someone who I shouldn't have?" I say and his cheeks flare. I know I am being harsh but he should have known better than to sleep with me when I was so drunk. I rake my hairbrush through my wet hair.
"You didn't give me much of a choice if you remember." He says equally as harsh.
I remember mostly everything, I remember climbing onto his lap and grinding myself against him. I remember telling him to have sex with me or leave, I remember him telling me no and to stop. I am humiliated and horrified at my behavior and I am reminded of when I kissed him the first time and he said I threw myself at him. Anger boils inside me and I throw my brush against the counter, making a much louder noise than I want to hear.
"Don't you dare try to blame this all on me, you could have said no." I shout.
"I did!! Repeatedly!" He shouts back.
"I had no idea what was going on and you know it!" I half lie. I knew what I wanted, I am just not willing to admit it.
"You just taste so good! Talk to me like you used to! Harry" He repeats my dirty words from last night, pushing me over the edge.
"Get out! Get out of my room now!" I yell and check the time. Thankfully, I am not running late. I still have to do my hair but I have an hour until I have to be downstairs.
"You weren't telling me to get out last night!" He says and I turn to face him.
"I was doing just fine before you even came here, Trevor was here." I say because I know how mad it makes him.
He surprises me by laughing.
"What's so funny?" I ask with my hands on my hips.
"Oh please, you and I both know Trevor isn't enough for you. You wanted me, only me. You still do." He scoffs.
"No I don't! I was drunk Harry! Why would I want you when I can have him?" I instantly regret the words. Harry's eyes flash with either pain or jealousy and I take a step towards him.
"Don't. You know what that's fine, he can fucking have you! I don't even know why I came here. I should have known you would act like a complete bitch!" He shouts.
"Bitch? Are you kidding me? You come here and take advantage of me and have the nerve to call me names?" I try to keep my voice down before someone calls in a complaint.
"Take advantage of you? You took advantage of me Tessa! You know that I can't say no to you and you kept pushing and pushing!"
I know he is right but now I am pissed off and humiliated by my aggressive behavior last night.
"It doesn't matter who took advantage of who, all that matters is that you are leaving and not coming around me again." I say and turn the blow dryer on to muffle his comeback.
Within seconds, he walks over and rips the blow dryer cord from the wall.
"What the hell is wrong with you?" I yell and plug it back in. "You could have broken that!"
He is so infuriating, what the hell was I thinking calling him. I began to see a new side of him this morning. He was remorseful and he almost seemed afraid of my reaction but now he is acting like a jerk. Just like he always does.
"I'm not leaving until you talk to me about all of this." He huffs.
I want to turn the dryer back on but I don't want to pay for it when he breaks it.
"I already told you, we have nothing to talk about. You hurt me and I can't forgive you. End of story." I say and ignore the pain in my chest. As much as I try to fight it, deep down I love having him here. Even if we are fighting and yelling at each other, I have missed him so much.
"You haven't even tried to forgive me." He says, his voice much softer.
"Yes, I have. I have tried mentally to get over this but I can't. I can't trust that this isn't still part of your game, I can't trust that you won't hurt me again." I plug my curling iron in.
"I need to finish getting ready." I sigh and turn the blow dryer back on.
He disappears from the bathroom and I hope he leaves. The small part of me that hopes he is sitting on the bed when I come out is an idiot. She isn't the rational part of me. She is the naïve, ridiculous girl who fell in love with a boy who is the furthest thing from what she needs. Harry and I will never work, I know that. I just wish she did too.
I curl and style my hair, making sure that it will cover Harry's mark on my neck and walk out of the bathroom to gather my clothes. Harry is sitting on the bed. I grab my red bra and panties out of my bag and I know he is staring at me as I carry them back into the bathroom. When I return only wearing my bra and panties he gasps and tries to hide it with a cough. I feel like I am being pulled towards him by an invisible string but I fight it and grab my white dress out of the closet.
"What time will you be back?" He asks me as I slip the dress over my head. I feel oddly comfortable around him right now, considering our situation. Why is this all so confusing and consuming? Why does it have to be so complicated? And most importantly why can't I just get over him and move on?
"I don't know, you really should go." I say quietly.
"Do you need help?" He asks as I struggle with zipping the dress.
"No.. I'm fine. I've got it." I say and hope that I can get it.
"Here." He says and stands up to walk over to me. We are walking this fine line between love and hate, anger and calm. It's strange and surely toxic for me.
I lift my hair and he zips my dress, taking longer than he should. I feel my pulse quicken and mentally scold myself for allowing him to help me.
"How did you find me?" I ask him as the thought enters my mind.
"I called Vance of course." He shrugs like he didn't just stalk me across the state.
"He gave you my room number?" I am not pleased at the idea.
"No, the front desk did. I can be very persuasive." He half grins. We were just screaming at each other minutes ago.
"We can't do this.. you know act all friendly." I say and step into my black heels.
"Why not?" He asks and pulls his pants up his legs.
"Because it's not good for either of us to be around one another."
"You know that's not true."
"Yes it is."
"Will you please just go." I beg.
"You don't mean that, I know you don't. You let me stay last night." He is now fully clothed and is tying his converse. If he isn't going to go why does he have his shoes on? Probably because he knows I am going to make him leave.
"I was intoxicated."
"You knew what you were doing when you let me stay."
"No I didn't." I whine and continue. "I didn't know what I was doing at all last night, from kissing that guy to letting you stay." I say and snap my mouth shut. I did not just say that out loud. By the way Harry's eyes pop and his jaw clenches, I know that I did. My headache multiplies by ten and I want to slap myself.
"Whh..what? What did you.. what did you just say?" He growls.
"Nothing.. I.."
"You kissed someone? Who?" His voice strained as if he just ran a marathon.
"Someone at the club." I admit.
"Are you serious?" He breathes.
I nod.
"What the .. what the actual fuck Tessa? You kiss some guy at a fucking club then have sex with me? Who are you?" He yells and runs his hands over his face. If I know him as well as I think I do, he is getting ready to break something.
"It just happened, and we aren't even together." I try to defend myself but only make myself sound worse.
"Wow.. you are unbelievable. My Tessa would never kiss a fucking stranger at a club!" He barks.
"There is no your Tessa". I tell him and he shakes his head.
"You know what? You're right. And just to let you know, while you were kissing that guy I was fucking Molly." He shouts and storms out of the room, slamming the door behind him.

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