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Act Of Faith 2 Episode 38

Act Of Faith 2
Episode: Episode 38
Title: Reincarnation

Knives, guns, bows and arrows, sword we all took as we prepared for the last battle with Sir Jude. " As much as I hate to say this, let's pray" Alvana said as we all gathered outside by the fallen mark of Newriton, " Whoa, I can't remember the last time I prayed" Matt smiled, " God, we thank you for keeping us alive till today, we know you have kept us alive for a purpose, which is to defeat Sir Jude. God grant us victory against them this night , father, I have asked this with faith, father lord, grant us Victory in Jesus name" Alvana prayed, " Amen" we all chorused. " Okay guys, I believe in you all, I want his skull tomorrow " Sir Ajan said to us, " Gwen will track them down and will connect them to your cars, bikes and whatsoever you are going with, with that, you can keep track of them" Sir Ajan continued, we all nodded. I was now wearing a black cloth, the normal Newriton uniform, a gun was hanging by my shoulder, my jacket was also embedded with knives and I had a small pistol by my waist side. " Hello honey" I called my wife, " Yes, Gabi, how is it, have you guys defeated them?" She asked me, " No, but we are about to"I told her, " Adanna, always know that I love you" I said to her , " Why are you saying that, you are not going to die" She told me, " If I do, know I love you dear " I said, " Gabi, don't leave me again" She said, " I don't want to" I said and put an end to the call. " Gabriel, we move together" Alvana said to me as he hopped on a bike, I hopped on another bike and we both Zoomed off out of the Jungle, Darlington and Tonia were together in a car, Morgana was with Matt also in a car, we had about three helicopters following us, they were additional fighters from Newriton. The moment my bike left the jungle, the small screen on it came on, it was to be used to track them. It brought into view a red and a green dot, the red dot was where Sir Jude and his boys were while the green dot happen to be me. " You guys are now connected to them" Came Gwen's voice, " Thanks Gwen" Matt voice came through the earpiece, I smiled. " Guys, what do you wish to do if today is your last day on earth ?" Alvana asked via the earpiece, he was trying to make fun, " I wish I can blow Christiana's face for betraying us" Came Morgana's reply, " I wish I can kiss my wife again" I shouted and they all laughed, " I wish I will just be with you guys forever" Darlington said, " As for me, I wish I see my wife Morgana again" Alvana said laughing, " We will sure see again Honey" Morgana answered, we all laughed again, " Now, for me, I wish I can get the chance to tell Gwen I love her" Matt said and like as if we were being controlled to do so, we all kept shut. " Whoa, then please don't die, I will love to hear you say that to me after today" Came Gwen voice, " Whoa, this is so romantic" I laughed, " Alvana, can you hear this?" Morgana asked and we all laughed, " I don't get you guys, are you guys not meant to be on a mission? " came Sir Ajan's voice, we all laughed, he laughed also, it was a touching moment.
" Advancing towards the bridge" Gwen said to us, " They are also coming towards the bridge" She added as I looked into my tracker, they were coming towards us. " Alvana and Gabriel should take the other side, attack them from behind" Sir Ajan said and I immediately changed the direction of my bike so also did Alvana, " From what we can see here, Sir Jude's car is the one behind, he is well protected with his boys, be careful" Came Sir Ajan's voice again, " Yes boss" Alvana said, " Yes Sir Ajan" I said. I and Alvana were on the same lane, we had increased the velocity of our bikes and we could soon see the back light of a fast moving car, " That should be him" I said " Yes Gabi, that's him" Gwen answered. " Gabriel, I go right, take them from the left side " Alvana shouted to me as we both interchanged our lane, I was Soon on the left side of the road . I released my hand from the bike but it was still moving, I took the gun which was already hanging on my shoulders and aim at one of the tyres, my bullet didn't miss its target as the car suddenly came to an halt." Sweet " I said to myself as I drove faster towards the car.
As Narrated By Tonia
I was with the jungle man Darlington, we were In a car and was heading to the battle field. I looked through the tracker and I could see the red dot approaching the green one, they were coming closer to us. " Are you very good at using the gun?"I asked him, " No am not an expert yet, but I can use it to an extent" He answered smiling, I nodded, I also smiled. " So you mean you stayed in the jungle all your life?" I asked him trying to strike up a friendly conversation, " Yeah, all my life" He answered looking out through the window, am sure he was shy of me, maybe not me but women in general. " So how have you been living in the Jungle? " i asked again, " Just as you guys have been living in the city, comfortably " He answered, I smiled at his answer. " Are you scared of me?" I summoned up courage and asked him, " No am not" He said trying to look towards my direction. " Watch Out Tonia" Came Gwen's voice from the micro earpiece, it was too late, a truck was advancing towards and there was nothing I could possibly do, we were going to die. Surprisingly, Darlington left his side of the car and took over the sterling, he was resting on me. He swiftly changed the gear and like a flash reversed the car backwards. The truck which was met to hit us missed us and went down into the sea. " Thank you" I said breathing fast, " Thank you" I said again, "But you live in the jungle, how can you ride a car?" I asked still breathing hard, " Tonia, you talk too much " I heard the voice, the words were spoken by Darlington but the voice was not that of Darlington, it was that of the late Israel, Israel was speaking through him.

To be continued


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