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Act Of Faith 2 Episode 37

Act Of Faith 2
Episode: Episode 37
Title:The last Fight

" Wait, this means that the bug is on either of the three of them?" Sir Ajan asked Gwen, she nodded. " first thing first, Gwen, deactivate the bug" Sir Ajan said to Gwen, we still had our guns pointed at the three of them. " Sir Ajan, I Don't think we should deactivate the bug, we can make it work for us, I can make this bug get connected to their base" Gwen said, " Then do that fast" Sir Ajan said turning to face Matt, Tonia and Morgana. " What is going on here, why are you guys pointing your guns at us, who are these strange guys?" Morgana asked referring to myself and Darlington, " Can't talk until the bug get connected to their own base" Sir Ajan answered, " This is freaking me out, what is happening here?" Tonia asked, " Gwen, can they still hear or see us over there?" Sir Ajan asked , " No sir, I stopped it since I noticed the bug" Gwen answered. " Good girl, now get us connected over there" Sir Ajan ordered her and she set to work immediately. " Now for the mystery, the bug which have been granting Sir Jude access to us has been found to be one of the three of you" Sir Ajan said , " I don't know who, now I want to believe that whosoever it is had been bugged, I don't want to believe you are a mole" Sir Ajan said, " Whosoever it is isn't a mole, the mole is at Sir Jude's base, and the mole is responsible for planting the bug on whosoever it is on now" I told Sir Ajan, " I agree with Gabriel" Alvana said, " Excuse me, which Gabriel are you guys talking about?" Matt who had been quiet all through asked, " Matt, it's me" I said pulling off my mask, " Am confused here, Gabriel killed Israel and here are you guy....." Morgana was saying but sir Ajan interrupted, " That one was cloned, Matt if you had observed that guy that night, you will notice it had the face and character of the Gabriel of two years ago" Sir Ajan said, Matt nodded. " That was a cloned Gabriel " Sir Ajan concluded. " But Gabriel is meant to be dead" Morgana put in, " I have a lot of explanation to do after today, let finish up first" I told them. " Now , one of the three of you have been bugged, we are to get who among you now" Sir Ajan started, " I will like you guys to step forward one after the other, as you come closer, the red dot tend to blink" Sir Ajan told them. Matt came forward first and nothing happened, Tonia was the next, the moment she took a step, the dot blinked, " take another step Tonia" Sir Ajan said and she obeyed, the dot blinked once more. " Tonia, you have been bugged all this while" Sir Ajan said sitting on one of the chairs, I, Darlington and Alvana also sat. " How? I am not bugged" Tonia countered, " But you just saw it for yourself, you have lived with a bug all this while, you never knew" Sir Ajan hissed, " Gwen bring the screening stick, let get which part of the body the bug is" Sir Ajan said as Gwen passed him a small rod like stuff. He pressed a switch on it and the stick made a beeping sound, he then went towards Tonia. " Your hands up" he ordered her as he passed the stick down her body, the stick didn't detect anything and then he went further to screen her back, as he brought the stick to the level of her back neck, the stick made a beeping sound, " Bug detected" Sir Ajan said, " It is so small that you won't feel it, give me the magnifying glass " Sir Ajan ordered no one in particular, Gwen passed it to him and he was able to pull the tiny bug off Tonia's neck, he gave the stuff which we could hardly see to Gwen who placed it on a magnifying machine, " From all observations, this bug has been on you for about two years now" Gwen said, " Wait, I remember" Tonia said moving forward, " Christiana planted it on me" She said, " Yes, she did, Sir Ajan, remember when you asked me to go investigate her, when I was about to bug her, I hugged her. In the course of the hugging, I noticed her hand going up my head but I never took it serious, Christiana did this to me" Tonia said while we all listened, as Tonia finished her story, the voice of the girl that was sent to kill me in the jungle finally became familiar, it was Christiana's voice. " I knew that girl was never to be trusted" Alvana whispered to me, " I can't believe this yet until it is proven" Sir Ajan said, " Sir Ajan remember something, a bug was also found on you once, have there been anytime you hugged Christiana?" Matt asked and we all except Sir Ajan busted into laughter, " Yes, Yes, there was once upon a time when Christiana came to me begging to take her back, she hugged me that day, that was it, She bugged me" Sir Ajan shouted. " Sir Ajan, am not able to connect them to us" Gwen said in a calm voice, " Then connect them by using Christiana's phone, we have her number, we just need someone to put a call to her from that, they can get connected to us" Alvana said, " That's true, Morgana, call her" Sir Ajan ordered, Morgana brought out her phone and dialed Christiana's number, " She isn't picking up" Morgana said after two trials, " We dont need her to pick up, just calling her alone is enough" Gwen said setting to work immediately, it took like 15 minutes before she shouted, " Connected" She shouted joyfully as a more bigger screen came on, the first thing that could be heard was the rustling of water, and then it became visual, young people in all black could be seen, they were like they were preparing for war. " Anyway we can hear what they are saying? " Sir Ajan asked, " Yes" Gwen said and increased the volume, " They are coming for us" Sir Ajan said, " We need not to wait, let take them by surprise, take the helicopters, the cars and bikes, we are going to there before they get here" Sir Ajan said, " Gwen, inform all students to stay alert, tell them to keep watch" Sir Ajan Informed her, " Yes Sir" Gwen answered. " You guys should go change, we need to get there" Sir Ajan said patting me, " They plan to set out by 12:00am, now is 11:10pm, we won't wait for them to come, we go to them" Sir Ajan said as we walked out towards the changing room, " Gwen, remain here to alert us on their next move" Sir Ajan informed her.
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