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Act Of Faith 2 Episode 36

Act Of Faith 2
Episode: Episode 36
Title:A Step Closer

We got to Newriton and alighted from the car with approximately the speed of light , "Alvana, wait" i stopped him, "yes, what is it? " He asked me, " I need a mask, we can't tell where the bug is being planted, I can't risk them getting my face , you know what that mean " I told him and he nodded, " Now the problem is i am not with any" He said, " You can make a small mask from my garment, its light and you can see through it" Darlington said , I brought out a small knife and with it he cut a little part of his garment which I used to cover my face. It wasn't a mask but at least, it was able to hide my identity. We walked into Newriton, it has been a long time, and I miss the atmosphere around Newriton and everything about it. The guys at the entrance of the jungle stopped us again but Alvana spoke to them and they allowed us pass. " Gabriel you know what, I don't think we should talk once we pass here, because anything we say, they can hear us" Darlington said, " Hmm, Gabriel, your friend is right" Alvana concurred, " I think we should use signs, our talking code" I told Alvana, " But I don't understand your talking code " Darlington said, " Don't worry bro, you won't be needing it" I patted him as we walked towards the centre of Newriton, the first thing I noticed was that the Mark Of Newriton was no longer there, " it fell the moment Israel died" Alvana told me as he noticed how I stared at the spot. " That was a sign that a great one fell that day" I added, he nodded. I also saw the sculpture of me they had made, " Only if they knew I am alive" I told Alvana, " Everyone thought you were dead" he said and I nodded, we then walked silently to the the staff quarters where sir Ajan office was. Alvana silently pushed the door opened, I and Darlington followed him behind as he entered the office. " Alvana, what a surprise" He shook hands with Alvana, " Who are those? " he asked looking from me to Darlington, Alvana went closer to me and whispered something in his ear, sir Ajan eyes opened wide in shock as he stared at me in disbelief, " Don't tell me Alvana" Sir Ajan said coming closer to me, he touched me and hugged me tight, " Gabriel, is it really you?" He whispered to my ear as we hugged, " Yes Sir Ajan, its me" I answered , " I knew it, the Gabriel I trained has nothing with evil" he said still hugging me, this way, no bug will be able to hear us.
Time: 10:05pm
Location: Newriton
We were in one of the secret rooms of Newriton, I, Sir AJan, Darlington and Alvana. In this room, no bug will be able to get us, it is a specially made room for no one, it is of no use but today it was useful as a place for us to talk without being caught. I had explained all that happened to Sir Ajan, everything as it happened. " Hmm, if there is a bug here, then its easy, we can use the bug detector" Sir Ajan told us, " Our bugs has their specific name, using our bug detector will fish out the foreign bug" He told us, we nodded. " This machine is at the I.C.T unit, it can only be operated from there" He told us again, " Then let's go to Gwen" I told him, " Yeah, let's go" He said and we got up, " Remember, we don't talk, we use signs" Alvana reminded us as we got to the I.C.T unit. " Where is Tonia and Matt?" I asked him, " They will meet us there, I have placed a call to them" he told me, " Alvana good news, your wife will also meet us at the I.C.T unit, she is fine now" He patted Alvana, " Darlington feel at home, its a good thing you choose to come help us fight the evil ones" He turned to Darlington, " Its my pleasure sir Ajan " Darlington bowed. Gwen was at the I.C.T unit when we got there, " To what do I owe this visit Sir Ajan" Gwen asked staring at all of us, she stared strangely at the masked man in their midst, Me. " Shhh" Sir Ajan signalled to her and went towards a small table where he took a pen and paper from, " Put on the bug Detector " He wrote on the paper and passed it to Gwen, she nodded and turned towards a big screen , She brought out a small keyboard and Punched the keys, soon , the big screen came on. It got connected and soon started to alight bugs , the first two bugs came on with the name " Undercover" , that was the tag for all bugs and cameras present at Newriton. The following five also had the same tag. All the undercover bugs were marked by green dot. Suddenly, a red dot came into view on the screen," That's the bug" I whispered to Alvana, it had the tag "unknown" " This is the foreign bug" Gwen told us, we all came closer and immediately the red dot started to blink. " What is happening?" Sir Ajan asked Gwen, " The bug is coming toward us" She said, sir Ajan stared at her confused, " Gwen, we never trained you with the knowledge that a bug can move" Sir Ajan said to her, " A bug can only move when it is on somebody " Gwen countered, " Who ?" I asked myself as the red dot continued to blink faster, " Its approaching, its close by" Gwen said and just at that same moment, the door to the I.C.T unit opened, we all turned abruptly and pointed our guns at whosoever was coming in, it was Tonia, Morgana and Matt. " So, now, who is the mole?" Alvana asked me in a whisper.
TIME: 10:30pm
The young fighters could be seen with their guns and swords, they all stood at the bank of the big sea which was separated from the outside world by a bridge, this was Sir Jude Ike's base. Four helicopters could be seen hovering just below the fighter who were all dressed in black, about six cars were also present at the scene. " I see you guy taste for blood" A young man said to them, he is no one other than the great Daniel, " Don't worry, Newriton fall by dawn today, just about an hour thirty minutes more before we set out " He continued, " Relax, we have them all covered" He concluded laughing. He concluded what he was saying and went entered into a speed boat with which he use to get back to the big ship, that was where Sir Jude was. In no time, he was at the ship, he climbed into it and went into one of the numerous rooms, Sir Jude's office. " Sir, the boys are ready" he informed Sir Jude, " Hmm, I want to see Newriton fall , I will be going with you guys" Sir Jude smiled.
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