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Act Of Faith 2 Episode 35

Act Of Faith 2
Episode : Episode 35

Isprang up immediately Adanna told me that, she was right, the mole can't be at Sir Jude's base and also be at Newriton at the same time, there are many things to this. It either, there are two moles or the mole which happened to be at Sir Jude's base bugged someone in Newriton or it has a bug planted somewhere in Newriton. " I need to get to Newriton now" I told Adanna, " Why?" She asked me, " They are in danger, you can't tell what will happen next" I told her, " I don't think you should go directly to Newriton, it will alert Sir Jude that you are around" Darlington told me, " Yeah, that's true, I think I have to go meet Alvana" I told them, " That will be the best thing to do" Adanna added as I and Darlington got up, " Adanna, you might need to come with us to convince him that I am not a ghost " I said, she nodded . " Let me even put a call to him and ask if he is at home" She said, " Yes, but don't tell him I am coming" I told her heading towards the house to change my dress, " But Gabi, don't you think you need to shave your beards?" She asked, " Didn't I tell you I was cloned? " I asked her, she nodded. " This beards will differentiate me from my clone, a clone does not grow" I told her, " Very true " She agreed as she placed her phone on her ear, I and Darlington went in. I change into a white shirt and red trousers, I took one of my guns with me so also did I give Darlington one also. I took one of my car keys and headed outside where Adanna was still waiting for us, " He said he is at home" she informed us as we got out, " Good, let's not waste anymore time" I told her heading towards the car, " Don't you think I should have a gun too?" She asked staring at my waist side where I had tucked the gun, I smiled at her and we were soon laughing. I drove off to Alvana's house, even if I forget the road to anywhere else, not Alvana's house. I stayed in the car with Darlington while Adanna went in to get Alvana, an element of surprise.
It was now two days since Israel died, I was at home alone since my wife was still in the hospital receiving treatment. I could now walk without the wheel chair, I wasn't paralysed initially, just a minor injury. As I sat alone in my sitting room, I tried remembering the scene I watched of how Gabriel killed Israel , the footage from the night israel died. I smell conspiracy somewhere, the Gabriel I saw that night on the screen has something strange about him, it has been two years since i last saw Gabriel before that night, but his face that night still looked the same way it was two years ago, he looked exactly the way he looked two years ago, was it that he did not grow, his face didn't change, no beards, just the same way, humans are not like that, only those made in the lab are. The knock on my door interrupted my thought and I immediately stood up to answer, I knew who it was, it has to be Adanna, she was the only one I was expecting. I opened the door to see her smiling, I haven't seen her smile for a long time , probably ever since her husband death. " Alvana, how are you?" She asked me, " Am fine dear, what brings you here today" I asked her smiling as I led her inside, " Wait, where is my friend, your wife?" She asked me, " Hmm, a long story, she is not fine, she is admitted at Newriton, she had some minor injuries from our last mission" I told her, Adanna already knows who I am, so there is no point hiding anything from her. " Oh sorry about that, I also heard of Israel's death, am so sorry about that" She said, I was shocked. " Who told you Israel is dead?" I asked her, " That is the surprise I got for you, follow me" She said heading outside. " What is it, tell me" I said as I stood up and followed her, " Just come" She said and went out of the sitting room. I quickly opened the drawer under my table and took my small pistol from it, I hid it under my cloth. I can't tell what she is up to, at times like this, you can't trust anyone. I opened the door and followed her , she was heading towards a car parked in front of my house. I touched the well hidden gun as I approached the car, I could see a man on the driver's seat, he had beards scattered round his face, his face seem familiar but I seem not to recognize him. As I got closer to the car, the man opened the door to the car and alighted, I could now see him, I recognized him at once, Gabriel. I stood still as he walked towards me, " Adanna, is this really Gabriel or his ghost?" I asked her," He is alive, he never died" She told me, " Alvana, its me" Gabriel said to me as he approached me, " The only reason am not running Gabriel is because Adanna is also here" I told him also moving closer to me, " You have a story to tell bro" I said as I hugged him, " Yeah, of course, but before then, we have a lot to discuss, Newriton is falling " he said to me as another man got down from the car, " Meet Darlington, my jungle Friend" He introduced the new man.
Inarrated everything to Alvana, by now it was already evening, exactly 6:00pm in the evening. " Why are we still wasting time here? We should be on our way to Newriton" Alvana told me getting up, " Wait , will Newriton believe I didn't kill Israel?" I asked Alvana, he had told me the story about how the cloned me killed Israel, " Of course, your cloned self has no beards and obviously you couldn't have grown so much beards just in two days" Alvana told me as he rushed into his room and came back later with three big guns , he handed me one which could be hung on the shoulder. " There might me war this night, I guess so" Alvana told me as he handed Darlington another gun, " I trust you because Gabriel also trust you, come with us" Alvana told him, " Dear, stay here and keep calm, am coming back, I promise" I bent by Adanna who was staring at us worried, " Honey, don't leave me again, please come back" She told me and hugged me, " I promise to come back" I smiled and touched her hair and kissed her forehead, " Pray for us" I told her as I headed out of Alvana's sitting room, " Joy, take care of my house and feel comfortable" Alvana told her as we headed out, we entered into my car and we drove off.
" Are you guys ready? " I asked my boys, " Yes sir" They all shouted in harmony in their black vests, " Tonight, we attack Newriton and finish them up" I told them again, Ann was by my side. " We set out by 12:00am" I laughed, " Yes sir" They shouted and dispersed.
Next loading, let ur coents talk, its finally coming to an end, you guys should get ready for Act Of Faith 3 ( Two fighting Twins), it will start after this one, by 2019, lol.


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