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Act Of Faith 2 Episode 33

Act Of Faith 2
Episode: Episode 33
Title: Reunion

" Make yourself comfortable man" I told Darlington as we entered into the house, I made sure I shut the door behind me, " Give me a moment let me see my wife" I told him again, " Be sure not to make her scared" He said, " I know my wife and my wife knows me" I smiled, he smiled back and fell into a sofa, I left him and went towards my room where Adanna had locked herself up. I tried opening the door but it was well locked, I then knocked slightly on it. " Adanna, it me, Gabriel , flesh and blood" I said but she didn't reply me, " Adanna, are you there?" I asked her, " Go away, I didn't kill you, I have no hand in any thing that happened to you, please stop tormenting me" She shouted, " Hey, even if am dead, you don't expect me to come back and torment you knowing how much I love you" I laughed, " please go, the dead and the living has no relationship" She shouted, " But the living and the living do have a relationship " I smiled but got no answer, " Joy, why don't you come out and confirm if am dead or alive?" I asked her, " I should come out so that you will take me along with you to the land of the dead bah?" She asked, " Joy, I thought you are a good Christian, I thought you don't believe in all this " I told her, " Just go away" She shouted, " Does the fact that I am knocking on this door prove to you that am not dead?" I asked her, " please go, you are dead, Gabriel when you were alive, I loved you with all my heart, I really loved you, please why are you tormenting me, I have always prayed for your success, I have ways wished you good, why are you tormenting me now?" She asked, " Wait, Adanna do you actually know I can break this door and come in there?" I asked her, " Please don't do that, please I beg of you leave me alone" She cried, " Okay, you want me to go bah?" I asked her, " Please go and stop tormenting me" She said, " Okay, then, you said you loved me when I was alive, why didn't you show it, why were you always harsh and disrespectful? " I asked her trying not to laugh, " Gabriel, am sorry, I was shy to show I love you, I was childish and immature, but I always do love you, I was ready to do anything for you, please forgive me for that" She begged crying, " In your next life, will you show you love me?" I asked her, " Yes, Gabriel I will be so proud of you, I will always show you love everyday, I will be proud of you everywhere, I would do what I have failed to do now, please Gabi, forgive me, don't use that against me, don't torment me because of my mistakes" She cried, " Okay, I forgive you, I will be going back to the land of the dead now, I just came to find out if you love me when I was alive so I can rest in peace" I told her trying to hold my laughter, " Yes, I love you and will always love you, Gabriel even now, I still love you" She said but I didn't answer, I wanted to give her that impression that I was gone. " Gabriel, are you there? " she asked, but I gave no reply. I waited for about ten minutes and soon, I could hear her praying the rosary. I smiled and tip toed back to the sitting room where Darlington was. " How did it go?" He asked me in a low tone, " She didn't believe it was me, she still thinks am a ghost " I whispered to him, " Of course she has every right to think so" He told me. " I feel sleepy now, let's go to the guest room" I told him, he nodded and we tiptoed to the guest room where we are to sleep for the night.
The morning was cold and good, the cool breeze of the morning blew across my bare chest as I laid on the white bed in the guest room, the time was 5am. I got up and sat on the bed placing my hand on my head, " Good morning man" Darlington greeted, I never knew he was awake. " You are awake, good morning bro " I greeted him back. " I know what you are waiting for, your wife" He smiled, I nodded. He soon sat up on the bed after stretching for about ten minutes, we talked and chatted about lot of things in low tones so as not to get the attention of my wife, I told him more about Newriton and how I think there us a mole among them. We tried drafting out who it was but no one matched the perfect description, but i know there is a mole at Newriton. We talked for about one hour thirty minutes when I finally heard my bedroom door open, Adanna is awake. From her footsteps, I could easily decipher that she was heading towards the kitchen, remember, I am use to my house. " I think I should take my chances now" I told him, he nodded. " But be careful not to freak her out" He advised, " If you can freak out all others ladies in the world, you can't freak out my wife" I whispered to him as I gently walked out the guest room, I tip toed towards the kitchen. I am very good at tiptoeing, all thanks to Newriton, I can walk as silent as a snail. I got to the entrance of the kitchen and peeped inside, she was backing me, she was putting on a very light night wear, which brought out her curves and exposed the inner parts of her body, Oh, how much I miss this woman. I took a deep breath and tip toed towards her, she didn't notice I was coming from behind. I got close enough to her and let go off my breath, I then grabbed her slowly by her waist. " Jesus Christ!! " she shouted in fear, she turned her head slightly to see who it was, our eyes met. " GHOST" she shouted as she tried to free herself from me but couldn't, she kicked and kicked but all to no avail, she then broke into tears. " Are you tired of kicking?" I asked her laughing, " Please, let me go, please, I didn't kill you" She shouted trying to struggle again. " I won't let you go" I told her as I slightly turned her shivering body to face me, she closed her eyes tight to avoid eye contact with me. " So you still believe am a ghost even with me holding you by your waist?" I asked her, she gave no reply as she closed her eyes with more intensity, she was now sweating profusely. I lifted her up to my level, her leg was now above the ground, her chest was on mine and mine on hers, my hands were now round her waist, but still yet she didn't open her eyes. " Joy, this is no longer funny o, so you still think am a ghost? " I asked her, she didn't answer me. " Okay, if I truly died, why didn't they find my body?" I asked her, she immediately open her eyes wide like I had stung her with something, " Is it really you?" She asked in a calm voice, " Do you need one more proof?" I asked, she nodded slowly and babyish , " Okay then" I said staring at her, " What is the proof?" She asked me, " This" I said a I slowly placed my lips on hers, we were soon locked up in a tight, passionate kiss.

To be continued


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