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Act Of Faith 2 Episode 32

Act Of Faith 2
Episode: Episode 32

Newriton, one of the most foolish spying institute have ever seen, as it is now, we are now the one spying on them and not them spying on us, I can choose to destroy them just by a snap of my fingers but I choose not to, why? Because I want to kill them all slowly and painfully, I want them all to beg for their lives. " You sent for me Sir Jude" Daniel said as he walked into my office, " Yes Dan, I did sent for you" I smiled, apart from him being my son in-law, he is also a very hardworking and brave man. " Now they are deserted, I mean the spies" I told him and he nodded, " Yes sir, they are" He said and I also nodded. " They might think we won't attack them again for a long time" I told him and he nodded, " Now, I want us to give them that element of surprise" I told him, " What do you mean sir?" I asked him, " I want us to Invade Newriton, this time, I want you to get me Alvana" I smiled, he smiled also. " When do you want it done sir?" I asked him, " In two days time, let me give them time to mourn over the one they have lost, the great Israel " I told him, " okay sir" He said and went out.
I couldn't believe it when I saw it, it was like a dream when I saw the news that Israel was dead, it was uploaded on Nicky's laptop, the one with which I always accessed Newriton with. " No, this is not happening" I cried, " What is it ?" Nicky asked me coming closer to me, " They killed Israel" I said and soon tears filled up my eyes. " Don't tell me" She said and collected the laptop from me, " tell me this is no true" She shouted hitting the laptop on the ground, she literally shattered the laptop. I couldn't console her as she cried , I was also crying. " I think I need to set back, they would wipe out the whole of Newriton if they continue this way" I told Nicky holding her by her hand, she nodded. " Where is Darlington?" I asked her, " He is sleeping inside" She answered. I nodded and went into the guest room where we already had our load packed, Darlington was deep in sleep probably due to the trainings we had that day. I wiped away my tears as I woke him up, I didn't want him to know I was crying. " Sup man" he said as he got up from the bed, " man, we need to be on our way" I told him, " Why the sudden change? I thought you postponed it till this weekend" He rubbed his face, " I know, delay is dangerous" I told him, " Hmm, I think you are right, let's move" He said and got up from the bed. I carried the small back bag which was given to me by Nicky and wore it, it contained a good collection of guns and knives. We were about stepping out of the room when Nicky met up with us by the door. " Gabi, make sure you take them all down" She told me , I nodded. " Take this" She handed over a key to me, " What for?" I asked as I accepted the key, " That is the key to my car outside, I think it might help speed up the journey" She said, I nodded and hugged her briefly, " Thank you" I said, " Thanks " Darlington also appreciated as we made to take our leave, " Gabi" She called back again, " Yes" I answered turning to face her, " Remember, you are not allowed to die" She said and I nodded. We left the house that day with tears , it wasn't because I was leaving Nicky, but because of my friend's death, It could have been someone else and not Israel.
The day was stressful, there was much to do at the computer institute and it really weighed me down. I came back home around 11:00pm and took my bath, then I prepared dinner for myself and went to bed but sleep didn't come. As a matter of fact, I have been finding it hard to sleep ever since my husband died, I do dream of me coming back to me, I wish dream really come true as they say. As I couldn't sleep, I decided to while away time doing something else and so I went into the sitting room to occupy myself with one of those collections of Gabi's movies, I don't actually like them but I decided to watch them as a remembrance of him, he would often call me to his side to watch with him anytime he was busy with them, I would always force myself to watch but more often than not, I would end up sleeping on his chest. I know I have never been a good wife to him , it wasn't my fault, I don't know who to blame it on. Only if life will give me a second chance, why is life cruel to me, only if I can have a second chance, then I will be the wife he wants me to be, I will accept his flaws and whatsoever, I will change for good and won't dare him again. I wasn't paying attention to the movie but just to waste time and find sleep, I continued watching. I wish was still with me, I would have slept off by now. I was still lost in my thought when I thought I heard a knock on my door, I thought I didn't hear well, how did whosoever is at the door manage to pass through the gate? I stood up and headed for the kitchen where I got a small knife, I then waited to see if I would hear the knock again and sure I did. I went slowly towards the door and placed my ears on it, " Who is it?" I asked , " We come in peace" The person replied, anywhere any time, I can always recognize the voice, it was Gabriel's own but I knew it wasn't possible. " No one comes in peace at this hour of the night" I said, " Today, you are seeing someone" The voice came again, the same voice. I took a deep breath and placed the knife before me and was ready to strike, I opened the door slowly , I could see the shadow of two men, the darkness covered them so I stretched my hand for the outside light switch which was by the wall, I put it on and their faces became clear, the man in front was Gabriel, I didn't know the other one by him. I bursted into tears immediately, " God why have you decided to torment me with dreams of him?' I asked myself as I pinched myself to wake up but nothing was happening, I slapped myself but nothing still happened, I opened my eyes and Gabriel and the man still stood before me . It was then I remembered what my grand mom do tell me about ghost coming back to visits their loved ones, I immediately sprang up and ran away with the door wide Open. " Ghost oo" I shouted as I went into my room and locked up myself.
We got to my house late that night all thanks to the speed of Nicky's car, we shouldn't have gotten there that time. I know my house and my house knows me, my strong gate still stood tall and it prevented us from entering, " There a small gate we can jump over at the back" I told Darlinogton and we went to turn around to the back of my house. " You have a big house" Darlington complemented , I only nodded. We jumped over the gate and then went to the house itself. I knocked at the door the first time but got no reply, it was at the second that I heard Adanna's voice. She finally opened the door to see me standing, I expected her to run away with the scream of ghost but no, she only broke down in tears, I was shocked so also was Darlington. It was after some minutes of crying that she got up and ran towards the room, " What a strange wife I have got " I smiled to Darlington, he smiled back as we walked into the sitting room..

To be continued


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