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Act Of Faith 2 Episode 31

Act Of Faith 2
Episode: Episode 31

It was painful seeing Israel being shot, it was painful seeing Israel killed in front of me without me able to do anything, I could only cry, nothing to do. " Hello Matt" Ann turned to me, " Sorry for keeping you in the dark all this while, but I actually think there is no beef between you and i," She smiled while Gabriel cocked his gun again and pointed it at me, " Leave him Gabi, let him go and tell the rest how deadly Sir Jude can be" Ann said and with that, they walked away into their car, they drove off. Not long after they drove off, the truck which had hit Israel's car also started its engine and turned the opposite direction. I laid on the ground and wept, the pain in me was so great that at that point, I lost hope in life. Not only was it painful seeing Israel killed but being killed by the people he trusted and also being killed without me doing anything, I cried more as I tried getting up from the floor but all to no avail, I placed my hand on Israel's chest as I cried, my brother and best friend is gone, it should have been anyone else but not Israel, why should the good die? What about Alvana and Morgana? They were pushed down Into the sea, I hope they are not also dead, one dead body is enough for the night. What about Tonia, where is she? For all I could remember, she was in the car with Israel before all these happened. About ten Minutes later, a big truck came in sight, it was a different truck from the one earlier, it was from Newriton. Accompanying the truck were other small cars, they were the rescue team of Newriton. They set to work immediately as they rushed over to where I was , they carried Israel on a stretcher so also me. Tonia unconscious body was also brought out of the car, she had been shot at her hand and had lost a lot of blood. An helicopter could be seen hovering just above us, it is also from Newriton, it has a long hook below it, it will be used to pull Alvana's car from the water, I pray he is still alive, so also Morgana.
Oh God, it is so funny, So Israel really believed I loved him? Oh, Love can make the strongest of men so weak than a weakling. He is one of the dumbest spies have ever seen in my entire life, I told him my name when we first met, I told him I am Ann Ike, he didn't even think of carrying out a background investigation if I am in any way connected to the great Jude Ike , he immediately fell in love with me. Anyways, if he hadn't fallen in love with me, my plan wouldn't have worked, I wanted to kill him myself for all he had cost my dad, all the lost he caused him and because he was also involved in the mission that set My Fiancé , Daniel to Jail. I wanted to see him beg, I wanted to him to feel betrayal, I want Newriton down but we have to take them one after the other, anyone who hurts my loved ones hurt me also.
Life is nothing, it doesn't belong to us and we can't control when it will leave us. The mission which I thought will be the end of Sir Jude later turned out to be against us. The last thing I can remember about two nights ago was that my car was pushed into the sea by a truck, all that happened after that I don't know. I only opened my eyes yesterday to see that I was in a hospital, Newriton Care Unit. Opposite me in the same ward was Matt, he was sitting up and looking outside the window, there were tears in his eyes. He told me all that happened, how Israel was killed by his fiance and Gabriel, I couldn't believe it at first but later got confirmation when I watched the footage in the I.C.T unit today, it was indeed painful. If I can believe anything in the world, I can never believe Gabriel being a bad guy, something is certainly wrong somewhere. Up till now, I can't still walk, I have been confined to a wheel chair alongside Matt, My wife and Tonia are still in the care unit receiving treatments , I should also still be on treatment but I have to take myself up because today is the day assigned by the institute for Israel to be buried. " That night , we noticed the Mark of Newriton falling, we never knew what it was until I discovered from Gwen that Israel has been killed, the fall of the Mark is a sign that a great one has fallen, Israel is not just Israel, for the Mark of Newriton to fall at the same time Israel died without being subjected to any harsh weather, then this signifies that Israel is Newriton. Sire Israel, you have left us alone, but may your strength always remain with us, may your spirit always protect the four corners of Newriton, if the mark could fall upon your death, then no doubt, you are Newriton, please, don't let your bravery and kindness be far from you, Newriton" Sir Ajan said standing in front of the Golden casket where Israel body's was being laid, he had tears in his eyes as he said those words, everyone had tears in their eyes. All the students were present there, myself and Matt were also present but confined to a wheel chair, Christiana and Gwen were also there with us, each person busy crying. I watched as the casket was being placed in a well decorated car, it is to be taken to Israel's hometown for burial, some of the members of boards went with the car. His garments were laid on a group of woods also in front of Sir Ajan, it is to be burnt, that is the tradition of Newriton. " Some one close to him will have to do this" Sir Ajan said, Matt wheeled his chair forward and took a stick burning with fire, he threw them on Israel's garments and they began to burn, the wailing and mourning became louder.
I didn't die , I lived on though all thought I was dead. I stayed in a jungle for two good years , with each passing day in the jungle, I trained myself to become stronger for I know what waits ahead. It was in the same Jungle that I had met Darlington, we became friends and when I thought I had stayed long enough in the jungle, I decided to go back. That night when I was caught by Daniel, I was taken to their base unconsciously where Sir Jude pleaded with me to work for him but I didn't, he tried all he could do but I remained adamant in refusing to do his dirty Job for him. When he got tired, he called one if his scientist, John and they took to the second alternative, they had me cloned, they made another version of me which I could see it with my own eyes, it was exactly like me with all the characteristics of me, my height, voice, strength and so on, it took them two months to do this, they believe it will make Newriton believe I now work for Sir Jude and it will destabilize them. My cloned version was made to know all I knew about Newriton, the only difference between myself and it is that it is the wicked version of me. After they had cloned me, Sir Jude asked one of his workers, a girl wearing a mask to have me killed in a jungle so that the vultures will feed on me. I was first beaten before being place in the booth of the car the girl was to use, she drove off to the jungle. On getting there, she brought me out and laid me on the ground, I couldn't see her but could hear her as she talked to me, " Your life is in my hands now, but I don't think I will be able to kill you" She said, " Not that I can't kill you but Gabriel, I am leaving you today because I Love you" She had said and drove off . In my unconscious state, I couldn't decipher the voice but I knew who so ever it is, it is someone I know, Someone in Newriton, a Mole.
After leaving the Jungle when I thought the time was right, i decided not to go back to Newriton because i know the moment I go back there, I might be taken down again. I decided not to go back home either, my wife and I still have a long way to go. I decided to go to the house of an old time friend, Nicky, she happen to be one of us during training days and till now she is still a spy but just a free spy, she has never been called for any mission due to the fact that she only managed to scale through trainings. She welcomed us well , myself and Darlington and with the help of her laptop, her Newriton developed laptop, we were able to follow the recent happenings, the latest news was that my friends, the spies were taking on Sir Jude that night we arrived, I wish there is a way I could have communicated with them not to go , Sir Jude has a Mole in Newriton, he gets information of all that happens at Newriton, from what I saw when I was captured there, he has a big screen which is connected to a bug in Newriton with the help of the screen, he watches all that happens in Newriton, but now, the question is who is the bug connected to? THE MOLE.

To be continued


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