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Act Of Faith 2 Episode 30

Act Of Faith 2
Episode: Episode 30
Title: HE FELL

" Latest news, the spies are taking on sir Jude this night" Nicky turned to I and Gabriel, I have finally been brought out of darkness and made to understand all that was happening. " Oh no, they are in trouble, Sir Jude already knows what is before them" Gabriel said, " How?" Nicky asked him, " One of the spies work for him, there is a mole among the spies" Gabriel said looking from me to Nicky, " Who?" Nicky asked, " That isn't something I should disclose to anyone, you know I can't...." Nicky interrupted him, " I understand, you now have trust issues, anyways, I respect that" Nicky smiled, " I think we need to act fast, Newriton is falling" Gabriel said stretching his hand for one of the guns Nicky brought for us, " Are you going this night?" Nicky asked, " Nope, just seeing the gun " Gabriel smiled, " We set out to Newriton tomorrow or the day after tomorrow" He said. " I heard you got married, have you heard from your wife?" Nicky asked, I never knew he was married. " Nope, but I hope she is fine, the last time I saw her, she was unconscious" Gabriel said, his voice cracked at this stage. " I pray she is fine" I put in, " Darlington, you should be ready for war, we set out in two days " Gabriel turned to me, I didn't reply him. " Nicky, what about you? Are you going to come with us?" Gabriel asked her, " Gabi, you know I don't do this anymore" She said, Gabriel nodded.
" keep your gun Gabi, don't kill him yet" Ann said to Gabriel who already had his gun pointed at Israel, Israel couldn't Still understand what was going on. " Ann, I don't get you, you are my fiancé, you are meant to be at home, what are you doing here?" Israel asked in confusion, " Oh God, this guy is a fool" Ann said, " Okay, let me take you back memory lane, you remember where we met right, at Atata just after you guys sent Daniel to prison, you think it was normal , you think you are destined to meet me? No boy, I came to help my father avenge what you guys did to him, let me be blunt here, I am Sir Jude's daughter, didn't I make it clear to you? Right from the first day we met, I told you my name, I told you I am Ann Ike but due to fact that you were blinded by my beauty, you took not the surname into consideration. I have been working from the inside all along, hey, don't crucify me, I am not the Mole in Newriton I am only an agent of distraction. With the help of the mole we have been able to know what you guys planned last night and that is why we are always a step or two steps ahead. Now let me release the bomb shell, I never wanted to take part in my dad's business but you guys went too far by sending my fiancé to Jail, don't ask who my fiancé is, Daniel. I love your facial expression right now, I know how you feel to see your best friend Gabriel and your to be wife Ann coming back to kill you, am sorry man, am sorry I deceived you all along" Ann said laughing and resting on Gabriel's shoulder " You will pay for this" Israel cried, " Who will make me pay? We are always ahead of you guys, we are invisible " Ann laughed on, " Oh, I remember, you might be saying to yourself that you know my parents, I introduced them to you during our introduction right? Sorry bro, you were deceived, those people you see aren't my parents, they work for my dad, once again, you were deceived" Ann laughed out louder. I could see Israel face go pale, this is the height of betrayal, the gun he was holding initially fell off his hand, he had been made weak. I was also shocked but could not shout or do anything as I couldn't even feel my own body, I could only hear them talk. It was hard to believe that it was the same Gabriel I spent six years with at Newriton during training days that was standing before me now, I always knew Gabriel to be good hearted, i never believed Gabriel will one day work for sir Jude, it is something more impossible than impossible. What did we do to him? Why will Gabriel of all people go back to work for Sir Jude which he dreaded so much? Has he forgotten so soon how Sir Jude invaded his village back then and killed it's people? Has he also forgotten that Sir Jude was behind his sister's death? What maketh a good man become evil? We all thought Gabriel was dead, so he was hiding under the umbrella of Sir Jude all along? Oh, I prefer to die than live after this night. " Gabriel, finish up" Ann turned to him, " My pleasure " Gabriel smiled coming forward. " Gabi " Israel called , " So you still remember my name?" Gabriel asked, " Gabriel I can never forget you, Gabi its me, Israel, your good friend" Israel said, " I can see you clearly Israel, I know it's you" Gabriel smiled so also did Ann. " Gabriel you know you can't kill me, you don't have to do this" Israel pleaded, " Wow, you just dared me" Gabriel cocked his gun, " No , I am not daring you Gabi, Gabi please don't end my life this way, Gabriel remember how far we have come, remember all that happened during training days, don't forget when you told me you could take a bullet for me, remember there was a time when you almost died and you needed a kidney transplant, Gabi remember I donated one of my kidneys to you leaving me wit only one Kidney, Gabriel please remember all these, don't despise thy brother, Gabi please, I want to live" Israel cried, " I remember all that man but there comes a time in the life of a man when he has to die, you are at that point of your life" Gabriel smiled, " Gabi, you are wasting time " Ann said, " Sorry Ann, I wanna makes his death a worthy one, Israel, any more statement?" Gabriel asked Israel, " Yes bro, one more thing" Israel said, " What is it?" Gabriel asked him, " I want you to know that if you kill me today, I forgive you and I still love you" Israel smiled his last and then Gabriel pulled the trigger, the bullet went directly into Israel skull, his blood splashed on my face .
Location: Newriton
Time: Same time of Israel's death, Same day
The institute was quiet, the students seem to be sleeping by now, the field was free and the Sculpture of the Mark of Newriton could been seen standing tall at the centre of the institute, there was silence everywhere. Suddenly, a loud cracking sound could be heard, the students got alerted immediately to see what it was as they all ran out with knives , gun and swords." The Mark of Newriton is falling!!" One of them shouted in fear as the large sculpture of the Mark cracked slowly to the ground.

To be continued


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