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Act Of Faith 2 Episode 29

Act Of Faith 2
Episode: Episode 29
Title: Remember The Name

" I know Newriton has not been in good shape this season, we are really sorry. I know Newriton don't deserve to be called a spying organization, we are also sorry for that. I promise we will do our best to set things right and set It right for good but before then, with the little we have, I think we should defeat our enemy first, Sir Jude Ike" Sir Ajan said staring at us, none of us gave him a reply, we only stared back at him.. " I also know we have a mole among us , we have tried to figure out who it is but I regret to say that for every step we take, this person is always a step in front of us, I don't just know how and can't figure how to get the mole, but with faith, we will get who so ever it is" Sir Ajan said. " Now, back to our plan, we have been able to figure out where Sir Jude base is located, he still carries out his dirty business in a ship, he has a big ship close to the riverine area where he keeps all his armies, and develop the heads of his victims" Sir Ajan explained putting on the big screen to reveal a ship situated in the centre of a large sea, " If Gabriel was here, this mission won't be a problem as he sure knows much about the ship, he told me he attacked it once" Sir Ajan said, " I also know about the ship but that is not the same sea" Israel put in, " Yeah, Israel, you are sure right, this isn't the same ship he carried out his dirty business during the last mission" Sir Ajan confirmed. " So what's the plan now?" I asked him, " There is no plan, they know all our plan because we have a mole among us, the plan is just to attack them, you all are to journey to their base and attack them, don't worry, you shall see speed boats at the edge of the sea when you get there, they are located at strategic places" he said. " We take off this night?" I asked him, " It depends on you guys" he answered. " I think this night is better, by tomorrow, they might have enough time to plan well for our coming" Israel said and we nodded, he is right.
• " Sir Ajan" I called after the meeting, he was just leaving the hall and I followed him to ask him something, " Jason, hope no problem?" He asked me, " No problem Sir, but don't you think putting Tonia with us on this mission might be risky?" I asked him, " Of course, I know it will be risky and that is why I placed her there, let her take risk to save herself, she hates taking risk during trainings " he answered, " What if she dies?" I asked him, " We all are destined to die, she chose her path, she wanted to be a spy, this is what she wants" Sir Ajan said and walked away, I nodded and headed towards a room where weapons are bring kept, it us time to die.
Even the holy book made it known in the book of proverbs 1:17 that in vain is a net laid in sight of a bird. We already know that they were coming to attack us that night, not only could we hear them, we could also watch them and we were prepared.
As I headed towards the weapon room, my phone rang once more, it was Ann calling, she had been calling me all through the meeting but I had bluntly refused to pick, this time, I had to pick it up. " Ann, must you always disturb?" I asked her, " Israel, I have this feeling that you are gonna die" She told me, I hissed and ended the call, if I am to die, let me die a hero.
" On a more serious note, why did she run away from you?" I asked the strange man, " They think I am dead" he answered as he made to enter the house whose door was wide open, I followed him. " why do they think you are dead?" I asked him, " Stay back!!" The lady shouted at the strange man, she had summoned courage to come out of her hiding place, she was pointing a gun at us. " Calm down Nicky Da Queen " the strange man smiled, " Its me, flesh and blood, am not dead" The strange man said advancing towards a sofa, I followed him well taking note of the gun. " Gabriel, you are dead, have you forgotten am also a spy, I still follow Newriton news via their secret website " The woman said , " Oh, I thought I forgot, if I am dead, then why was my body not found?" The strange man asked, the lady gave no reply as she lowered her gun, " They made you guys believe I was dead, they took me away" The strange man said , " Gabriel, you are alive?" The young lady said with a surprised expression on her face, she walked slowly towards the strange man and touched him, the next minute, they were locked up in a hug. " Wait, am confused here, who is Gabriel, who died, who resurrected, am lost" I shouted, " Oh, Nicky meet my jungle friend Darlington, he is also a good fighter we met in the jungle " The strange man said, " And for the records, Darlington, I am Gabriel, that's mg name, Gabriel " He smiled, " Gabriel" I repeated the name, that's was the same name Master Okwe mentioned the day he was to die, " Darlington, and you will meet Gabriel, together with him, you all shall save the world " Sir Okwe had said before he died. " Nicky, you changed a lot, I know why, we never saw each other again after trainings, you just went away with the wind" Gabriel said to Nicky, " Hmm, You also Grown more than I can imagine, look how muscular you now look" Nicky touched his arm. " Anyways Nicky, I need your help, Newriton is in danger" Gabriel said with all seriousness, " I also need some weapons from you" he continued.
1: 20am, we were on the road heading to the sea I happen to be in the same car with Israel, Alvana and his wife were placed in the same car while Matt was alone on a bike ahead of us, we were all in black, our face were also covered with Mask, we were meant to be as shadows. " seat belt Tonia " Israel reminded me for the fifth time, " Oh, sorry" I said and finally wore the sear belt. "Slow down, approaching the bridge" Gwen's voice echoed in our ears via our micro earpiece, Israel reduced his speed and slowed down , the bridge was constructed to prevent the sea from over flowing, right below the bridge is a large mass of water.
We got to the bridge, Matt had also slowed down and his bike was just moving some distance in front of me. " Alvana, watch out , behind you!!!" Gwen shouted via the earpiece, I heard a loud noise behind, I looked through my side window and saw Alvana's car tumble into the sea, " Holy Jesus " I shouted in fear. " Holy Mary mother of God" I heard Tonia prayed in fear as i pulled up my mask to look clearly at my front mirror, I could see a truck just behind me, I was too late to react and the truck pushed me forward slightly and my car hit Matt's bike a little which made him fall down, " No, not Matt" I said as I stopped the car and opened the door, " Don't go" Tonia tried to hold me back but I had already stepped outside. I had not taken about two steps towards Matt when a bullet was shot to my leg from the truck, I fell down and displaced towards where Matt was. I swung into action immediately as I brought out my gun and started shooting at the Truck, " Matt, are you alive, can you hear me?" I asked at interval as I shot. No one came out from the truck, it remained stagnant.
I Could hear Israel but was to weak to talk or move. He was still shooting at the truck when we noticed the flashing of the lights of a car behind us, I managed to turn my neck so also did Israel, the car drove to where we were and he light went off. The door opened slowly to reveal a muscular guy was face was shielded from us by he darkness of the night, he didn't come to us rather he went and opened he back door of the car for it inhabitant, it was a lady whose face was also shielded by the night. They soon both advanced towards us and the face of the guy became clear, " Gabriel " I heard Israel mutter in shock, I tried to talk but I made no sound as they advanced towards us, the face of the lady also soon became clear to us, it was Israel's fiancé , Ann,she was putting on a devilish smile as she walked towards us, I tried shouting but no sound came out, " Ann" Israel said , he didn't understand what was going on, it was a shocking moment. She soon came closer and bent directly in front of Israel, " Ann, what are you doing here, Gabriel, I don't get this , explain to me, aren't you meant to be dead, am confused here" Israel stammered, " shut up boy" Ann slapped him, " I have never seen a more foolish spy like you" She smiled , Gabriel was also smiling. " Didn't I tell you ? I told you that you were coming to your death but you didn't believe me, now, you believe me right?" She asked laughing, " Ann, wait, you work for Sir Jude?" Israel asked, " No dear, I dont work for him, look at this, Ann Ike and Jude Ike, does that ring a bell?" She asked laughing as Gabriel pulled out his gun.

To be continued


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