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Act Of Faith 2 Episode 28

Act Of Faith 2
Episode: Episode 28

" Ann" I called my fiancé as I sat close to her, " Yes Dear" She answered staring at the Movie she was viewing, she so much loves movies. " Ann, am going back to Newriton " I stammered, she raised her eyeball and smiled, " You are joking right?" She asked me, " No am not Ann, I think I have to go back, I think I have to save the world" I stammered again, " Israel " She called my name, she hardly do that except she has something serious to say. " Yes dear " I answered, " You are not going back. You are doing good off Newriton, Your complex is booming, your life is not at risk, what are you going back for?" She asked in anger, " Calm down dear " I smiled, " Don't dear me , you promised me you won't ever risk your life going back there again, I thought you learnt from what happened to your friend, what do you expect from me if God forbid, you die?" She shouted, " Ann I need to save the world, you can't stop me from doing that" I shouted also, " Wow, the prophesy was right, Jesus Christ has come again, the savior of the world" She hissed, " You are not going anywhere" She finalized staring at the movie, " Yes , I am going back to Newriton" I told her, " Dear, please don't go, I never wanted to tell you this but I have this bad feeling about you dying, I am serious, I am not just making this up" She said, " Dear, if I die, I die saving the world" I told her and made to hold her hand, " Don't you dare touch me, don't touch me" She shouted getting up from the sofa, " Now I know you don't love me, are you the one destined to save the world? Just fuck off, you know what? Just go, I Don't care what happens to you, get out!" She shouted and stormed into the room, I adjusted myself on the Sofa and placed my hand on my head, " I made a promise to the world, I will always come to their rescue"
" So dear, are you sure you want us to go back to Newriton?" Morgana asked me sitting on my laps as we enjoy the cool breeze of the evening in my small garden. " Did I say we, you are not going back there, you stay at home as my wife while I go back to Newriton" I told her but she simply hissed, " I need to be there with you, you know, to protect you" She smiled, " No, I need you alive for me, so you are not going with me dear" I said tickling her by her side, she jerked up and hissed. " I have told you I don't like that now" She said sitting on my laps again , " But dear, on a more serious note, am going with you to Newriton" She said but I didn't answer, " You are not saying anything?" She asked me, " Can't you just for once obey me? I don't want you to go" I told her in a more serious tone, " Alvana, apart from today, which day have I ever disobeyed you?" She shouted getting up from my laps, " That is not the issue here, you are not going to Newriton and that's is final" I got up and made towards the house, " Honey, don't be surprised if you see me there before you" She shouted from where she was..
" Is that meant to be a name?" I asked him as I got up and made to follow him hunting. " At least, you have something you can call me" he smiled, " That's not a problem, I will manage that " I told him. " So as I was saying, don't you want to go to the outside world?" He asked me, " No, I like my jungle" I answered as we entered into the bush, " Hmm, the jungle doesn't belong to you, it belongs to the wolves and that's why they come to fight you everyday for invading their territory, Man, you belong to the outside world" he said patting me by my shoulder, " The strength you use in killing the wolves everyday, you can actually use it to fight the wicked ones in the outside world, those who kill human like us" He continued, " That reminds me, how did you learn how to fight wolves? " I asked him, he smiled. " I don't only fight wolves, I also fight humans " he said, " Can you beat me in a fight?" I asked him smiling, " Am very sure I will" he answered, " You can't " I told him, " Okay, let's have a deal, if you beat me, I stay here with you forever in the jungle, but if I do beat you, you come with me to the outside world" He told me, " Deal" I said, " Then, let's start" he smiled dropping his knife.
LOCATION: Newriton Main Hall
Time: 9:15pm
Yeah, at last, so here we are, back to Newriton. I, Morgana, Matt, Israel, Tonia were the only spies in the hall this particular evening, also with us is Sir Ajan. Christiana was meant to be with us but she wasn't, She was sent on another special mission. I know why Sir Ajan did that, he did not tryst her enough to bring her back among us. Tonia on her part was asked to pair up with us because she wasn't getting along with trainings, Sir Ajan thinks a mission might buckle her up but I think not this type of mission, this is a deadly mission. " Hi guys" Sir Ajan started, " Hi" we all murmured back, " You all are welcome back to Newriton, its indeed a beautiful thing to see that you guys have reconsidered you earlier decisions to come back here, I am indeed happy and glad" He said, we all kept mute, everyone had one thing in mind, how do we get sir Jude.
It is my first time coming to the outside world, I was with the jungle man I met two months ago, he had beat me and at last I have to keep my promise of coming with him to the outside world. " Where are we going to?" I asked him as we walked down the lonely street, " To find shelter" He said stopping in front of a door, " Wow, I have never seen anything this beautiful" I admired the house, it was a beautiful house without gate, it only had finely decorated flowers surrounding it. " Where is this?" I asked him, " Watch and see" he smiled and knocked on the door, " Hold on!" A feminine voice answered from inside, I could soon hear footsteps approaching. The door opened to reveal the most beautiful woman I have seen, she opened the door with a smile but it immediately faded on sighting the strange man, " Ghost!!" She shouted running back into the house, I turned to the strange man and shifted away from him, " Yeah, that's what I am, A Ghost" He smiled.

To be continued


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