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Act Of Faith 2 Episode 27

EPISODE: Episode 27

" for me Gabriel will always remain a majority compared to anyone" I told him , he smiled. " Israel, don't let anger blind your sight to see what is happening outside, people are dying day by day. Israel, please don't let anger blind you " He said and opened the door to his car, " Ajan" I called him back, " Yes" he smiled, probably to the fact that I called him Ajan, " Have you talked to Alvana about this?" I asked , " Yes, we have " he said and entered into his car, he drove off. I stood still staring at the blue sky and not knowing what to do when my phone vibrated, it was a call from Alvana. " Van, how you doing?" I asked him, " Israel" he called my name and then there was a long silence, " I think we should go back to save the world" He told me.
" so, I have been in this jungle ever since I was born" I concluded my story that evening, I was with the strange man outside his hut. " What about you, how did you get to this jungle?" I asked him, he smiled. " I was meant to be killed but was later spared and dropped here" he smiled, " I don't understand you" I said, " I don't expect you to understand me" he smiled, " You have been behaving secretive since morning" I smiled also as he passed me a piece of the yam he was roasting, " Have you ever been to the outside world, I mean outside this jungle?" He asked , " No, I only go to the local market to steal at times" I smiled, " You can actually use your abilities and power to fight the evil ones" He said, " How do you mean?" I asked him, " I want to go to the outside world, I have unfinished business there and I want your jungle strength to go with me Darlington " he told me, " You even know my name, what should I call you?" I asked him but he kept mute and stirred the yam he was roasting.
" Now rise my armies, rise my warriors" I smiled as I stared at my well trained fighter, it gives me joy anytime I see how strong they have evolved, From Daniel to Charles to Ken and to The Deadliest of them all, Gabriel. It was a good sight to behold seeing my empire grow so big, at last Newriton is about to fall, we have taken down almost all their fighters , almost all. " Sir, I think delay is dangerous, why don't we attack Newriton, why should we wait for them to bring the war to us?" Gabriel asked me, he is always ready to kill, he was indeed a worthful investment, all thanks to Scientist John for his knowledge, we applied it. " Gabi, calm down, let make them look like the bad guys, the bad guys should always bring war to the good guys" I told him, he nodded. " From my last findings, I discovered that, Ajan and the rest have gone back to bring the spies of old, the strongest set they have " I said and the place went quiet. Alvana, Matt, Israel and Morgana are indeed problems to us, it was a relieve when I heard they quit Newriton after the rumor that gabi was dead, they had made the institute vulnerable and easy to attack, without them, I got a lot of their fighters and some now even work for me. " Don't worry about them boys, with what we have got, we can sure destabilize them, none of them would expect to see the dead Gabriel alive, go and get drunk boys" I told them laughing, just them my phone rang, " Hello my dear" I smiled as I picked up the phone, I am always happy whenever my only daughter put a call to me, " Dad, how is your plan going, am doing fine over here" She said to me.
I was shocked to see a black Camry car park In front of my small abode, I wasn't expecting anyone and for all I know, I hardly have visitors. I came out of the house after peeping through the window for sometime and the inhabitant of the car refuse to come out, I went towards the car. I was almost closing up on it when the door flung open to reveal Gwen, the I.C.T girl of Newriton. " Hi" I said in shock, " Surprised to see me?" She asked smiling, " Surprise should be an understatement, to what do I owe this?" I asked resting on her car, " We Don't even know that well, we met only once" I said, " I know , but once is actually enough to know enough about you" She smiled, " I don't get" I said, " I don't want you to get" she said holding my hand and shocking me the more, " Matt" she called my name, " I want you to come back to Newriton " She said with a pleading eyes, " Why should I come back?" I asked her , " Because you need to save the world" She smiled, " I don't want to come back or have anything to do with Newriton" I told her, " I am of Newriton, that means you don't wanna have anything to do with me" She smiled, " You aren't Newriton" I told her, " Matt should I tell you something?" She asked, " Tell me" I said, " I love you, I know what you might be thinking, that Newriton sent me to play this on you, yes Newriton sent me, but I am also telling you from my heart, please come back" She said as she entered back into her car, " When you doubt coming back, remember , I love you" She concluded and drove off.
" Okay, this will be the fifth time I will be asking you this, what should I call you?" I asked the strange Man , I don't know why but he always tries to change the topic whenever I ask him his name, " These yams are the best I have, they roast well" He said while I smiled, " I know that, what is your name?" I asked him again, " What do you need my name for?" He asked staring directly into my eyes, his stares were intimidating and scary, " Because you know mine and since you are my friend, I need to know your name" I said , " Okay then, Call me the deadliest of Them All" He said getting up, " going hunting " He said.

To be continued


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