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Act Of Faith 2 Episode 26

Act Of Faith 2
Episode: Episode 26
Title: Gabriel Is A Minority

It has been two years now since I last went to Newriton , I was gradually forgetting the fact that I was once a spy and I was having a perfect love life with my now Fiance, Ann. I had propose to her a year ago and she had even introduced me to her parents. I was surprised how freely her people accepted me despite the fact that I come from the western part of the country and she from the east. I used the money I saved during my stay in Newriton to open a big complex in which I train kids the basics of Martial art and it happens to be actually booming as the kids seem to be growing strong and matured day by day. Most times, Ann will escort me to the complex to see my students, she was always happy and joyous being with them. Yes, one more thing, I have confided in my wife by telling her am a spy, or better put, that I was once a spy. I don't want what happened to gabi ( may his soul rest in peace) to repeat itself in my case. I told her hoping she would get angry with me but no, she took it maturely although at times she would look at me with doubtful eyes, she would always say I don't look like who was a spy. So that is how life had been, I still keep close friendship with Alvana , Matt and even Christiana. This particular morning, I was in my complex busy with my kids as usual, " Alex, that is not how you do it, you kick with the leg behind, so anytime you want to kick, you simply change your stance to keep your most comfortable leg behind" I told Alex, he was one of my very fast learning students. " I am trying" he told me, " Alex, you have been behaving sluggish since morning, you are not behaving like the Alex I use to know, what is the problem?" I asked him, truly, he has been behaving awkward since morning, he wasn't like the strong vibrant guy I know. " Master Israel, you are gonna die soon" he told me as he immediately busted into tears, I pulled his head closer to my chest and smiled, " Die? How do you mean?" I asked him , " I dreamt of you being killed, you were all in black and a tall guy with fine face also in black killed you" he explained, " Hmm, Alex having nightmares again?" I asked him smiling, " No Master Israel, this same mark on your wrist was on his wrist also" He told me. " You say he is tall?" I asked him, he nodded. " A tall guy that has the mark of Newriton, a perfect description of Gabriel " I thought. " Master Israel, a man with a black car and wearing a black suit is outside looking for you" One of my students shouted from the entrance, I peeped through the window, it has been two years now and am seeing Sir Ajan again.
I sat down outside my poultry farm this particular morning, my employees were all inside taking care of my customers . A small black car soon pulled up in front of my farm, I smiled because I thought it was yet another big customer, shockingly, Sir Akpena of Newriton gently came down the car. " What?" I asked myself as I stood up quietly and advanced towards him, I did not want to cause a scene. " What are you doing here?" I asked him, " Jason, it has been two years" he started, " Yes, two years that I made the choice of living a better life" I told him resting my right leg on the back tyre of his car, " No, two years since you decided to leave the world to itself, two years since you decided to leave the world to doom" he told me, " I can't save the world, I can't risk my life in saving the world when after my death , I won't be remembered, I can't work for an institute that derives pleasure in seeing their fighters go through pains and die" I countered him, " Jason, all that happened wasn't our fault, about one year after you guys left, it was discovered that Sir Ajan had been bugged, Sir Jude got us through the bug, who ever did it, I dont know. And as for the part that you won't be remembered, have you been to Newriton lately, have you seen the edifice statue of Gabriel that was built in memory of him?" He asked, " The statue isn't Gabriel, the statue won't bring back Gabriel. And as for the lie of sir Ajan being bugged, you don't think you can buy me over with that do you?" I asked him, " Jason, I rather don't say anything than lie, that's my principle" He said, " Jason, please come back and save the world, the world need you guys, people are dying, children are being wasted , Children are being displaced, we have lost more than fifty of our own spies, Jason, please accept my plea and talk to the rest to accept" he knelt down, " I have ripped off my pride to beg you, Jason please when next you have doubt coming back to save the world, just know that your mom might be among the victims of the Manhunter one day" He concluded as he opened the door to his car, " Jason, think well and think right" were his final statement.
" sir Ajan" I called as I went towards him, he stretched put his hand for a handshake but I refused it, " I expected that" he smiled, " Nice complex" He smiled looking at my complex, " Thanks, what brings you here?" I asked him, " Israel, it has been 730 days and some months since you guys took this decision of leaving the world to itself" He said , " Hmm, it has also been 730 days and some months since you guys led Gabriel to his death" I told him , " Hmm, Gabriel, the deadliest of them all, may his soul rest in peace" He said looking up the sky, " But Israel, you must agree with me that compared to the world, Gabriel is a minority" He said.

To be continued..


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